Titan Distance

Titan Distance Madness

Friday, March 13, 2020
Flick Park

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1Glenbrook South102

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Top Times by GBS Athletes

Time Athlete Year


Open Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Will Houser2:06.14Glenbrook South
2Michael Westfall2:20.2Glenbrook South
3Michael Jerva2:20.3Glenbrook South
4Lucas Houser2:23Glenbrook South
5Brett Wittenstein2:24Glenbrook South
6Jayson Stamm2:24SRGlenbrook South
7Derek Lentz2:26SRGlenbrook South
8Wade Herrera2:28Glenbrook South
9James Kurtzweil2:29SRGlenbrook South
10Theo Gikas2:29Glenbrook South
11Sebastian Zimmer2:30Glenbrook South
12Justin Wrona2:30Glenbrook South
13Ethan Hernandez2:30Glenbrook South
14Matthew Penne2:31Glenbrook South
15James Hiltebrand2:38Glenbrook South
16John Paul Philbrick2:40Glenbrook South
17Cole Brady2:45Glenbrook South
18Sanjeev Gorla2:48Glenbrook South
19Danny Gemignani2:50SRGlenbrook South
20Andrew Yoon2:55Glenbrook South
1Will Houser4:49.98Glenbrook South
2Brian Hiltebrand4:50.08Glenbrook South
3Will Kelly4:53.01Glenbrook South
4Cody Slutzky5:03.86SRGlenbrook South
5Mrugesh Thakor5:08.83Glenbrook South
6Preston Davidson5:22.60Glenbrook South
7Matthew Klonecki5:50.21Glenbrook South
8Will Patton6:22.09Glenbrook South
1Relay Team4:09.70Glenbrook South
Wade Herrera1:02.0Glenbrook South
Cody Slutzky1:02.0SRGlenbrook South
James Hiltebrand1:07.0Glenbrook South
Will Houser59.0Glenbrook South
2Relay Team4:16.76Glenbrook South
Lucas Houser1:00.0SRGlenbrook South
Michael Westfall1:08.0Glenbrook South
Jayson Stamm1:05.0Glenbrook South
Brian Hiltebrand1:01.0SRGlenbrook South
3Relay Team4:51.37Glenbrook South
Ethan Hernandez1:04.0PRGlenbrook South
Sanjeev Gorla1:12.0Glenbrook South
Matthew Klonecki1:19Glenbrook South
John Paul Philbrick1:16.0SRGlenbrook South
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