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CSL Quad at Maine South

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Maine South High School
70's, Cloudy, races combined/storms!

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Team Scores


1Maine South3-0
2Glenbrook South2-1
3New Trier1-2
4Niles West0-3


1New Trier3-0
2Glenbrook South2-1
3Maine South1-2
4Niles West0-3

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Course Information


Varsity Results (2.95mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Tommy Brady14:40.4Maine South
2Joey Kasch15:17Maine South
3Will Kelly15:33Glenbrook South4:54
4Spears15:38Maine South
5Will Houser16:04Glenbrook South5:10
6Charlie Schultz16:12Glenbrook South5:12
7Brian Hiltebrand16:15Glenbrook South5:14
8Holly16:16Niles West
9Barkum16:18Maine South
10Tauber16:26Maine South
11Weiler16:28New Trier
12Schilling16:31Maine South
13Gupta16:35New Trier
14Kaenan16:40New Trier
15Glancy16:41Niles West
16Joey Pauletto16:45Glenbrook South5:12
17Rudrud16:46New Trier
18Plaute16:53New Trier
19Nattawattisit16:54New Trier
20Chang16:59New Trier
21Silverman17:00New Trier
22James Kurtzweil17:00Glenbrook South5:14
23Harrison Wollney17:09Glenbrook South5:23
24Gluckner17:14Maine South
25Flick17:15New Trier
27Matthew Finkel17:18Glenbrook South5:33
34Wade Herrera17:35Glenbrook South5:33
40John Bresnahan17:39Glenbrook South5:34
42Jordan Lynch17:43Glenbrook South5:37
46Dane Branstrom17:40Glenbrook South5:33
52Tyson Anthony17:56Glenbrook South5::53
54Joey Patronik18:03Glenbrook South5:34
56Mrugesh Thakor18:11Glenbrook South5:33
64David Lopez18:23Glenbrook South5:44
66Sam Westfall18:29Glenbrook South5:48
77Preston Davidson19:19Glenbrook South5:41
84Addy Otgontseren19:37Glenbrook South6:07
85Justin Wrona19:38Glenbrook South6:20
89Cole Brady20:19Glenbrook South6:21
89Adam Latreille20:19Glenbrook South6:11
93James Scott20:31Glenbrook South5:38
101Aditya Bhalla20:52Glenbrook South6:28
102Gabriel Cole20:56Glenbrook South6:39
114George Papagiannopoulos21:39Glenbrook South6:33
118Gerry Bermudez22:02Glenbrook South6:39
118Josh Gorenyuk22:06Glenbrook South6:58
119Josh Garate22:09Glenbrook South6:58
121Danny O'Brien28:33Glenbrook South6:51
122Peter Pawlowicz29:33Glenbrook South8:28
123Ricky Egen29:45Glenbrook South8:40
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Freshmen Results (2.1mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Jamieson11:33New Trier
2Deger11:57New Trier
3Cahill12:12New Trier
4Lucas Houser12:40Glenbrook South6:016:39
5Iwonski12:43Maine South
6Sebastian Zimmer12:47Glenbrook South6:016:46
7Michael Westfall12:48Glenbrook South6:216:27
10Elie Nassif12:59Glenbrook South6:216:38
11Jayson Stamm12:22Glenbrook South6:216:01
18Thomas Casey13:51Glenbrook South6:546:57
20Matthew Penne13:58Glenbrook South7:006:58
22Brett Wittenstein14:05Glenbrook South6:427:23
28John Paul Philbrick14:21Glenbrook South7:007:21
32Derek Lentz14:40Glenbrook South7:007:40
39Matthew Burke15:06Glenbrook South7:217:45
42Jacob Baim15:19Glenbrook South7:088:11
45Matthew Klonecki15:24Glenbrook South7:447:40
50Ellis Gonzales15:51Glenbrook South8:027:49
60Colin Garvey16:13Glenbrook South8:147:59
70Jonathan Joseph18:35Glenbrook South8:3510:00
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