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Titan Distance

Deerfield Invite

Saturday, May 15, 2021
Deerfield High School

Deerfield Invite Champs!

On Saturday, May 15th, the Titans brought home their 3rd invitational title of the season, dominating the Deerfield Invitational. The 18-team meet offered phenomenal competition at both the varsity and frosh-soph levels, allowing the Titans to show off their competitive prowess against other strong teams. In the end, the Titans prevailed with 106 points to Prospect's second-place 82.5 points. 

To start off the meet, our frosh-soph team competed in the 4x800m relay. The team, consisting of Jack Olson (SO), Luke Chavez (FR), Andy Carrillo-Perea (SO), and Sanjeev Gorla (SO) finished in 10th place. Luke, Andy, and Sanjeev all ran PRs in their splits. At the varsity level, the boys also finished in 10th place. The all-senior team consisted of Preston Davidson, Carter Adams, Cole Brady, and Harrison Wollney. Harrison matched his 800 PR to anchor with a 2:08.

Next up was the frosh-soph 3200m, where freshmen Andy Ordway and Jefferson Wei ran phenomenal races. Jeff finished in 12th place, running an enormous PR with a time of 10:58.48. Andy also ran a huge PR, finishing in 7th place with a time of 10:36.13. Great job to these two! At the varsity level, Jayson Stamm (JR) and Luke Gregory (SR) represented the Titans in the 3200m. Luke took 21st with a time of 11:05.19. Jayson ran a PR of 10:22.86, finishing in 14th and easily winning his heat after running alone for much of the race.

The 800m was the next event. Brian Hiltebrand (JR) and Michael Jerva (JR) really flexed their mid-distance muscles, both running fantastic races and huge PRs. Brian took 3rd place overall, finishing in a time of 1:58.23. Brian's performance earned him the 6th place spot on the 800m top 10 list. Jerva, running in the second heat, ran a time of 2:01.02 for an 8th place finish. At the frosh-soph level, Sam Knezevich (FR) finished in 14th with a time of 2:21.98, and Andy Yoon (SO) finished in 28th with a time of 2:40.32.

The 1600m followed the 800m, with strong performances across both levels. First up was freshman Ryan Gershowtiz in the frosh-soph race. Ryan ran a PR with a solid time of 5:20.56. Ryan was followed by sophomore James Hiltebrand, who ran 4:49.80 to take 6th place in the frosh-soph event. It was a good day to be a Hiltebrand! Next up was Michael Westfall (JR) in the varsity event. Westy ran a 4:54.30 for a 26th place finish. Senior Cody Slutzky closed out the 1600 for the Titans, running a 4:41.84 for a 21st place finish.

As always, the 4x400m relay marked the end of the meet. The frosh-soph team took 8th place, with representation from two Titan Distance runners, Sanjeev Gorla and James Hiltebrand. The pair respectively ran 1:00 and 57.0 for their splits. The varsity 4x4 team consisted of Ryan Schaefer (SO), Ben Freidinger (SO), Michael Jerva, and Brian Hiltebrand. The group took 4th place overall, running a quick time of 3:33.83. Brian ran the fastest leg of the relay, splitting a 52.6.

In all, this was another fantastic showing for Titan Distance and the Glenbrook South track team as a whole. We're excited to see what the rest of the season will hold. This coming Wednesday, the JV and frosh-soph teams will compete at Niles North for their third CSL triangular of the season. On Friday, the varsity squad will run in the 49th John R. Davis Titan Invite. See you then!

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1Glenbrook South106
4New Trier67
7Loyola Academy51
8Vernon Hills47
9Lane Tech44
11Niles North14
12Maine East10.5
13Jones Prep10
13Lakes Community10
15Northridge Prep8
17Naperville Central6


1Loyola Academy79.33
3New Trier68
4Vernon Hills67.33
5Jones Prep65
6Glenbrook South64
10Chicago (Lane Tech)38
11Maine East28
14Niles North11
14Lakes Community11

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


1New Trier32
4Lane Tech18
7Glenbrook South12
8Jones Prep9
9Northridge Prep8
10Vernon Hills6
11Naperville Central6
12Loyola Academy5
16Niles North2
17Lakes Community0


1Jones Prep55
2New Trier31
3Loyola Academy25
4Lane Tech21
7Northridge Prep8
9Naperville Central6
10Vernon Hills6
12Glenbrook South5
16Lakes Community1
18Niles North0
19Maine East0

Map & Directions


Photographer(s): Lucas Houser, Brian Hiltebrand, Jayson Stamm, Elie Nassif

Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Griffin PashaSr.1:55.88Warren
2Lucas GuidoneSr.1:56.65Taft
3Brian HiltebrandJr.1:58.23Glenbrook South5761
4Mark MasakaJr.1:59.16Northridge Prep
5Michael PolizziSo.1:59.55Taft
6Aidan MartinSr.2:00.44Northridge Prep
7Maxwell ZeislerJr.2:00.70Warren
8Michael JervaJr.2:01.02PRGlenbrook South5863
9Jack GarrigusSr.2:01.41Loyola Academy
10Cameron MatejkaSr.2:01.86Loyola Academy
11Jonah KaplanSr.2:02.15Deerfield
12Eric LakemakerJr.2:02.23Deerfield
13Charlie HamannJr.2:02.72Grant
14Gavin KafkakisSr.2:03.52Prospect
15Asher WarmanenSr.2:03.61Prospect
16Luke BenesSr.2:05.73Jones Prep
17Declan ToomeySr.2:06.31Lane Tech
18Emmett KennedyJr.2:06.59Lane Tech
19Lincoln CroweSr.2:07.56New Trier
20Dane NitoiJr.2:09.88Niles North
21Cormac SchliesmannJr.2:10.58Evanston
22Erick HerreraSo.2:11.09Vernon Hills
23Ned WojcikSr.2:11.14Jones Prep
24Zach DeaconSr.2:11.62Grant
25Steven ReedSr.2:11.87Niles North
26Ellis AllenSr.2:13.23Evanston
27Griffin BraunreiterJr.2:14.90Payton
28Elias WilkinJr.2:15.23Payton
29Leo CamargoJr.2:15.48Mather
30Michael LeeSr.2:16.66Vernon Hills
31Anthony TenorioJr.2:17.37Mather
32Jordan HornbuckleJr.2:22.96Lakes Community
33Mitchell CappelJr.2:33.38Lakes Community
1Nick FalkJr.4:16.43New Trier
2Luke WileyJr.4:17.67Warren
3Arthur GrahamSr.4:19.88Naperville Central
4Charlie SiebertSr.4:21.75New Trier
5Kevin GeeJr.4:21.89Mather
6Andrew NiserSr.4:22.94Jones Prep
7Josh DelgadoSr.4:23.00Grant
8George CahillJr.4:24.29New Trier
9Spencer WernerJr.4:25.27Loyola Academy
10Andrew BrockmeierSr.4:28.42Northridge Prep
11Ben ZamlerSr.4:28.60Deerfield
12Liam PerreaultSr.4:32.96Niles North
13Josh PuyearSr.4:33.89Deerfield
14Michael SommeseSr.4:34.23Jones Prep
15TJ GarlandJr.4:34.36Prospect
16Yasir HirsiJr.4:35.15Mather
17Zach GeninSr.4:36.00Lane Tech
18Aidan SimonJr.4:39.03Loyola Academy
19Jack KleinJr.4:40.32Lane Tech
20Michael PolizziSo.4:41.32Taft
21Cody SlutzkySr.4:41.84PRGlenbrook South70717169
22Lucas GuidoneSr.4:47.20Taft
23Jalen RiosSr.4:48.75Grant
24Nathan GarciaJr.4:49.54Warren
25Luka KuzmanovicSo.4:53.10Prospect
26Michael WestfallJr.4:54.30Glenbrook South68787672
27Ben SchneiderheinzeSr.4:57.07Lakes Community
28Dylan EylerJr.4:57.20Evanston
29Owen RayJr.4:59.69Vernon Hills
30Owen BriggemanSr.5:05.33Evanston
31Griffin BraunreiterJr.5:18.06Payton
32Elias WilkinJr.5:18.60Payton
33Philip BackJr.5:26.67Vernon Hills
1Andrew FlynnSr.9:38.37New Trier
2Ryan BernsteinJr.9:44.37Deerfield
3Cole BernsteinJr.9:49.65Deerfield
4Sean KuraJr.9:52.74Prospect
5Nic SquillaciotiSr.9:53.26Prospect
6Cole KaetherSo.9:58.08Warren
7Porter ShawverJr.9:58.57Niles North
8Spencer DzyackySr.9:58.80Loyola Academy
9Alan MenningerJr.9:59.43Jones Prep
10Leo StantonSr.10:04.35Loyola Academy
11Evan VenezianoJr.10:04.89New Trier
12Max ElderSo.10:07.49Northridge Prep
13Ryan MoatsFr.10:15.37Warren
14Jayson StammJr.10:22.86Glenbrook South6876777980828278
15Ryan San JuanSr.10:28.43Jones Prep
16Kyle KenmotsuSr.10:34.75Niles North
17Jake DoergeSr.10:36.78Taft
18Xavier AlviraJr.10:50.53Mather
19Solomon GreeneJr.10:50.91Evanston
20Tommy HuntJr.10:51.19Lane Tech
21Luke GregorySr.11:05.19Glenbrook South7685868583888181
22Paul GarciaJr.11:09.71Evanston
23Nathan FaitschJr.11:11.18Vernon Hills
24Colum McNallyJr.11:20.30Lane Tech
25Joseph ZamoraJr.11:28.57Grant
26Colin SymonsJr.11:36.93Payton
27Jerahmeel VargasJr.12:24.22Mather
28Luis VasconezSr.13:23.64Taft
1Relay Team3:27.16Lane Tech
2Relay Team3:30.83Prospect
3Relay Team3:33.67Vernon Hills
4Relay Team3:33.83Glenbrook South
Ryan SchaeferSo.53.5Glenbrook South
Ben FreidingerSo.54.5PRGlenbrook South
Michael JervaJr.53.2Glenbrook South
Brian HiltebrandJr.52.6Glenbrook South
5Relay Team3:34.49Warren
6Relay Team3:35.78Taft
7Relay Team3:38.12Deerfield
8Relay Team3:38.37New Trier
9Relay Team3:42.09Jones Prep
10Relay Team3:42.12Grant
11Relay Team3:44.23Loyola Academy
12Relay Team3:45.55Mather
13Relay Team4:02.97Payton
14Relay Team4:10.43Niles North
15Relay Team4:13.64Lakes Community
1Relay Team8:08.78Prospect
2Relay Team8:16.94Lane Tech
3Relay Team8:19.23Jones Prep
4Relay Team8:21.21New Trier
5Relay Team8:30.20Loyola Academy
6Relay Team8:33.83Evanston
7Relay Team8:46.07Deerfield
8Relay Team8:47.72Warren
9Relay Team8:48.75Vernon Hills
10Relay Team9:14.98Glenbrook South
Preston DavidsonSr.2:19SRGlenbrook South6673
Carter AdamsSr.2:22SRGlenbrook South6577
Cole BradySr.2:20PRGlenbrook South6674
Harrison WollneySr.2:09Glenbrook South6366
11Relay Team9:25.43Taft
12Relay Team10:26.20Niles North
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Frosh/Soph Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Daniel LeonardSo.2:06.14Jones Prep
2Matthew DeSantisSo.2:07.29Jones Prep
3Atticus MillerFr.2:09.51New Trier
4William SimonSo.2:10.00Loyola Academy
5Will KozlowskiFr.2:13.21Lane Tech
6Jorge EspinozaSo.2:15.31Prospect
7Oscar Dueno-AldaSo.2:15.84New Trier
8Brandon BarberSo.2:16.09Deerfield
9Aiden Hu-LowenthalFr.2:16.68Payton
10Ethan SchottSo.2:18.04Deerfield
11Warren EmersonSo.2:18.29Evanston
12Jack KleinschmitFr.2:21.66Evanston
13Ryan ThomasSo.2:21.73Warren
14Sam KnezevichFr.2:21.98Glenbrook South6675
15John NehmzowFr.2:22.89Grant
16Hunter WhitneySo.2:23.29Lane Tech
17Maximilian KollmeyerSo.2:24.08Payton
18Michael JohnsonFr.2:26.31Grant
19William SolmosSo.2:32.00Loyola Academy
20Demetri PoulosSo.2:33.15Vernon Hills
21Maisam RajaieSo.2:34.02Mather
21Dylan ChungFr.2:34.02Vernon Hills
23Liam MakelaFr.2:35.39Lakes Community
24Shane BystrekSo.2:36.28Lakes Community
25Matthew NgFr.2:38.61Maine East
26Nur aga RajaieSo.2:39.10Mather
27Joseph KalouSo.2:39.74Taft
28Andrew YoonSo.2:40.32Glenbrook South7783
29Aadi DesaiFr.3:02.02Maine East
1James LombardoSo.4:41.16Loyola Academy
2Muhiyadin AliSo.4:45.43Mather
3Kyle SmorynskiSo.4:46.66Lane Tech
4Dev DassaniSo.4:47.66Jones Prep
5Gabe NosekSo.4:48.89New Trier
6James HiltebrandSo.4:49.80Glenbrook South72747271
7Ben HowlandSo.4:49.94Loyola Academy
8Henry TimmermanSo.4:50.75New Trier
9Esteban MedinaSo.4:50.81Jones Prep
10Ritvik ViniakSo.4:57.70Payton
11Henry O'MalleyFr.5:01.45Evanston
12Alex BonnetteFr.5:04.65Prospect
13TJ MangurtenSo.5:05.28Deerfield
14Ammar AlnatshehSo.5:06.35Mather
15Payton WhiteheadFr.5:07.62Lakes Community
16Anan BaumanFr.5:09.33Lane Tech
17Gavin LeeFr.5:09.66Payton
18Jacob VarolSo.5:12.74Taft
19Luke NgSr.5:14.18Evanston
20Ryan GershowitzFr.5:20.56Glenbrook South77818379
21John NehmzowFr.5:25.16Grant
22Kyle JensenSo.5:35.46Deerfield
23Zack WiggintonSo.5:36.32Lakes Community
24Michael JohnsonFr.5:39.00Grant
25Julio RodriguezSo.5:43.04Taft
26Mark MitkovetskySo.6:42.75Vernon Hills
1Dev DassaniSo.10:08.97Jones Prep
2Andrew HepnerSo.10:17.38New Trier
3Brady CleggSo.10:28.02Vernon Hills
4Michael PiagariFr.10:28.05Prospect
5Jayden ReyesSo.10:30.23Jones Prep
6Memphis RomanFr.10:33.17Grant
7Andy OrdwayFr.10:36.13PRGlenbrook South7579828282818273
8Tommy SteczSo.10:36.91Lane Tech
9Sam WertsSo.10:46.16New Trier
10Omar GonzalezSo.10:49.63Niles North
11Will AdkinsFr.10:53.97Prospect
12Jefferson WeiFr.10:58.48Glenbrook South7682848582848382
13Ari ElmayanFr.11:02.71Niles North
14Lucas GoldenbergSo.11:04.84Deerfield
15Callum KuehnFr.11:08.57Lane Tech
16Drew SpiegelSo.11:30.39Deerfield
17Aidan O'SullivanFr.11:41.59Loyola Academy
18Emmett BoydFr.11:41.71Loyola Academy
19Anthony StrineSo.12:53.55Grant
1Relay Team3:40.67Jones Prep
2Relay Team3:45.91Loyola Academy
3Relay Team3:49.82Prospect
4Relay Team3:53.30Evanston
5Relay Team3:53.78Lane Tech
6Relay Team3:55.35Warren
7Relay Team3:57.85Payton
8Relay Team3:58.32Glenbrook South
Brady Clark1:00.0Glenbrook South
Sanjeev Gorla1:00.0Glenbrook South
Brand Isaacs1:00.8Glenbrook South
James Hiltebrand57.4Glenbrook South
9Relay Team4:00.78Deerfield
10Relay Team4:02.65New Trier
11Relay Team4:09.50Grant
12Relay Team4:11.89Vernon Hills
13Relay Team4:13.01Lakes Community
14Relay Team4:13.41Mather
15Relay Team4:17.40Taft
16Relay Team4:25.70Niles North
1Relay Team8:50.56New Trier
2Relay Team8:52.57Jones Prep
3Relay Team8:59.23Lane Tech
4Relay Team8:59.69Deerfield
5Relay Team9:10.82Prospect
6Relay Team9:12.03Payton
7Relay Team9:22.35Evanston
8Relay Team9:56.55Lakes Community
9Relay Team9:58.94Taft
10Relay Team10:10.02Glenbrook South
Jack OlsonSo.2:31Glenbrook South6784
Luke ChavezFr.2:39Glenbrook South7584
Andy CarrilloSo.2:30PRGlenbrook South7476
Sanjeev GorlaSo.2:26Glenbrook South7274
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