Titan Distance

Charlie Schultz

Class of 2019
University of Minnesota Twin-Cities
Sub-16 ClubSub-5 ClubSub-2 Club
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Personal Records

3mi 2mi 5k 3200m 1600m 800m 400m
15:35.5 11:13.9 17:23.5 10:45.81 4:41.65 1:57.79 0:53.0

Cross Country

Time Meet Distance
15:46.4Hoffman Estates (H.S.) Sectional (10/27/18)3 Mile
16:02.3Hoffman Estates (H.S.) Regional (10/20/18)3 Mile
15:56.6CSL Conference Championship (10/13/18)3 Mile
15:35.5PRPeoria High School Invitational (9/29/18)3 Mile
16:12CSL Quad at Maine South (9/25/18)2.95 Mile
16:51CSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/17/18)3 Mile
16:25Warren Blue Devil Invite (9/15/18)3 Mile
17:41.5SRCrystal Lake South Invitational (9/1/18)5k
16:11.2SRHoffman Estates (H.S.) Sectional (10/28/17)3 Mile
16:21.4Hoffman Estates (H.S.) Regional (10/21/17)3 Mile
16:52.8CSL Conference Championship (10/16/17)3 Mile
16:17.4Peoria High School Invitational (9/30/17)3 Mile
17:25CSL Quad at New Trier (9/26/17)3 Mile
16:56.2Warren Blue Devil Invite (9/16/17)3 Mile
16:38.60CSL Quad at Niles West (9/12/17)3 Mile
18:09.2SRCrystal Lake South Invitational (9/2/17)5k
16:36.17Skokie (Niles West) Sectional (10/29/16)3 Mile
16:39.2Wilmette (Loyola Academy) Regional (10/22/16)3 Mile
16:39.26CSL Conference Championship (10/15/16)3 Mile
16:44CSL Quad at Niles North (9/27/16)3 Mile
16:33SRCSL Quad at Glenbrook South (9/20/16)3 Mile
16:31Blue Devil Invite (9/17/16)2.96 Mile
17:23.5PRWauconda Invitational (9/10/16)5k
12:09.1Crystal Lake South Invitational (9/3/16)3.5k
11:18SRPre-Season Time Trial (8/26/16)2 Mile
11:13.9PRCSL Conference Championship (10/17/15)2 Mile
11:55.8Niles West Pat Savage Invite (10/3/15)2 Mile
17:23.41SRWarren Blue Devil Invite (9/19/15)3 Mile
18:54.7Wauconda Invitational (9/12/15)3 Mile
13:03.7Crystal Lake South Invitational (9/5/15)3.4k

Distance Track

Event Mark Meet
800m2:00.74IHSA 3A State Prelims (5/24/19)
800m1:57.79PRIHSA Sectionals (5/16/19)
400m0:53.0PRRCSL Conference Championship (5/10/19)
800m2:00.56CSL Conference Championship (5/10/19)
400m0:53.3RJohn Davis Titan Invite (5/3/19)
800m2:02.22John Davis Titan Invite (5/3/19)
400m0:54.1RSpartan Relays (4/26/19)
800m2:04.2RSpartan Relays (4/26/19)
800m2:04.33Niles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/17/19)
800m2:05.7RBuffalo Grove B.A.T.E. Invite (4/13/19)
800m2:05.53Schaumburg Mikias Tibebu Invite (4/6/19)
800m2:04.81CSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/15/19)
400m0:57.0RCSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/15/19)
800m2:06.5GBS Quad 4 (3/8/19)
1600m4:50.1SRGBS Quad 3 (2/28/19)
400m0:56.2RGBS Titan Indoor Relays (2/23/19)
800m2:08.4RGBS Titan Indoor Relays (2/23/19)
1000m2:47.0GBS Quad 2 (2/15/19)
800m2:11.6GBS Quad 1 (2/8/19)
800m2:03.28SRIHSA 3A Sectionals (5/17/18)
800m2:05.8RCSL Conference Championship (5/11/18)
800m2:04.0RJohn Davis Titan Invite (5/4/18)
800m2:07.4RSpartan Relays (4/27/18)
800m2:07.57Niles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/20/18)
800m2:07.2Palatine Triangular (3/22/18)
800m2:08.9RCSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/16/18)
1600m4:53.9SRGBS Quad 3 (3/1/18)
800m2:09.8RGBS Quad 2 (2/16/18)
800m2:04.51SRSkokie (Niles West) Sectional (5/18/17)
800m2:04.75CSL Conference Championship (5/12/17)
1600m4:46.34SRJohn Davis Titan Invite (5/5/17)
800m2:07.63Niles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/21/17)
800m2:07.71Buffalo Grove B.A.T.E. Invite (4/15/17)
800m2:09.76Schaumburg Mikias Tibebu Invite (4/8/17)
800m2:10.45CSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/17/17)
1600m4:41.65PRIHSA 3A Sectionals (5/19/16)
1600m4:45.50CSL Conference Championship (5/13/16)
1600m4:44.08John Davis Titan Invite (5/6/16)
3200m10:54.54Niles North Dan Horyn Invite (4/23/16)
3200m10:45.81PRCSL Indoor Conference Championship (3/18/16)

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