Titan Distance

CSL South Boys JV Cross Country Championship

Monday, October 12, 2020
Duke Childs Field

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Junior Varsity

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Top 3mi Times by GBS Athletes


Photographer(s): Preston Davidson

Junior Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
Name Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
Sully RichardsSo.17:49PRGlenbrook South5:396:086:02
James ScottSr.18:15Glenbrook South5:376:306:08
Luke GregorySr.18:17PRGlenbrook South5:526:126:13
Tyson AnthonySr.18:19Glenbrook South5:526:226:05
Ryan SchaeferSo.18:28Glenbrook South5:376:256:26
Dane BranstromSr.18:30Glenbrook South5:456:296:16
Carter AdamsSr.18:42Glenbrook South5:456:296:28
Jack CallaghanJr.19:04Glenbrook South6:156:386:11
Isaac AbrahamJr.19:13Glenbrook South6:156:386:20
Matthew PenneJr.19:15Glenbrook South5:526:386:45
Cole BradySr.19:23Glenbrook South6:206:336:30
James HiltebrandSo.19:23Glenbrook South6:156:386:30
John TirpakSo.19:23Glenbrook South6:206:336:30
Ethan HernandezJr.19:24Glenbrook South6:156:456:24
Sanjeev GorlaSo.19:28Glenbrook South6:256:356:28
Jacob BaimJr.19:36Glenbrook South5:546:516:51
Will PattonJr.19:45Glenbrook South6:106:496:46
Danny KloneckiSo.20:15Glenbrook South6:247:166:35
Carson WaltersJr.20:22Glenbrook South6:277:086:47
Gio CanaliaSo.20:45SRGlenbrook South6:486:577:00
Andrew YoonSo.21:18Glenbrook South6:587:207:00
Jack ClearyJr.21:19Glenbrook South6:237:337:23
Jonathan JosephJr.21:21Glenbrook South6:497:227:10
Derek LentzJr.21:30Glenbrook South6:207:297:41
Ossey PaulJr.21:35Glenbrook South6:457:307:20
Karol BakawskiSr.21:37Glenbrook South6:507:307:17
Mason AdamsJr.22:19Glenbrook South6:307:507:59
Luke GamberSo.23:06Glenbrook South7:267:577:43
Ryan GreenSo.24:15Glenbrook South7:398:328:04
Kyle SergelenSr.24:20PRGlenbrook South7:418:398:00
Ricky EgenSr.24:21Glenbrook South7:468:318:04
Stefanos LahanisSr.25:06PRGlenbrook South8:038:448:19
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