Michael WestfallAuburn University

Michael Westfall

Class of 2022
Auburn University
Sub-5 Club
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Personal Records


Cross Country

Time Meet Distance
21:07.9Tall Trees Turkey Trot (11/25/21)5k
4:44.4PRPost-Season Time Trial (11/3/21)1 Mile
17:19.7IHSA 3A Sectional (10/30/21)3 Mile
17:02.84IHSA 3A Regional (10/23/21)3 Mile
17:05.5CSL Conference Championship (10/16/21)3 Mile
17:27.6Peoria High School Invitational (10/2/21)3 Mile
16:46.70PRCSL Quad at New Trier (9/28/21)3 Mile
17:15.0CSL Quad at Evanston (9/21/21)3 Mile
17:01.3Bill Dawson Blue Devil Invite (9/18/21)3 Mile
18:02PRWauconda Invitational (9/11/21)5k
19:33Crystal Lake South Invitational (9/4/21)5k
11:25SRGBS-GBN Season Opening Dual (8/31/21)2 Mile
11:36Pre-Season Time Trial (8/28/21)2 Mile
16:51.0SRCSL South Conference Championship (10/17/20)3 Mile
18:03.9Wildcat Invitational (10/10/20)3 Mile
17:15CSL Dual vs. Niles West (10/3/20)3 Mile
17:10CSL Dual at Glenbrook North (9/26/20)3 Mile
18:40CSL Dual vs. New Trier (9/15/20)3 Mile
17:56CSL Dual vs. Maine South (9/11/20)3 Mile
18:57CSL Dual at Evanston (9/5/20)3 Mile
11:19PRPre-Season Time Trial (8/22/20)2 Mile
24:15Tall Trees Turkey Trot (11/28/19)5k
14:38PRProspect Invite (10/22/19)2.5 Mile
17:49.23SRCSL Conference Championship (10/19/19)3 Mile
18:34.55Niles West Pat Savage Invite (10/5/19)3 Mile
18:03CSL Quad at New Trier (10/2/19)3 Mile
21:24Bill Dawson Blue Devil Invite (9/21/19)3 Mile
20:31CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/17/19)3 Mile
13:41.3SRCrystal Lake South Invitational (9/7/19)3.5k
12:34GBS-GBN Season Opening Dual (8/29/19)2 Mile
11:41SRPre-Season Time Trial (8/23/19)2 Mile
24:24.1Tall Trees Turkey Trot (11/22/18)5k
12:32.7CSL Conference Championship (10/13/18)2 Mile
12:11.96SRNiles West Pat Savage Invite (9/29/18)2 Mile
12:48PRCSL Quad at Maine South (9/25/18)2.1 Mile
13:15CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/17/18)2 Mile
18:33SRWarren Blue Devil Invite (9/15/18)3 Mile
20:38.2SRWauconda Invitational (9/8/18)5k
13:40.5PRCrystal Lake South Invitational (9/1/18)3.5k


Event Result Meet Points
1600m4:43.41IHSA 3A Sectional (5/19/22)591
1600m4:40.01PRCSL Conference Championship (5/13/22)623
1600m4:50.80Loyola Triangular (5/7/22)525
1200m3:29.5PRRSpartan Relays (4/29/22)
1600m4:50.25Niles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/23/22)530
1600m4:45.79Buffalo Grove B.A.T.E. Invitational (4/16/22)570
800m2:14.5GBS Triangular (4/6/22)455
1600m5:00.89CSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/18/22)442
800m2:11.8SRBatavia Distance Madness (3/11/22)513
1200m3:37.51RGBS Titan Indoor Relays (2/26/22)
1600m5:03.18D117 Rockin Relays (2/21/22)424
400m1:03SRRGBS Quad 2 (2/18/22)261
800m2:19RGBS Quad 1 (2/11/22)366
1600m5:16.8GBS Quad 1 (2/11/22)329
1600m4:45.62SRIHSA 3A Sectional (6/10/21)571
1600m4:55.15CSL Conference Championship (6/4/21)488
1600m4:46.11John Davis Titan Invitational (5/21/21)567
1600m4:54.30Deerfield Invite (5/15/21)495
400m58PRRCSL Triangular @ GBS (5/11/21)450
800m2:08.5PRCSL Triangular @ GBS (5/11/21)576
800m2:16RConant Gummerson Invitational (5/7/21)418
800m2:13.90CSL Triangular @ NW (5/4/21)458
1600m4:49GBS/GBN Crosstown Classic (4/24/21)541
400m58PRRPre-Season Time Trial (4/1/21)450
800m2:14Pre-Season Time Trial (4/1/21)456
1600m4:59.32SRIllinois Meet of Champions (8/1/20)454
400m1:08.0RTitan Distance Madness (3/13/20)123
800m2:20.2Titan Distance Madness (3/13/20)348
1600m4:57.4SRGBS Quad 3 (3/5/20)473
800m2:18.0SRGBS Quad 1 (2/14/20)383
400m1:00.7SRRGBS Quad 1 (2/14/20)365
800m2:30.0RCSL Freshmen Outdoor Conference (5/6/19)202
800m2:20.18SRTrevian Frosh-Soph (4/23/19)346
800m2:20.9RNiles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/17/19)347
1600m5:29.0New Trier JV Invite (4/9/19)247
3200m11:57.0GBN Dual (4/3/19)236
800m2:26.1RCSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/15/19)256
1600m5:23.6SRCSL Freshmen Indoor Conference (3/11/19)283
3200m11:40.0PRGBS Quad 3 (2/28/19)282
1600m5:29.2GBS Quad 2 (2/15/19)247
800m2:32.4GBS Quad 1 (2/8/19)177

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