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Titan Distance

CSL Triangular @ NW

Tuesday, May 04, 2021
Niles West High School

CSL Triangular #1 vs. Niles West and Highland Park

This Tuesday, the Titans ran a fantastic first triangular against the Niles West Wolves and the Highland Park Giants. Many PRs were set, and for many, this was a great opportunity to run a new race for the first time.

The 4x800m relay started us off fast with great performances at the varsity and frosh/soph level. Lucas Houser deserves a shoutout for his stellar performance as the leading leg, running a 2:10 in his second meet back from a torn meniscus. Great job, Luke! 

Our longer distance runners showed off their pack running in the 3200m. At the varsity level, John Paul Philbrick and Matthew Penne raced it out to finish 2nd and 3rd in times of 11:00 and 11:01 respectively. At the frosh/soph level, birthday boy James Hiltebrand dominated, taking 1st with a massive PR.

Our mid-distance runners competed well in the 800m, all setting PRs. Freshman Jovan Gvero was the sole GBS runner in the frosh/soph race, running his first 800m ever.

Only 3 Titans competed in the 1600, but Jacob Baim, Will Patton, and Jack Callaghan stuck together well, all finishing within 2 seconds of one another after a tight race. They finished in 8th, 9th, and 10th respectively.

In the 400m, Jayson Stamm took a stab at sprinting, running a 58.12 to lead the Titans.

To finish out the night was the 4x400m, which is always a highlight of any track meet. 

Amazing job to all who competed! Those who didn't race this Tuesday will be running at the Conant Invitational on Friday night.

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This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.

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1Niles West107
2Glenbrook South58
3Highland Park38


1Niles West88
2Glenbrook South42
3Highland Park24

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Photographer(s): Brett Wittenstein

Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Matthew CareySr.10:49.93Niles West
2John Paul PhilbrickJr.11:00.19PRGlenbrook South7382878584868577
3Matthew PenneJr.11:01.70PRGlenbrook South7481878584868578
4Sebastian ZimmerJr.11:11.98SRGlenbrook South7482878687898779
5Derek LentzJr.12:52.80SRGlenbrook South758688931:401:461:531:51
1Max NaumanJr.2:11.46Niles West
2Thomas MagdalenoJr.2:12.39Niles West
3Jason WernethSr.2:12.41Highland Park
4Ethan SuhSr.2:12.55Niles West
5Michael WestfallJr.2:13.90Glenbrook South6568
6Alex BrownJr.2:15.97Highland Park
7Alejandro SeidenJr.2:18.40Highland Park
8Isaac AbrahamJr.2:29.12PRGlenbrook South6980
9Colin O'SullivanJr.2:34.95Highland Park
10Gabriel RamosJr.2:35.25Highland Park
11Nick ZervosJr.2:48.73Niles West
12Ossey PaulJr.2:50.08PRGlenbrook South7892
1Bora CeliknalJr.4:45.44Niles West
2Noah JacksonSo.4:45.78Highland Park
3Jack WerneckeJr.4:59.34Niles West
4Alex BradshawSo.4:59.62Highland Park
5Ethan SuhSr.5:03.71Niles West
6Ali KaratasJr.5:13.21Niles West
7Anthony RacitiJr.5:16.86Niles West
8Jacob BaimJr.5:24.49Glenbrook South74868678
9Will PattonJr.5:25.88Glenbrook South69849082
10Jack CallaghanJr.5:26.77PRGlenbrook South74868680
11Ayaan SiddiquiJr.5:33.16Niles West
12Ted ZinoxJr.5:59.01Highland Park
13Evan BobyJr.6:22.26Highland Park
1Ebaad SiddiquiSr.52.4Niles West
2Max NaumanJr.54.58Niles West
3Zachary CheukSr.55.35Niles West
4Derrick hoSr.56.94Niles West
5Jayson StammJr.58.12Glenbrook South
6Jaden DiasJr.59.03Glenbrook South
7Carter AdamsSr.1:00.50Glenbrook South
8Joshua LongoJr.1:06.12Highland Park
9Isaac AbrahamJr.1:06.44PRGlenbrook South
10Jack CallaghanJr.1:08.26Glenbrook South
11Nick ZervosJr.1:08.28Niles West
12Ossey PaulJr.1:21.27PRGlenbrook South
1Relay Team8:52.10Niles West
2Relay Team9:22.75Glenbrook South
Elie NassifJr.2:16PRGlenbrook South6571
Jack ClearyJr.2:22PRGlenbrook South6775
Jacob BaimJr.2:30Glenbrook South7278
Jayson StammJr.2:14PRGlenbrook South6272
3Relay Team9:50.78Glenbrook South
Lucas HouserJr.2:10PRGlenbrook South6565
Jack OlsonSo.2:25PRGlenbrook South7382
Andy Carrillo-PereaSo.2:38Glenbrook South7484
Sanjeev GorlaSo.2:27Glenbrook South7176
1Relay Team3:43.00Niles West
2Relay Team3:46.12Highland Park
3Relay Team4:14.38Glenbrook South
Lucas HouserJr.58PRGlenbrook South
Jack OlsonSo.1:06Glenbrook South
Andy Carrillo-PereaSo.1:07Glenbrook South
Sanjeev GorlaSo.1:03Glenbrook South
4Relay Team4:18.20Highland Park
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Frosh/Soph Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1James HiltebrandSo.11:11.20PRGlenbrook South7382878684878785
2William LandeSo.11:13.21Niles West
3Yonathan GarfinkelFr.11:16.39Highland Park
4Nolan SchottFr.12:21.24Highland Park
1Gabriel FilipczukFr.2:20.72Niles West
2Tobias GalsonFr.2:26.82Niles West
3Samuel LeeSo.2:28.39Niles West
4Logan WerthFr.2:28.87Niles West
5Zachary CorenFr.2:29.15Highland Park
6Arun KrishnaFr.2:30.53Niles West
7William GayfordFr.2:31.32Niles West
8Connor EdelsteinFr.2:39.50Highland Park
9Haadi ShakirFr.2:39.75Niles West
10Vincent WuSo.2:40.16Niles West
11Andrew KernFr.2:40.89Highland Park
12Nicholas SorucoSo.2:40.93Niles West
13Daniel ThannertFr.2:46.78Niles West
14Isaac MagdalenoFr.2:47.95Niles West
15Jovan GveroFr.2:48.66PRGlenbrook South8187
16Luke DalyFr.2:49.42Niles West
1Evan PolakSo.57.93Niles West
2Gabriel FilipczukFr.1:00.37Niles West
3Brady ClarkSo.1:01.10Glenbrook South
4Gio CanaliaSo.1:01.66Glenbrook South
5Sam KnezevichFr.1:02.21PRGlenbrook South
6Matt BarneyFr.1:02.51Glenbrook South
7Carl TatelliSo.1:03.25Highland Park
8Axel CruzFr.1:04.67Glenbrook South
9Vincent WuSo.1:04.95Niles West
10Matei CotofreaFr.1:05.75Niles West
11Isaac MagdalenoFr.1:05.80Niles West
12David CohnSo.1:05.99Highland Park
13John TsonisFr.1:08.12Glenbrook South
14Arun KrishnaFr.1:08.58Niles West
15Evan PagetFr.1:09.64Highland Park
16Andrew YoonSo.1:10.16PRGlenbrook South
17Ali MuhammadFr.1:12.42Niles West
18Colin ChaseSo.1:13.19Highland Park
19Adrian EneFr.1:14.11Niles West
1Relay Team9:26.90Niles West
2Relay Team9:56.89Glenbrook South
Jefferson WeiFr.2:20PRGlenbrook South6674
Luke ChavezFr.2:45Glenbrook South7590
Ryan GershowitzFr.2:31Glenbrook South7279
Andy OrdwayFr.2:20Glenbrook South6872
1Relay Team4:08.99Niles West
2Relay Team4:13.38Niles West
3Relay Team4:17.85Highland Park
4Relay Team4:19.74Glenbrook South
Jefferson WeiFr.1:02Glenbrook South
Luke ChavezFr.1:11PRGlenbrook South
Ryan GershowitzFr.1:05PRGlenbrook South
Andy OrdwayFr.1:01PRGlenbrook South
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