Will KellySt. Olaf College

Will Kelly

Class of 2020
St. Olaf College (DIII)
Sub-15 ClubSub-5 Club
XC All-Conference (2017)XC All-Conference (2018)XC All-Conference (2019)XC MVP (2018)XC MVP (2019)XC All-Sectional (2019)XC All-Regional (2019)XC Dave Pasquini "Mr. Ironman" (2019)
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When I think of Will, I think of someone constantly saying to them self “I will not be denied”. In anything. School, band, track...you name it. This is an athlete that is constantly fighting the inner war of resilience and always winning. Will has the incredible ability to make his body and mind do things that we would otherwise view as incredibly difficult or impossible. Tenacity is the ability, in the face of adversity, to assimilate what’s happened and rebalance oneself. No one does it better than Will Kelly. - Coach Hilvert (2020)

Personal Records

Cross Country

Time Meet Distance
16:10.8NXR Midwest (11/16/19)5k
14:53.41PRIHSA 3A State Finals (11/9/19)3 Mile
15:48.6IHSA 3A Sectional (11/2/19)3 Mile
15:29.4IHSA 3A Regional (10/26/19)3 Mile
15:22.12CSL Conference Championship (10/19/19)3 Mile
15:04.3Peoria High School Invitational (10/5/19)3 Mile
15:46CSL Quad at New Trier (10/2/19)3 Mile
16:00Bill Dawson Blue Devil Invite (9/21/19)3 Mile
15:53CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/17/19)3 Mile
16:12.6PRCrystal Lake South Invitational (9/7/19)5k
09:50PRPre-Season Time Trial (8/23/19)2 Mile
15:29.9IHSA 3A Sectional (10/27/18)3 Mile
15:45.4IHSA 3A Regional (10/20/18)3 Mile
15:24.3CSL Conference Championship (10/13/18)3 Mile
15:11.1SRPeoria High School Invitational (9/29/18)3 Mile
15:33PRCSL Quad at Maine South (9/25/18)2.95 Mile
16:10CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/17/18)3 Mile
15:47Warren Blue Devil Invite (9/15/18)3 Mile
16:23.0SRWauconda Invitational (9/8/18)5k
17:04.5Crystal Lake South Invitational (9/1/18)5k
16:01.9IHSA 3A Sectional (10/28/17)3 Mile
15:57.9IHSA 3A Regional (10/21/17)3 Mile
16:21.3CSL Conference Championship (10/16/17)3 Mile
15:41.0SRPeoria High School Invitational (9/30/17)3 Mile
16:54CSL Quad at New Trier (9/26/17)3 Mile
15:52.2Warren Blue Devil Invite (9/16/17)3 Mile
16:07.42CSL Quad at Niles West (9/12/17)3 Mile
15:42.5SRWauconda Invitational (9/9/17)2.95 Mile
11:11.9PRCrystal Lake South Invitational (9/2/17)3.5k
5:02PRPost-Season Time Trial (10/17/16)1 Mile
10:35.03SRCSL Conference Championship (10/15/16)2 Mile
11:07.59Niles West Pat Savage Invite (10/1/16)2 Mile
12:22PRCSL Quad at Niles North (9/27/16)2.25 Mile
10:53CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/20/16)2 Mile
16:36PRBlue Devil Invite (9/17/16)2.96 Mile
17:51.8SRWauconda Invitational (9/10/16)5k
12:20.3SRCrystal Lake South Invitational (9/3/16)3.5k
11:53GBS-GBN Season-Opening Dual (8/30/16)2 Mile
5:12Pre-Season Time Trial (8/26/16)1 Mile


Event Result Meet
1600m4:26.9COVID Time Trial (5/9/20)
1600m4:53.01Titan Distance Madness (3/13/20)
1600m4:48.7RGBS Titan Indoor Relays (2/29/20)
1000m2:41.9PRGBS Quad 2 (2/21/20)
1600m4:35.9SRGBS Quad 1 (2/14/20)
3200m9:50.53IHSA 3A Sectional (5/16/19)
3200m9:45.76CSL Conference Championship (5/10/19)
3200m9:52.50John Davis Titan Invitational (5/3/19)
1600m4:41.0RSpartan Relays (4/26/19)
3200m9:34.40PRDistance Night in Palatine (4/20/19)
1600m4:35.44PRNiles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/17/19)
3200m9:45.88Buffalo Grove B.A.T.E. Invite (4/13/19)
3200m9:45.82Schaumburg Mikias Tibebu Invite (4/6/19)
3200m9:47.87CSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/15/19)
1600m4:36.41Batavia Distance Madness (3/8/19)
3200m9:43.2GBS Quad 3 (2/28/19)
1600m4:36.0RGBS Titan Indoor Relays (2/23/19)
1000m2:45.0SRGBS Quad 2 (2/15/19)
1600m4:37.8GBS Quad 1 (2/8/19)
3200m9:54.19IHSA 3A Sectional (5/17/18)
3200m9:53.94CSL Conference Championship (5/11/18)
3200m9:58.58John Davis Titan Invitational (5/4/18)
1600m4:41.1SRRSpartan Relays (4/27/18)
3200m9:49.12SRNiles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/20/18)
1600m4:43.0Palatine Triangular (3/22/18)
3200m10:01.02CSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/16/18)
3200m10:10.8GBS Quad 3 (3/1/18)
3200m10:05.60SRCSL Conference Championship (5/12/17)
3200m10:17.73John Davis Titan Invitational (5/5/17)
1600m4:52.39Niles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/21/17)
3200m10:20.96Buffalo Grove B.A.T.E. Invite (4/15/17)
1600m4:52.71Schaumburg Mikias Tibebu Invite (4/8/17)
3200m10:25.11CSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/17/17)
1600m4:54.4CSL Freshmen Indoor Conference (3/14/17)
1600m4:50.8SRGBS Quad 4 (3/10/17)
3200m10:32.0GBS Quad 3 (3/2/17)
1600m5:04GBS Quad 1 (2/10/17)

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