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Titan Distance

Conant Gummerson Invitational

Friday, May 07, 2021
James B. Conant High School

Conant Gummerson Invitational

On Friday night, the Titans competed in their first invitational of the season, racing at the Gummerson Invitational hosted by the Conant Cougars. This meet usually falls on the same weekend as Spartan Relays, so this was the first Glenbrook South appearance at the meet. The team took the meet by storm, winning 18 individual events overall and winning the meet.

The meet was scored in an A-B fashion. For each individual event, two athletes from each team competed, one as at the "A-level" and one at the "B-level." A-level performances earned two points more than B-level, with a first-place A finish at 10 points, and a first-place B at 8 points. Relays were scored as B-level. At the end of the meet, the overall score between A and B was added together for the final score. In the end, the Titans prevailed with a handy lead over the Prospect Knights. 

The first distance event of the night was the 4x800m relay. Preston Davidson led off the relay with a split of 2:19. He was followed by Carter Adams, who ran a 2:26. Cole Brady followed that with a 2:22. Finally, Michael Westfall brought the relay home with a 2:16.

Next was the 3200m, where Luke Gregory competed at the B-Level. Luke ran a fantastic race, PRing and break 11:00 for the first time with a time of 10:59. Harrison Wollney followed Luke's performance at the A-Level, also running a PR with a time of 10:46.

In the 800m, Matthew Finkel represented the Titans at the B-Level, running a 2:22.50. In his first 800m of the season, Michael Jerva ran a blistering 2:03.19. Though he was narrowly edged out of first place by a runner for Prospect, this was a massive PR for Jerva and a real break-out performance. Definitely something to be proud of!

Matthew Klonecki was the next Titan Distance athlete to run, competing in the 400m B-Level. He finished in a time of 58.46. Sprinter George Dornan represented the Titans at the A-Level, finishing in second at 52.20.

The 1600m was up next, with Cody Slutzky running at the B-Level and Brian Hiltebrand at the A-Level. The Titans swept the field, with both Slutzky and Hiltebrand winning their respective levels. Cody finished in a time of 4:43. Brian narrowly edged out a runner from Northridge Prep, surging past him in the final 100m of the race. 

To finish the night, the 4x400m raced hard, finishing in second just behind Prospect. Michael Jerva split a stellar 53.4!

In all, this was a fantastic first invite showing for the Titans, and it was a great display of our depth as a team. Next Tuesday, the Titans will race against New Trier and Maine East at home. On Saturday, the varsity will compete in another invitational at Deerfield High School.


Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1Glenbrook South216
3Glenbrook North114.5
4Maine South108
6Northridge Prep58
7Hoffman Estates56
8Maine East36

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


1Glenbrook North66
3Glenbrook South58
4Northridge Prep41
6Maine South38
7Hoffman Estates13
8Maine East7

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Photographer(s): Brett Wittenstein

Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1ANick IhrkeSr.9:56.42Glenbrook North
2ALuka KuzmanovicSo.10:10.21Prospect
3ALuke PravecekSo.10:13.54Maine South
4AIverson SolisSr.10:26.31Hoffman Estates
1BJoseph KarleskySo.10:28.69Maine South
2BJobin ChiramelJr.10:30.96Prospect
5AVijay KrishnamoorthiSo.10:39.79Conant
6ASam SchulerSr.10:44.41Northridge Prep
3BBranden ChiJr.10:46.03Glenbrook North
7AHarrison WollneySr.10:46.78PRGlenbrook South7780808183858276
4BAndy DavidsonJr.10:58.39Conant
5BLuke GregorySr.10:59.61PRGlenbrook South7581848484848579
6BJohn KippFr.11:04.80Northridge Prep
1AGavin KafkakisSr.2:02.90Prospect
2AMichael JervaJr.2:03.19Glenbrook South6261
3ANick RedstoneSr.2:06.14Glenbrook North
1BAsher WarmanenSr.2:06.30Prospect
4AGaven CorpinFr.2:06.39Conant
5ALukasz IwanowskiJr.2:06.48Maine East
6AJorge JiminezSr.2:07.00Maine South
2BSam RubiinsteinJr.2:08.92Glenbrook North
7APreetpaul SinghJr.2:09.76Hoffman Estates
3BLuke HendersonJr.2:10.60Conant
4BDominick ParrilloSo.2:12.42Maine South
8AAnthony VasquezSr.2:17.01Northridge Prep
5BMatthew FinkelSr.2:22.50Glenbrook South6577
6BColin BergJr.2:24.04Hoffman Estates
1ABrian HiltebrandJr.4:34.89SRGlenbrook South65697266
2AAndrew BrockmeierSr.4:35.33Northridge Prep
1BCody SlutzkySr.4:43.97Glenbrook South66727370
3ANick IhrkeSr.4:45.54Glenbrook North
2BJohn IhrkeFr.4:46.89Glenbrook North
3BAlex WilleSo.4:46.90Maine South
4AJason ThomasSr.4:50.22Conant
5AWilliam HuddlestonSo.4:55.58Maine South
4BKyle CorpinFr.4:57.18Conant
5BAlex BonnetteFr.5:03.16Prospect
6AWill AdkinsFr.5:11.66Prospect
6BKennon MoySr.5:24.28Hoffman Estates
1AGraham PatersonSr.51.73Glenbrook North
2AGeorge DornanSr.52.20Glenbrook South
3AAidan MartinSr.52.90Northridge Prep
4BKambi ObiohaSr.53.61Northridge Prep
5BJohnny WilkinsSr.53.65Prospect
6AMatt SchmidtSr.53.67Conant
7BAli WahbehSr.54.00Conant
8AMatt RaitanoJr.55.93Prospect
9BNathan SeverSo.57.06Glenbrook North
10AMohammed SaleemSr.58.12Hoffman Estates
11BMatthew KloneckiJr.58.46PRGlenbrook South
12ANeil MeerJr.59.97Maine South
13BNoah PravecekSr.1:01.10Maine South
14ADavid MercadoJr.1:01.73Maine East
15BJaden DobbinsJr.1:03.02Hoffman Estates
1Relay Team8:34.31Northridge Prep
2Relay Team8:51.60Prospect
3Relay Team8:54.53Glenbrook North
4Relay Team9:08.65Conant
5Relay Team9:24.81Glenbrook South
Preston DavidsonSr.2:19SRGlenbrook South6574
Carter AdamsSr.2:26Glenbrook South6878
Cole BradySr.2:22Glenbrook South6874
Michael WestfallJr.2:16Glenbrook South6472
1Relay Team3:32.56Prospect
2Relay Team3:37.41Glenbrook South
Michael JervaJr.53.4Glenbrook South
3Relay Team3:38.90Glenbrook North
4Relay Team3:39.18Northridge Prep
5Relay Team3:50.30Maine South
6Relay Team3:57.65Maine East
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