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Titan Distance

CSL Conference Championship

Saturday, October 16, 2021
Maine East High School

Wrapping Up the Regular Season

The Titans ran their final race of the 2021 Cross Country Season on Saturday, October 16th at Maine East High School for the CSL Conference Meet. It finally felt like racing weather as the day began under 50 degrees, and the boys took advantage of this with many personal bests on every level. The 7 Varsity runners along with 7 alternates will continue racing with regionals next weekend at home. 

The Freshmen ended their season first with the first race of the day. Twelve out of the nineteen freshmen that could race set their best time ever with a pack of three leading the way. Charles Finkel and Cole Malecki led that pack sneaking under 12 minutes for 2 miles with times of 11:58 for 15th and 11:59 for 16th. Cole Branstrom brought up the rear of this great pack by edging out a Glenbrook North runner for a time of 12:01 for 17th. Max Goodman improved on his great start to his career in 12:32 in 28th place, and rounding out the top 5 was Connor Herrington, who finally was able to PR again, with a time of 12:32 in 32nd. This ended up being enough for the Freshmen team to finish in 5th just 2 points behind Glenbrook North. Nice job Freshmen on a great first season on Titan Distance!

The Varsity was the only level that did not take Saturday as their last race with the whole postseason ahead of them. Their race lined up next against some amazing competition. Senior Brian Hiltebrand used his frustrations from the Peoria Invitational two weeks prior to power him to a 15:51 finish in 5th place. Senior Jayson Stamm followed closely behind in 16:13 in 12th. Both, Hiltebrand and Stamm, finished in the top 14 which won them All-Conference nods! Senior Brendan Tanaka closed off his one and only cross country regular season finishing just a few spots off of All-Conference in 22nd with a time of 16:56. Seniors Michael Westfall (17:05) and Elie Nassif (17:06) were the 4th and 5th Titans to cross the line finishing back to back in 26th and 27th. Seniors John Paul Philbrick (17:36) and Michael Jerva (17:55) came across soon after in 33rd and 35th. The team secured a great 3rd place overall. The team will now focus on next Saturday where they will host the Regionals meet with the chance to advance to Sectionals the following week.

The Sophomores ended their season on a high note led by some great times all around. Cyrus Cooke led the way once again in 17:38 for 6th place. Following close behind, Sam Knezevich crossed the line in 17:45 for 10th, and Jefferson Wei finished in 12th with a time of 17:58. Andy Ordway (18:31) and Jack Qualkenbush (18:56) rounded out the top 5 Titan Sophomores in 16th and 21st. Finishing with 5 runners in the top 25 of a big meet is a great way to end the season, and it got a great 2nd place finish behind the dominant New Trier team. The future is bright for the Titans!

The Junior Varsity team closed out the day as it started to heat up from the noon sun. Eleven long-term Senior runners lined up for the very last time for this race. It was a bittersweet moment as they ran hard one more time to put a great cap on their amazing careers. Senior Sebastian Zimmer and Junior James Hiltebrand raced hard to the finish line with Zimmer kicking hard to finish in 17:36 in 19th with Hiltebrand on his heels at 17:36 in 20th. Senior Lucas Houser represents the final Houser to come through Glenbrook South, and he put the final marks on their elite legacy in 17:41 for 23rd. Seniors Jack Cleary and Matthew Penne ended their 4-year careers with their best times ever, both sneaking under the 18-minute mark, in 17:50 for 29th and 17:59 for 35th. In a race that was swept by the New Trier JV team, the Titans JV team still got a hard-fought 3rd place.

Great job to everyone who raced on Saturday! It was an amazing day to represent the Glenbrook South Titans, and now the majority of the team will have some time to rest up before winter running and long-distance Track & Field in the Spring. The postseason time trial for non-varsity runners will take place on the track on Wednesday after school. Also, we are hosting Regionals this year, so come out and support our Varsity boys on Saturday as they look to extend the season to Sectionals the following Saturday. We will see you there!

Team Scores


1New Trier26
4Highland Park138
5Glenbrook South150
6Niles West177
7Vernon Hills186
8Niles North215
9Glenbrook North215
10Maine South219

Junior Varsity

1New Trier15
3Glenbrook South81
4Glenbrook North97
5Niles West150
6Maine South173


1New Trier18
2Glenbrook South56
4Glenbrook North81


2New Trier54
3Maine South61
4Glenbrook North106
5Glenbrook South108
6Niles West134

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Junior Varsity



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Top 3mi Times by GBS Athletes

Previous GBS Appearances

Date Name Season
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2014-10-18CSL Conference Championship CSLCross Country 2014
1997-10-01Unknown Maine East MeetCross Country 1997
1993-10-01Unknown Maine East MeetCross Country 1993
1988-10-01Unknown Maine East MeetCross Country 1988
1983-10-01Unknown Maine East MeetCross Country 1983


Photographer(s): Mr. Jortberg

Photographer(s): James Hiltebrand, Brian Hiltebrand, Matthew Klonecki, & Sebastian Zimmer

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Nick FalkSr.15:06.4All-ConfNew Trier
2George CahillSr.15:28.2All-ConfNew Trier
3Cole BernsteinSr.15:33.8All-ConfDeerfield
4Jack MoranSr.15:35.7All-ConfNew Trier
5Nate WehnerSo.15:36.9All-ConfHighland Park
6Lucas MoskovitzSr.15:41.2All-ConfDeerfield
7Essay TolosaSr.15:43.8All-ConfEvanston
8Brian HiltebrandSr.15:51.2All-ConfGlenbrook South
9Patrick JamiesonSr.15:52.3All-ConfNew Trier
10Lukasz IwanowskiSr.15:52.7All-ConfMaine East
11Atticus MillerSo.15:53.7All-ConfNew Trier
12Bora CeliknalSr.15:55.7All-ConfNiles West
13Carter LevinsonSr.16:01.4All-ConfDeerfield
14Oscar Dueno-AldaJr.16:02.0All-ConfNew Trier
15Eric LakemakerSr.16:04.9All-ConfDeerfield
16Blake DegerSr.16:08.2All-ConfNew Trier
17Evan MorrisSr.16:11.1All-ConfDeerfield
18Solomon GreeneSr.16:12.9All-ConfEvanston
19Jayson StammSr.16:13.7All-ConfGlenbrook South
20David FisherSr.16:14.5All-ConfDeerfield
21Ryan BernsteinSr.16:19.3All-ConfDeerfield
22Brady CleggJr.16:22.6All-ConfVernon Hill
23William HuddlestonJr.16:25.4All-ConfMaine South
24Noah JacksonJr.16:25.5All-ConfHighland Park
25Porter ShawverSr.16:30.0All-ConfNiles North
26Jack WerneckeSr.16:33.5All-ConfNiles West
27Henry O'MalleySo.16:36.2Evanston
28Samuel FroumFr.16:37.3Evanston
29Dylan EylerSr.16:39.1Evanston
30Angel ZeferinoJr.16:39.9All-ConfHighland Park
31Gabe JohnsonJr.16:42.0Glenbrook North
32Luke PravecekJr.16:43.1Maine South
33Paul GarciaSr.16:45.0Evanston
34Andrew StutheitSr.16:47.3All-ConfMaine West
35Adam MrozekJr.16:49.9Maine East
36Alan SungJr.16:51.2Glenbrook North
37Charles BlackmerSo.16:52.1Vernon Hill
38Omar GonzalezJr.16:52.7Niles North
39Erick HerreraJr.16:54.6Vernon Hill
40Brendan TanakaSr.16:56.3Glenbrook South
41Samuel BennettSr.16:56.4Evanston
42Alex BradshawJr.16:59.2Highland Park
43Ali KaratasSr.17:01.5Niles West
44Dominick ParrilloJr.17:02.3Maine South
45Alex BrownSr.17:03.4Highland Park
46Michael WestfallSr.17:05.5Glenbrook South
47Elie NassifSr.17:06.1Glenbrook South
48Nathan FaitschSr.17:07.6Vernon Hill
49Lukas TichotaSr.17:08.0Niles North
50Daniel ThannertSo.17:12.0Niles West
51Carter LivermoreFr.17:15.4Highland Park
52Branden ChiSr.17:15.6Glenbrook North
53Ihor MandziukSr.17:16.4Vernon Hill
54Sam RubinsteinSr.17:16.5Glenbrook North
55Patrick HerbstSr.17:19.8Glenbrook North
56Matthew AbrahamJr.17:27.4Niles North
57Will LandeJr.17:28.8Niles West
58John Paul PhilbrickSr.17:36.8Glenbrook South
59Anthony RacitiSr.17:42.6Niles West
60Dane NitoiSr.17:45.3Niles North
61Michael JervaSr.17:55.8Glenbrook South
62Grant OlsenJr.17:59.7Niles North
63Evan PolakJr.18:10.1Niles West
64Barak GoldsteinSo.18:22.5Highland Park
65Conor FoleySo.18:24.6Maine South
66Owen CharleySo.18:33.5Maine South
67Jack MurphyJr.18:35.3Maine South
68Liam FoleySr.18:58.0Maine South
69Joseph ThalackanSr.19:25.1Maine West
70Said NonoalSr.19:35.3Maine West
71Sherwin BathulaJr.19:37.9Maine West
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Junior Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Gabe NosekJr.16:04.9New Trier
2Ben CraneFr.16:11.1New Trier
3Evan VenezianoSr.16:21.4New Trier
4Charlie BakosJr.16:39.9New Trier
5Elias FordingSr.16:44.4New Trier
6Samuel WertsJr.16:51.9New Trier
7Nick FriedmanSr.16:57.4New Trier
8Andrew RossJr.16:59.9Evanston
9Henry TimmermanJr.17:01.1New Trier
10Hayden EnersonJr.17:05.3New Trier
11Samuel TeppoJr.17:09.6New Trier
12Declan AhernJr.17:11.8Evanston
13Andrew HepnerJr.17:21.4New Trier
14Jake ClaybrookJr.17:23.7New Trier
15Torin RaviJr.17:26.5Evanston
16Teddy RossSr.17:29.9New Trier
17Josh StolyarovSr.17:32.8Glenbrook North
18Ben ClaybrookJr.17:33.6New Trier
19Sebastian ZimmerSr.17:36.4Glenbrook South
20James HiltebrandJr.17:36.7Glenbrook South
21Ryder Moses-RosentSr.17:39.1New Trier
22Cormac SchliesmannSr.17:39.4Evanston
23Lucas HouserSr.17:41.7Glenbrook South
24Makoto MajorosJr.17:41.9Glenbrook North
25Owen OldaniJr.17:45.2Glenbrook North
26Schuyler CoxJr.17:45.4New Trier
27Emerson WarrenJr.17:45.4Evanston
28Elias BoeingJr.17:47.8New Trier
29Jack ClearySr.17:50.1PRGlenbrook South
30William GuidottiSr.17:53.5New Trier
31Luca Casper-BustamanteSr.17:55.0Evanston
32Luke NgJr.17:56.2Evanston
33Christopher FoxSr.17:56.6New Trier
34Michael LopezSr.17:59.2New Trier
35Matthew PenneSr.17:59.5PRGlenbrook South
36Malcolm WaiteSr.18:01.2New Trier
37Griffin HarrisSr.18:02.7New Trier
38Joshua LogsdonJr.18:04.2Niles West
39Alex OrsicSr.18:04.7New Trier
40Ben TairySr.18:05.3New Trier
41Sam FelixSr.18:06.6Evanston
42Sachin ClarkJr.18:11.3Evanston
43John ImmesbergerSr.18:15.7New Trier
44Holden JohansenSr.18:16.4Evanston
45Sanjeev GorlaJr.18:16.8Glenbrook South
46Jackson FriedmanSr.18:17.8Evanston
47Jack OlsonJr.18:19.5PRGlenbrook South
48Pierce NorrisJr.18:20.6New Trier
49Brandon MesirowJr.18:24.5Glenbrook North
50Michael BilousJr.18:28.0Glenbrook North
51Spencer VonbankSr.18:29.3New Trier
52Mateus AlkhasJr.18:29.4Glenbrook South
53Brett WittensteinSr.18:33.7Glenbrook South
54William ComessJr.18:34.3Evanston
55Thomas Magdaleno18:34.4Niles West
56Nathaniel FrolichsteinJr.18:36.3Evanston
57Jacob BaimSr.18:40.5SRGlenbrook South
58Harry CitowJr.18:43.3New Trier
59Carson WaltersSr.18:44.2PRGlenbrook South
60Benjamin ShonfeldJr.18:44.3New Trier
61Sully RichardsJr.18:44.9Glenbrook South
62Rodrigo Juarez18:47.6Niles West
63Drew SkutchJr.18:47.9Maine South
64Oscar TschackertSr.18:48.9New Trier
65Tristan CarasSr.18:50.9New Trier
66Matthew SchmidtSr.18:51.4Glenbrook North
67Louis GalindoSr.18:52.6New Trier
68Brandon BelianJr.18:55.2New Trier
69Henry LatoJr.18:59.8Glenbrook South
70Cullen WorthJr.19:01.1Evanston
71Connor LoveJr.19:01.6Glenbrook North
72Connor KoySr.19:10.0New Trier
73Charlie FoxSr.19:11.2New Trier
74Mohammed BaasimJr.19:11.3Maine South
75Armani ArandaJr.19:11.3Niles West
76Will FehrmanSr.19:12.9Maine South
77Ryan KangJr.19:18.6Glenbrook North
78Eli HincapieJr.19:18.9Glenbrook North
79Ryan McClamoreJr.19:19.9New Trier
80Garrett PankeyJr.19:22.2New Trier
81Jack CallaghanSr.19:23.6Glenbrook South
82Solomon WexlerSr.19:24.1Evanston
83Luke BriggemanJr.19:24.6Evanston
84Rainn Del MundoSr.19:24.9Niles West
85Isaac AbrahamSr.19:25.0Glenbrook South
86Jason ZavatteroJr.19:25.5New Trier
87Ethan SternSr.19:25.6New Trier
88Max RyersonSr.19:25.7New Trier
89Conor HigginsJr.19:25.9New Trier
90Marc MartinJr.19:26.3Maine South
91Andre BochatJr.19:26.5Maine South
92Oscar BaligaJr.19:26.6Evanston
93Derrick HoSr.19:30.8Niles West
94Robert O'KeefeJr.19:32.4New Trier
95James TexterSr.19:32.5New Trier
96Tobias DemonteSr.19:33.5New Trier
97Samuel LeeJr.19:35.2Niles West
98Zachary OhanaJr.19:36.2New Trier
99Ethan HernandezSr.19:42.2SRGlenbrook South
100Daniel KramerJr.19:45.7Glenbrook North
101Lifu ZhangSr.19:47.6Glenbrook North
102Nicholas SorucoJr.19:49.5Niles West
103Max GreenbergSr.19:51.0New Trier
104Arnav GoyalJr.19:51.5New Trier
105Albert LuSr.19:53.1New Trier
106Luke HollackSr.19:53.6New Trier
107Robert GosserSr.19:55.6New Trier
108Jesse SackSr.20:05.4Glenbrook North
109Gio CanaliaJr.20:06.6Glenbrook South
110Sean LaskyJr.20:09.1Glenbrook North
111Skyler ElliottJr.20:11.2Glenbrook North
112Kamran TahmooressiJr.20:14.6Glenbrook North
113Derek LentzSr.20:14.8Glenbrook South
114Rex WallinJr.20:15.3Evanston
115Seth SnowerJr.20:19.2New Trier
116Anthony DatiJr.20:21.1Maine South
117Owen LevensJr.20:22.5New Trier
118Chase DuboseSr.20:23.2New Trier
119Benjamin BerkeleySr.20:30.5New Trier
120Jack CienkusSr.20:31.0Maine South
121Cole BarruffiSr.20:34.9Maine South
122Nick ZervosSr.20:36.1Niles West
123Luke NelsonJr.20:37.6Glenbrook North
124George WareJr.20:45.5New Trier
125Evan CheukJr.20:48.9Niles West
126Charles Roth LadviSr.20:51.9Evanston
127Noah CollinsSr.21:00.7Glenbrook South
128Jaden DiasSr.21:02.1Glenbrook South
129Brandon YuenJr.21:04.0Niles West
130John BrosemanSr.21:16.5New Trier
131Ryan LevyJr.21:17.6Glenbrook North
132Alexander PigottSr.21:21.6New Trier
133Adam CaponiSr.21:24.5New Trier
134Nathan ThillensJr.21:25.8Maine South
135Nathan MalinSr.21:43.1Glenbrook North
136Klive LushinaJr.21:43.7Evanston
137Hyeong Rok ChoiSr.21:51.2New Trier
138Jayden YumJr.21:51.7Glenbrook South
139Miles BalzanoSr.21:54.2New Trier
140Johnny FogelSr.22:00.7New Trier
141Ethan ChoJr.22:06.1Glenbrook North
142John McCueSr.22:09.0New Trier
143Henry StewartJr.22:09.9Evanston
144Andrew MarascoSr.22:11.8Glenbrook North
145Andrew QianSr.22:15.7Glenbrook North
146Andrew YoonJr.22:20.3Glenbrook South
147Junlin ZengJr.22:21.4New Trier
148Tommy DevlinJr.22:22.0Maine South
149Marcus YeungJr.22:31.1New Trier
150Patrick RyanJr.22:31.6Glenbrook North
151David KeefeJr.22:45.1Glenbrook North
152Danny KloneckiJr.23:10.2SRGlenbrook South
153John SchuellerJr.23:11.7Glenbrook North
154Gabriel LimasJr.24:00.3PRGlenbrook South
155Diego DuarteSr.24:01.5Glenbrook North
156Jack KlapmanSr.24:06.0Glenbrook North
157Caleb KatzSr.24:06.2Glenbrook North
158Ian TarterSr.24:31.8Glenbrook North
159Diego VargasSr.24:49.3Niles West
160Alan LuSr.25:12.7Glenbrook North
161Danny BrunsSr.25:40.0Glenbrook North
162Nick StiglichJr.27:08.3Glenbrook North
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Sophomore Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1James FlynnSo.16:33.1New Trier
2Felix HeksterSo.17:07.5New Trier
3Michael MoranSo.17:09.5New Trier
4Jack KleinschmitSo.17:24.6Evanston
5Jules SichelSo.17:25.3New Trier
6Cyrus CookeSo.17:38.7Glenbrook South
7Tobias GalsonSo.17:41.1Niles West
8Kyle FixSo.17:43.1New Trier
9Matthew RubinSo.17:43.7Glenbrook North
10Sam KnezevichSo.17:45.8Glenbrook South
11Jeram SallesSo.17:47.9New Trier
12Jefferson WeiSo.17:58.7Glenbrook South
13Kendall EversonSo.18:08.4Maine South
14Jonathan PiotrowskiSo.18:19.1New Trier
15Liam CharleySo.18:21.6Maine South
16Andy OrdwaySo.18:31.9Glenbrook South
17Daniel XiangSo.18:35.9Glenbrook North
18Alexander SenechalSo.18:44.0Evanston
19Joe ConsidineSo.18:50.6Glenbrook North
20William JensonSo.18:54.0New Trier
21Jack QualkenbushSo.18:56.3Glenbrook South
22Angel GomezSo.19:05.9Niles West
23Alexander ObrienSo.19:07.3New Trier
24William GayfordSo.19:10.7Niles West
25Luke ListerSo.19:11.7Evanston
26Adam RosenthalSo.19:11.9Glenbrook North
27Luke ChavezSo.19:12.7PRGlenbrook South
28Rayard MayoSo.19:13.7Evanston
29Jackson ZionSo.19:23.5New Trier
30Colin BrusoSo.19:27.9New Trier
31Ethan FogelSo.19:30.1New Trier
32Francesco CirulliSo.19:41.4Evanston
33Michael DolanSo.19:48.4New Trier
34Aidan HoganSo.19:49.1Glenbrook South
35Ryan FoxSo.19:53.0New Trier
36Andrew KimSo.20:05.5Glenbrook South
37Kyle HauserSo.20:07.7Maine South
38Aditya ShahSo.20:14.6PRGlenbrook South
39Jovan GveroSo.20:21.6PRGlenbrook South
40Brandon HuovieSo.20:34.6Maine South
41David CosicoSo.20:34.7Niles West
42Jack ClarkSo.20:37.3PRGlenbrook South
43Ryan GershowitzSo.20:44.8Glenbrook South
44Jason MurphySo.20:52.9Glenbrook North
45Logan DaneSo.21:09.6Glenbrook North
46Justin KangSo.21:24.9New Trier
47William ChoiSo.21:26.3New Trier
48Charles AndersonSo.21:37.8Evanston
49Colin DavisSo.21:39.4Glenbrook North
50Owen FitzgeraldSo.21:56.2New Trier
51Ryan SchrieberSo.21:59.6Evanston
52Reed TroutmanSo.22:01.5Glenbrook North
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Freshmen Results (2mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Jacob CastroFr.10:42.8Niles West
2Hayato MajorosFr.10:44.4Glenbrook North
3Patrick TuFr.10:58.0Evanston
4Owynn GarreltsFr.11:00.1Maine South
5Walter GarrettFr.11:02.4New Trier
6Arber BombaciFr.11:07.7Evanston
7Gino ArcuriFr.11:25.9Maine South
8Isaiah GaddyFr.11:35.2Evanston
9Tyler NgFr.11:38.4Evanston
10Ethan FogelsonFr.11:39.7New Trier
11Owen TremblayFr.11:42.0Maine South
12Cooper HazdayFr.11:47.1New Trier
13Evan ShuFr.11:53.3New Trier
14Tyler ParksFr.11:53.4New Trier
15Charles FinkelFr.11:58.5PRGlenbrook South
16Cole MaleckiFr.11:59.2PRGlenbrook South
17Cole BranstromFr.12:01.5PRGlenbrook South
18Tate LandsmanFr.12:01.8Glenbrook North
19Jake EckhartFr.12:02.5Maine South
20Jack HandleyFr.12:04.0Maine South
21Anthony LarosaFr.12:04.1Evanston
22Emmitt WilsonFr.12:06.9Evanston
23Aidan PalsgroveFr.12:08.5Niles West
24Jack EtchasonFr.12:10.9Maine South
25Ethan RaviFr.12:14.2Evanston
26Jonah SwansonFr.12:18.2New Trier
27Cormick ButiFr.12:21.8Glenbrook North
28Max GoodmanFr.12:23.2PRGlenbrook South
29Adrian ElliottFr.12:25.0Glenbrook North
30Aadit BhatiaFr.12:25.1Glenbrook North
31Idan MalterFr.12:27.7New Trier
32Connor HerringtonFr.12:32.0PRGlenbrook South
33Pawel OdziomekFr.12:32.4PRGlenbrook South
34Liam SalamaFr.12:32.6New Trier
35Rahm SheinfeldFr.12:34.1PRGlenbrook South
36William FontanaFr.12:34.5Glenbrook South
37Aiden MacEjakFr.12:35.2Niles West
38Jack AmbrosiaFr.12:35.3PRGlenbrook South
39Joco LopiccoloFr.12:39.9Maine South
40Thomas HurleyFr.12:41.7Maine South
41Miles PinskyFr.12:42.6New Trier
42Jackson ProutyFr.12:45.5Maine South
43Daniel LeeFr.12:46.4Niles West
44Aiden JungFr.12:48.6Niles West
45Alexander MyerholtzFr.12:51.9New Trier
46Timothy TirpakFr.12:56.5PRGlenbrook South
47Tony BatbayarFr.12:59.0PRGlenbrook South
48Jordan EksteinFr.13:05.9Glenbrook North
49Andriy Hajime YoshimurFr.13:06.3Niles West
50Micah VernonFr.13:08.4Evanston
51Theodore BilickiFr.13:12.6Niles West
52Sean SchermerhornFr.13:13.6Maine South
53David LipkindFr.13:15.7Glenbrook North
54Ronald RiveraFr.13:15.7Niles West
55Charles HayesFr.13:17.2New Trier
56Connor HowardFr.13:19.7New Trier
57Jack FeldmanFr.13:24.2Niles West
58Christopher SorianoFr.13:29.2Glenbrook North
59Jacob BasueFr.13:29.7Niles West
60Teegan FriarFr.13:40.1Niles West
61Humza ChimwallaFr.13:48.1Glenbrook North
62Monroe LayFr.13:49.8Maine South
63Miguel RojasFr.13:50.0Evanston
64Marco KrstovicFr.13:53.4Maine South
65Yusuf PatelFr.13:54.9Niles West
66Boden WilliamsFr.13:55.1PRGlenbrook South
67Toby BurkumFr.13:55.9Maine South
68John David LopezFr.14:00.1Niles West
69James DravenackFr.14:04.6Glenbrook South
70Thomas PellatonFr.14:05.0New Trier
71Mark GibbardFr.14:08.2New Trier
72Jake LevinFr.14:14.1New Trier
73Jaxon LauFr.14:18.5New Trier
74James AuriemmaFr.14:18.9Glenbrook North
75Micah EickbushFr.14:23.6New Trier
76Matthew MartelFr.14:28.5Niles West
77Grant VaughanFr.14:28.8Maine South
78Andy TeivansFr.14:30.7Niles West
79Trey ZweigFr.14:30.9New Trier
80Aidan O'ConnorFr.14:32.1Niles West
81Grant PerlbergFr.14:34.3New Trier
82Kaden SilvaFr.14:37.5Niles West
83Neel GandhiFr.14:41.1Glenbrook North
84Ari SchymanFr.14:59.7Glenbrook North
85Shuja RainaFr.15:02.0PRGlenbrook South
86Luca HenereyFr.15:06.9Evanston
87Henry SimpsonFr.15:21.9Evanston
88Humzah ZehdanFr.15:29.3Glenbrook South
89James ColeFr.15:34.4Glenbrook South
90William SheaFr.15:35.8New Trier
91Joseph De StefanoFr.15:46.0Glenbrook South
92Robbie HarrisFr.15:49.3Glenbrook North
93Zakariya AlikhanFr.16:01.8Niles West
94Hasan MafrajiFr.21:13.1Glenbrook South
95Mika DuqueFr.21:13.5Glenbrook South
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