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Hoffman Estates (H.S.) Regional

Saturday, October 20, 2018
Busse Woods

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Team Scores

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2Rolling Meadows44
3Glenview (Glenbrook South)54
4Mt. Prospect (Prospect)135
5Palatine (Fremd)154
6Glenbrook North186
9Hoffman Estates239
10Elk Grove251

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Course Map & Directions


Photographer(s): Mr. Jortberg

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Josh MethnerJr.14:59.1Hersey
2Ryan BuchSr.14:59.7Hersey
3Eddie LennonSr.15:12.9Rolling Meadows
4Max SvientyJr.15:20.0Hersey
5Erik SnellJr.15:32.4Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
6Stephen BarrettoSo.15:34.7Rolling Meadows
7Will KellyJr.15:45.4Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:005:235:22
8Will HouserJr.15:49.8Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:075:285:15
9Nate OrlykSr.15:54.9Rolling Meadows
10Jack MartinJr.15:55.6Rolling Meadows
11Luis VasquezSo.16:00.6Hersey
12Charlie SchultzSr.16:02.3Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:075:315:24
13Brian HiltebrandFr.16:02.8Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:085:325:23
14James KurtzweilJr.16:03.2Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:085:285:27
15James PreucilJr.16:03.9Conant
16CJ MillerSr.16:04.7Rolling Meadows
17Jacob Johnson WrightJr.16:06.0Rolling Meadows
18Royce PiscitelloSr.16:06.1Rolling Meadows
19Jack WolskiJr.16:10.9Palatine (Fremd)
20Kaede KokubuJr.16:11.4Palatine (Fremd)
21Joey PaulettoSr.16:14.6Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:085:345:33
22Quinn BornSo.16:15.4Hersey
23Ethan ParhamJr.16:15.8Conant
24Andy McNallyFr.16:16.6Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
25Nate KraemerSr.16:21.2Elk Grove
26Ken WinstonSo.16:24.5Hoffman Estates
27Grant BonatzJr.16:24.6Schaumburg
28Austin Morales-SanchezSr.16:25.0Schaumburg
29Dana SullivanSr.16:31.3Glenbrook North
30Thomas WalterJr.16:32.6Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
31Jason PalafoxJr.16:34.6Hersey
32Nick GrasseJr.16:39.2Palatine (Fremd)
33Logan MertesJr.16:42.5Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
34Nick RedstoneSo.16:43.0Glenbrook North
35Michael KruseJr.16:44.1Glenbrook North
36Harrison WollneySo.16:45.8Glenview (Glenbrook South)5:205:445:42
37Connor OilerFr.16:46.3Hersey
38Simon CooperJr.16:49.4Schaumburg
39Brendon KriepkeSr.16:50.2Conant
40Timothy St. JohnJr.16:52.7Glenbrook North
41Thomas NovakJr.16:57.0Palatine (Fremd)
42Anthony AloisioSo.16:57.7Palatine (Fremd)
43Jordan MorrowSr.17:00.6Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
44Nicolas SquillaciotiSo.17:01.7Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
45Kevin SlawackiSo.17:02.6Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
46Ethan BilodeauSr.17:06.0Elk Grove
47Anthony NavarreteSr.17:09.1Hoffman Estates
48Jonah LevineSr.17:11.2Glenbrook North
49Jeet PoteSo.17:12.2Palatine (Fremd)
50Nick IhrkeSo.17:13.4Glenbrook North
51Ahmar KhanSo.17:17.9Hoffman Estates
52Kaden De GarmoJr.17:20.3Schaumburg
53Dylan SienaSo.17:21.8Palatine (Fremd)
54Andrew MilasJr.17:27.7Conant
55Blake DroegeJr.17:28.5Schaumburg
56Jerry JimenezFr.17:31.6Hoffman Estates
57Caleb KimSr.17:33.5Glenbrook North
58Carlos ZavalaSr.17:38.0Elk Grove
59Alan WagnerSr.17:39.7Hoffman Estates
60Liam SaluskiSo.17:40.4Elk Grove
61Preetpaul SinghFr.17:45.0Hoffman Estates
62Matt SchauSr.17:52.8Elk Grove
63Josue ValenciaFr.18:01.7Hoffman Estates
64Anthony MilasFr.18:07.6Conant
65Manny MotaJr.18:12.9Schaumburg
66Thomas YooSo.18:23.1Conant
67Charles ZielinskiSo.18:24.2Schaumburg
68Evan LeeSo.18:30.6Conant
69Marco PerezJr.18:36.5Elk Grove
70Ezekial GarciaSo.18:45.2Elk Grove
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