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Peoria High School Invitational

Saturday, October 05, 2019
Detweiller Park

What a Weekend for the Titans!

Our Varsity team traveled to Detweiller Park in Peoria, Illinois- Home of the State Meet in November. The Team finished in FIFTH PLACE out of thirty-five teams, the best finish since 1996. Leading the Titans was Will Kelly (Sr) who went out at a 4:51 for the first mile, with Will Houser (Sr), Brian Hiltebrand (So), and James Kurtzweil (Sr) just behind going through the mile at 4:56/7. At the end of the race, Will Kelly ran the sixth-best time in GBS History finishing in 15:04.3! Will was followed Will Houser (15:26.0), Brian Hiltebrand (15:33.8), James Kurtzweil (15:41.4), Jayson Stamm (16:18.0), Matthew Finkel (16:44.8), and Mrugesh Thakor (17:38.9).

On the muddy Niles West course, we saw some amazing races. As a team, both the freshmen and sophomore teams tied for third with 123 points each, but the sixth man (Matthew Penne for Sophomores and James Hiltebrand for Freshmen) finished before the sixth man of the other teams. Goes to show how important every runner is!

For the Juniors and Seniors, the finish times were James Scott 17:28.45, John Bresnahan 17:42.82, Wade Herrera 17:43.62, Cody Slutzky 17:57.76, and Dane Branstrom 18:05.20.

For the Sophomores, the finish times were Elie Nassif 17:41.85, Sebastian Zimmer 18:16.45, Brett Wittenstein 18:24.48, Michael Westfall 18:34.55, Lucas Houser 18:44.23, and Matthew Penne 19:10.19.

For the Freshmen, the top-6 were Ryan Schaefer 11:40.66, Ryan Jack 11:44.60, Sully Richards 12:37.86, Ben Freidinger 12:45.07, Henry Lato 13:01.28, and James Hiltebrand 13:14.19.

Team Scores


1St. Charles East41
2Sandburg High School72
3Lyons Township158
4Maine South211
5Glenbrook South253
7McHenry High School268
8Loyola Academy296
10Huntley High School301
11Mundelein High School326
12Downers Grove South382
13York Community HS384
14Jacobs High School398
15Rolling Meadows High402
17Hoffman Estates High463
18East Moline United467
19Fremd High School495
20Pekin Community High549
21West Aurora High School561
22Normal West579
24Rockford Auburn679
25Glenbrook North694
26East Aurora High School706
27Belleville West742
28Joliet West750
30Granite City HS786
31Rock Island High School842
32Alton High878
33Normal Community High899
34Maine East High School931
35Homewood Flossmoor1102

Distance Team Scores

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Course Information & Directions

Top 3mi Times by GBS Athletes

Previous GBS Appearances

Date Name Season
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2021-10-02Peoria High School InvitationalCross Country 2021
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1984-10-01Peoria High School InvitationalCross Country 1984
1975-11-01IHSA State Finals IHSACross Country 1975
1974-11-02IHSA State Finals IHSACross Country 1974


Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Bob LikingSr.14:23.2St. Charles East
2Joey KaschSr.14:26.3Maine South
3Ian GeislerSr.14:34.0Huntley High School
4Charles WetzelSr.14:37.9Normal West
5Micah WilsonSo.14:38.2St. Charles East
6Jack EhlertSr.14:45.9Lyons Township
7Will GiblinJr.14:48.0Sandburg High School
8Ben GiblinJr.14:49.4Sandburg High School
9Aidan KingSr.14:51.2St. Charles East
10Jack PiferSr.14:52.0Edwardsville
11Jackson MorrillSr.14:52.9West Aurora High
12Zack LoomisJr.14:54.8St. Charles East
13Dillon BlakeSr.14:55.1Mundelein High School
14Luke SchildmeyerJr.14:56.6St. Charles East
15Ismail TinehSo.14:58.2Sandburg High School
16Will Gordon15:03.0Libertyville
17Will KellySr.15:04.3Glenbrook South4:515:015:12
18Carter SchorrSr.15:05.1Mundelein High School
19Erik SnellJr.15:06.1Prospect
20Sam RodriguezJr.15:08.0Sandburg High School
21Adam ChristopherSr.15:08.2Maine South
22Griffin LehnhardtSo.15:09.0Sandburg High School
23John HeneghanSr.15:09.8Downers Grove South
24Stephen BarrettoJr.15:11.4Rolling Meadows High
25Byron JonesSo.15:13.9Belleville East
26Sawyer MaddellJr.15:17.3Lyons Township
27Tom WalterJr.15:17.6Prospect
28Jessi GarciaSr.15:17.9McHenry High School
29Connor MurphyJr.15:22.2St. Charles East
30Jocqael ThorpeJr.15:23.1Lyons Township
31Jack MartinSr.15:23.2Rolling Meadows High
32Spencer WernerSo.15:24.0Loyola Academy
33Jonah GarciaSr.15:24.9Rockford Auburn
34Will HouserSr.15:26.0Glenbrook South4:565:165:14
35Cassius HavisSr.15:27.1Alton High
36Andrew DoetschSo.15:28.9Jacobs High School
37Cade NelsonJr.15:29.0Lyons Township
38Zach PanekSr.15:30.3Belleville East
39Peter MaculanJr.15:31.0Rockford Auburn
40Ryan WattsSo.15:32.0Edwardsville
41Ahmad AlhayekJr.15:32.1Sandburg High School
42Geordan PatrylakSo.15:32.3Edwardsville
43Brian HiltebrandSo.15:33.8Glenbrook South4:575:185:19
44TJ CoslerSr.15:35.8Sandburg High School
45Ken WinstonJr.15:36.0Hoffman Estates High
46Matt CoyleJr.15:37.2Maine South
47Sam RodgersSr.15:39.1York Community HS
48Jeremiah PerrySr.15:39.9Granite City HS
49Carlos MontesJr.15:40.0McHenry High School
50Liam Tucker15:40.9Libertyville
51Johnny OlenekSr.15:40.9St. Charles East
52Eamon BradyJr.15:41.0Maine South
53Elian SalgadoJr.15:41.3Mundelein High School
54James KurtzweilSr.15:41.4SRGlenbrook South4:575:185:26
55Seth KunioSo.15:42.1West Aurora High
56Getsemani AguirreSo.15:42.9Hoffman Estates High
57Jack DechoudensSo.15:43.0Prospect
58James WrightSr.15:43.5East Moline United
59Ian KneblSr.15:44.0McHenry High School
60Charlie KuczSo.15:45.5Huntley High School
61Harry Wood PrinceSo.15:46.0Loyola Academy
62Stephen NicholsonSr.15:46.1Downers Grove South
63Enrique RoblesSo.15:46.8McHenry High School
64Samuel NowakJr.15:46.9Lyons Township
65Alexander OwensSr.15:47.2Loyola Academy
66Bryan MartinezJr.15:48.0Wheeling
67Tyler BleauSr.15:48.1Downers Grove South
68Jack WolskiSr.15:49.0Fremd High School
69Johnny BrennanSr.15:50.0York Community HS
70TJ GarlandFr.15:51.5Prospect
71Erik Osorio-CruzSr.15:51.9Maine East High School
72Jacob WrightSr.15:52.0Rolling Meadows High
73Jack GarrigusJr.15:52.5Loyola Academy
74Michael SolmosJr.15:52.6Loyola Academy
75Dhruv PurohitSr.15:54.0Fremd High School
76Mickey VreelandJr.15:54.1York Community HS
77Peter TomsonSr.15:55.0Jacobs High School
78Caleb SchopenJr.15:56.0McHenry High School
79Trey HeinzJr.15:57.1East Moline United
80Jimmy OzzautoSr.15:57.1Huntley High School
81Thomas PatelJr.15:57.1Huntley High School
82Roberto MunozSr.15:57.6East Moline United
83Julian RosenbachSr.15:59.0Joliet West
84Dylan JensenSr.16:00.0McHenry High School
85Ryan BeschJr.16:00.1Huntley High School
86Jackson AlbaneseFr.16:01.0McHenry High School
87Thomas NovakSr.16:02.0Fremd High School
88Nathan HalbraderJr.16:03.0Hononegah
89Logan VelozSo.16:03.1East Moline United
90Iverson SolisJr.16:03.9Hoffman Estates High
91Daniel SandersJr.16:04.0Jacobs High School
92Dominick WelteSr.16:04.5Hononegah
93Sam SchaeferSr.16:05.1Lyons Township
94Drew StoverJr.16:05.3Edwardsville
95Zack FidrockiFr.16:06.2York Community HS
96Luke BurkumSr.16:06.7Maine South
97Logan MertesJr.16:07.9Prospect
98Hugo DiegoJr.16:08.1East Aurora High School
99Seth KasingerSr.16:10.5Pekin Community High
100Nick IhrkeJr.16:11.0Glenbrook North
101Kyle HornJr.16:13.2Jacobs High School
102Colin BrenizerSr.16:13.5Jacobs High School
103Jonny BlanchardSo.16:14.1Pekin Community High
104Ali Faiz16:15.2Libertyville
105Matt CullJr.16:15.3Maine South
106Jackson SiegelSr.16:16.1Lyons Township
107David RosarioJr.16:16.9York Community HS
108Noah SivoriJr.16:17.0Pekin Community High
109Nathan ClappJr.16:17.1Mundelein High School
110Tim CarterSo.16:17.3Belleville West
111Spencer DzyackyJr.16:17.9Loyola Academy
112Jayson StammSo.16:18.0SRGlenbrook South5:115:345:33
113Tim NeumannSo.16:18.6Downers Grove South
114Sean BauerSr.16:18.7Maine South
115Jose CastilloSr.16:19.0Rolling Meadows High
116Greg SevillaSr.16:20.1Wheeling
117Huitzi Del RealSr.16:20.7East Aurora High School
118Kurt BraseSr.16:21.0Edwardsville
119Grayson TalaskiJr.16:21.3Normal West
120Nicolas SquillacotiSo.16:22.0Prospect
121Henry GrubenSr.16:24.0Edwardsville
122Dylan McCarty16:24.1Libertyville
123Jackson CusterSo.16:25.1Pekin Community High
124Ahmar KhanJr.16:25.2Hoffman Estates High
125John NorrisSr.16:25.6Downers Grove South
126Jeremy LeichtenbergSo.16:25.8Pekin Community High
127Carter OwenSr.16:26.5Normal Community High
128Sky RiddleFr.16:26.8Normal West
129J.T. BautistaSo.16:27.0Prospect
130Dylan SienaSo.16:27.4Fremd High School
131Cameron MatejkaJr.16:27.7Loyola Academy
132Jose SierraSr.16:27.9Wheeling
133Andrew SvobJr.16:28.0Normal Community High
134Connor MaloneyJr.16:29.1Jacobs High School
135Mitchell RuffinSo.16:29.3Jacobs High School
136Ryan LuitjohanSo.16:30.0Edwardsville
137Luke PollackJr.16:31.0Joliet West
138Nick RedstoneJr.16:34.1Glenbrook North
139Carter LaureysFr.16:35.2Mundelein High School
140Nicholas LindstromSo.16:35.8West Aurora High
141Alejandro NinoSo.16:36.0East Aurora High School
142Jacob BatesFr.16:36.4Belleville West
143Canyon StageSr.16:38.2Downers Grove South
144Michael KeeganSr.16:39.0Mundelein High School
145Nick GrasseSr.16:40.0Fremd High School
146Tim O'LearySr.16:40.0York Community HS
147Jack Hamilton16:40.5Libertyville
148Huston GillespieFr.16:40.7Pekin Community High
149Donovan GarroJr.16:40.9Rock Island High School
150Daniel WeaverSr.16:42.7Glenbrook North
151Malik TylerSo.16:43.2Fremd High School
152Jarred McLeanJr.16:43.4Belleville West
153Romeo GrembowiczFr.16:43.7Joliet West
154Angel TorresSr.16:44.2Wheeling
155Colin LewandowskiSo.16:44.4York Community HS
156Matthew FinkelJr.16:44.8Glenbrook South5:155:455:45
157Josh StolyarovSo.16:45.2Glenbrook North
158Preetpaul SinghSo.16:45.2Hoffman Estates High
159Michael KruseSr.16:45.9Glenbrook North
160Drae HeipleJr.16:47.0Pekin Community High
161Ray PetzoldJr.16:48.2Wheeling
162Austin MeirhaegheSr.16:48.5Rock Island High School
163Joshua PerryJr.16:49.0Normal West
164Glenn FowlerSr.16:50.0East Aurora High School
165Tim St. JohnSr.16:50.6Glenbrook North
166Dillon RuleJr.16:51.3Belleville West
167Carter WachtelSo.16:52.0Rolling Meadows High
168Brice KlepferSr.16:52.1Huntley High School
169Logan WisockiSr.16:52.9East Moline United
170Bailen EstradaSo.16:53.2Hononegah
171Tony VandewalleSr.16:54.0Rock Island High School
172Ian Burke16:54.5Libertyville
173Cody DunnSo.16:55.1Normal West
174Lukasz IwanowskiSo.16:57.2Maine East High School
175Mason DrakeJr.16:57.6Granite City HS
176Adem EstrefiSr.17:01.1West Aurora High
177Dylan ForsytheSo.17:03.9Alton High
178Quentin IrwinSo.17:04.0Normal West
179Jeffrey SpirekFr.17:04.6Downers Grove South
180Jerry JimenezSo.17:07.0Hoffman Estates High
181Espoir MuhozaSo.17:09.0Rock Island High School
182Sam BruttoJr.17:10.0Belleville West
183Josue ValenciaSo.17:10.0Hoffman Estates High
184Sam RubinsteinSo.17:10.2Glenbrook North
185Xander GottnerJr.17:11.0Joliet West
186Owen CravensJr.17:11.0Huntley High School
187Jesus SanchezSo.17:12.1West Aurora High
188Esteban LagunesSr.17:13.0Wheeling
189Aminia MashimangoSr.17:14.0Rock Island High School
190Randy GardnerJr.17:15.0Granite City HS
191Aaron McKealJr.17:16.0Granite City HS
192Logan GilmoreSr.17:16.2Granite City HS
193Thomas WestbrookSo.17:19.1Granite City HS
194Anish PokharkarJr.17:21.3Fremd High School
195Alex KraftSr.17:21.6Normal Community High
196Jullian AcostaSo.17:22.1East Aurora High School
197Ben RhodesSr.17:22.5East Moline United
198Dane IvancevicFr.17:23.6Homewood Flossmoor
199Jacob RobertsJr.17:23.8West Aurora High
200Chase Houser17:24.6Libertyville
201Jacob MelvinJr.17:26.2Rockford Auburn
202Patrick OlsonJr.17:26.5Joliet West
203Danny MaldonadoSr.17:27.5East Aurora High School
204Cole MartinSo.17:28.0Rolling Meadows High
205Assad RedwanSr.17:32.0East Moline United
206Aron TatmanJr.17:33.0Rockford Auburn
207Harrsion TaylorFr.17:34.9Normal West
208Parker MerrillSr.17:37.8Hononegah
209Ryan SweeneySr.17:38.2Rockford Auburn
210Mrugesh ThakorJr.17:38.9Glenbrook South5:126:066:21
211Allan BochenekFr.17:40.0Maine East High School
212Tyler WengronowitzFr.17:40.2Rolling Meadows High
213River SterudSr.17:43.6Hononegah
214Philip WinkelmanSo.17:43.9Hononegah
215Jaime GalvanSr.17:46.2Joliet West
216Noah StuckelSo.17:48.1Belleville West
217Christian KotzamanisFr.17:51.2Alton High
218Jackson KirkFr.17:53.2Granite City HS
219Tony SeguraSr.17:55.9Joliet West
220Japnam HotniJr.17:59.7Wheeling
221John LampleyFr.18:01.2Homewood Flossmoor
222Ian TorrisiSo.18:02.1Rockford Auburn
223Peter MetivierFr.18:04.5Normal Community High
224Ty RogersSo.18:04.6West Aurora High
225Trip ShonkwilerFr.18:05.2Homewood Flossmoor
226Andrew BrizzellJr.18:06.3Mundelein High School
227Joshua WoloszynSr.18:06.7Rockford Auburn
228Gerad BruceJr.18:11.0Alton High
229Jack CollierJr.18:13.2Hononegah
230Victor HumphreyFr.18:24.6Alton High
231Evan GalvinSo.18:27.0Normal Community High
232Dhruv RebbaSo.18:27.6Normal Community High
233William BrooksSo.18:32.4Homewood Flossmoor
234Jay RichardsonSo.18:37.3Rock Island High School
235Umar RyanSo.18:54.9Homewood Flossmoor
236Adam KramerJr.19:13.2Homewood Flossmoor
237River WrischnikFr.19:27.6Alton High
238Simon McClaineFr.19:33.1Alton High
239Gabe KurfmanSo.19:38.4Belleville West
240Jacksen HansenJr.19:38.6Rock Island High School
241Rodney BranchFr.19:41.0Homewood Flossmoor
242Vince LatadaFr.20:01.2Maine East High School
243Ezequiel FigueroaSo.20:07.9Maine East High School
244Damian WatkinsSr.20:22.8Maine East High School
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