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Titan Distance

CSL Triangular @ GBS

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
John Davis Titan Stadium

CSL Triangular #2 vs. New Trier and Maine East

On Tuesday, May 11th, the Titans competed in their second CSL Triangular, hosting the New Trier Trevians and the Maine East Blue Demons in the John Davis Titan Stadium. Due to a COVID-related scheduling issue, our girl's team also competed at GBS, running against Maine South. With hundreds of athletes between the 5 programs present, the meet, which started at 4:30 pm, finally came to an end at 8:45 pm. It was awesome to see the team competing under the stadium light, cheering each other on up until the very end of the 4x400m relay. It's great to compete again!

To start off the evening, our 4x800 teams went out and competed well. Our fastest 4x8 team was our frosh/soph team, consisting of Andy Ordway (FR), Sanjeev Gorla (SO), Jeferson Wei (FR), and James Hiltebrand (SO). All four ran quite well, finishing with a time of 9:14.

Michael Jerva (JR) led the Titans in the 3200m, winning the event handily with a time of 10:39. Behind him were Jack Callaghan (JR) and Isaac Abraham (JR) who, after running the race side by side, finished in times of 12:16 and 12:17 respectively.

In the 800m, team captain and sprinter George Dornan (SR) chose to join Titan Distance for the evening, departing from his usual 400m. He finished in third with a time of 2:09.8, just behind a runner from New Trier. Michael Westfall (JR), who came in first, finished with a time of 2:08.5. And let's not forget James Hiltebrand, who ran a stellar 2:15 in the open 800 shortly after running in the 4x800m.

In the 400m, the sole Titan Distance runner was Will Patton (JR) who ran a 1:05.5, a PR. Congrats, Will!

Next up was the 1600m run, with 13 Titan Distance runners competing. In the frosh-soph heat, Andy Ordway took the win with a fresh PR of 5:07.2. Behind him was Jeferson Wei, who also PRed at 5:16.4. Great job, boys! In the open heat, Jayson Stamm (JR) won the event by 4 seconds, finishing ahead of New Trier with a time of 4:53.2.

Finally, at 8:45 pm, the meet finished under the lights with the 4x400m relay. Elie Nassif (JR) finished with the fastest split of the night, running a 57 second 400.

It was a great night of racing, and we're glad that we could host such great competition. Congrats to all who competed!

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1Glenbrook South108
2New Trier71
3Maine East10

John Davis Titan Stadium

Glenbrook South's Outdoor Stadium

Our newly-repaved outdoor 400m-track is ready for competition! With 8-lanes and plenty of spectator seating, John Davis Titan Stadium is no stranger to hosting large competitions.

Some Things to Know:

Food & Drinks Available
Concessions are available in our new concessions stand, located near the south endzone.
Listen for Announcements
Pay attention to announcements from the clerk over the PA System. Typical events will have two calls followed by a final call. Please check-in with the clerk as soon as possible.
Bathrooms are available in our concessions stand building, located near the south endzone.
While most events have free entry, certain invites have nominal entrance fees to help cover timing costs. Thanks for your understanding!

Stadium Map:

Getting Here:

John Davis Titan Stadium is located on the campus of Glenbrook South High School, located between West Lake Avenue, Pfingsten Road, and Landwehr Road. Once you arrive at Glenbrook South, the most convient parking is in the West parking lots. Turn into the parking lot at the light of West Lake Avenue and Robin Lane and proceed to the stadium.

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Stadium Records:

Event Mark Name School Year
100m Dash 10.4 Colin Hepburn Glenbrook South 2009
10.4 Michael Bellamy Kenwood Academy 1985
200m Dash 21.2 Neil Melcher Glenbrook South 1991
400m Run 47.7 Neil Melcher Glenbrook South 1991
800m Run 1:54.0 Neal Omar Niles West 2012
1600m Run 4:09.8 Tom Robbins Loyola 2007
3200m Run 9:03.5 Nico Composto Loyola 2010
110m High Hurdles 13.8 Nat Page Evanston 1975
300m Int. Hurdles 37.8 John Strickland Glenbrook South 1990
4 x 100m Relay 42.08 Evanston 2015
4 x 200m Relay 1:28.5 Niles West 2010
4 x 400m Relay 3:18.3 Evanston 2004
4 x 800m Relay 7:55.4 Wheeling 1986
High Jump 2.13m (7-0 ft) Nat Page Evanston 1975
Pole Vault 2.74m (15-6 ft) Declan Ritzenthaler Loyola 2018
Long Jump 3.89m (23-10 ¼ ft) Steve Battle Gordon Tech 1989
Triple Jump 14.33m (48-1 ft) Smith Evanston 1985
Shot Put 17.60m (60-2 ¼ ft) Ira Dolin Glenbrook North 1979
Discus 49.68m (174-11 ft) Ron Eichaker Niles North 1974
Field events converted to metric, with actual distance measured listed.


Photographer(s): Brett Wittenstein

Open Results

Official Results (Hand Timed)
1Michael JervaJr.10:39PRGlenbrook South7282778083868376
2Lukasz IwanowskiJr.10:45Maine East
3Luke FinchSo.10:58New Trier
4Ben ShonfeldSo.11:33New Trier
5Jack CallaghanJr.12:16PRGlenbrook South7890929497991:4086
6Isaac AbrahamJr.12:17SRGlenbrook South7890929497991:4087
7Jack ClearyJr.12:41SRGlenbrook South77889197991:441:441:41
8Ossey PaulJr.13:35PRGlenbrook South81941:401:401:501:521:521:46
1Michael WestfallJr.2:08.5PRGlenbrook South6563
2Jack MichelSr.2:09.7New Trier
3George DornanSr.2:09.8Glenbrook South
4Cody SlutzkySr.2:12.8PRGlenbrook South6468
5Lucas HouserJr.2:13.1Glenbrook South6568
6James HiltebrandSo.2:15.1PRGlenbrook South6768
7Evan VenezianoJr.2:16.2New Trier
8William GuidottiJr.2:18.3New Trier
9Ben KeenanSr.2:20.7New Trier
10Matt FlickSr.2:24.4New Trier
11Nick GoebelFr.2:27.2New Trier
12Jonathan PiotrowskiFr.2:27.7New Trier
13James FlynnFr.2:28.0New Trier
14Andy Carrillo-PereaSo.2:31.1Glenbrook South7577
15Michael MoranFr.2:32.6New Trier
16Felix HeksterFr.2:34.3New Trier
17Jovan GveroFr.2:51.1Glenbrook South8289
7Will PattonJr.1:05.3PRGlenbrook South
1Jayson StammJr.4:53.2PRGlenbrook South71737474
2Eli FordingJr.4:57.6New Trier
3Nick FriedmanJr.4:58.2New Trier
4Matthew PenneJr.5:00PRGlenbrook South72787575
5Matthew KloneckiJr.5:01PRGlenbrook South72787873
6John Paul PhilbrickJr.5:01PRGlenbrook South72767974
7Andy OrdwayFr.5:07.2Glenbrook South74818071
8Adam MrozekSo.5:07.7Maine East
9Luke GregorySr.5:11PRGlenbrook South73827977
10Preston DavidsonSr.5:11Glenbrook South72758281
11Sam WertsSo.5:12.2New Trier
12Schuyler CoxSo.5:14.0New Trier
13Jefferson WeiFr.5:16.4Glenbrook South74818180
14Sam KnezevichFr.5:26Glenbrook South75839078
15Ryan GershowitzFr.5:28.4Glenbrook South75878878
16Jan JedynakFr.5:33PRGlenbrook South75878883
17Jack OlsonSo.5:44PRGlenbrook South75899189
18Luke ChavezFr.6:15PRGlenbrook South85981:411:31
1Relay Team8:42New Trier
2Relay Team8:51New Trier
3Relay Team9:14Glenbrook South
Andy OrdwayFr.2:11PRGlenbrook South6368
Sanjeev GorlaSo.2:27Glenbrook South7275
Jefferson WeiFr.2:21Glenbrook South6873
James HiltebrandSo.2:15Glenbrook South6669
4Relay Team9:44Glenbrook South
Jacob BaimJr.2:21PRGlenbrook South6774
Derek LentzJr.2:19SRGlenbrook South6673
Jonathan JosephJr.2:40Glenbrook South7684
Sebastian ZimmerJr.2:24Glenbrook South7074
5Relay Team9:36New Trier
6Relay Team9:44New Trier
7Relay Team10:19Glenbrook South
Ryan GershowitzFr.2:22PRGlenbrook South7072
Andrew YoonSo.2:45Glenbrook South8085
Jack OlsonSo.2:31Glenbrook South6982
Luke ChavezFr.2:41Glenbrook South7685
8Relay Team11:12Maine East
1Relay Team3:45.5New Trier
2Relay Team3:56.0Glenbrook South
Matthew PenneJr.1:00PRGlenbrook South
Lucas HouserJr.1:00Glenbrook South
Elie NassifJr.57Glenbrook South
Michael WestfallJr.58PRGlenbrook South
3Relay Team4:02Glenbrook South
Cole BradySr.58PRGlenbrook South
Jack ClearyJr.1:03Glenbrook South
Sebastian ZimmerJr.1:01PRGlenbrook South
Carter AdamsSr.1:00Glenbrook South
4Relay Team4:13.9Glenbrook South
John Paul PhilbrickJr.1:03PRGlenbrook South
Will PattonJr.1:08PRGlenbrook South
Jacob BaimJr.1:04PRGlenbrook South
Jayson StammJr.58PRGlenbrook South
5Relay Team4:35.6Glenbrook South
Andy Carrillo-PereaSo.1:05Glenbrook South
Andrew YoonSo.1:14Glenbrook South
Jovan GveroFr.1:14PRGlenbrook South
Sanjeev GorlaSo.1:02Glenbrook South
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