Titan Distance
Weekday (Date) Mileage Workout Post-Workout
Sunday (5/2)Group 1: Up to 3 Miles
Group 2: Cross Train
Group 3: Rest
Rest Day
Monday (5/3)Group 1: Conant Runners: 6 Miles w/ 1 mile surge half way
Group 2: NW Runners: 2 Miles
Long Run/Meet-Prep 5 strides
Tuesday (5/4)Group 1: Conant Runners: 5 Mile Track Workout
Group 2: NW Runners: Total Distance will vary
Speed Workout/CSL Triangular @NW 5 strides*Conant Runners: Practice at School. NW Runners: Meet at Niles West
Wednesday (5/5)Group 1: 4 Miles
Group 2: 3 Miles
Group 3: 3 Miles
Recovery Day!
Thursday (5/6)Group 1: Conant Runners: 2 Mile Meet-Prep
Group 2: 5 Miles
Group 3: 4 Miles
Meet-Prep/Easy Day 5 strides
Friday (5/7)Group 1: Conant Meet: Total Distance will vary
Group 2: 4 Mile Fartlek
Group 3: 3 Mile Fartlek
Conant Meet/Fartlek 5 strides*Conant Runners @ Conant High School. All others practice at school.
Saturday (5/8)Group 1: DNIP: Total Distance will vary
Group 2: Up to 3 Miles
Group 3: Cross Train
Recovery Day/Distance Night in Palantine

Workouts are weather pending and subject to change.

For Cross Country: Mileage only includes cooldowns and warmups are not included. Circuits are represented with a icon and strides are represented by . All warmups are 1 mile unless otherwise stated. For abbreviations, m = minutes, mi = miles, E = Easy Pace, M = Medium Pace, H = Hard Pace, bu = Buildup Strides.

For Track: Mileage includes warmups, cooldowns, and strides. All warmups are 1 mile unless otherwise stated.

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