CSL Dual vs. New Trier CSL

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 -
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Glenbrook South High School

Titans vs. Trevians

On Tuesday, September 15th and Wednesday, September 16th, the Titans lined up for their second home meet of the season to race New Trier. The number two ranked team in the state, Trevians offered formidable competition.

The JV1 team kicked off the meet on Tuesday afternoon with a 24-37 win. Sully Richards (SO) led the team with a 2nd place finish, coming through the line just behind New Trier’s top runner. Behind him, Gabriel Cole (SR) came through in 19:17 with a 4th place finish. Gabe led the rest of JV1’s strong pack, with Glenbrook South taking the 5th through 10th place spots. Matt Penne (JR, 19:22), Jack Callaghan (JR, 19:46), and Ethan Hernandez (JR, 19:56) closed out the Top 5. 

At the Varsity level, New Trier demonstrated their strong pack running, finishing 2nd-6th place with a 5 second spread. The Titans fell to the Trevians, New Trier winning 20-41. Up in front, however, Mrguesh Thakor (SR) made a point to beat the New Trier pack, finishing in 1st with a time of 16:05. Brian Hiltebrand (JR) came through behind Mrugesh, finishing in 7th at 16:22. In 14th and 17th respectively, Jayson Stamm (JR) and Matthew Finkel (SR) ran times of 17:03 and 17:08. Preston Davidson (SR), Cody Slutzky (SR), and Sebastian Zimmer (JR) made up the rest of the Top 7. Special shout to Sebastian for making his way into the Top 7 from the second wave of the race.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Freshman started off the second day of racing. New Trier’s 1 and 2 were closely followed by Geoff Maddalozzo and Andy Ordway. Geoff and Andy came through the first mile together at 5:41, but Geoff pulled away over the course of the last mile to finish at 11:52, 4 seconds ahead of Andy’s 11:56. Behind them, Matt Barney, Jefferson Wei, and Josh Qualkenbush finished close together in times of 12:24, 12:29, and 12:32 In the end, New Trier just barely won, finishing 27-28. This close loss is nothing to be disappointed in, so we’ll see how things play out at the conference meet.

In the last race of the meet, Sanjeev Gorla (SO, 20:22) led the JV2 team to a 19-44 victory over New Trier. Sanjeev’s 1st place finish was followed up by Andy Yoon’s (SO) 3rd place finish at 20:35. Behind them, Jack Olson (SO) and Danny Donnelly (SR) came through the line at 21:01 and 21:17. In a close race to the finish, Danny Klonecki (SO), Mason Adams (JR), and Derek Lentz (JR) all came through the line at 21:32. With automated timing, it’s hard to say who exactly finished first, but that’s up to them to debate.

This tough fought battle against New Trier is the last dual for almost two weeks. On Saturday, September 26th, the Titans will race their rival Glenbrook North at Glenbrook North. Until then, there are 10 days to recover and train even harder. 


Team Scores


1New Trier20
2Glenbrook South41

Junior Varsity

1Glenbrook South24
2New Trier37

Junior Varsity 2

1Glenbrook South19
2New Trier44


1New Trier27
2Glenbrook South28

Course Map & Directions


Photographer: Preston Davidson, Matthew Finkel, Ryan Schaefer

Varsity Results (3mi)

Place Name Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Mrugesh ThakorSr.16:05Glenbrook South5:105:275:28
2Charles SiebertSr.16:08New Trier
3Noah RushSr.16:09New Trier
4George CahillJr.16:11New Trier
5Conor O'NeillSr.16:12New Trier
6Andrew FlynnSr.16:13New Trier
7Brian HiltebrandJr.16:22Glenbrook South5:075:305:45
8George Esteve16:25New Trier
9Lincoln CroweSr.16:39New Trier
10Blake DegerJr.16:53New Trier
11Jack MichelSr.16:53New Trier
12Matt FlickSr.16:57New Trier
13Ben KeenanSr.16:59New Trier
14Jayson StammJr.17:03Glenbrook South5:215:525:50
15Jack MoranJr.17:07New Trier
16Jamieson17:07New Trier
17Matthew FinkelSr.17:08Glenbrook South5:215:525:55
18Hepner17:22New Trier
19Malcolm WaiteJr.17:24New Trier
20Gabe NosekSo.17:26New Trier
21Preston DavidsonSr.17:30Glenbrook South5:226:056:03
22William GuidottiJr.17:34New Trier
23Norman Finch17:35New Trier
24Lindberg17:42New Trier
25Bakos17:53New Trier
26Cody SlutzkySr.17:57Glenbrook South5:226:116:24
27Tamar Frydman18:13New Trier
28Sebastian ZimmerJr.18:19Glenbrook South5:436:206:16
29Michael JervaJr.18:21Glenbrook South5:226:266:33
30John Paul PhilbrickJr.18:38Glenbrook South5:436:306:25
31Brett WittensteinJr.18:38Glenbrook South5:456:296:24
32Michael WestfallJr.18:40Glenbrook South5:486:366:16
33James ScottSr.18:46Glenbrook South5:506:336:23
34Carter AdamsSr.18:48Glenbrook South5:496:336:26
35Harrison WollneySr.18:51Glenbrook South5:346:326:45
36Ben Tairy18:52New Trier
37Luke GregorySr.18:59Glenbrook South5:536:326:34
38Elie NassifJr.19:05Glenbrook South5:296:566:40
39Mathew KloneckiJr.19:11Glenbrook South5:496:336:49
40Dane BranstromSr.19:39Glenbrook South5:486:377:14

Junior Varsity Results (3mi)

Place Name Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Lopez18:30New Trier
2Sully RichardsSo.18:30Glenbrook South5:476:296:14
3Harris19:10New Trier
4Gabriel ColeSr.19:17Glenbrook South5:526:486:37
5Matthew PenneJr.19:22Glenbrook South6:036:436:36
6Jack CallaghanJr.19:46Glenbrook South6:176:546:35
7Ethan HernandezJr.19:56Glenbrook South6:216:506:45
8Isaac AbrahamJr.19:57Glenbrook South6:186:536:46
9Will PattonJr.20:04Glenbrook South6:196:447:01
10John TirpakSo.20:17Glenbrook South6:167:026:59
11Ohana20:22New Trier
12Carson WaltersJr.20:24Glenbrook South6:257:076:52
13Jack ClearyJr.20:28Glenbrook South6:197:027:07
14Jacob BaimJr.20:32Glenbrook South6:257:086:59
15James HiltebrandSo.20:43Glenbrook South6:166:597:28
16Levin20:47New Trier
17Polachek20:47New Trier
18McGarth20:53New Trier
19Stern20:57New Trier
20Friedman21:09New Trier
21Koy21:23New Trier
22DuBose21:42New Trier
23Hollack21:46New Trier
24Cole BradySr.22:03Glenbrook South6:197:298:15
25Ryerson22:43New Trier
26Flannery23:26New Trier

Junior Varsity 2 Results (3mi)

Place Name Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Sanjeev GorlaSo.20:22Glenbrook South6:387:056:39
2Galindo20:27New Trier
3Andrew YoonSo.20:35Glenbrook South6:397:136:43
4Jack OlsonSo.21:01Glenbrook South6:387:147:09
5Danny DonnellySr.21:17Glenbrook South6:277:167:34
6Danny KloneckiSo.21:32Glenbrook South6:407:207:32
7Mason AdamsJr.21:32Glenbrook South6:397:247:29
8Derek LentzJr.21:32Glenbrook South6:277:167:49
9Gio CanaliaSo.21:35Glenbrook South6:387:427:15
10Albertus Lu21:34New Trier
11DeMonte21:42New Trier
12Arnav22:06New Trier
13Dodd22:48New Trier
15Ossey PaulJr.22:53Glenbrook South6:498:057:59
16Jonathan JosephJr.22:57Glenbrook South6:408:118:06
16Oscar23:11New Trier
17Caponi23:34New Trier
18Stefanos LahinisSr.25:02Glenbrook South7:408:588:24
19Kyle SergelenSr.25:03Glenbrook South7:328:558:36
20Dehnam25:36New Trier
21Stefan VasilevSr.26:14Glenbrook South7:539:099:12
22Dianovsky26:19New Trier
23Zeng27:51New Trier
24McKew29:18New Trier

Freshmen Results (2mi)

Place Name Grade Time Team1 MileFinish
1Atticus MillerFr.11:31New Trier
2Kyle FixFr.11:37New Trier
3Geoff MaddalozzoFr.11:52Glenbrook South5:416:11
4Andy OrdwayFr.11:56Glenbrook South5:416:15
5Jameson RickFr.12:02New Trier
6Matt BarneyFr.12:24Glenbrook South5:486:36
7Jefferson WeiFr.12:29Glenbrook South5:506:39
8Jack QualkenbushFr.12:32Glenbrook South6:016:31
9Felix HeksterFr.12:48New Trier
10James FlynnFr.12:48.1New Trier
11Yosh JedynakFr.12:55Glenbrook South6:106:45
12Matthew MoloneyFr.13:06New Trier
13Winston ChuFr.13:11Glenbrook South6:117:00
14Michael MoranFr.13:11New Trier
15Benicio BeckaFr.13:19New Trier
16Jonathan PiotrowskiFr.13:21New Trier
17Nick GoebelFr.13:30New Trier
18Colin BrusoFr.13:48New Trier
19Jack ClarkFr.13:50Glenbrook South6:407:10
20Sam KnezevichFr.13:53Glenbrook South6:407:13
21Patrick KuprewiczFr.13:56Glenbrook South6:467:10
22Nathan MihmFr.14:29Glenbrook South6:407:49
23Tom McDonaghFr.14:29Glenbrook South6:507:39
24Nathan TrosmanFr.14:38Glenbrook South7:147:24
25Luke ChavezFr.14:48Glenbrook South6:547:54
26Nalin KunduFr.15:18New Trier
27BloomFr.15:21New Trier
28Aidan HoganFr.15:25Glenbrook South8:017:24
29William ChoiFr.15:27New Trier
30Ethan FogelFr.15:32New Trier
31Aditya ShahFr.16:28Glenbrook South7:548:34
32Advait VijayFr.15:50New Trier
33ChungFr.15:51New Trier
34SwainFr.16:10New Trier
35Nathan KuncheriaFr.16:37Glenbrook South7:179:20
36Jovan GveroFr.16:42Glenbrook South8:008:42
37Aayan AliFr.16:45Glenbrook South8:058:40
38ReyesFr.16:50New Trier
39VizcondeFr.16:54New Trier
40Ryan SoleskyFr.16:56Glenbrook South8:058:51
41Danny LaurencelleFr.18:22Glenbrook South7:5410:28
42Matt WilliamsFr.17:27New Trier
43Adam WojciechowiczFr.18:44Glenbrook South8:3410:10
44Eric NardulliFr.21:10Glenbrook South10:4210:28