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Mt. Prospect (Prospect) Regional

Saturday, October 26, 2019
Prospect High School

#2 at Regionals

The Titans finished 2nd at the IHSA Regionals at Prospect High School behind #4 ranked John Hersey High School.

At the mile mark, the Titans had 4 in the top 5 and after a strong push from the other schools, ended with 4 in the top 12. As a team, the Titans finished ahead of a strong push from host Prospect, beating them by 11 points. The Titans finished just 6 points behind Hersey.

Individually, Will Kelly (Sr) finished 2nd Overall behind Josh Methner of Hersey. Behind him in the Top-12 were Brian Hiltebrand (So), Will Houser (Sr), and James Kurtzweil (Sr). Jayson Stamm (So) finished the Top-5. Mrugesh Thakor (Jr) and Matthew Finkel (Jr) also with strong performances.

The Titans will next compete at the IHSA Sectionals at Busse Woods next Saturday. Meet Information will arrive this week.

Thanks to all of the fans who came out today to support!

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1Arlington Heights (Hersey)58
2Glenview (Glenbrook South)64
3Mt. Prospect (Prospect)75
4Rolling Meadows101
5Palatine (Fremd)135
6Northbrook (Glenbrook North)145
7Hoffman Estates (H.S.)157
8Hoffman Estates (Conant)170
9Schaumburg (H.S.)203

Distance Team Scores

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Course Map & Directions


Photographer(s): Cody Slutzky

Photographer(s): Mr. Jortberg

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Josh MethnerSr.15:14.4Hersey
2Will KellySr.15:29.4Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:105:095:10
3Max SvientySr.15:39.4Hersey
4Stephen BarrettoJr.15:41.4Rolling Meadows
5Erik SnellSr.15:47.0Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
6Brian HiltebrandSo.15:53.0Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:125:235:18
7Jack MartinSr.15:56.3Rolling Meadows
8Will HouserSr.16:01.7Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:125:225:28
9Tim ChomaSr.16:02.6Hersey
10Jack DechoudensJr.16:06.9Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
11Jack WolskiSr.16:08.0Palatine (Fremd)
12James KurtzweilSr.16:09.8Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:125:315:27
13Ken WinstonJr.16:11.8Hoffman Estates
14Jacob Johnson WrightSr.16:14.1Rolling Meadows
15Thomas WalterSr.16:14.2Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
16James PreucilSr.16:16.0Conant
17Grant BonatzSr.16:16.1Schaumburg
18Dhruv PurohitSr.16:16.4Palatine (Fremd)
19TJ GarlandSo.16:16.6Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
20Nick IhrkeJr.16:17.1Glenbrook North
21Ethan ParhamSr.16:17.4Conant
22Sean SaffordSo.16:17.9Hersey
23Nick CarabaSr.16:18.8Hersey
24Iverson SolisJr.16:19.4Hoffman Estates
25Thomas NovakSr.16:30.6Palatine (Fremd)
26Sean KuraSo.16:31.7Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
27Nick RedstoneJr.16:33.8Glenbrook North
28Nic SquillaciotiJr.16:34.6Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
29Sam StubbsSr.16:34.8Hersey
30Michael KruseSr.16:35.3Glenbrook North
31Josh StolyarovSo.16:41.8Glenbrook North
32Jose CastilloSr.16:42.6Rolling Meadows
33Charles ZielinskiJr.16:43.9Schaumburg
34Luke LinscottJr.16:47.4Hersey
35Nick GrasseSr.16:48.9Palatine (Fremd)
36Jayson StammSo.16:49.6Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:235:415:46
37Daniel WeaverJr.16:50.6Glenbrook North
38Preetpaul SinghSo.16:53.0Hoffman Estates
39Ahmar KhanJr.16:53.7Hoffman Estates
40Mrugesh ThakorJr.16:59.2Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:235:495:47
41Andrew MilasSr.17:01.9Conant
42Timothy St. JohnSr.17:04.7Glenbrook North
43Jerry JimenezSo.17:10.0Hoffman Estates
44Carter WachtelSo.17:10.0Rolling Meadows
45Andy DavidsonSo.17:11.0Conant
46Dylan SienaJr.17:11.8Palatine (Fremd)
47Anthony MilasSo.17:12.1Conant
48Marcos JaimesSo.17:12.4Schaumburg
49Jason ThomasJr.17:13.0Conant
50Kaden De GarmoSr.17:17.3Schaumburg
51Matthew FinkelJr.17:21.9Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:245:586:00
52Luka KuzmanovicFr.17:24.3Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
53Omar ArroyoSr.17:26.9Hoffman Estates
54Khushin PatelSr.17:28.0Conant
55Nick McCoyJr.17:33.4Schaumburg
56Getsemani AguirreSo.17:38.8Hoffman Estates
57Cole MartinSo.17:48.3Rolling Meadows
58Steven VeremisFr.17:56.4Palatine (Fremd)
59Kevin LuiSr.17:58.5Palatine (Fremd)
60Matt TrybusSo.18:02.7Schaumburg
61Alex SanchezJr.18:07.9Rolling Meadows
62Christian HeywoodFr.18:26.8Schaumburg
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