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Sebastian Zimmer

Class of 2022 (Sr.)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help

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Personal Records

3mi 2mi 5k 3200m 1600m 800m 400m
16:51.85 11:15 19:42.8 11:03 5:02.45 2:17 1:01

Cross Country

Time Meet Distance
16:51.85PRGlenview (Glenbrook South) Regional (10/23/21)3 Mile
17:36.4CSL Conference Championship (10/16/21)3 Mile
17:48.8Wildcat Invitational (10/9/21)3 Mile
18:09.0Niles West Pat Savage Invite (10/2/21)3 Mile
19:56SRWauconda Invitational (9/11/21)5k
20:03Crystal Lake South Invitational (9/4/21)5k
11:31SRPre-Season Time Trial (8/28/21)2 Mile
5:07Post-Season Time Trial (11/5/20)1 Mile
17:06.4SRCSL South Conference Championship (10/17/20)3 Mile
18:22.4Wildcat Invitational (10/10/20)3 Mile
17:26CSL Dual vs. Niles West (10/3/20)3 Mile
17:53CSL Dual at Glenbrook North (9/26/20)3 Mile
18:19CSL Dual vs. New Trier (9/15/20)3 Mile
18:03CSL Dual vs. Maine South (9/11/20)3 Mile
18:22CSL Dual at Evanston (9/5/20)3 Mile
11:15PRPre-Season Time Trial (8/22/20)2 Mile
15:07Prospect Invite (10/22/19)2.5 Mile
17:52.28SRCSL Conference Championship (10/19/19)3 Mile
18:16.45Niles West Pat Savage Invite (10/5/19)3 Mile
18:31CSL Quad at New Trier (10/2/19)3 Mile
18:50Bill Dawson Blue Devil Invite (9/21/19)3 Mile
18:53CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/17/19)3 Mile
12:39.1Crystal Lake South Invitational (9/7/19)3.5k
12:28GBS-GBN Season Opening Dual (8/29/19)2 Mile
11:27SRPre-Season Time Trial (8/23/19)2 Mile
11:46.6SRCSL Conference Championship (10/13/18)2 Mile
12:06.34Niles West Pat Savage Invite (9/29/18)2 Mile
12:47CSL Quad at Maine South (9/25/18)2.1 Mile
12:28CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/17/18)2 Mile
19:05SRWarren Blue Devil Invite (9/15/18)3 Mile
19:42.8PRWauconda Invitational (9/8/18)5k
13:35.1Crystal Lake South Invitational (9/1/18)3.5k

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