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CSL Dual at Glenbrook North

Saturday, September 26, 2020
Glenbrook North High School

A Great Day to be a Titan

On Saturday, September 26th, the Titans raced the Glenbrook North Spartans. The Spartans hosted the meet. In the end, Glenbrook South prevailed on all four levels, sweeping the meet. Not to mention, 56 runners had season bests or all-time bests. It was a fantastic fourth meet, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the season. 

At 8:30 am, the Freshmen lined up for the first race of the day. Geoff Maddalozzo (11:07) and Andy Ordway (11:17) took out the race in an early leading, battling all the way with GBN’s John Ihrke. Going through the first mile, Geoff took a wrong turn, and Ihrke passed him. Geoff closed the gap with 400 meters left in the race, but Ihrke took the cake. As a team, the freshmen ran incredibly well. Matt Barney (11:54) and Jefferson Wei (11:54) finished together in 4th and 5th to complement the 2nd and 3rd place finishes up ahead. Jack Qualkenbush (11:58) rounded out the Top 5 in 11:58, putting 5 of our freshmen under 12:00 for the 2 Mile. Nearly every freshman ran a personal best, and many of them by well over a minute. This was a very strong showing for an even strong freshman class. The final score was 20-35.

The gun for the Varsity race went off at 9:00 am. Brian Hiltebrand (JR) and Mrugesh Thakor (SR) led the Titan pack, battling it out with GBN’s Nick Ihrke. In the end, Brian prevailed over Ihrke, finishing in 15:44 to Ihrke’s 15:46. With a huge personal best, Mrugesh followed closely behind at 15:48. Michael Jerva (JR) finished in 4th with a fantastic time of 16:19. Jayson Stamm (JR) dropped a stellar time of 16:33 with a 6th place finish. Closely behind him, Matthew Finkel (SR) and Cody Slutzky (SR) came through the line together at 16:37 and 16:38 respectively. Preston Davidson (SR) closed out the Top 7 with a time of 16:55. With a 53 second 1-5 spread, the Titans bested the Spartans 21-37.

Half an hour later, JV took to the line and ran another fantastic race. Gabriel Cole (SR) led the group, finishing in 2nd with a time of 18:18. He was followed by Matthew Penne (JR, 3rd), who finished in 18:24. Isaac Abraham(JR) finished in 5th at 18:43. Jacob Baim (JR) and Ethan Hernandez (JR) closed out the Top 5 in 6th and 7th, bringing the Titans yet another victory of 23-36. 

In the last race of the day, the Sophomore team ran a strong race. Running alone for much of the race, Sully Richards led the Titans with a 2nd place finish and a time of 17:54. Behind him, a strong pack ran the entirety of the race together. After coming through the first two miles in a pack of 5, the Titans had a fast race to the finish in the last 200 meters of the race. Sanjeev Gorla outkicked James Hiltebrand 19:22 to 19:23. Right behind them, John Tirpak overtook Jack Olson in another tight race. In all the sophomores beat the Spartans 24-33. 

Saturday was a good day to be a Titan. As the season winds down, we’re excited to see how our last few meets go. The Titans will race the Niles West Wolves next Saturday at home. See you then!

Team Scores


1Glenbrook South21
2Glenbrook North37

Junior Varsity

1Glenbrook South23
2Glenbrook North36


1Glenbrook South24
2Glenbrook North33


1Glenbrook South20
2Glenbrook North35

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Photographer(s): Preston Davidson, Dane Branstrom, James Hiltebrand

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Brian HiltebrandJr.15:44Glenbrook South5:135:255:06
2Nick Ihrke15:47Glenbrook North
3Mrugesh ThakorSr.15:48PRGlenbrook South5:135:255:10
4Michael JervaJr.16:19PRGlenbrook South5:205:365:23
5Joshua Stolyarov16:27Glenbrook North
6Jayson StammJr.16:33Glenbrook South5:205:365:37
7Matthew FinkelSr.16:37Glenbrook South5:205:385:39
8Cody SlutzkySr.16:38Glenbrook South5:215:395:38
9Gabe Johnson16:47Glenbrook North
10Nick Redstone16:52Glenbrook North
11Alex Krull16:55Glenbrook North
12Preston DavidsonSr.16:55PRGlenbrook South5:215:425:52
13Patrick Herbst16:59Glenbrook North
14Daniel Weaver17:01Glenbrook North
15Michael WestfallJr.17:10Glenbrook South5:485:565:26
16Branden Chi17:12Glenbrook North
17Dean Kousiounelos17:15Glenbrook North
18Alan Sung17:23Glenbrook North
19John Paul PhilbrickJr.17:20SRGlenbrook South5:485:515:41
20Sam Rubinstein17:27Glenbrook North
21Brett WittensteinJr.17:23Glenbrook South5:485:515:44
22Matthew KloneckiJr.17:26PRGlenbrook South5:495:555:42
23Colin Schaefer17:35Glenbrook North
24James ScottSr.17:37SRGlenbrook South5:396:055:53
25Harrison WollneySr.17:47Glenbrook South5:336:056:09
26Matthew Schmidt17:51Glenbrook North
27Sebastian ZimmerJr.17:53Glenbrook South5:486:016:04
28Graham Paterson17:54Glenbrook North
29Charlie Martin17:55Glenbrook North
30Carter AdamsSr.18:03Glenbrook South5:396:136:11
31Nathan Stolyarov18:13Glenbrook North
32Michael Ciancanelli18:17Glenbrook North
33Luke GregorySr.18:19Glenbrook South5:496:196:11
34Lifu Zhang19:09Glenbrook North
35Hayden Gansberg19:11Glenbrook North
36Grayson Landsman19:46Glenbrook North
37Emmett Abels19:57Glenbrook North
38Alec Busch20:01Glenbrook North
39Ryan Parker21:06Glenbrook North
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Junior Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Nathan Hetzler18:07Glenbrook North
2Gabriel ColeSr.18:18PRGlenbrook South5:536:136:12
3Matthew PenneJr.18:24SRGlenbrook South5:336:346:17
4Sam Mullins18:31Glenbrook North
5Isaac AbrahamJr.18:43SRGlenbrook South5:566:246:23
6Jacob BaimJr.18:46Glenbrook South6:056:206:21
7Ethan HernandezJr.19:02Glenbrook South6:056:326:25
8Jason Isele19:03Glenbrook North
9Cole BradySr.19:22SRGlenbrook South6:106:316:41
10Carson WaltersJr.19:26SRGlenbrook South6:126:436:31
11Jesse Sack19:45Glenbrook North
12Will PattonJr.19:47Glenbrook South6:056:476:55
13Sam Dawson19:50Glenbrook North
14Jack ClearyJr.20:04Glenbrook South6:056:507:09
15Mason AdamsJr.20:24SRGlenbrook South6:306:596:55
16Derek LentzJr.20:25SRGlenbrook South6:056:547:26
17Ossey PaulJr.21:34Glenbrook South6:307:367:28
18Karol BakawskiSr.21:37Glenbrook South6:177:497:31
19Tyler Clarke21:38Glenbrook North
20Jack Klapman21:42Glenbrook North
21Andrew Marasco21:51Glenbrook North
22Norbert Wojtkowski21:57Glenbrook North
23Eli Welke22:06Glenbrook North
24Ricky EgenSr.23:09SRGlenbrook South7:058:247:40
25Joseph Sauk23:10Glenbrook North
26Stefan VasilevSr.24:27Glenbrook South7:338:208:34
27William Xu25:16Glenbrook North
28Ian Tarter25:17Glenbrook North
29Diego Duarte25:39Glenbrook North
30Danny Bruns25:50Glenbrook North
31Alan Lu26:24Glenbrook North
32Caleb Katz26:57Glenbrook North
33Gabe Griffith28:59Glenbrook North
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Sophomore Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Graham HetzlerSo.17:36Glenbrook North
2Sully RichardsSo.17:54Glenbrook South5:536:075:54
3Makoto MajorosSo.18:42Glenbrook North
4Sanjeev GorlaSo.19:22Glenbrook South6:186:426:22
5James HiltebrandSo.19:23Glenbrook South6:186:426:23
6John TirpakSo.19:25Glenbrook South6:186:426:25
7Jack OlsonSo.19:27Glenbrook South6:186:426:27
8Eli OldaniSo.19:32Glenbrook North
9Danny KloneckiSo.19:40PRGlenbrook South6:186:426:40
10Michael BilousSo.19:42Glenbrook North
11Owen OldaniSo.19:54Glenbrook North
12Sky ElliottSo.20:30Glenbrook North
13Kamran TahmooressiSo.20:35Glenbrook North
14Daniel KramerSo.20:39Glenbrook North
15Andrew YoonSo.20:43Glenbrook South6:347:156:54
16Luke GamberSo.21:10PRGlenbrook South7:306:466:54
17Brandon MesirowSo.21:22Glenbrook North
18Henry LatoSo.21:23SRGlenbrook South6:267:237:34
19Eli HincapieSo.21:35Glenbrook North
20Patrick RyanSo.22:35Glenbrook North
21David KeefeSo.22:57Glenbrook North
22Sam DiazSo.23:15Glenbrook North
23Connor LoveSo.23:30Glenbrook North
24John SchuelerSo.23:30Glenbrook North
25Ryan LevySo.23:36Glenbrook North
26Ethan ChoSo.23:42Glenbrook North
27Bo MacMillanSo.26:36Glenbrook North
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Freshmen Results (2mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 MileFinish
1John IhrkeFr.11:03Glenbrook North
2Geoff MaddalozzoFr.11:07PRGlenbrook South5:335:34
3Andy OrdwayFr.11:17Glenbrook South5:375:40
4Matt BarneyFr.11:54Glenbrook South5:565:58
5Jefferson WeiFr.11:54Glenbrook South5:565:58
6Jack QualkenbushFr.11:58Glenbrook South5:595:59
7Yianny CaparosFr.12:07Glenbrook North
8Matthew RubinFr.12:23Glenbrook North
9Domenico AuriemmaFr.12:27Glenbrook North
10Sam LappinFr.12:34Glenbrook North
11Sam KnezevichFr.12:35Glenbrook South6:246:11
12Adam RosenthalFr.12:38Glenbrook North
13Nathan MihmFr.13:05Glenbrook South6:126:53
14Jack ClarkFr.13:08Glenbrook South6:286:40
15Robert SholtyFr.13:12Glenbrook North
16Joseph ConsidineFr.13:37Glenbrook North
17Nathan TrosmanFr.13:41Glenbrook South6:367:05
18Luke ChavezFr.13:42Glenbrook South6:336:51
19Tom McDonaghFr.13:46Glenbrook South6:516:55
20Alex MatsumotoFr.13:50Glenbrook North
21Carter ZirlinFr.13:57Glenbrook North
22Aidan HoganFr.14:44Glenbrook South7:157:29
23Aditya ShahFr.14:51Glenbrook South7:197:32
24Colin DavisFr.14:50Glenbrook North
25Logan DaneFr.14:53Glenbrook North
26Adam WojciechowiczFr.15:26Glenbrook South8:047:22
27Danny LaurencelleFr.15:34Glenbrook South7:557:39
28Reed TroutmanFr.15:56Glenbrook North
29Ryan SoleskyFr.16:07Glenbrook South7:298:38
30Ian BosaFr.16:13Glenbrook North
31Jack EllisFr.16:14Glenbrook North
32Jovan GveroFr.16:15Glenbrook South7:298:46
33Nathan EbhomielenFr.16:15Glenbrook North
34Jeremy CohenFr.16:16Glenbrook North
35Leo TangFr.16:47Glenbrook North
36Alex MontoyaFr.17:09Glenbrook South8:049:05
37Shayan TahmooressiFr.18:35Glenbrook North
38Nick StiglichFr.18:36Glenbrook North
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