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CSL South Conference Championship

Saturday, October 17, 2020
Duke Childs Field

2020 Central Suburban League Conference Championship Recap

This week was a busy one for the Titans as they competed in the Central Suburban League (CSL) South Conference Championships hosted by New Trier High School. Due to the COVID health restrictions from the IHSA, the conference meet was held in a very unorthodox manner. In a usual year, the conference meet would be a one day, one location ordeal with thousands of runners from both the CSL North and CSL South divisions. This year, the North and South divisions ran separately, racing in flights of no more than 42 runners. On Monday, October 12th, the Junior Varsity and freshman teams competed at Duke Childs Field and New Trier’s freshman campus respectively. On Saturday, October 17th, the Varsity team ran again at Duke Childs Field. This was the last race of the season for most of our runners, and they sure went out with a bang.

Starting off the meet, the JV team raced at Duke Childs Fields on Saturday morning. This was the first time any of our runners had raced at the course; usually, New Trier hosts all of its races at its freshman campus. The morning was a cold and rainy one, or, as Coach Hass likes to call it, “Real Cross Country Weather.” The boys went out there and gave it their all, competing hard in their last meet of the season. Unfortunately, the flighted nature of the meet made it difficult to combine results, so the JV level went unscored. Sully Richards (SO) was the first Titan through the line, setting a PR of 17:49 for 3 miles. He was followed by a close pack including James Scott (SR, 18:15), Luke Gregory (SR, 18:17), and Tyson Anthony (Sr, 18:19). Ryan Schaefer (SO) was the fifth Titan to finish at 18:28. On the JV level, 10 seniors competed in their last high school cross country meet ever. Congratulations to James Scott, Tyson Anthony, Dane Branstrom, Carter Adams, Cole Brady, Karol Bakawski, Kyle Segelen, Ricky Egen, Stefanos Lahanis, and Captain Luke Gregory on a fantastic season and fantastic cross country career.

Later in the afternoon, the freshmen ran their conference meet at New Trier’s freshman campus. New Trier’s course was not their traditional 1-mile loop that passes through the neighboring forest preserve, but rather a slightly shorter loop contained within the campus. Going into the meet, we knew it would be a tough battle with New Trier and Evanston, teams who the freshmen narrowly lost to in their respective dual meets. When the gun sounded, the freshmen took out the race hard, running together in their usual tight pack. Andy Ordway was the first Titan to cross the line, finishing with a personal best of 11:13 in 6th place. Behind him, Geoff Maddalozzo finished in 8th at 11:20. Jack Qualkenbush (11:30, 12th), Jefferson Wei (11:32, 14th), and Matt Barney (11:45, 18th) all ran personal bests. Andy, Geoff, Jack, and Jefferson all made the “Freshman All-Conference” team. It was a great race for the freshmen, who almost all ran personal best times. Behind the Top 5, were Sam Knezevich (12:14), Yosh Jedynak (12:17), Ryan Gershowitz (12:39), Patrick Kuprewicz (12:50), Winston Chu (13:02), Nathan Mihm (13:03), Jack Clark (13:07), Luke Chavez (13:17), Tom McDonagh (13:29), Nathan Trosman (13:33), Jovan Gvero (13:53), Aditya Shah (14:20), Danny Laurencelle (14:41), Aayan Ali (14:44), Aidan Hogan (15:08), Adam Wojciechowicz (15:10), Ryan Solesky (15:12), and Eric Nardulli (18:27). In all, the freshmen finished in 3rd with a score of 58.5, just behind New Trier with 44 and Evanston with 45. We are immensely proud of the freshmen for running such a great season and showing what it means to be a Titan.

On Saturday, the Varsity team lined up at Duke Childs Field for their conference meet. The morning was a cold one, and running first were our 8th-14th runners, who ran in their own scored race. Finishing first for the Titans was junior Michael Westfall, who ran a huge PR of 16:51 to finish in 9th place. Behind him, Elie Nassif (JR, 17:04) led Sebastian Zimmer (JR, 17:06) and Brett Wittenstein (JR, 17:06) through the line, finishing in 13th, 14th, and 15th respectively. Harrison Wollney (SR) finished in 20th with a time of 17:16. John Paul Philbrick (JR, 17:33) and Matthew Klonecki (JR, 17:45) were the last two Titans through the line. Together, the boys finished in 2nd place behind New Trier, demonstrating the depth of our team. Special shout out to Captain Harrison Wollney for finishing his high school cross country career. Click HERE for drone footage from the race.

In the last race of the week, the Top 7 from each CSL team took to the course to race for the conference title. The race went out fast with a large pack of runners coming through the first mile in the 4:50-5:00 range. Brian Hiltebrand (JR) led the Titans, who were running in a strong pack behind him. In the end, Brian finished in 9th place with a time of 15:28.9, earning his second consecutive All-Conference award. Mrugesh Thakor (SR) followed Brian in 16:08.9. Jayson Stamm (JR) finished in 20th with a 16:14.3. Behind him, Cody Slutzky (SR) and Matthew Finkel (SR) finished together in 22nd and 23rd with times of 16:26.7 and 16:29.9. In 29th and 38th were Michael Jerva (JR) and Preston Davidson (SR). The Titans finished in the top half of the conference with a 3rd place team score of 89 points. Click HERE for drone footage from the race.

With the season now finished for the majority of the team, the Titans now have their eyes focussed on the upcoming IHSA Regional. On Saturday, October 24th, the Top 7 will race at Hoffman Estates. There, they will compete to qualify for a spot at the following week’s Sectional meet, also hosted at Hoffman Estates.

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1New Trier27
2Maine South50
3Glenbrook South89
5Glenbrook North127
6Niles West149

Junior Varsity

1New Trier15
2Glenbrook South62
3Glenbrook North83
5Niles West113

Distance Team Scores

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Junior Varsity

Course Map & Directions


Photographer(s): Preston Davidson, Brett Wittenstein

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Nick FalkJr.14:59.9New Trier
2Matt CoyleSr.15:01.9Maine South
3Essay TolosaJr.15:09.9Evanston
4Eamon BradySr.15:16.9Maine South
5Charlie SiebertSr.15:18.4New Trier
6Conor O'NeillSr.15:20.0New Trier
7George EsteveSr.15:21.9New Trier
8George CahillJr.15:24.3New Trier
9Brian HiltebrandJr.15:28.9SRGlenbrook South5:005:155:13
10Andrew FlynnSr.15:42.6New Trier
11Matt CullSr.15:46.0Maine South
12Nick IhrkeSr.15:47.4Glenbrook North
13Noah RushSr.15:49.7New Trier
14Bora CeliknalJr.16:00.7Niles West
15Mrugesh ThakorSr.16:08.9Glenbrook South5:125:335:23
16Luke PravecekSo.16:09.3Maine South
17Joey KarleskySo.16:11.6Maine South
18Luca ArcuriSo.16:12.2Maine South
19Sonny GranzettoJr.16:13.3Evanston
20Jayson StammJr.16:14.3PRGlenbrook South5:135:345:27
21Declan AhernSo.16:26.4Evanston
22Cody SlutzkySr.16:26.7PRGlenbrook South5:165:395:31
23Matthew FinkelSr.16:29.9SRGlenbrook South5:165:415:32
24Ellis AllenSr.16:34.0Evanston
25Will HuddlestonSo.16:34.9Maine South
26Gabe JohnsonSo.16:35.8Glenbrook North
27Nick RedstoneSr.16:39.0Glenbrook North
28Patrick HerbstJr.16:42.5Glenbrook North
29Michael JervaJr.16:42.7Glenbrook South5:185:425:42
30Jack WerneckeJr.16:44.0Niles West
31Solomon GreeneJr.16:44.1Evanston
32Dylan EylerJr.16:50.5Evanston
33John McGivernSr.16:52.1Niles West
34Josh StolyarovJr.16:55.9Glenbrook North
35Max NaumanJr.16:56.7Niles West
36Alex KrullSr.17:01.9Glenbrook North
37Matthew CareySr.17:04.7Niles West
38Preston DavidsonSr.17:10.7Glenbrook South5:205:555:55
39Will LandeSo.17:17.2Niles West
40Ethan SuhSr.17:33.1Niles West
41Daniel WeaverSr.18:03.2Glenbrook North
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Junior Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Patrick JamiesonJr.15:48.1New Trier
2Blake DegerJr.16:09.7New Trier
3Jack MoranJr.16:10.1New Trier
4Evan VenezianoJr.16:12.7New Trier
5Lincoln CroweSr.16:22.9New Trier
6Gabe NosekSo.16:24.2New Trier
7Ben KeenanSr.16:37.3New Trier
8Nico LospallutoSo.16:43.5Maine South
9Michael WestfallJr.16:51.0PRGlenbrook South5:385:525:22
10Alex WilleSo.16:52.7Maine South
11Graham PatersonJr.17:01.0Glenbrook North
12Branden ChiJr.17:02.4Glenbrook North
13Elie NassifJr.17:04.2PRGlenbrook South5:385:545:33
14Sebastian ZimmerJr.17:06.4PRGlenbrook South5:385:545:35
15Brett WittensteinJr.17:06.8PRGlenbrook South5:395:545:34
16Anthony RacitiJr.17:07.1Niles West
17Jack NelsonSr.17:08.7Evanston
18Paul GarciaJr.17:10.0Evanston
19Dean KousiounelosJr.17:11.4Glenbrook North
20Harrison WollneySr.17:16.5SRGlenbrook South5:335:595:45
21Cormac SchliesmanJr.17:17.5Evanston
22Rohan KuttanSr.17:19.5Evanston
23Ebaad SiddiquiSr.17:20.3Niles West
24Ali KaratasJr.17:21.0Niles West
25Sam RubinsteinJr.17:24.8Glenbrook North
26Graham HetzlerSo.17:25.5Glenbrook North
27Gael SantiaguilloSo.17:26.2Evanston
28Evan PolakSo.17:26.2Niles West
29Alan SungSo.17:31.2Glenbrook North
30John Paul PhilbrickJr.17:33.6Glenbrook South5:385:566:00
31Nathan StolyarovJr.17:37.1Glenbrook North
32Zachary CheukSr.17:38.6Niles West
33Matthew KloneckiJr.17:45.3Glenbrook South5:406:085:57
34Noah MorrisHofferSr.17:49.8Evanston
35Dominick ParrilloSo.18:01.0Maine South
36Thomas MagdalenoJr.18:04.0Niles West
37Aidan VernonSr.18:14.6Evanston
38Otmane JbaraJr.18:23.9Niles West
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