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Peoria High School Invitational

Saturday, October 02, 2021
Detweiller Park

Growing Pains

The Top 8 Varsity runners boarded the bus extremely early on Saturday, October 2nd for the famous Peoria High School Invitational at Detweiller Park, which is the Illinois state course due to its speed. The boys spent a lot of time preparing and getting excited for what would be a great opportunity to race against top competition on such a fast course. Unfortunately, the weather ended up being far from ideal, but they have all worked so hard on always focusing only on what is in their control.

Thirty-four teams competed in the race with multiple ranked teams throughout. The main strategy for the team was to work through the middle mile and focus on the little things. This led Senior Jayson Stamm to finally join the Sub-16 Club with an amazing time of 15:51 despite the humid weather. Stamm has gotten extremely close to breaking 16 in the past few weeks and the fun environment of such a big meet plus the fast course finally allowed him to smash through that barrier, so Congratulations Jayson! He led the Titans at Peoria in 42nd place among a massive pack of runners. Senior Elie Nassif also managed to cut off a few seconds from his PR, getting his time down to 16:17 which put him in 68th just behind a junior from our rival, Glenbrook North. Just behind Nassif was Senior Brian Hiltebrand who faced numerous obstacles. He gave it his best effort, and he will definitely get back to where he wants to be very soon. Hiltebrand finished the race in 16:25 for 72nd. Senior Brendan Tanaka got his first experience at a meet of that caliber, and he certainly competed hard. Tanaka came through three miles at 16:44 which dropped his PR by a few more seconds, and he finished in 99th place. Senior Michael Westfall rounded out the scoring runners with a time of 17:27 which put him in 151st. Sophomore Andy Ordway and Senior Michael Jerva were the final two as they hustled to the finish line with times of 17:41 for 163rd and 18:02 for 179th respectively. Overall, the team had extremely high expectations, and they may not have quite met them. The Titans finished 16th out of the 34 teams.

Right after the Top 7 runners completed their race, the alternate, Senior John Paul Philbrick lined up for a 2-mile time trial by himself. He ran a great race, finishing with a time of 11:05. Nice job JP!

The boys raced hard in not-great conditions, especially considering the weather and not being able to sleep in Peoria due to COVID as they normally would. Instead, they had to wake up very early for a three-hour bus ride. Many important lessons were learned from this race as the team looks forward to the post-season where they will have a chance to hopefully get back to Detweiller for the state meet in November. There is a lot that will and needs to happen between now and then as some training schedules need to be altered in different ways to maximize each individual runner's abilities. The six seniors on varsity will not be racing next weekend as the whole team travels to Heritage Park in Arlington Heights for the Wildcat Invitational. We will see you all there!

Team Scores


2New Trier109
4Neuqua Valley109
5St. Charles East137
6Downers Grove South162
7Edwardsville High School183
8Plainfield Central241
9Benet Academy310
10West Aurora311
14Maine South395
16Glenbrook South429
18Glenbrook North508
20Normal Community594
21East Moline United649
25Buffalo Grove711
26Joliet West716
28Aurora East797
30Alton Sr.843
31Granite City867
32Belleville West920
33Hoffman Estates924
34Rolling Meadows965

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Top 3mi Times by GBS Athletes

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Photographer(s): Mr. Jortberg

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Nick FalkSr.14:23.1New Trier
2Luke WileySr.14:25.7Warren
3Ryan WattsSr.14:28.8Edwardsville High School
4Marcellus MinesSo.14:31.2Joliet West
5Micah WilsonSr.14:38.2St. Charles East
6Tim NeumannSr.14:38.8Downers Grove South
7Declan TunneySr.14:45.2Sandburg
8Brock RiceSr.14:52.9Sandburg
9Sean MarquardtSr.14:57.4Sandburg
10Mitch GarciaJr.15:09.3St. Charles East
11Trent AndersonJr.15:09.7Sandburg
12Noah SchalliolSr.15:12.4Neuqua Valley
13Ryan LuitjohanSr.15:13.2Edwardsville High School
14David LaraSr.15:13.4Warren
15Grant GiblinSo.15:21.5Sandburg
16Cole KaetherJr.15:22.6Warren
17Ryan PalmerJr.15:28.9Neuqua Valley
18Joey XotlaSr.15:31.0St. Charles East
19Sean HeetlandSo.15:31.1West Aurora
20Zac CloseSo.15:32.0Neuqua Valley
21Charlie RookSr.15:32.3Neuqua Valley
22Geordan PatrylakSr.15:35.6Edwardsville High School
23Patrick JamiesonSr.15:36.4New Trier
24Michael ForbearSr.15:37.1Plainfield Central
25Dane IvancevicJr.15:38.8Homewood-Flossmoor
26Paul DeAvilaSr.15:39.5Plainfield Central
27Oscar Dueno-AldaJr.15:41.5New Trier
28George CahillSr.15:41.8New Trier
29Tommy NitzFr.15:42.3Huntley
30Blake DegerSr.15:44.4New Trier
31Atticus MillerSo.15:44.8New Trier
32Nick MotuelleSr.15:45.3Downers Grove South
33Dominic UllmerSr.15:46.0Benet Academy
34Carter SmottJr.15:46.4Downers Grove South
35Luca ArcuriJr.15:47.2Maine South
36Ryan MoatsSo.15:47.3Warren
37Aidan DeMuthJr.15:48.1Jacobs
38Ibrahim TinehJr.15:48.2Sandburg
39Nick RohlwingSr.15:48.3Neuqua Valley
40Luke PravecekJr.15:48.5Maine South
41Fahim RafiJr.15:50.8Warren
42Jayson StammSr.15:51.1PRGlenbrook South
43Jedidiah WilsonSo.15:51.4St. Charles East
44Jacob CurulewskiSr.15:52.6Downers Grove South
45Theodore CunninghamJr.15:52.6Fremd
46Joey PuccilloSr.15:52.6Downers Grove South
47Josh PoeschelSo.15:53.3Downers Grove South
48Michael LabnoSr.15:53.5Fremd
49Logan VelozSr.15:54.6East Moline United
50Jack MoranSr.15:55.8New Trier
51Jeffrey SpirekJr.15:58.5Downers Grove South
52Chase PorscheSr.16:00.4Huntley
53Mitchell RuffinSr.16:02.6Jacobs
54Ayden JenkinsSo.16:03.0West Aurora
55Luke LestinaJr.16:04.5York
56Habtamu EpleySo.16:05.0Homewood-Flossmoor
57Charlie KuczSr.16:05.7Huntley
58Aiden HulettFr.16:08.1Benet Academy
59Jackson CusterSr.16:08.7Pekin
60Cameron MulykSr.16:09.3Plainfield Central
61Lexton RockwellJr.16:10.1St. Charles East
62Bailen EstradaSr.16:10.3Hononegah
63Alec MelendezJr.16:11.0Jacobs
64Aaron WyckoffSr.16:12.0Plainfield Central
65Gabe JohnsonJr.16:13.6Glenbrook North
66Charlie PhelanSo.16:15.9Benet Academy
67Alex RojoSr.16:16.1Plainfield Central
68Elie NassifSr.16:17.4PRGlenbrook South
69Jacob GrandoneSr.16:20.2Edwardsville High School
70Ethan PiercySr.16:23.8St. Charles East
71Julian Van AntwerpJr.16:23.9Jacobs
72Brian HiltebrandSr.16:25.0Glenbrook South
73Cooper HewsonFr.16:25.8Fremd
74Sean KingstonSr.16:26.0Benet Academy
75Seth KunioSr.16:28.9West Aurora
76Hugh DavisFr.16:30.2Edwardsville High School
77Aidan HillJr.16:31.2York
78Nathan LindstromSr.16:31.6West Aurora
79Finn RichardsFr.16:32.1Benet Academy
80Thomas RussSo.16:32.3Mundelein
81Evan DiemlingJr.16:32.4Sandburg
82William HuddlestonJr.16:33.3Maine South
83Huston GillespieJr.16:33.9Pekin
84John IhrkeSo.16:34.8Glenbrook North
85Brandon DeleonSo.16:35.3West Aurora
86Doug MartinSo.16:35.9McHenry
87Thomas WestbrookSr.16:36.7Granite City
88Albert SzewczykSr.16:36.8Buffalo Grove
89Hudson FisherJr.16:38.8Huntley
90Drew DonovanSr.16:39.8Benet Academy
91Joey YarosFr.16:40.0Normal Community
92Nick SchmitzSo.16:40.3McHenry
93Ben LeidigJr.16:40.6St. Charles East
94Trip ShonkwilerJr.16:41.0Homewood-Flossmoor
95Philip WinkelmanSr.16:41.6Hononegah
96Elijah MarszalekSr.16:41.7Jacobs
97Nathan GarciaSr.16:42.6Warren
98Jack ThomasSo.16:43.7Normal Community
99Brendan TanakaSr.16:44.3Glenbrook South
100Adam MrozekJr.16:44.7Maine East
101Miguel GranadosSr.16:44.8Wheeling
102Jonah KramerSr.16:45.6Normal Community
103John HockenberrySo.16:46.1Homewood-Flossmoor
104Grant RossSr.16:46.1Benet Academy
105Ty RasmussenJr.16:49.1Huntley
106Jack CarrollJr.16:51.3York
107Thomas BorderSo.16:51.8Fremd
108Jordan WoloszynJr.16:52.5Rockford (Auburn)
109Kelton SchuermannJr.16:52.9Belleville East
110Alan SungJr.16:53.4Glenbrook North
111Dominick ParrilloJr.16:53.7Maine South
112Luke GrubbsSo.16:53.9Huntley
113Davi'd Smith JrJr.16:53.9Belleville East
114Matthew AndreanoSo.16:54.0Jacobs
115Jayson MatulaSr.16:54.8Plainfield Central
116Nick KwentusSr.16:55.9York
117Tyler LieuJr.16:56.8Buffalo Grove
118Joel KattoorSr.16:57.4York
119Jake NingSo.16:58.3Wheeling
120Zachary OsmanskiSr.16:58.7Jacobs
121Sawyer JohnsonSo.16:59.4Rockford (Auburn)
122Ben PerulfiSo.17:00.8Edwardsville High School
123Graham HetzlerJr.17:01.7Glenbrook North
124Manasyu ChaudhariSo.17:02.7Fremd
125Tyler MalikSr.17:03.3Fremd
126Kade RodgersJr.17:03.7East Moline United
127Roman NevarezSo.17:04.6Aurora East
128Alex UderSo.17:04.6Edwardsville High School
129Denzel LeeSr.17:07.9Homewood-Flossmoor
130Jeremy LeichtenbergSr.17:08.8Pekin
131Noah Van DammeSr.17:08.9East Moline United
132Nico LospallutoJr.17:09.8Maine South
133Zachary ZuzzioSo.17:12.7Huntley
134Branden ChiSr.17:13.1Glenbrook North
135Kyle SchickSr.17:13.5Plainfield Central
136Calix FloresSr.17:13.7Warren
137Chris SchwuchowJr.17:14.3Hononegah
138Matthew JonesJr.17:14.3Fremd
139Jesus SanchezSr.17:17.4West Aurora
140Spencer SadlerSr.17:19.0Buffalo Grove
141Frankie WalterJr.17:19.0Aurora East
142Gavin SchwerminSr.17:22.2Pekin
143James WallisSr.17:23.8Rockford (Auburn)
144Anthony FulbrightSo.17:24.6Rockford (Auburn)
145Christian KotzamanisJr.17:24.8Alton Sr.
146Devon Hayes-17:25.3Pekin
147Conor FoleySo.17:25.3Maine South
148Kevin Roman-ArellanoSr.17:26.1Wheeling
149Iain DaviesSo.17:27.3York
150Fernando Valdes NicholsonSo.17:27.5York
151Michael WestfallSr.17:27.6Glenbrook South
152Jerry JimenezSr.17:27.6Hoffman Estates
153Peter MetivierJr.17:28.7Normal Community
154Patrick HerbstSr.17:30.0Glenbrook North
155Damarion BestSo.17:32.4Homewood-Flossmoor
156Dan ReynosoJr.17:32.9Wheeling
157Tyler ChapmanJr.17:33.2Normal Community
158Jacob HallSo.17:34.9Mundelein
159Jacob BatesJr.17:35.6Belleville West
160Ian PitreSo.17:35.9Belleville West
161Matthew RubinSo.17:36.5Glenbrook North
162Calvin SmithJr.17:36.9Rockford (Auburn)
163Andy OrdwaySo.17:41.7Glenbrook South
164Carter MulfordFr.17:43.0East Moline United
165Josh HollowaySo.17:43.8Pekin
166Jonathon LongJr.17:44.6Hononegah
167Rocco RobbinsSr.17:44.8West Aurora
168Charlie KummerowJr.17:48.1Buffalo Grove
169Noe MartinezSo.17:48.2Aurora East
170Simon McClaineJr.17:48.3Alton Sr.
171Matthew LunsfordSr.17:50.2Joliet West
172Enrique RoblesSr.17:50.7McHenry
173Hayden SanderSo.17:52.4Rolling Meadows
174Alberto DiazFr.17:52.4Mundelein
175Jake SchreinerSo.17:53.3Wheeling
176Aidan HarrisFr.17:56.6Granite City
177Alex MaciasFr.18:00.4Alton Sr.
178Will NaourJr.18:01.5Normal Community
179Michael JervaSr.18:02.6Glenbrook South
180Alejandro VieyraSo.18:02.9Joliet West
181River WrishnikJr.18:04.1Alton Sr.
182Miguel CapulinSo.18:04.9Aurora East
183Bryan CarlosSr.18:05.1Joliet West
184Noah StuckelSr.18:05.5Belleville West
185Noah GallivanFr.18:05.7Alton Sr.
186Ryan CastadyFr.18:07.6Homewood-Flossmoor
187Jonathan KrafkaJr.18:10.8Alton Sr.
188Jeremiah SomervilleSo.18:11.4Hoffman Estates
189Chris OrdonJr.18:13.3Wheeling
190Nick BlaauwSr.18:13.3Joliet West
191Colin ManionJr.18:13.9East Moline United
192Cole FaulknerFr.18:17.5Hoffman Estates
193john MaravillaJr.18:17.6Aurora East
194Samuel YeagerSr.18:21.0Granite City
195Sam ManleyJr.18:22.4Rockford (Auburn)
196Cole MartinSr.18:24.0Rolling Meadows
197John RamirezJr.18:25.4Wheeling
198Elijah PerrySr.18:29.5Rolling Meadows
199Colin BergSr.18:30.1Hoffman Estates
200Parker MayhewSo.18:30.5Alton Sr.
201Drew PattersonFr.18:31.3Normal Community
202Camden JunoFr.18:32.3Hononegah
203Ethan BeattyJr.18:32.6Granite City
204Oliver RyanFr.18:41.0Rolling Meadows
205James WebsterFr.18:44.2East Moline United
206Abdiel MoralesSr.18:44.3Aurora East
207Sebastian RojasJr.18:48.1Joliet West
208Thomas KrautstrunkFr.18:49.9Hoffman Estates
209Danny BarrettoSo.18:54.5Rolling Meadows
210Nick CozziFr.18:55.3Buffalo Grove
211Luis MendozaFr.18:56.2Maine East
212Drew ThomasonSo.18:57.4Belleville West
213Motomasa KakutaniFr.19:00.0Hoffman Estates
214Jake PearsonJr.19:01.2Joliet West
215Anthony MontesSr.19:02.3McHenry
216Juan SanchezFr.19:03.4Rolling Meadows
217Logan GreenJr.19:04.0Mundelein
218Emmanuel HopsonSo.19:05.8Buffalo Grove
219Mariano RodriguezSo.19:14.3Mundelein
220Daniel WilsonJr.19:15.0Granite City
221Landon ZagorskiSo.19:17.8McHenry
222Troy McLeanFr.19:22.0Belleville West
223Finnegan KeeganFr.19:22.3Mundelein
224Owen GreenJr.19:24.0Buffalo Grove
225Zac MisseySr.19:26.1Pekin
226Allan BochenekJr.19:34.0Maine East
227Leighton CoheaSo.19:34.0Granite City
228Joseph WoloszynJr.19:35.1Rockford (Auburn)
229Brady FaulknerFr.19:35.6Hoffman Estates
230Kyle PietroskeSo.19:50.1Rolling Meadows
231Dylan PaccagniniSr.19:57.0Hononegah
232Matthew SikoraSr.20:03.2McHenry
233Diego GarciaSo.20:05.9Aurora East
234Ezequiel FigueroaSr.20:09.1Maine East
235Davarius HookSo.21:06.2East Moline United
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