Home of not one but TWO 2019 IHSA Track State Qualifiers in the 800m
Titan Distance

CSL Conference Championship

Saturday, October 19, 2019
Glenbrook South High School

Conference for the Books

On Saturday, October 19th, Glenbrook South hosted the 2019 CSL Conference Championship. At the end of the day, 1,162 runners crossed our finish line from all 12 CSL Schools. 47 of the 52 non-varsity GBS runners that crossed the finish line met or broke their season records. The GBS course is not known for its fast times, so this is an amazing accomplishments. All year, Conference has been the goal of the time to peak and it was accomplished by the runners.

Our Varsity team finished 3rd behind the perennial powers of New Trier (#6) and Maine South (#9). Will Kelly (Sr) led the team finishing in 6th with a time of 15:22.12 (3th fastest GBS Performance at Home). Behind him were Brian Hiltebrand (So) and Will Houser (Sr) finishing at 15:48.70 and 15:50.59 respectively. All three of the aforementioned athletes made the CSL South All-Conference Team. James Kurtzweil (Sr) and Jayson Stamm (So) finished the five after challenging races. The Varsity team is ready for State Series after a great performance at Peoria on October 5th.

At the JV Level, 20 Season Records were set by the athletes! The scoring runners were Wade Hererra (17:22.83), James Scott (17:23.27), John Bresnahan (17:24.52), Cody Slutzky (17:25.55), and Preston Davidson (17:26.61). Those who set Season Records at the meet were Wade Hererra (-5), James Scott (-5), John Bresnahan (-14), Cody Slutzky (-9), Preston Davidson (-18), Harrison Wollney (-21), Sam Westfall (-5), Theo Gikas (-40), Gabriel Cole (-10), Justin Wrona (-39), Danny Donnelly (-31), Addy Otgonterseren (-42), Charlie Kuhn (-78), Cole Brady (-6), Danny O’Brien (-35), George Papagiannopolous (-80), Luke Gregory (-25), Billy Nestos (-28), Ricky Egen (-68), and Gerry Bermudez (-42).

At the Sophomore Level, all of the runners met or set their season personal records. Runners scoring were Elie Nassif (17:12.86), Michael Westfall (17:49.23), Sebastain Zimmer (17:52.28), Brett Wittenstein (17:55.65), and Lucas Houser (18:20.62). Season Records were set by Elie Nassif (-29), Michael Westfall (-14), Sebastain Zimmer (-24), Brett Wittenstein (-28), Lucas Houser (-23), JP Philbrick (-42), Matthew Penne (-43), Issac Abraham (-99), Ethan Hernandez (-1), Matthew Klonecki (-61), Jacob Baim (-34), Jack Cleary (-16), Mason Adams (-116), Carson Walters (-60), Jonathan Joseph (-58), Matthew Burke (-16), and Ossey Paul (-0).

With the Freshmen, ten of the eleven set their season records. Ryan Schaefer and Ryan Jack both made the “Freshmen All-Conference Teams”. Scorers were Ryan Schaefer (11:09.18), Ryan Jack (11:20.92), Sully Richards (11:53.47), Ben Freidinger (12:06.51), and James Hiltebrand (12:37.17). Breaking their season records were Ryan Schaefer (-6), Ryan Jack (-16), Sully Richards (-26), Ben Freidinger (-7), James Hiltebrand (-9), Matthew Nugent (-37), John Tirpak (-11), Sanjeev Gorla (-21), Brogan O’Grady (-29), and Andrew Yoon (-68).

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1New Trier38
2Maine South54
4Glenbrook South111
5Highland Park152
6Evanston Township159
7Maine West175
8Glenbrook North189
9Niles West204
10Niles North279
11Vernon Hills319
12Maine East376

Junior Varsity

This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.

Distance Team Scores

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Junior Varsity



Glenbrook South Cross Country Course

Our cross country course is run on nearly 100% grass around the athletic fields of Glenbrook South. Over the years, over fifteen-thousand runners have crossed the finish line of our course in meets ranging from Duals to IHSA Competitions.

Some Things to Know:

Bathrooms are available in our concessions stand building, located near the south endzone of John Davis Titan Stadium.
No Dogs
Per the Cook County Animal Control Ordinance, only service animals are allowed on school premises. If you bring a dog, you will be asked to leave the property.
Parking is available on-site in the "West Lot". Park nearest the stadium for the easiest access. Refer to the map below for more information.
Food and Drink
Concessions are available for select meets in our new concessions stand, located near the south endzone of John Davis Titan Stadium.

Course Map:

Getting Here:

Our cross country course is located on the campus of Glenbrook South High School, located between West Lake Avenue, Pfingsten Road, and Landwehr Road. Once you arrive at Glenbrook South, the most convient parking is in the West parking lots. Turn into the parking lot at the light of West Lake Avenue and Robin Lane and park nearest the stadium for easiest access.

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Course Records:

Time Name School Year
14:45 Reese Jordan Maine South 2016
14:46 Martin Baar Niles North 2015
14:47 Brett Davidson Highland Park 2015
14:50 Lenny Sitko Niles Notre Dame 1986
14:53 Warren Blood New Trier 2016
14:59 Scott Lidskin Glenbrook South 1991
15:00 Josh Derrick New Trier 2015
15:00 Joey Kasch Maine South 2019
15:06 Steve Miller Elk Grove 1984
15:09 Ralph Patajuntas Maine South 2015
15:10 Greg Harper Glenbrook South 1984
15:15 Ryan Cahill Glenbrook North 1985
15:16 Adam Christopher Maine South 2019
15:16 Jason Polydoris Highland Park 2019
15:17 Charlie Siebert New Trier 2019
15:17 Nick Falk New Trier 2019
15:18 Mike Coen Libertyville 1983
15:18 Max Peterson Evanston 2019
15:18 Torrain Haughton Maine East 2015
15:19 Brian Sedaro Maine South 2015
15:21 Tommy King New Trier 2009
15:22 Noah Graboys New Trier 2009
15:22 Will Kelly Glenbrook South 2019
15:23 Jack Litowitz New Trier 2015
15:24 Nate Whitfield Glenbrook North 2015
15:24 Matt Coyle Maine South 2020
15:26 Erik Sloan New Trier 2000
15:28 Michael Moore Maine South 2009
15:28 Connor Perreault Niles North 2015
15:29 George Artope Evanston 1996
15:29 Ted Oh New Trier 2015
15:29 Alex Burck New Trier 2015
15:30 Pete Delano Maine South 1985
15:30 Rick Newman Glenbrook South 1985
15:31 Jose Reyes Highland Park 2015
15:31 Tommy Brady Maine South 2016
15:31 Chris Langlois Glenbrook North 1983
15:33 Tom O'Rourke Loyola 1984
15:33 Pat Burnett Glenbrook North 1985
15:33 JD Shelly New Trier 2019
15:34 Patrick Norrick New Trier 2015
15:34 Jeff Gallagher Maine West 1984
15:34 Rocky Lee Niles West 1984
15:35 Patrick Wylie Deerfield 2009
15:36 Brian Shanahan Maine South 2015
15:36 Jason Golden Glenbrook North 2015
15:36 Charlie Skurie Highland Park 2015


Photographer(s): Many!

Photographer(s): Mr. Jortberg

Photographer(s): James Kurtzweil

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Joey KaschSr.15:00.90Maine South
2Jason PolydorisJr.15:16.48Highland Park
3Adam ChristopherSr.15:16.88Maine South
4Charlie SiebertJr.15:17.05New Trier
5Nick FalkSo.15:17.17New Trier
6Max PetersonSr.15:18.46Evanston
7Will KellySr.15:22.12Glenbrook South5:035:185:01
8JD ShellySr.15:33.28New Trier
9Matt CullJr.15:40.61Maine South
10Conor O'NeillJr.15:43.97New Trier
11Andrew FlynnJr.15:45.37New Trier
12Raymond UreSr.15:45.57Maine West
13Noah RushJr.15:48.33New Trier
14Brian HiltebrandSo.15:48.70Glenbrook South5:035:185:28
15Will HouserSr.15:50.59Glenbrook South5:055:225:24
16Cole BernsteinSo.15:50.62Deerfield
17Jordan ShonfeldSr.15:58.96New Trier
18Josh PuyearJr.15:59.97Deerfield
19Matt CoyleJr.16:00.60Maine South
20Ben KraemerSr.16:01.91Deerfield
21Corey FairchildSr.16:02.80Highland Park
22Eamon BradyJr.16:14.13Maine South
23Luke BurkumSr.16:16.35Maine South
24Nick IhrkeJr.16:21.93Glenbrook North
25Alex BrownSo.16:23.16Highland Park
26Ellis AllenJr.16:23.94Evanston
27Lucas MoskovitzSo.16:26.05Deerfield
28John McGivernJr.16:28.93Niles West
29Ryan BernsteinSo.16:33.00Deerfield
30Jesus VallejoJr.16:35.99Maine West
31James KurtzweilSr.16:39.95Glenbrook South5:055:435:52
32Sloan AbramsJr.16:42.30Niles North
33Nick RedstoneJr.16:42.62Glenbrook North
34Eric LakemakerSo.16:44.26Deerfield
35Jonathan KangSr.16:44.62Maine West
36Ben ZamlerJr.16:46.77Deerfield
37Giacomo CondeSr.16:48.64Evanston
38Jack RutsteinSr.16:48.65Evanston
39Joey LangridgeJr.16:49.87Maine West
40Michael KruseSr.16:53.95Glenbrook North
41Matthew CareyJr.16:54.36Niles West
42Trevor GlancySr.16:54.61Niles West
43Daniel WeaverSr.16:57.83Glenbrook North
44Jayson StammSo.16:58.93Glenbrook South5:175:505:52
45Mrugesh ThakorJr.17:01.91Glenbrook South5:175:505:55
46Umar ChaudhrySr.17:02.80Niles West
47Isaiah IversonSr.17:04.05Niles West
48Erik AndersonJr.17:04.48Highland Park
49Tim St. JohnSr.17:05.05Glenbrook North
50Sean BauerSr.17:05.58Maine South
51Matthew FinkelJr.17:05.69Glenbrook South5:205:555:51
52James MoranSr.17:12.26Evanston
53Liam PerreaultJr.17:13.76Niles North
54Itamar ShifrinSr.17:14.85Vernon Hills
55Christian GitzingerSo.17:15.07Vernon Hills
56Max FriedmanJr.17:16.43Highland Park
57Max MarmittSr.17:16.68Highland Park
58Kyle KenmotsuJr.17:20.47Niles North
59Adam GorcycaJr.17:21.45Maine West
60Ethan SuhSo.17:27.04Niles West
61Lukasz IwanowskiSo.17:27.37Maine East
62Josh StolyarovSo.17:27.38Glenbrook North
63Kasper GoralczykSr.17:27.95Niles North
64Jason WernethJr.17:31.57Highland Park
65Owen BriggemanJr.17:42.88Evanston
66Nathan FaitschSo.17:49.35Vernon Hills
67Sam RubinsteinSo.17:51.45Glenbrook North
68Mike FramkeSr.17:53.48Maine West
69Conor WardSr.17:54.43Evanston
70Ian JoeJr.17:59.56Vernon Hills
71Matthew LandeSr.18:02.62Niles West
72Jacob DiazJr.18:03.97Maine West
73Luke FerriSr.18:07.66Niles North
74Gavin WhiteSr.18:12.96Vernon Hills
75Erik Osorio-CruzSr.18:24.17Maine East
76Chase JohnsonSr.18:25.29Vernon Hills
77Yaseen AliJr.18:55.36Niles North
78Alex RandallSr.19:13.22Vernon Hills
79Jaeren DadivasJr.20:52.74Maine East
80Damian WatkinsSr.20:57.71Maine East
81Kevin OrellanaSr.21:36.25Maine East
82Eduardo MejiaSr.22:02.73Maine East
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Junior Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Ben AkasonSr.15:53.28New Trier
2George EsteveJr.16:02.77New Trier
3Tyler AckermanSr.16:09.92New Trier
4George CahillSo.16:11.29New Trier
5Blake DegerSo.16:22.20New Trier
6Raghav GuptaSr.16:25.05New Trier
7Lincoln CroweJr.16:28.63New Trier
8Jackson FlickSr.16:30.60New Trier
9Ben KeenanJr.16:34.84New Trier
10Tyler GilleySr.16:39.35New Trier
11Matt FlickJr.16:42.20New Trier
12Brad AltmanSr.16:45.53Maine South
13Jack WalshSr.16:57.93Maine South
14Carter LindbergJr.16:59.94New Trier
15Josh SilvermanSr.17:01.09New Trier
16Jonah KaplanJr.17:01.79Deerfield
17Andrew OsbornJr.17:08.51Deerfield
18Zack GrecoJr.17:08.96Deerfield
19Jason DahlbergSr.17:19.29Deerfield
20Wade HerreraSr.17:22.83Glenbrook South5:285:575:58
21Ben YoderJr.17:23.15New Trier
22James ScottJr.17:23.27SRGlenbrook South5:285:575:58
23John BresnahanSr.17:24.52SRGlenbrook South5:285:576:00
24Cody SlutzkyJr.17:25.55SRGlenbrook South5:285:576:01
25Mac CooleySr.17:26.60Deerfield
26Preston DavidsonJr.17:26.61SRGlenbrook South5:285:576:02
27Kevin SchillSr.17:26.64Maine West
28Keegan EstradaSr.17:28.46New Trier
29Dylan PearsonSr.17:29.89Highland Park
30Sebastian KleinSr.17:31.19Glenbrook North
31Grant FisherSr.17:32.06Deerfield
32Micah PlofskySr.17:34.01Deerfield
33Sacrad MichelinSr.17:34.81Evanston
34Danny MurgesJr.17:34.93Maine South
35Noah LolliSr.17:37.08New Trier
36Rohan KuttanJr.17:39.35Evanston
37Elai SpectorSr.17:42.48Deerfield
38Joe ArianoSr.17:44.25Deerfield
39Alex StoffelmayrJr.17:44.61New Trier
40Alex KrullJr.17:45.96Glenbrook North
41Jack SteinSr.17:48.58New Trier
42Alex UtsisJr.17:52.76Vernon Hills
43Zachary CheukJr.17:55.23Niles West
44Alex DillonSr.17:55.25New Trier
45Ebaad SiddiquiJr.17:56.67Niles West
46Aidan VernonJr.17:56.80Evanston
47Harrison WollneyJr.17:58.54SRGlenbrook South5:336:126:14
48Andrew ChookazianJr.18:00.13New Trier
49Jack YonoverSr.18:00.44New Trier
50Dean KousiounelosJr.18:01.66Glenbrook North
51Kevin HilleslandSr.18:04.82New Trier
52Carson AhrensJr.18:08.39New Trier
53Dane BranstromJr.18:08.72Glenbrook South5:336:126:24
54Sam MontgomerySr.18:08.85Niles West
55Graham PatersonJr.18:11.09Glenbrook North
56Tirth PatelJr.18:11.64Niles North
57Matt PayneSr.18:11.76New Trier
58Nick ChangJr.18:14.90New Trier
59Chris PearceSr.18:15.32New Trier
60Noah MorrisHofferJr.18:15.85Evanston
61Henry RussellJr.18:16.96New Trier
62Niko KoupasSr.18:18.62Maine South
63Asher KriegelJr.18:19.19Deerfield
64Sam WestfallSr.18:19.96SRGlenbrook South5:476:176:16
65Eduardo MonkSr.18:20.24Highland Park
66Mehrbod SharifJr.18:21.79New Trier
67Jack MichelJr.18:21.83New Trier
68Abil KrishnaSr.18:26.16Niles North
69Ethan FriedmanJr.18:27.39Deerfield
70Jeffrey KlammSr.18:27.78Evanston
71Ian HuffSr.18:27.91Maine West
72Michael CiancanelliJr.18:28.70Glenbrook North
73Tyson AnthonyJr.18:29.74Glenbrook South5:306:236:37
74Bibin BijuSr.18:29.96Maine West
75Jack NelsonJr.18:32.59Evanston
76Lucas DaSilvaJr.18:33.26Maine West
77Carter AdamsJr.18:35.08Glenbrook South5:416:216:33
78Theo GikasSr.18:36.51SRGlenbrook South5:416:296:27
79Charlie ConkleSr.18:38.66Niles West
80Daniel CudzichSr.18:40.85Niles West
81Ryan ZaborsJr.18:41.68New Trier
82Grant HamptonSr.18:41.95Vernon Hills
83Brendan BeamerJr.18:43.62Deerfield
84Coby SegalSr.18:44.55Deerfield
85Ethan SchaffnerSr.18:46.25New Trier
86Evan RudolphJr.18:49.11Evanston
87Gabriel ColeJr.18:52.17SRGlenbrook South5:536:216:38
88Ben SpiegelJr.18:54.20Deerfield
89Jeremy PlofskySr.18:56.01Deerfield
90Red ReyesJr.18:56.59Niles North
91George WhiteJr.18:59.80New Trier
92Emmett AbelsJr.18:59.94Glenbrook North
93Maximilan MillerJr.19:00.96Evanston
94Chase HadenJr.19:01.45Evanston
95Jason IseleJr.19:01.70Glenbrook North
96Robert BeckerSr.19:03.36New Trier
97Teddy ClarkeJr.19:05.99Niles West
98Gus MurraySr.19:09.53New Trier
99Justin WronaSr.19:09.71SRGlenbrook South6:176:346:19
100Matt NewcombJr.19:10.24New Trier
101Sachin PatelJr.19:10.42Evanston
102Matthew KroscherSr.19:11.16Deerfield
103Andrew CastroSr.19:16.33Glenbrook North
104Alexander YasumotoJr.19:17.82New Trier
105Ryan RosenfeldSr.19:19.87Highland Park
106Kevin PadillaSr.19:20.12Maine West
107Sam VoigtJr.19:23.18Deerfield
108Danny DonnellyJr.19:24.52PRGlenbrook South6:176:346:34
109Zach SchaeferSr.19:24.56Glenbrook North
110Mark GoldenbergJr.19:25.30Deerfield
111Gus StamerSr.19:26.86New Trier
112Michael LeeJr.19:27.99Vernon Hills
113Jacob CachilaSr.19:28.68Niles West
114Armando AlvaradoSr.19:28.95Maine South
115Brent MuellerJr.19:29.26Vernon Hills
116Hayden KatzJr.19:31.05Deerfield
117Addy OtgontserenSr.19:31.61SRGlenbrook South6:086:526:32
118Jason MelnickSr.19:31.66Niles North
119Joe ClemensSr.19:33.38Glenbrook North
120Zachary WerthSr.19:34.01Niles West
121Ismail PatelSr.19:35.97Niles West
122John-Henry OhlweinSr.19:38.38Highland Park
123Michael LevyJr.19:39.81Glenbrook North
124Charlie KuhnSr.19:39.96SRGlenbrook South6:156:456:40
125Max DunnJr.19:40.24Deerfield
126Erick VandergawSr.19:45.36Glenbrook North
127Ethan JohnsonSr.19:45.37Vernon Hills
128Alejandro TorresSr.19:47.51Maine West
129Max KaplanSr.19:47.97Highland Park
130Brandon CastroJr.19:49.69Niles North
131Albert KlaymanJr.19:49.85Highland Park
132Jeremy RosenblumJr.19:50.91Deerfield
133Nathaniel BilickiJr.19:51.61Niles West
134Kevin LettsSr.19:53.28Maine West
135Zachary ThompsonSr.19:54.34Niles West
136Cole BradyJr.19:58.89Glenbrook South6:086:526:59
137Ben SchalkeSr.20:00.71Maine West
138Cj WootenSr.20:04.69Maine West
139Sam LeeSr.20:07.51Niles West
140Spencer VernierJr.20:08.90Deerfield
141Daniel BahrsJr.20:09.73Maine South
142David FriedmanJr.20:12.60New Trier
143Stephen Di NardoJr.20:12.91Deerfield
144Jake StamerSr.20:13.09New Trier
145Jiajun LiJr.20:15.39Niles North
146Ryan ParkerJr.20:17.09Glenbrook North
147Raffi SarrafianSr.20:17.70Glenbrook North
148Eli TraubSr.20:18.54Glenbrook North
149Rodriquez ErikJr.20:20.16Vernon Hills
150Alex AllegrettiSr.20:20.70Glenbrook North
151Sariff AlvisoJr.20:21.14Maine West
152Grayson LandsmanJr.20:23.29Glenbrook North
153Ethan LevySr.20:24.73Glenbrook North
154Noah PravecekJr.20:25.85Maine South
155Logan LoflandJr.20:27.99Deerfield
156Ari KadenJr.20:31.05Highland Park
157Max MarshallJr.20:33.29New Trier
158Danny O'BrienSr.20:35.65SRGlenbrook South6:317:156:50
159Izaac ShankJr.20:37.37Maine South
160Rafael AbadJr.20:40.38Niles North
161Michael LindenmuthSr.20:41.36Maine West
162Jack ColvinJr.20:41.42New Trier
163Lucas LapagliaSr.20:46.49Evanston
164Danny GemignaniSr.20:49.19Glenbrook South6:317:077:11
165Jack WinemanJr.20:55.19New Trier
166Zachary HarrisonSr.20:57.68Maine West
167George PapagiannopoulosSr.21:00.83SRGlenbrook South6:317:207:10
168Paul YoonJr.21:04.37Glenbrook North
169Luke GregoryJr.21:05.32SRGlenbrook South6:427:097:14
170Kaden EickbushJr.21:09.28New Trier
171Jacob NitsunSr.21:13.22Deerfield
172Evan KalishJr.21:13.92New Trier
173Henry KingwellSr.21:14.86New Trier
174Hayden GansbergJr.21:15.92Glenbrook North
175David WangSr.21:20.01Glenbrook North
176Brian ShenJr.21:22.22New Trier
177Billy NestosJr.21:22.71PRGlenbrook South7:037:226:58
178Eddy LariosJr.21:27.39Maine West
179Eli WelkeJr.21:31.33Glenbrook North
180Zach LukeJr.21:38.63Deerfield
181Trey SymonanisJr.21:40.93Deerfield
182Omer NaveedSr.21:55.48Niles West
183Krys HanSr.22:17.20Vernon Hills
184Zachary KogenJr.22:18.87New Trier
185Michael DaratzisSr.22:30.68Niles West
186Mekiel SaqibuddinJr.22:31.42New Trier
187Brian ReichJr.22:33.88Deerfield
188Vaughn NachmanJr.22:34.66Niles North
189Ricky EgenJr.22:40.93PRGlenbrook South7:087:537:40
190Max BolonJr.22:45.72Deerfield
191Ryan TeppermanSr.22:52.11Niles West
192Griffin BarrSr.22:58.84New Trier
193Piotr SzwajnosJr.23:04.01Glenbrook North
194Gerry BermudezJr.23:04.22Glenbrook South6:448:178:03
195Hassam UddinJr.23:10.18Niles North
196Matt DelmonicoSr.23:29.90Vernon Hills
197Tyler StephensonJr.23:37.78Vernon Hills
198Samuel KremermanSr.23:38.23Vernon Hills
199Michael BuccellatoSr.24:32.79New Trier
200Alexander KoeberlJr.24:54.45Niles West
201William XuJr.25:06.02Glenbrook North
202Daniel GreinerJr.25:30.86New Trier
203Carter KastoryJr.25:54.02Glenbrook North
204James LindenmuthJr.26:09.70Maine West
205Zander JohnsonSr.26:13.29Glenbrook North
206Aaron SegalSr.27:10.79Niles West
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Sophomore Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Alex LuoSo.16:46.89Deerfield
2Nathan StolyarovSo.16:49.86Glenbrook North
3Solomon GreenSo.16:50.06Evanston
4Declan AhernFr.16:52.00Evanston
5Lukas TichotaSo.16:59.81Niles North
6Samuel BennettSo.17:05.56Evanston
7Bora CeliknalSo.17:08.21Niles West
8Sonny GranzettoSo.17:12.32Evanston
9Elie NassifSo.17:12.86SRGlenbrook South5:225:575:54
10Thomas MagdalenoSo.17:13.74Niles West
11Alejandro SeidenSo.17:18.00Highland Park
12Dylan EylerSo.17:18.06Evanston
13Jack MoranSo.17:18.78New Trier
14Luke NgFr.17:20.84Evanston
15Angel ZeferinoFr.17:23.79Highland Park
16Ben TairySo.17:27.36New Trier
17Tamar FrydmanSo.17:32.87New Trier
18Jonah SatyrSo.17:35.64Deerfield
19William BuftonSo.17:37.72New Trier
20Nick FriedmanSo.17:41.44New Trier
21Max GreenbergSo.17:42.65New Trier
22Jack WerneckeSo.17:43.49Niles West
23Patrick HerbstSo.17:43.49Glenbrook North
24Philip BackSo.17:48.97Vernon Hills
25Michael WestfallSo.17:49.23SRGlenbrook South5:436:105:56
26Speancer VonbankSo.17:51.53New Trier
27Sebastian ZimmerSo.17:52.28SRGlenbrook South5:436:105:59
28Brett WittensteinSo.17:55.65SRGlenbrook South5:436:106:03
29Tristan CarasSo.17:59.16New Trier
30John BrosemanSo.18:06.57New Trier
31Carson AmstutzSo.18:08.09Deerfield
32RJ GuhlSo.18:08.34Highland Park
33William GuidottiSo.18:10.19New Trier
34Chris FoxSo.18:10.56New Trier
35Charlie FoxSo.18:10.73New Trier
36Diarmand HalloranSo.18:11.54New Trier
37Michael Del GenioSo.18:11.71Glenbrook North
38Roger LiSo.18:13.98New Trier
39Ethan BlacherSo.18:19.88Deerfield
40Lucas HouserSo.18:20.62PRGlenbrook South5:436:146:24
41Cormac SchliesmannJr.18:22.37Evanston
42Anthony RacitiSo.18:24.13Niles West
43John Paul PhilbrickSo.18:24.57SRGlenbrook South5:476:196:19
44Matthew PenneSo.18:26.81SRGlenbrook South5:476:196:21
45Benail DeroSo.18:27.95Niles North
46Noah BattleSo.18:28.34Niles North
47Jack GordonSo.18:28.97Deerfield
48Isaac AbrahamSo.18:33.61PRGlenbrook South5:587:225:14
49Matthew SchmidtSo.18:35.40Glenbrook North
50Malcolm WaiteSo.18:39.43New Trier
51John ImmesbergerSo.18:40.27New Trier
52Rainn del MundoSo.18:41.37Niles West
53Alex OrsicSo.18:44.16New Trier
54Paul GarciaSo.18:44.60Evanston
55Julian TengoSo.18:45.30New Trier
56Will FehrmanSo.18:45.34Maine South
57Ethan HernandezSo.18:49.07PRGlenbrook South5:476:236:39
58derrick hoSo.18:50.40Niles West
59Louis GalindoSo.18:50.83New Trier
60Griffin HarrisSo.18:52.99New Trier
61Devin MulcroneSo.18:53.68Vernon Hills
62Alberto JuarezSo.18:54.87Niles North
63Matthew KloneckiSo.18:55.47SRGlenbrook South5:586:346:23
64Andrew ChamberlinSo.18:57.21New Trier
65Ethan SternSo.18:58.09New Trier
66Jacob BaimSo.18:58.26SRGlenbrook South6:106:326:16
67Matthew MillibandSo.18:58.38New Trier
68Andrew RossFr.19:05.28Evanston
69Sean HaydenSo.19:07.52New Trier
70Kareem AlnomairySo.19:07.54Niles North
71Sam FelixSo.19:10.63Evanston
72Alex LesperanceSo.19:10.91New Trier
73Alec BuschSo.19:11.86Glenbrook North
74Sean GrableSo.19:13.62New Trier
75Julian McGrathSo.19:14.18New Trier
76Ayaan SiddiquiSo.19:14.71Niles West
77Ted ZinozSo.19:14.85Highland Park
78Andrew StutheitSo.19:15.28Maine West
79Ryder Moses-RosentSo.19:28.59New Trier
80Dane NitoiSo.19:29.80Niles North
81Jackson FriedmanSo.19:30.80Evanston
82Solomon WexlerSo.19:32.09Evanston
83Jack ClearySo.19:32.27PRGlenbrook South5:506:427:00
84Ben FlaxmanSo.19:34.52Deerfield
85Noah FishmanSo.19:38.32Deerfield
86David FisherSo.19:38.98Deerfield
87Joshua kaoSo.19:46.75Niles West
88Matthew JinSo.19:48.95Niles West
89Mason AdamsSo.19:50.14PRGlenbrook South6:006:457:05
90Eli LeshtzSo.19:50.79Highland Park
91Holden JohansenSo.19:52.76Evanston
92Daniel TobonSo.19:58.52New Trier
93Jesse SackSo.20:00.92Glenbrook North
94Kevin RogowskiSo.20:01.17Maine South
95Jason LeeSo.20:02.56Vernon Hills
96Carson WaltersSo.20:03.43SRGlenbrook South6:266:546:43
97Drew DucklerSo.20:03.79New Trier
98Brandon SteinSo.20:08.24Deerfield
99Evan MorrisSo.20:08.97Deerfield
100Chase NeedelmanSo.20:09.27Deerfield
101Jack FrohlingSo.20:10.10New Trier
102Peter KezdySo.20:11.56Evanston
103Jack MulvaneySo.20:16.71New Trier
104Jonathan JosephSo.20:16.96PRGlenbrook South6:306:506:57
105Yijia WangSo.20:20.01Deerfield
106John MulliganSo.20:23.45New Trier
107caleb kaoSo.20:26.38Niles West
108Noam DorSo.20:28.04Deerfield
109Ian O'DonovanFr.20:36.11Evanston
110Ryan KuczynskiSo.20:36.20Vernon Hills
111Jack RaeseSo.20:46.47New Trier
112Ian Van EverySo.20:47.52Deerfield
113Cody LettsSo.20:51.59Maine West
114Johnny FogelSo.20:55.98New Trier
115Angel DominguezSo.20:57.20Maine West
116Max RyersonSo.20:57.92New Trier
117Cole BaruffiSo.21:02.71Maine South
118Carsten SheehanSo.21:06.88New Trier
119Otmane JbaraSo.21:06.89Niles West
120Zak RizviJr.21:14.95Niles West
121James TexterSo.21:15.06New Trier
122Andrew MarascoSo.21:15.60Glenbrook North
123Davis FullingSo.21:28.86Glenbrook North
124Adam CaponiSo.21:29.61New Trier
125Nathan MalinSo.21:30.13Glenbrook North
126Albert LuSo.21:30.74New Trier
127Owen MerrillSo.21:33.97New Trier
128Joseph ThalackanSo.21:37.77Maine West
129Andrew EuanSo.21:38.07Maine West
130Michael FalkiewiczSo.21:44.57New Trier
131Timothy KellySo.21:53.35Glenbrook North
132Tobey DemonteSo.21:56.87New Trier
133Said NonoalSo.21:58.03Maine West
134Evan BobySo.21:58.98Highland Park
135Kaden BradshawSo.22:07.57New Trier
136Mubashir SiddiquiSo.22:08.86Niles West
137Mich WojtkowskiSo.22:15.76Glenbrook North
138Diego DuarteSo.22:40.23Glenbrook North
139Matthew BurkeSo.22:52.05PRGlenbrook South7:147:467:52
140Jack AronsonSo.22:58.66Deerfield
141Nick KrishnanSo.23:08.03Deerfield
142Gabriel GriffithSo.23:39.14Glenbrook North
143Ossey PaulSo.23:48.40Glenbrook South7:238:078:18
144Conor WoolumsSo.24:07.40Vernon Hills
145Moises QuizhpiSo.24:14.08Niles West
146Diego VargasSo.24:19.49Niles West
147Brain SimpsonSo.24:21.01Maine South
148Jack CienkusSo.24:30.41Maine South
149Brian MaligSo.25:00.90Maine East
150Biser DimitrovSo.25:42.87Niles West
151Bustamante CaslerSo.26:01.20Evanston
152Ethan Nicolaz-DavidsonSo.26:06.55Highland Park
153Charlie FraymanSo.26:17.96Vernon Hills
154Danny BrunsSo.27:12.15Glenbrook North
155Saud HaqSo.27:43.61Niles North
156David MoralesSo.28:40.54Evanston
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Freshmen Results (2mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 MileFinish
1Luke PravecekFr.10:59.98Maine South
2Alex BengtssonFr.11:07.62New Trier
3Ryan SchaeferFr.11:09.18PRGlenbrook South5:285:41
4Luke FinchFr.11:11.26New Trier
5Gabriel NosekFr.11:12.84New Trier
6William HuddlestonFr.11:15.17Maine South
7David RzepaFr.11:15.31Vernon Hills
8Alex BradshawFr.11:16.02Highland Park
9Ryan JackFr.11:20.92PRGlenbrook South5:295:52
10Matthew AbrahamFr.11:23.61Niles North
11Colin SchaeferFr.11:24.35Glenbrook North
12Schuyler CoxFr.11:26.14New Trier
13Noah JacksonFr.11:31.10Highland Park
14Charlie LevaughnFr.11:32.38New Trier
15Lucas GoldenbergFr.11:32.85Deerfield
16Adam MrozekFr.11:33.22Maine East
17Andrew HepnerFr.11:34.06New Trier
18Alex WilleFr.11:35.70Maine South
19Noah ApleyFr.11:36.05Highland Park
20Trevor WestFr.11:38.87New Trier
21Luca ArcuriFr.11:40.75Maine South
22Zach GarlandFr.11:41.93Deerfield
23Michael KellyFr.11:42.24Maine South
24TJ MangurtenFr.11:44.27Deerfield
25Gael SantiaguilloFr.11:45.13Evanston
26Joseph KarleskyFr.11:46.34Maine South
27Tizoc AquirreFr.11:50.40New Trier
28Carter GulyasFr.11:52.44New Trier
29Sully RichardsFr.11:53.47SRGlenbrook South5:466:07
30Pierce NorrisFr.11:56.61New Trier
31Torin RaviFr.11:58.94Evanston
32Alan SungFr.12:01.82Glenbrook North
33Ben FreidingerFr.12:06.51PRGlenbrook South5:466:21
34Owen LacyFr.12:07.34Deerfield
35Brady CleggFr.12:07.78Vernon Hills
36Graham HetzlerFr.12:07.86Glenbrook North
37Sam KartheiserFr.12:08.65New Trier
38Adam KhanFr.12:08.89Deerfield
39Jeremy LammFr.12:10.38Deerfield
40Aden SiegelFr.12:11.22Deerfield
41Josh TrimbergerFr.12:14.72Niles North
42Drew SpiegelFr.12:15.20Deerfield
43Michael SeboFr.12:16.51Maine South
44Seth SnowerFr.12:18.30New Trier
45Sam LeeFr.12:18.32Niles West
46Nico LospallutoFr.12:18.44Maine South
47Charlie DohrFr.12:19.51Maine South
48Ben SchonfeldFr.12:21.95New Trier
49Ryan GrossmanFr.12:23.00Evanston
50Avi WolkenbergFr.12:23.72Deerfield
51Patrick CoyleFr.12:23.75Maine South
52Kell CunninghamFr.12:26.81Evanston
53Mac ColbyFr.12:28.19Niles West
54Connor JonesFr.12:28.95New Trier
55Jacob CohnFr.12:29.58Deerfield
56Finn MetzlerFr.12:32.37New Trier
57Gavin PicklinFr.12:32.46Deerfield
58Jinwoo JungFr.12:33.37Niles West
59Daniel GoesFr.12:35.32Evanston
60Sachim ClarkFr.12:35.55Evanston
61James HiltebrandFr.12:37.17SRGlenbrook South6:056:32
62Carl TatelliFr.12:40.21Highland Park
63Ben BrownFr.12:40.79New Trier
64Mathew NugentFr.12:41.10Glenbrook South6:256:16
65Will LandeFr.12:43.15Niles West
66Sam HudakFr.12:43.51Maine South
67Ryan HostertFr.12:43.81New Trier
68Andrew Feingold-FisherFr.12:44.34Niles North
69John TirpakFr.12:44.36PRGlenbrook South6:106:34
70Adam FensterFr.12:44.92Deerfield
71Andrew GilleyFr.12:45.29New Trier
72Sajeev GorlaFr.12:45.47Glenbrook South6:256:20
73Albert RuehlmanFr.12:47.97Niles West
74Jacob SchifrinFr.12:48.82Vernon Hills
75Gio CanaliaFr.12:49.66Glenbrook South6:206:30
76Dylan TeitelbaumFr.12:56.56Deerfield
77Scott SwitzerFr.12:56.70Evanston
78Lance LaiFr.12:56.72Glenbrook North
79Charlie DumoFr.12:56.98Deerfield
80Vince LatadaFr.12:58.93Maine East
81Nathan DubinskyFr.12:59.58Deerfield
82Preston WrightFr.12:59.88Vernon Hills
83Kyle JensenFr.12:59.99Deerfield
84Mason MacapinlacFr.13:00.15Niles West
85Oscar BaligaFr.13:00.66Evanston
86Sherwin BathulaFr.13:01.34Maine West
87Kyungsoo ChonFr.13:01.65Maine South
88Matt HefferenanFr.13:02.58Maine South
89Mohammed BaasimFr.13:03.10Maine South
90Aidan LevinFr.13:03.12New Trier
91Harry CitowFr.13:03.86New Trier
92Finn DavisFr.13:05.03Highland Park
93Ethan SchottFr.13:06.59Deerfield
94Max MamanFr.13:07.15Evanston
95Julian AlanisFr.13:08.57Niles West
96Brandon MesirowFr.13:09.47Glenbrook North
97Michael BilousFr.13:09.97Glenbrook North
98Jack PinskyFr.13:10.19Deerfield
99James RogersFr.13:10.93New Trier
100Dominick ParrilloFr.13:13.64Maine South
101Noah ReichinFr.13:15.20Evanston
102Jake ClaybrookFr.13:15.52New Trier
103Ben ClaybrookFr.13:15.87New Trier
104Carlos HernandezFr.13:15.96Maine West
105Zachary OhanaFr.13:17.28New Trier
106Maddox FlunoFr.13:17.37Vernon Hills
107Joel DaubeFr.13:17.60Maine West
108Charlie SandbergFr.13:18.58Deerfield
109Kamran TahmooressiFr.13:18.78Glenbrook North
110Grant OlsenFr.13:19.93Niles North
111Ariel ShifrinFr.13:21.46Vernon Hills
112Simon SneadFr.13:22.60Highland Park
113Eli HincapieFr.13:30.24Glenbrook North
114Beau BlandFr.13:31.28Maine South
115Giovanni SerioFr.13:31.70Maine South
116Quinn CostelloFr.13:33.67Maine South
117Klive LushinaFr.13:35.47Evanston
118Yaokai YangFr.13:35.95Deerfield
119Brandon KerpelFr.13:37.67Deerfield
120Garrett PankeyFr.13:39.46New Trier
121Andre BochatFr.13:40.45Maine South
122Luke NelsonFr.13:42.72Glenbrook North
123Eli PolacekFr.13:43.73New Trier
124Anthony DatiFr.13:44.54Maine South
125Dylan TotonFr.13:45.32Evanston
126Enrique LipezkerFr.13:45.78Highland Park
127Brady GoodwinFr.13:45.89Maine South
128George BaillosFr.13:46.34New Trier
129Henry StewartFr.13:46.74Evanston
130Jack MurphyFr.13:48.92Maine South
131Andrew ArzacFr.13:48.94Highland Park
132Brogan O'GradyFr.13:51.07PRGlenbrook South6:546:57
133Andrew YoonFr.13:53.45PRGlenbrook South6:507:03
134Ivan ShapkarovFr.13:53.88Maine South
135Samuel WertsFr.13:54.87New Trier
136Daniel KramerFr.14:00.36Glenbrook North
137Anthony JacomeFr.14:04.36Maine West
138Evan CheukFr.14:06.74Niles West
139Jacob SmithFr.14:08.83Deerfield
140Kunga NgabtakFr.14:09.03Niles West
141Ford DenhamFr.14:10.02New Trier
142Lazar SimicFr.14:10.31Maine East
143Connor LoveFr.14:10.59Glenbrook North
144Nathan KimFr.14:10.82Deerfield
145Alex SeitzFr.14:12.83Niles North
146William SadlerFr.14:15.32Maine East
147Tadamitsu WagnerFr.14:17.03Evanston
148Skyler ElliottFr.14:19.89Glenbrook North
149Mason VreeFr.14:20.30New Trier
150Daniel GerbichFr.14:20.50Maine South
151Brandon YuenFr.14:21.04Niles West
152James O'TooleFr.14:21.87New Trier
153Charlie ParkerFr.14:22.33Niles West
154Christopher RosalesFr.14:35.22Maine South
155Amir AbdellaFr.14:37.67Niles West
156Nathan ThillensFr.14:38.33Maine South
157Michael WykowskiFr.14:43.82Maine West
158Taeho YuFr.14:44.01Glenbrook North
159David KeefeFr.14:59.57Glenbrook North
160Patrick RyanFr.15:04.35Glenbrook North
161Joshua LogsdonFr.15:05.53Niles West
162Ryan LevyFr.15:06.57Glenbrook North
163John SchuellerFr.15:08.05Glenbrook North
164Rishi RamaiyaFr.15:10.46Vernon Hills
165Mark MitkovetskyFr.15:18.71Vernon Hills
166Aashay JatharFr.15:21.79New Trier
167Karim RahmyFr.15:21.83Vernon Hills
168Jordan PlockerFr.15:30.80Deerfield
169Elliot MyungFr.15:40.68Niles West
170Vincent WuFr.15:55.55Niles West
171Antonio JohnsonFr.15:56.75Evanston
172Matt LadraFr.16:18.28Maine South
173Armani AmadaFr.16:22.93Niles West
174Bo MacMillanFr.16:27.41Glenbrook North
175Ethan ChoFr.16:28.42Glenbrook North
176Mario GuerreroFr.16:38.99Maine West
177Emir HadziahmetovicFr.16:45.47Maine East
178Emmett DunnFr.16:47.37Deerfield
179Ramey HeimgartnerFr.16:48.59Highland Park
180Hyeon YangFr.16:49.72New Trier
181Joey ScottFr.17:08.76Maine West
182Marc MartinFr.18:12.93Maine South
183Ryan AghaeiFr.19:00.27Maine West
184Aleksandar BurmeisterSr.20:33.29Deerfield
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