James KurtzweilUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

James Kurtzweil

Class of 2020
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Sub-16 ClubSub-5 Club
XC Most Spirited (2019)CSL Sportsmanship (2019)
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There two athletes who have changed the entire course and direction of the GBS Distance Program since my first year (1990) at GBS: David O’Gara and James. We all know about James’ work with GBS Distance with social media. However, it’s more than the pictures and stats. It’s the way that he has sought to involve and elevate every member of the program: the community, the school, the parents, the coaches and, of course, the athletes. And to top it off, James Kurtzweil was so incredibly humble about all of it. Never once pointing the acclaim to himself or being self-congratulatory. Simply unreal. - Coach Hilvert (2020)

Personal Records


Cross Country

Time Meet Distance
19:00Tall Trees Turkey Trot (11/28/19)5k
16:57.7NXR Midwest (11/16/19)5k
15:50.22IHSA 3A State Finals (11/9/19)3 Mile
16:36.5IHSA 3A Sectional (11/2/19)3 Mile
16:09.8IHSA 3A Regional (10/26/19)3 Mile
16:39.95CSL Conference Championship (10/19/19)3 Mile
15:41.4SRPeoria High School Invitational (10/5/19)3 Mile
16:35CSL Quad at New Trier (10/2/19)3 Mile
16:41Bill Dawson Blue Devil Invite (9/21/19)3 Mile
16:59CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/17/19)3 Mile
17:21.5PRCrystal Lake South Invitational (9/7/19)5k
10:59PRPre-Season Time Trial (8/23/19)2 Mile
15:40.8PRIHSA 3A Sectional (10/27/18)3 Mile
16:03.2IHSA 3A Regional (10/20/18)3 Mile
16:09.6CSL Conference Championship (10/13/18)3 Mile
16:05.9Peoria High School Invitational (9/29/18)3 Mile
17:00PRCSL Quad at Maine South (9/25/18)2.95 Mile
17:47CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/17/18)3 Mile
16:30Warren Blue Devil Invite (9/15/18)3 Mile
17:42.6SRWauconda Invitational (9/8/18)5k
18:50.7Crystal Lake South Invitational (9/1/18)5k
20:09.3Tall Trees Turkey Trot (11/23/17)5k
18:04Prospect Invite (10/17/17)3 Mile
17:10.20SRNiles West Pat Savage Invite (9/30/17)3 Mile
18:46CSL Quad at New Trier (9/26/17)3 Mile
17:24.9Warren Blue Devil Invite (9/16/17)3 Mile
17:46.62CSL Quad at Niles West (9/12/17)3 Mile
17:14.0SRWauconda Invitational (9/9/17)2.95 Mile
12:21.1PRCrystal Lake South Invitational (9/2/17)3.5k
5:43Post-Season Time Trial (10/17/16)1 Mile
11:26.18SRCSL Conference Championship (10/15/16)2 Mile
12:18.11Niles West Pat Savage Invite (10/1/16)2 Mile
13:14PRCSL Quad at Niles North (9/27/16)2.25 Mile
11:59CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/20/16)2 Mile
17:24PRBlue Devil Invite (9/17/16)2.96 Mile
19:05.8SRWauconda Invitational (9/10/16)5k
13:40.6SRCrystal Lake South Invitational (9/3/16)3.5k
12:49GBS-GBN Season-Opening Dual (8/30/16)2 Mile
5:37PRPre-Season Time Trial (8/26/16)1 Mile


Event Result Meet Points
800m2:29SRTitan Distance Madness (3/13/20)215
3200m10:25SRGBS Quad 3 (3/5/20)535
1600m4:47.6PRRGBS Titan Indoor Relays (2/29/20)558
400m59.8PRRGBS Quad 2 (2/21/20)405
1000m2:53.3PRGBS Quad 2 (2/21/20)510
1600m4:53.9GBS Quad 1 (2/14/20)506
3200m10:27.68IHSA 3A Sectional (5/16/19)524
3200m10:24.18CSL Conference Championship (5/10/19)538
3200m10:14.84PRJohn Davis Titan Invitational (5/3/19)575
1600m4:53.0SRRSpartan Relays (4/26/19)506
3200m10:50.68Niles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/17/19)439
1600m4:55.6New Trier JV Invite (4/9/19)489
3200m10:41.47Schaumburg Mikias Tibebu Invite (4/6/19)472
3200m10:35.32CSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/15/19)495
1600m5:00.1GBS Quad 4 (3/8/19)449
3200m10:37.0GBS Quad 3 (2/28/19)489
1600m4:56.3RGBS Titan Indoor Relays (2/23/19)481
1000m2:57.9SRGBS Quad 2 (2/15/19)450
1600m5:11.4GBS Quad 1 (2/8/19)365
3200m10:42.18SRIHSA 3A Sectional (5/17/18)470
3200m10:47.50CSL Conference Championship (5/11/18)451
3200m10:42.38John Davis Titan Invitational (5/4/18)469
1600m5:01.39SRTrevian Frosh-Soph (4/24/18)438
3200m10:42.59Niles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/20/18)468
1600m5:03.4Palatine Triangular (3/22/18)425
3200m10:55.58CSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/16/18)422
800m2:22SRGBS Quad 4 (3/9/18)316
3200m11:17.8GBS Quad 3 (3/1/18)351
1600m5:06.1GBS Quad 2 (2/16/18)402
800m2:18.46PRCSL Conference Championship (5/12/17)375
800m2:27.01John Davis Titan Invitational (5/5/17)242
3200m11:29.47SRTrevian Frosh-Soph (4/25/17)313
3200m11:40.0CSL Freshmen Indoor Conference (3/14/17)282
1600m5:33SRGBS Quad 1 (2/10/17)224

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