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CSL Triangular @ MW

Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Maine West High School

Titan Seniors Wrap Up Track Careers

On Wednesday, May 26th, the Titans competed in their last CSL Triangular of the season, racing against Maine West and Highland Park. As the last open meet of the season, this was the final competition for many of our runners. Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic season!  If your season is over we will need to collect your uniform ASAP! The uniforms should be returned clean and ready to be stored away for the cross country season. Please bring your uniform to practice after school or to Coach Hasenstein directly in the PE Office during the school day during finals week....your help with this process will be greatly appreciated.

As we wrap up the season, we'd like to highlight the Titan Distance seniors who have competed for the last time in their gold and blue singlets.

There's no better place to start than with 3200m, where Carter Adams and Luke Gregory represented the class of 2021. Carter finished in a time of 12:12, and Luke finished with an 11:23. While the heat did take a toll on them, they both raced hard and left it all on the track. Carter will spend his next four years at Case Western Reserve University. One of our cross country captains, Luke will be attending St. Olaf College in the fall. Congrats, boys!

Dane Branstrom and Matthew Finkel finished up their careers in the 800m run. Dane, who will be attending the University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign, finished with a time of 2:28.7. This was a season record for Dane. Matthew Finkel, another one of our cross country captains and a 2019 state qualifier in cross country, finished at 2:21.3. Finkel will attend the University of Michigan next year. Both of them dedicated 4 solid years to the program, and we couldn't be more grateful to have had them on the team.

Last, and certainly not least, was Preston Davidson in the 1600m with a time of 5:06. Preston was a member of our cross country team's top 7 this past year, and he couldn't have been a more valuable part of the team. Preston is an exceptionally hard worker, and his talents are sure to carry him far next year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Congrats, Preston!

Thank you to our seniors for helping to make this program into what it is today.

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1Glenbrook South0

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Photographer(s): James Hiltebrand, James Hiltebrand, Matthew Nugent

Open Results

Official Results (Hand Timed)
Jaden DiasJr.58.5Glenbrook South
Jack QualkenbushFr.59.4Glenbrook South
Sanjeev GorlaSo.1:00.1Glenbrook South
Brett WittensteinJr.1:00.7PRGlenbrook South
Gio CanaliaSo.1:01.4Glenbrook South
Axel CruzFr.1:04.5Glenbrook South
Jefferson WeiFr.1:04.9Glenbrook South
Danny KloneckiSo.1:05Glenbrook South
Brian ChoiFr.1:09.4Glenbrook South
Carter AdamsSr.12:12SRGlenbrook South8685879394931:4490
Luke GregorySr.11:23Glenbrook South8584868785878584
Will PattonJr.12:33PRGlenbrook South86879092951:401:411:42
Jefferson WeiFr.11:18Glenbrook South8584868785878480
Matthew KloneckiJr.11:34PRGlenbrook South8682868890918685
James HiltebrandSo.2:12.3PRGlenbrook South6468
Jan JedynakFr.2:30.8Glenbrook South7080
Sam KnezevichFr.2:24Glenbrook South6975
Jonathan JosephJr.2:37.5PRGlenbrook South7483
Matthew PenneJr.2:14.9Glenbrook South6668
Jack OlsonSo.2:32Glenbrook South7379
Dane BranstromSr.2:28.7SRGlenbrook South7078
Matthew FinkelSr.2:21.3SRGlenbrook South6675
Jovan GveroFr.3:07Glenbrook South9691
Andy OrdwayFr.2:16.9Glenbrook South6670
Isaac AbrahamJr.5:26Glenbrook South78828284
Preston DavidsonSr.5:06Glenbrook South71767980
Elie NassifJr.4:58Glenbrook South70757875
John Paul PhilbrickJr.5:08Glenbrook South71778080
Jack ClearyJr.5:34Glenbrook South78828490
Ryan GershowitzFr.5:31Glenbrook South78828388
Sebastian ZimmerJr.5:06Glenbrook South71778078
Relay Team9:35Glenbrook South
Jack ClearyJr.2:23Glenbrook South6974
Derek LentzJr.2:25Glenbrook South6778
Andy OrdwayFr.2:19Glenbrook South6871
Sanjeev GorlaSo.2:28Glenbrook South7474
Relay Team10:24Glenbrook South
Andrew YoonSo.2:42Glenbrook South7884
Andy Carrillo-PereaSo.2:33Glenbrook South7875
Ryan GershowitzFr.2:32Glenbrook South7577
Jack OlsonSo.2:37Glenbrook South7384
Relay Team4:20.5Glenbrook South
Matthew PenneJr.1:02.2Glenbrook South
Derek LentzJr.1:01.6Glenbrook South
Matthew KloneckiJr.1:02.2Glenbrook South
Sebastian ZimmerJr.1:14.4Glenbrook South
Relay Team4:48.5Glenbrook South
Jonathan JosephJr.1:10PRGlenbrook South
Andy Carrillo-PereaSo.1:09Glenbrook South
Jovan GveroFr.1:16.5Glenbrook South
Andrew YoonSo.1:11.7Glenbrook South
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