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CSL Dual at Evanston

Saturday, September 05, 2020
Evanston Township High School

Starting the Season Strong

On Saturday, September 6th, the Titans ran their first meet of the season at Evanston Township High School. Going into the meet, the team was largely unsure of how the meet would run given all of the IHSA’s health restrictions. Instead of a usual CSL quad meet, this meet was a dual meet just between GBS and Evanston. 

At 9:00 am, the Freshmen lined up for the first race of the day. Geoff Maddalozzo led the Titan charge and finished 2nd with an impressive 11:45 2 Mile. He was followed by Andy Ordway (12:10), Matt Barney (12:21), Jack Qualkenbush (12:30), and Nathan Mihm (13:40) to round out the Top 5. They finished in 4th, 6th, 7th, and 10th respectively. It was a close race, but the Wildkits edged out the Freshmen 26-29. 

The Varsity 3 Mile race started at 10:00 am. Going into the race, the Titans were unsure of what to expect from ETHS. After losing some of their top senior runners, their talent was largely unknown. From the start of the race, it was clear that the Wildkits were not to be underestimated. Brian Hiltebrand (JR) and Mrugesh Thakor (SR) battled it out with Evanston’s top runners, finishing 3rd and 4th in 16:21 and 16:33. Jayson Stamm (JR) and Cody Slutzky (SR) followed behind, edging out Evanston’s 3rd runner with 5th and 6th place finishes. Preston Davidson (SR), Michael Jerva (JR), and Harrison Wollney (SR) followed shortly behind, finishing out the Top 7. Props to Jerva for finishing his first cross country race ever. It was another close race, with Evanston winning 27-29.

The JV1 race saw many break out performances for our returning returns. Sully Richards (SO) ran a fantastic race, finishing in 2nd with a time of 18:28. He was followed by Ryan Schaefer’s (SO) 4th place finish at 19:03. Matthew Klonecki (JR) came through the line at 19:23 for a 6th place finish. Evanston again won in a score of 27-29.

At noon, JV2 started their race. The distance was reduced to 2 Miles to account for the rising afternoon heat. Danny Donnelly (SR) and Will Patton (JR) raced each other to the line, going 1 and 2 in times of 13:12 and 13:13. Gio Canalia (SO) followed in a time of 13:34. 

Overall, this was a fantastic first meet for the Titans. This was the first time Evanston had hosted Glenbrook South in more than ten years, so it was a great effort for an unfamiliar course. The team is looking to do big things this coming Friday and Saturday against Maine South at home. We’ll see you then!

Team Scores


2Glenbrook South29

Junior Varsity

2Glenbrook South29


2Glenbrook South29

Junior Varsity 2

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Junior Varsity


Junior Varsity 2

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Top 3mi Times by GBS Athletes

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Photographer(s): James Hiltebrand, Preston Davidson, Cody Slutzky

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Declan AhernJr.16:00Evanston
2Essay TolosaJr.16:01Evanston
3Brian HiltebrandJr.16:21Glenbrook South5:135:285:40
4Mrugesh ThakorSr.16:33Glenbrook South5:135:295:51
5Jayson StammJr.17:03Glenbrook South5:235:505:50
6Cody SlutzkySr.17:05Glenbrook South5:235:505:52
7Ellis AllenSr.17:06Evanston
8Owen BriggmanSr.17:27Evanston
9Solomon GreeneJr.17:31Evanston
10Dylan EylerJr.17:33Evanston
11Preston DavidsonSr.17:42Glenbrook South5:236:036:16
12Michael JervaJr.17:58Glenbrook South5:336:086:17
14Harrison WollneySr.18:03Glenbrook South5:376:046:22
14Rohan KuttanSr.18:06Evanston
15Jack NelsonSr.18:07Evanston
16Tyson AnthonySr.18:10SRGlenbrook South5:486:156:07
17Aiden VernonSr.18:11Evanston
18Luke NgSo.18:12Evanston
19Sebastian ZimmerJr.18:22Glenbrook South5:486:226:12
20Brett WittensteinJr.18:24Glenbrook South5:516:276:06
21John Paul PhilbrickJr.18:25Glenbrook South5:486:226:15
22Cormac SchliesmanJr.18:28Evanston
23Jordan Crumpton18:30Evanston
24Gael SantiaguilloSo.18:46Evanston
25Noah Morris-HofferSr.18:47Evanston
26Michael WestfallJr.18:57Glenbrook South5:506:286:39
27Dane BranstromSr.19:30Glenbrook South5:556:436:52
28Matthew PenneJr.19:38Glenbrook South5:516:467:01
29Carter AdamsSr.21:09Glenbrook South6:067:247:39
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Junior Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
2Sully RichardsSo.18:28Glenbrook South5:536:176:18
4Ryan SchaeferSo.19:03Glenbrook South5:536:236:47
6Matthew KloneckiJr.19:23Glenbrook South6:106:306:43
8James ScottSr.19:31Glenbrook South6:006:356:56
9Jack CallaghanJr.19:57Glenbrook South6:186:496:50
10Isaac AbrahamJr.20:02Glenbrook South6:186:496:55
12Cole BradySr.20:23Glenbrook South6:186:497:16
13Ethan HernandezJr.20:28Glenbrook South6:186:387:32
14John TirpakSo.20:35Glenbrook South6:187:027:15
15Carson WaltersJr.20:37Glenbrook South6:357:076:55
16Luke GregorySr.20:48Glenbrook South6:257:177:06
17James HiltebrandSo.20:49Glenbrook South6:187:027:29
18Sanjeev GorlaSo.20:50Glenbrook South6:357:107:05
20Jacob BaimJr.21:15Glenbrook South6:317:317:13
24Luke GamberSo.22:21Glenbrook South6:517:467:44
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Freshmen Results (2mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
2Geoff MaddalozzoFr.11:45Glenbrook South
4Andy OrdwayFr.12:10Glenbrook South
6Matt BarneyFr.12:21Glenbrook South
7Jack QualkenbushFr.12:30Glenbrook South
10Nathan MihmFr.13:40Glenbrook South
13Jack ClarkFr.13:49Glenbrook South
14Sam KnezevichFr.14:09Glenbrook South
15Nathan TrosmanFr.14:11Glenbrook South
16Patrick KuprewiczFr.14:21Glenbrook South
18Luke ChavezFr.14:47Glenbrook South
20Aidan HoganFr.15:24Glenbrook South
21Nathan KuncheriaFr.15:34PRGlenbrook South
23Jovan GveroFr.16:42Glenbrook South
25Danny LaurencelleFr.17:02Glenbrook South
Adam WojciechowiczFr.18:26Glenbrook South
Ryan SoleskyFr.19:19Glenbrook South
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Junior Varsity 2 Results (2mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 MileFinish
1Danny DonnellySr.13:12Glenbrook South6:276:45
2Will PattonJr.13:13PRGlenbrook South6:246:49
Gio CanaliaSo.13:34SRGlenbrook South6:197:15
Jack ClearyJr.13:43Glenbrook South6:247:19
Danny KloneckiSo.13:49PRGlenbrook South6:277:22
Jack OlsonSo.13:52SRGlenbrook South6:447:08
Jonathan JosephJr.14:20SRGlenbrook South6:537:27
Mason AdamsJr.14:29Glenbrook South6:357:54
Andrew YoonSo.14:37SRGlenbrook South6:587:39
Ossey PaulJr.14:51PRGlenbrook South7:057:46
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