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Tall Trees Turkey Trot

Thursday, November 28, 2019
Tall Trees Neighborhood

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Photographer(s): Tall Trees Turkey Trot

Open Results (5k)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Nick Handel16:27San Francisco, CA
2Tyler Ackerman16:50Wilmette, IL
3Brian Hiltebrand17:10PRGlenbrook South*
4George Esteve17:22Wilmette, IL
5Will Houser17:32SRGlenbrook South*
6Courtney Ackerman17:55Wilmette, IL
7Tim Brinkmann18:22Chicago, IL
8Jordan Theriault18:47Glenview, IL
9James Kurtzweil19:00Glenbrook South*
10Jessica Ackerman19:16Wilmette, IL
11Chris Irk19:22Glenview, IL
12Bradley Berg19:24Glenview, IL
13Emma McCune19:25San Francisco, CA
14John Bresnahan19:37SRGlenbrook South*
15Wade Herrera19:58Glenbrook South*
16Sam Westfall20:03SRGlenbrook South*
17Jayson Stamm20:06PRGlenbrook South*
18Mark Green20:23Glenview, IL
19Debbie Ackerman20:30Wilmette, IL
20Leopold Mayer20:46Northbrook, IL
21Andy Ordway20:56Glenview, IL
22Owen Kopon21:03Washington, DC
23Jay Smith21:21Glenview, IL
24Spencer Rudolph21:30Glenview, IL
25Sullivan Richards21:45Glenview, IL
26Lilia Rose Osborne21:48Wilmette, IL
27Pete Canalia22:01Glenview, IL
28Nick Clingan22:09Glenview, IL
29Greg Roach22:12Glenview, IL
30Bill Westfall22:13Glenview, IL
31Kyle Boland22:17Glenview, IL
32Daniel Donnelly22:17Glenview, IL
33Keith Bruch22:21Glenview, IL
34Kent Blocher22:24Glenview, IL
35Matthew Seitz22:28Skokie, IL
36Rick Winer22:31Glenview, IL
37Kaitlyn Burns22:37Glenview, IL
38Brendan Fontillas22:39Northbrook, IL
39Ben Gerber22:39Glenview, IL
40Brian Hunt22:42Glenview, IL
41Jack Traub22:45Glenview, IL
42Matthew Klonecki22:45PRGlenbrook South*
43Doug Ackerman22:51Wilmette, IL
44Jonah Weiss22:59Glenview, IL
45Suzanne Browne23:08Glenview, IL
46Lars Nelson23:09Glenview, IL
47Derek Kopon23:10Cambridge, MA
48Jess Doss23:12Antioch, TN
49Brady Sehlhorst23:13Glenview, IL
50Jack Duffy23:17Glenview, IL
51Jonah Winer23:17Glenview, IL
52Jerry Mocarski23:17Park Ridge, IL
53Dan Shellenbarger23:20Glenview, IL
54Winston Chu23:23Glenview, IL
55Connor Heminger23:28Glenview, IL
56Grant Blitz23:42Glenview, IL
57Steve Baker23:47Winnetka, IL
58Will Phelan23:50Glenview, IL
59Nathaniel Nelson23:50Glenview, IL
60Alexander Seitz23:51Skokie, IL
61Timothy Rechtien23:56Kenilworth, IL
62Sam Dale24:00Glenview, IL
63Erin Blitz24:02Glenview, IL
64David Samuels24:02Glenview, IL
65Grace Hastings24:03Glenview, IL
66Charlie Keglovitz24:07Denver, CO
67Mike Rossman24:11Glenview, IL
68Axel Beck24:11Glenview, IL
69Bill Phelan24:13Glenview, IL
70Kathryn Holihan24:15Glenview, IL
71Michael Westfall24:15SRGlenbrook South*
72Lucas Houser24:15SRGlenbrook South*
73Harrison Wollney24:16SRGlenbrook South*
74Jeffrey Tincher24:17Glenview, IL
75Erin Porter24:18Glenview, IL
76Kaily Bruch24:20Glenview, IL
77Seth August24:20Park Ridge, IL
78David Kane24:21Glenview, IL
79Ricky Egen24:28PRGlenbrook South*
80Peter Shellenbarger24:30Glenview, IL
81Caylie Browe24:38Glenview, IL
82Gio Canalia24:38PRGlenbrook South*
83Jordi Esteve24:42Wilmette, IL
84Carson Weaver24:44Glenview, IL
85Ben Glass24:46Glenview, IL
86Jason Weiss24:54Glenview, IL
87Kelly Smith24:56Glenview, IL
88Amelia Manning24:59Chicago, IL
89SJ Osborne25:02Wilmette, IL
90CJ Morse25:03Glenview, IL
91Mary Phelan25:05Glenview, IL
92Ryan Green25:08Glenview, IL
93Ray Boesen25:08Glenview, IN
94Doug Berg25:09Glenview, IL
95Evan Claffey25:20Glenview, IL
96Evan Blitz25:22Glenview, IL
97Heather Wolff25:23Glenview, IL
98Eileen Wolff25:23Glenview, IL
99Michael Revello25:24Glenview, IL
100Jake Browne25:27Glenview, IL
101Sheng Xu25:29Glenview, IL
102Jennifer Eubanks25:32Glenview, IL
103Melissa Glass25:32Glenview, IL
104Rob Lowe25:37Chattanooga, TN
105Fred Donnelly25:40Glenview, IL
106Kelsey Eenigenburg25:45Glenview, IL
107Maggie Oliphant25:49Northbrook, IL
108Troy Noble25:52Glenview, IL
109Nigel Howard26:01Chicago, IL
110Jason Altman26:02Northbrook, IL
111Abby Kerrins26:03Cullom, IL
112James Hiltebrand26:03PRGlenbrook South*
113Adam Lorenzini26:08Glenview, IL
114Wade Leathers26:11Glenview, IL
115Oliver Pan26:17Glenview, IL
116Sarah Richards26:19Glenview, IL
117Coko Seeberg26:24Glenview, IL
118Patrick Burns26:25Glenview, IL
119Lia Blitz26:25Glenview, IL
120Scott Wollney26:26Glenview, IL
121Ricardo Fleury26:28New Haven, CT
122Andy Dale26:30Ottawa Hills, OH
123Jessica Rechtien26:32Kenilworth, IL
124Sanjeev Gorla26:34PRGlenbrook South*
125Angie Thanopoulos26:34Arlington Heights, IL
126Larry Ball26:42Glenview, IL
127Jack Ball26:43Glenview, IL
128Dan Meir26:47Skokie, IL
129Peter Canalia26:51Glenview, IL
130Logan Cohen26:52Glenview, IL
131Anna Gebhardt26:53Glenview, IL
132David Gebhardt26:54Glenview, IL
133Jacob Hershenhouse26:55Glenview, IL
134Caspar Chen26:56Glenview, IL
135Kerri Noard26:58Glenview, IL
136Chris Culver26:58Glenview, IL
137Yoshitaka Honda26:59Glenview, IL
138Jon Speers27:01Antioch, TN
139Katie Rossmann27:03Golf, IL
140Alexandra Whisler27:03Chicago, IL
141Carol Herlocker27:07Morton Grove, IL
142Jennifer Mocarski27:08Park Ridge, IL
143Noah Acocella27:17Glenview, IL
144Ari Glass27:18Glenview, IL
145Seira Honda27:18Glenview, IL
146Grace Niedermaier27:19Glenview, IL
147Bryan Jacobs27:19Glenview, IL
148Carolina Cohen27:19Glenview, IL
149Richard Cohen27:20Glenview, IL
150Megan Cunningham27:20Northbrook, IL
151Thomas Place27:27Glenview, IL
152Chris Matsakis27:28Glenview, IL
153Colb Uhlemann27:30Glenview, IL
154Patrik Hastings27:31Glenview, IL
155Stella Shuman27:32Louisville, KY
156Rick Uhlemann27:37Glenview, IL
157Austin Portillo27:38Northbrook, IL
158Eva Beck27:38Shorewood, IL
159Doug Clingan27:41Glenview, IL
160Dani Revello27:43Glenview, IL
161Ashley Desserich27:43Glenview Nas, IL
162Yue Zhu27:45Glenview, IL
163John Dale27:47Glenview, IL
164Sarah Clingan27:51Glenview, IL
165Ashley Oldshue27:51Glenview, IL
166Madison Kane27:52Boston, MA
167Allie Boland27:54Glenview, IL
168Sydney Boland27:54Glenview, IL
169Max Klemm27:55Glenview, IL
170Christian Derosena27:59Glenview, IL
171Sally Jones28:04Glenview, IL
172Jay Geistlinger28:05Champaign, IL
173Rachel Leiter28:05Northbrook, IL
174Jade Noard28:12Toulon, IL
175Nicky Swanson28:12Glenview, IL
176Audrey Walch28:13Glenview, IL
177Kyle Pekosh28:15Glenview, IL
178Daniel Swanson28:15Glenview, IL
179Lindsey Oldshue28:17Glenview, IL
180Amy Oliphant28:19Northbrook, IL
181Hannah Kinzer28:24Northbrook, IL
182James Kinzer28:24Northbrook, IL
183Peter Wassmann28:24Glenview, IL
184Simon Farber28:25Glenview, IL
185Gretchen Houser28:26Glenview, IL
186David Houser28:26Glenview, IL
187Jon Stamm28:30Glenview, IL
188Elise Bauerschmidt28:35Glenview, IL
189Matthew Walch28:37Glenview, IL
190Joe Dudy28:38Glenview, IL
191Anderson Campbell28:42Wilton, CT
192YiFang Chu28:45Glenview, IL
193Tenzin Nitschke28:46Glenview, IL
194Alejandra Ubarri28:48Glenview, IL
195Max Beck28:50Shorewood, IL
196Joe Runtz28:50Glenview, IL
197Kenneth Spero28:52Northbrook, IL
198Charlie Preston28:58Glenview, IL
199Ethan Stratton28:58Glenview, IL
200Michael Stratton28:58Glenview, IL
201Roger Niedermaier28:58Glenview, IL
202Joshua Greve29:01Glenview, IL
203Brian Greve29:06Glenview, IL
204Richard Crowe29:07Northbrook, IL
205Charlie Richards29:08Glenview, IL
206James Wenzbauer29:09Glenview, IL
207Renee Mayer29:10Northbrook, IL
208Karl Hanson29:11Glenview, IL
209Martin Tish29:12Glenview, IL
210Evan Bauerschmidt29:13Glenview, IL
211Andrew Zylke29:14Glenview, IL
212Antigone Matsakis29:15Glenview, IL
213Adam Blitz29:16Glenview, IL
214Jessica Wong29:18Prospect Heights, IL
215Jonathan Wong29:18Prospect Heights, IL
216Megan Anderson29:19Northbrook, IL
217Nina Tojo29:21Glenview, IL
218Brad Niedermaier29:23Glenview, IL
219James Petrungaro29:25Glenview, IL
220Marci Shuman29:26Louisville, KY
221Larry Fontillas29:27Northbrook, IL
222Brittney McDermott29:27Glenview, IL
223Brad McDermott29:27Glenview, IL
224Costa Metropulos29:30Glenview, IL
225Brian Levitsky29:33Glenview, IL
226Kelly Hood29:34Glenview, IL
227Beth Clingan29:38Glenview, IL
228Lori Shames29:41Glenview, IL
229Glen Misek29:42Glenview, IL
230Harrison Kane29:44Glenview, IL
231Megan Flentye29:46Glenview, IL
232Grant Rubin29:46Glenview, IL
233William Seiden29:46Northbrook, IL
234Ray Whittington29:48Winnetka, IL
235Rick Reagan29:49Hilton Head, SC
236John Rogula29:50Glenview, IL
237Jackson Shuman29:51Louisville, KY
238Aidan Klemm29:52Glenview, IL
239Ian Burns29:52Glenview, IL
240Mark Bauerschmidt29:52Glenview, IL
241Paul Bauerschmidt29:52Glenview, IL
242Carrie Matthis29:58Glenview, IL
243Cooper Matthis29:58Glenview, IL
244Louis Gutzwiller30:05Glenview, IL
245Jeff Cramer30:06Glenview, IL
246Grace McCune30:07Glenview, IL
247Chloe Farber30:08Glenview, IL
248Matt Hanneman30:13Glenview, IL
249Lynn Kopon30:15Glenview, IL
250Conor Holihan30:15Glenview, IL
251Paul Gibbs30:16Northbrook, IL
252Kaley Flentye30:17Glenview, IL
253Rachel Buchanan30:19Glenview, IL
254Nancy Krueger30:20Glenview, IL
255Jim Carson30:24Glenview, IL
256Brian Collins30:26Glenview, IL
257Avery Dale30:26Ottawa Hills, OH
258Bethany Dale30:26Ottawa Hills, OH
259Natalie Carson30:28Glenview, IL
260Claire Hershenhouse30:30Glenview, IL
261Ava Winer30:32Glenview, IL
262Christy Putnam30:43Glenview, IL
263Zoe Rubin30:45Glenview, IL
264Libby Meadows30:46Glenview, IL
265Jon Atkin30:47Kenilworth, IL
266Ethan Rubin30:47Glenview, IL
267Jerome Desserich30:47Glenview Nas, IL
268Robert Clingan30:47Glenview, IL
269Nora Baker30:50Glenview, IL
270April Hsu30:53Glenview, IL
271Caroline Clingan30:54Glenview, IL
272Matt Israel30:58Glenview, IL
273Curtis Scheuerman31:00Ankeny, IA
274Maggie Browe31:05Glenview, IL
275Jennifer Browe31:06Glenview, IL
276Jason Keglovitz31:06Denver, CO
277Finnegan Browe31:06Glenview, IL
278Barbara Siargos31:07Glenview, IL
279Rebecca Gerber31:10Glenview, IL
280Christina Tincher31:11Glenview, IL
281Tera Noard31:12Toulon, IL
282Melissa Spero31:12Northbrook, IL
283Carolyn Spero31:12Northbrook, IL
284Robert Schultz31:17Schiller Park, IL
285Sue Ellen McGrevey31:20Glenview, IL
286Caroline Baker31:26Winnetka, IL
287Eve Nathaus31:39Glenview, IL
288Amit Chikani31:41Morton grove, IL
289Laura Mahlmeister31:45GLenview, IL
290Gabriela Esteve31:48Wilmette, IL
291Jackie Chen31:52Northbrook, IL
292Kannon Acocella31:53Glenview, IL
293Patton Acocella31:53Glenview, IL
294Erik Mackey31:54Naperville, IL
295Eileen Samuels31:56Glenview, IL
296Samantha Middleton31:57Northbrook, IL
297James Moorhead31:57Lake Forest, IL
298Kathleen Mulloy32:01Glenview, IL
299Yun Oldshue32:03Glenview, IL
300Troy Noard32:04Glenview, IL
301Devon Reagan32:06Hilton Head, SC
302Casey Reagan32:06Chicago, IL
303Jacob Acocella32:10Glenview, IL
304Brynn Leiter32:10Northbrook, IL
305Lorri Collins32:11Glenview, IL
306Jon Leiter32:12Northbrook, IL
307Asha Chikani32:14Morton grove, IL
308Sandra Morse32:15Glenview, IL
309Rhea Ravindran32:15Glenview, IL
310David Moorhead32:16Glenview, IL
311Julie Traub32:18Glenview, IL
312Yuechen Dai32:18Glenview, IL
313Romina Flojo32:19Glenview, IL
314Mollie Cramer32:20Glenview, IL
315Kathleen Wolff32:21Glenview, IL
316Stephanie Collins32:21Glenview, IL
317Sophie Nathanson32:22Glenview, IL
318Ben Shabaz32:22Glenview, IL
319Mary Clare Donnelly32:22Glenview, IL
320Mary Kate Donnelly32:24Glenview, IL
321Pam MacLaughlin32:25Bloomington, IN
322Oliver Kujawinski32:29Glenview, IL
323Kate Russell32:30Ankeny, IA
324Laura Flentye32:34Glenview, IL
325Rob Orr32:34Glenview, IL
326Hannah Sahyouni32:41Skokie, IL
327Elizabeth Quinones32:42Glenview, IL
328Katherine Floriano32:43Glenview, IL
329Jeffrey Takaki32:43Glenview, IL
330Laura Manning32:44New Haven, CT
331Andy Rubin32:49Glenview, IL
332Donna Quinones32:50Glenview, IL
333Geri Bresnahan32:57Glenview, IL
334Laura Burns32:57Glenview, IL
335Grace Fontillas33:00Northbrook, IL
336Molly Judy33:01Northbrook, IL
337Tate Phillips33:01Glenview, IL
338Pam Shabaz33:08Glenview, IL
339Jeffrey Ludwig33:09Glenview, IL
340Lillian Ludwig33:10Glenview, IL
341Patrick Browne33:19Wilmette, IL
342Heather Lipasek33:19Chicago, IL
343Sam D'Aniello33:19Chicago, IL
344Jane Noard33:19Hennepin, IL
345Julie Bruch33:20Glenview, IL
346Jon Cohn33:33Glenview, IL
347Aidan Swinkle33:38Glenview, IL
348Mary Reagan33:39Hilton Head, SC
349Emily Browne33:40Glenview, IL
350Leah Desserich33:40Glenview, IL
351Audrey Nathaus33:42Glenview, IL
352Sadie Williams33:42Glenview, IL
353Duffy Grace33:43Glenview, IL
354Steven Takaki33:46Glenview, IL
355Paige Nathaus33:51Glenview, IL
356David C. Clark33:53Winnetka, IL
357Jacob Cramer33:54Glenview, IL
358Susan Brice33:57Wilmette, IL
359Emma Winer33:59Glenview, IL
360Paige Hanson34:02Glenview, IL
361Marina Goodman34:03Glenview, IL
362Emma Ruegger34:04Westerville, OH
363Ally Silver34:04Northbrook, IL
364Johanna Silver34:05Northbrook, IL
365Nicky Stannard34:06Glenview, IL
366Jennifer Preston34:08Glenview, IL
367Christine Wright34:10Glenview, IL
368Kathleen McCormick34:11Lombard, IL
369Samantha Dexter34:11Arlington Heights, IL
370Kris Brooks34:11Lombard, IL
371Nina Koch34:14Glenview, IL
372Kristin Baker34:16Glenview, IL
373Caitlin Baker34:17Glenview, IL
374Hope Donnelly34:17Glenview, IL
375Brenda Sawyer34:17Mount Prospect, IL
376Barbara Sollitto34:18Northbrook, IL
377Jacqueline Fontillas34:29Northbrook, IL
378Declan Fontillas34:33Northbrook, IL
379Amelia Keglovitz34:34Denver, CO
380Steve Lorenzini34:36Glenview, IL
381Caryl Desserich34:37Glenview, IL
382Jacob Spector34:44Northbrook, IL
383Amy Yao34:44Northbrook, IL
384Karen Graves34:52Glenview, IL
385Pauline Decroos34:57Glenview, IL
386Javier Ubarri34:59Glenview, IL
387Elizabeth Ball35:00Glenview, IL
388Marilyn Fish35:06Northbrook, IL
389Josef Mayer35:10Northbrook, IL
390Celestine Decroos35:19Glenview, IL
391Maritoni Kane35:20Glenview, IL
392Stephanie Diakakis35:26Glenview, IL
393Charles League35:32Glenview, IL
394Thomas League35:34Glenview, IL
395Tanya Gerstein35:36Northbrook, IL
396Jake Petrungaro35:44Glenview, IL
397Julie Hanson35:46Glenview, IL
398Kate Petrungaro35:47Glenview, IL
399Kristen Canalia35:54Glenview, IL
400Stacy Seiden36:06Northbrook, IL
401Beckett Hanneman36:11Glenview, IL
402Ryan Samuels36:12Glenview, IL
403Parin Chikani36:12Glenview, IL
404Dirk Klemm36:15Glenview, IL
405Katerina Papachirsto36:17Glenview, IL
406Yorgos Papachristou36:19Glenview, IL
407Peter Stevens36:29Glenview, IL
408Mary Sehlhorst36:41Glenview, IL
409Sam Sehlhorst36:45Glenview, IL
410Chris Collins36:47Glenview, IL
411Elyse Tish36:50Glenview, IL
412Claire Stratton37:07Glenview, IL
413Ryan Baker37:08Glenview, IL
414Korri Hershenhouse37:09Glenview, IL
415Brady Matthis37:10Glenview, IL
416Elizabeth Shay37:13Gurnee, IL
417Erin Nixon37:13Mt Prospect, IL
418Becky Hasselson37:14Glenview, IL
419Thomas Nitschke37:20Glenview, IL
420Sam Matthis37:20Glenview, IL
421Cathy Wilson37:25Glenview, IL
422Valerie Skinner37:32Wheeling, IL
423Curtis Matlin37:32Wilmette, IL
424David Stannard37:40Glenview, IL
425William Ruegger37:42Westerville, OH
426Sarah Baker37:42Winnetka, IL
427Thomas Preston37:43Glenview, IL
428Dave Sehlhorst37:46Chicago, IL
429Katie Peterson37:58Glenview, IL
430Cheherazade Patel38:01Glenview, IL
431Susan Brown38:06Glenview, IL
432Julie Patton38:06Glenview, IL
433Anthony Lindsay38:21Glenview, IL
434Mara Lindsay38:21Glenview, IL
435Katie Tojo38:23Glenview, IL
436Rachel Winer38:35Glenview, IL
437Beena Amin38:36Glenview, IL
438Ari Spector38:37Northbrook, IL
439Rebecca Spector38:37Northbrook, IL
440Lenny Brown38:37Antioch, TN
441Jessica Hammersley38:39Glenview, IL
442Julie Revello38:42Glenview, IL
443Beth Burns38:49Glenview, IL
444Tommy Swanson38:53Palatine, IL
445Kate Campbell39:13New York, NY
446Shannon Mangiameli39:13Chicago, IL
447Sue Greenfield39:14Prospect Heights, IL
448Nina Poulopoulos39:15Glenview, IL
449Jake Shellenbarger39:17Glenview, IL
450Sean Finnegan39:17San Diego, CA
451Joanna Racho39:18Glenview, IL
452William Schaefer39:18Glenview, IL
453Samantha Klemm39:27Glenview, IL
454Alexander Derosena39:35Glenview, IL
455James Durham39:46Glenview, IL
456Jared Kirkpatrick39:56Erie, CO
457Charlie Kirkpatrick39:56Erie, CO
458Jordan Kirkpatrick39:57Erie, CO
459Jamie Resis40:29Northbrook, IL
460Lauren Hammersley40:29Glenview, IL
461Reggie Duerst40:30Glenview, IL
462Paul Scherer40:34Glenview, IL
463Rich Scheuerman40:36Glenview, IL
464Jessica Arnold40:43Chicago, IL
465Erin Stratton40:44Glenview, IL
466Christopher Sen41:05Northbrook, IL
467Josh Acocella41:07Glenview, IL
468Leslie Resis41:10Northbrook, IL
469Tami Hammersley41:10Glenview, IL
470Melissa Sen41:11Northbrook, IL
471Jaina Amin41:12Shaker Hights, OH
472Nader Sahyouni41:13Skokie, IL
473William Coulson41:28Glenview, IL
474Rachel Spector41:33Northbrook, IL
475Nancy Cullen41:49Glenview, IL
476Kyle Mackey41:59Naperville, IL
477Jack Speers42:48Antioch, TN
478Max Speers42:48Antioch, TN
479Eleanor Sen42:54Northbrook, IL
480Surya Sen42:54Northbrook, IL
481Joe Speers42:55Antioch, TN
482Cathe Russe43:20Glenview, IL
483Jacob Silverstein43:33Glenview, IL
484Sheri Kujawinski43:36Glenview, IL
485Arianna Stevens43:39Glenview, IL
486Lia Papachristou43:40Glenview, IL
487Devin Whittington43:50Winnetka, IL
488Judi Geistlinger43:56Champaign, IL
489Mike McCune44:01San Francisco, CA
490Karen Smith-McCune44:01San Francisco, CA
491Niki Dale44:28Glenview, IL
492Kristin Hackett44:28Glenview, IL
493Joel Fish44:35Northbrook, IL
494Peter Brown44:37Glenview, IL
495Brian Burns44:41Glenview, IL
496Sydney Burns44:42Glenview, IL
497Kevin Mackey44:55Naperville, IL
498Priya Nitschke45:08Glenview, IL
499Sarah Nitschke45:09Chicago, IL
500Billy Salemi45:25Glenview, IL
501Lisa Salemi45:26Glenview, IL
502Sandy Walch45:35Glenview, IL
503Lauren Morgan46:04Northbrook, IL
504Susan Morgan46:04Northbrook, IL
505Tyson Morgan46:04Northbrook, IL
506Grace Speers46:43Antioch, TN
507Grace Berry47:01Incline village, NV
508Amy Berry47:01Incline Village, NV
509Sandra Fahey47:04Mount Prospect, IL
510Sandy Lencioni47:05Mount Prospect, IL
511Seri Phillips48:19Glenview, IL
512Kate Rossman48:58Glenview, IL
513Aly Bernat49:08Glenview, IL
514Mary Bernat49:09Glenview, IL
515Joey Rossman49:10Glenview, IL
516Wll Rossman49:11Glenview, IL
517Caroline League49:33Glenview, IL
518Alan League49:34Glenview, IL
519Robert Spector49:49Northbrook, IL
520Lucy Rossman50:15Glenview, IL
521Ellie Roach50:16Glenview, IL
522Christopher Dammers50:18Glenview, IL
523Steve Israel50:35Northbrook, IL
524Lauri Israel50:35Northbrook, IL
525Rebecca Israel50:35West Hollywood, CA
526Lisa Nathaus50:47Glenview, IL
527Kimberly Swinkle51:03Glenview, IL
528Marijean Sahyouni51:19Skokie, IL
529Martin Manning51:19Glenview, IL
530Charles Mulloy51:24Glenview, IL
531Madison Ross-Ryan51:26Chicago, IL
532Charlie Manning51:26Chicago, IL
533Matt Brown51:47Glenview, IL
534Cat Warren51:48Glenview, IL
535Mona Manning51:54Glenview, IL
536Michael Costa51:54Chicago, IL
537Jennifer Brown52:32Antioch, TN
538Mary Travnik54:26Glenview, IL
539Scott Wolff56:02Glenview, IL
540Jamison Traub56:30Glenview, IL
541Shannon Dudy56:30Glenview, IL
542Elise Dudy56:42Glenview, IL
543Jessica Traub56:42Glenview, IL
544John Traub56:48Glenview, IL
545Fred Rosenfeld57:05Incline Village, NV
546Robert Miller57:05Plano, TX
547Chuck Miller57:07Shawnee, KS
548Maggie Rossman-Roach57:35Glenview, IL
549Michele Rossman57:35Glenview, IL
550Bruce Maison58:16Northbrook, IL
551LiShan Rosen58:17Northbrook, IL
552Suzanne Etherton58:19Northbrook, IL
553Cara Etherton58:25Northbrook, IL
554Carol Etherton58:26Northbrook, IL
555Carol Etherton58:26Northbrook, IL
556Eric Etherton58:32Northbrook, IL
557Owen Wu59:14Glenview, IL
558Hannah Wu59:16Glenview, IL
559Jill Wu59:17Glenview, IL
560Jeff Dryjanski59:18Broomfield, CO
561Ed Wu59:18Glenview, IL
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