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CSL Quad at New Trier

Wednesday, October 02, 2019
New Trier Northfield

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Team Scores


1New Trier3-0
2Maine South2-1
3Glenbrook South1-2
4Glenbrook North0-3


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.

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Top 3mi Times by GBS Athletes

Previous GBS Appearances

Date Name Season
2020-10-12CSL South Boys Frosh Cross Country Championship CSLCross Country 2020
2019-10-02CSL Quad at New Trier CSLCross Country 2019
2017-09-26CSL Quad at New Trier CSLCross Country 2017
2014-10-01Unknown New Trier MeetCross Country 2014
2013-10-01CSL Quad CSLCross Country 2013


Photographer(s): Mrs. Kurtzweil

Photographer(s): Sam Westfall

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Joey Kasch15:24Maine South
2Nick Falk15:37New Trier
3Charlie Siebert15:38New Trier
4Christopher15:44Maine South
5Will Kelly15:46Glenbrook South5:175:245:05
6Matt Cull15:51Maine South
7Will Houser15:54Glenbrook South5:175:325:05
8O'Neil15:54New Trier
9Rush15:56New Trier
10Coyle15:56Maine South
11Shelly15:57New Trier
12Jamieson15:57New Trier
13Shonfeld16:09New Trier
14Cahill16:10New Trier
15Yoon16:11Glenbrook North
16Brady16:16Maine South
17Akason16:23New Trier
18Brian Hiltebrand16:25Glenbrook South5:175:325:36
19Boeing16:26New Trier
20Esteve16:30New Trier
21Deger16:32New Trier
22Flick, J16:34New Trier
23James Kurtzweil16:35Glenbrook South5:175:395:39
24Keenan16:38New Trier
25Ihrke16:41Glenbrook North
26Barkum16:43Maine South
27Gilley16:44New Trier
28Crowe16:46New Trier
29Ackerman16:46New Trier
30Redstone16:56Glenbrook North
31Silverman17:02New Trier
32Flick, M17:05New Trier
33Bauer17:05Maine South
34Mrugesh Thakor17:08Glenbrook South5:325:465:50
35Jayson Stamm17:09Glenbrook South5:325:465:51
36Weaver17:13Glenbrook North
37Walsh17:15Maine South
38Lindberg17:17New Trier
39Estrada17:18New Trier
40Matthew Finkel17:31Glenbrook South5:376:045:50
41St. John17:38Glenbrook North
42John Bresnahan17:39Glenbrook South5:416:085:50
43Wade Herrera17:41Glenbrook South5:416:085:56
44Murges17:42Maine South
45Preston Davidson17:45Glenbrook South5:416:085:56
46Hillesland17:45New Trier
47Dane Branstrom17:47SRGlenbrook South5:416:085:58
48Stoffelmayr17:49New Trier
49Johnson17:50Glenbrook North
51Koupas17:55Maine South
52Russell17:56New Trier
53Cody Slutzky17:59Glenbrook South5:436:066:17
54Tyson Anthony18:06Glenbrook South5:416:326:03
55Klein18:09Glenbrook North
56James Scott18:16Glenbrook South5:586:196:09
57Krull18:19Glenbrook North
58Dillon18:20New Trier
59Yoder18:24New Trier
60Chang18:24New Trier
61Pearce18:25New Trier
62Carter Adams18:26SRGlenbrook South6:106:406:27
63Abels18:29Glenbrook North
64Chookaszian18:31New Trier
65Green18:32New Trier
66Kousiounelos18:34Glenbrook North
67Stein18:35New Trier
68Ahrens18:40New Trier
69Stamer, G18:54New Trier
70Sharif18:58New Trier
71Zabors19:01New Trier
72Payne19:03New Trier
73Lolli19:04New Trier
74Scharoff19:10New Trier
75Schaffner19:13New Trier
76Johnson, Z19:16Glenbrook North
77Theo Gikas19:17Glenbrook South6:376:576:28
78Newcomb19:23New Trier
79White19:24New Trier
80Stamer, J19:41New Trier
81Giancanelli19:55Glenbrook North
82Alvarado19:57Maine South
83Justin Wrona20:02Glenbrook South6:307:046:31
84Parker20:02Glenbrook North
85Cole Brady20:05Glenbrook South6:207:056:48
86Bahrs20:06Maine South
87Yasumoto20:09New Trier
88Becker20:09New Trier
89Gabriel Cole20:13Glenbrook South6:376:576:49
90Levy20:14Glenbrook North
91Yonover20:17New Trier
92Danny Donnelly20:23Glenbrook South6:417:136:40
93Murray20:24New Trier
94Isele20:24Glenbrook North
95Addy Otgontseren20:34Glenbrook South6:417:136:57
96Dorfman20:36New Trier
97Friedman, D20:37New Trier
98Landsman20:48Glenbrook North
99Danny Gemignani20:51Glenbrook South6:417:416:58
100Castro20:56Glenbrook North
101Marshall20:56New Trier
102Danny O'Brien21:20Glenbrook South7:218:198:21
103Kalish21:21New Trier
104Kingwill21:28New Trier
105Colvin21:28New Trier
106Wineman21:33New Trier
107Allegretti21:36Glenbrook North
108Gansberg21:41Glenbrook North
109Sarrafian21:47Glenbrook North
110Saqibuddin21:56New Trier
111Kogen21:59New Trier
112Vandergaw22:29Glenbrook North
113Eickbush22:30New Trier
114Szwajnos23:20Glenbrook North
115Wang23:24Glenbrook North
116Barr23:41New Trier
117Gerry Bermudez24:01Glenbrook South
118Buccellato24:35New Trier
119Xu25:16Glenbrook North
120Kunkle25:52New Trier
121Kasory25:57Glenbrook North
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Sophomore Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Stolyarov17:23Glenbrook North
2Frydman17:37New Trier
3Elie Nassif17:47Glenbrook South
4Moran17:50New Trier
5Herbst17:56Glenbrook North
6Michael Westfall18:03Glenbrook South
7Friedman, N18:06New Trier
8Li18:15New Trier
9VonBank18:16New Trier
10Guidotti18:19New Trier
11Broseman18:19New Trier
12Bufton18:20New Trier
13Brett Wittenstein18:29Glenbrook South
14Sebastian Zimmer18:31Glenbrook South
15Chi18:32Glenbrook North
16Tairy18:34New Trier
17Halloran18:40New Trier
18Schmidt18:43Glenbrook North
19Fox18:48New Trier
20Lucas Houser18:50Glenbrook South
21Ethan Hernandez18:50Glenbrook South
22Caras18:54New Trier
23John Paul Philbrick19:07Glenbrook South
24Tengo19:14New Trier
25Hayden19:20New Trier
26Del Genio19:22Glenbrook North
27Immesberger19:24New Trier
28Matthew Penne19:26Glenbrook South
29Unknown19:29Maine South
30Mallibrand19:32New Trier
31Fox, Charles19:33New Trier
32Chamberlain19:42New Trier
33Stern19:54New Trier
34Grable20:09New Trier
35Lesperance20:10New Trier
36Duckler20:24New Trier
37Harris20:27New Trier
38Fogel20:28New Trier
39Busch20:29Glenbrook North
40Galindo20:30New Trier
41Sack20:31Glenbrook North
42Orsic20:32New Trier
43Matthew Klonecki20:33Glenbrook South
44Moses-Rosentahl20:41New Trier
45Robert Hartsig20:44Glenbrook South
46Stern21:00Glenbrook North
47Carson Walters21:03Glenbrook South
48McGrath21:09New Trier
49Jacob Baim21:10Glenbrook South
50Jonathan Joseph21:19Glenbrook South
51Isaac Abraham21:23Glenbrook South
52Tobon21:24New Trier
53Ryerson21:37New Trier
54Reynes21:38Glenbrook North
55Mulvany21:39New Trier
56Reese21:46New Trier
57Falkiewicz21:47New Trier
58Fulling21:55Glenbrook North
59Wojtkowski22:08Glenbrook North
60DeMonte22:15New Trier
61Sheehan22:17New Trier
62Kelly22:18Glenbrook North
63Mulligan22:29New Trier
64Texter22:38New Trier
65Malin22:43Glenbrook North
66Merrill22:52New Trier
67Caponi22:59New Trier
68Lu23:08New Trier
69Matthew Burke23:08Glenbrook South
70Marasco23:55Glenbrook North
71Cienkus24:04Maine South
72Simpson24:44Maine South
73Ossey Paul26:05Glenbrook South
74Griffith26:08Glenbrook North
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Freshmen Results (2mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Pravecek11:13Maine South
2Ryan Schaefer11:15Glenbrook South
3Bengtsson11:16New Trier
4Nosek11:17New Trier
5Finch11:26New Trier
6Huddleston11:28Maine South
7Willie11:34Maine South
8Coyle11:36Maine South
9Ryan Jack11:37Glenbrook South
10Hepner11:45New Trier
11LeVaughn Bakos11:50New Trier
12Schaefer, Colin11:58Glenbrook North
13Cox12:01New Trier
14Kelly12:02Maine South
15Karlesky12:03Maine South
16Ben Freidinger12:14Glenbrook South
17Aguirre12:15New Trier
18Sully Richards12:19Glenbrook South
19Gulyas12:27New Trier
20Lospalluto12:32Maine South
21Norris12:32New Trier
22Dohr12:33Maine South
23Henry Lato12:37SRGlenbrook South
24Kartheiser12:40New Trier
25Sung12:42Glenbrook North
26James Hiltebrand12:46Glenbrook South
27Gio Canalia12:47PRGlenbrook South
28Arcuri12:54Maine South
29John Tirpak12:55Glenbrook South
30Jones12:56New Trier
31Hetzler12:59Glenbrook North
32Sebo13:04Maine South
33Gerbich13:05Maine South
34Steinbok13:05New Trier
35Sanjeev Gorla13:06Glenbrook South
36Matthew Nugent13:08Glenbrook South
37Hostert13:08New Trier
38Acevedo13:09New Trier
39Brown13:13New Trier
40Parillo13:16Maine South
41Oldani13:18Glenbrook North
42Baasim13:25Maine South
43Chon13:31Maine South
44Citow13:32New Trier
45Rogers13:33New Trier
46Tahmooressi13:35Glenbrook North
47Heffernan13:35Maine South
48Gilley13:36New Trier
49Ohana13:36New Trier
50Mesirow13:39Glenbrook North
51Hincapie13:44Glenbrook North
52Polacek, E13:48New Trier
53Levin13:51New Trier
54Bilous13:52Glenbrook North
55Goodwin13:57Maine South
56Rosales13:59Maine South
57Murphy13:59Maine South
58Claybrook, B14:01New Trier
59Pankey14:02New Trier
60Claybrook, J14:02New Trier
61Bochat14:14Maine South
62Serio14:14Maine South
63Brogan O'Grady14:15Glenbrook South
64Nelson14:19Glenbrook North
65Bland14:20Maine South
66Kramer14:21Glenbrook North
67Taber14:29Glenbrook North
68Vree14:47New Trier
69Baillos14:48New Trier
70Keefe14:57Glenbrook North
71Andrew Yoon14:59Glenbrook South
72Love14:59Glenbrook North
73Polachek, M15:28New Trier
74Lasky15:33Glenbrook North
75Schueller15:58Glenbrook North
76Levy16:12Glenbrook North
77Elliott16:14Glenbrook North
78Ryan16:25Glenbrook North
79Jathar16:26New Trier
80Denham16:34New Trier
81Thillens17:49Maine South
82Cho17:58Glenbrook North
83Yang18:40New Trier
84MacMillan19:21Glenbrook North
85Martin22:25Maine South
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