Titan Distance

Wauconda Invitational

Saturday, September 11, 2021
Matthews Middle School

Improving Week by Week

Last Saturday, September 11th, the Titans made the long trip to Matthews Middle School for the 45th annual Wauconda Invite. The boys raced hard all morning into the early afternoon on the tough course. 

The Varsity boys started off the day once again on the fresh course. The top 7 is starting to take shape, and senior Brian Hiltebrand (17:03) led the way, as usual, crossing the line in 3rd place. Jayson Stamm (SR) ran a great race as well, finishing very soon after at 17:18 in 6th place, overall. Senior Elie Nassif ran a strategic race by sticking with Jayson for the first mile and a half and then gutting out the rest with a time of 17:42 for 11th place. Brendan Tanaka (17:45, SR) finished the race one place behind Elie in 12th place. Senior Michael Westfall (18:02) rounded out the top 5 in 18th place to get the Titans a score of 47 points which secured 2nd place for Varsity. 

The Freshmen and Sophomores boys lined up shortly after for their race. Sophomore Andy Ordway ran a blistering time of 18:30 to get 3rd place in the race. He was followed by Cyrus Cooke (19:58, SO), Jack Qualkenbush (20:03, SO), and Sam Knezevich (20:08, SO). Sophomore Charles Sturiale (20:15, SO) came in as the 5th runner, securing a 4th place finish for the Titans. Connor Herrington led all freshmen in the race with a time of 20:40 as well.

The Open JV Race finished off the day with great races and finishes seen all around. Junior Sully Richards (19:04) stole 1st place from 4 other Lane Tech runners with an extremely close photo-finish. Seniors John Paul Philbrick (19:20), Matthew Penne (19:27), and Matthew Klonecki (19:31) followed closely behind Sully, finishing in 6th, 7th, and 9th respectively. New distance runner, Junior Mateus Alkhas rounded out the top-5 for JV, and the team finished 2nd overall.

It was a great day of racing as the team approaches the CSL schedule starting soon. Next up, though, the boys travel to Warren Township High School for the Bill Dawson Blue Devil Invite on Saturday, September 18th. We'll see you all there!

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1Crystal Lake Central29
2Glenbrook South47
3Lane Tech87
4Warren Township106
5Grayslake North113
6Maine East139


1Lane Tech22
2Glenbrook South33
3Lakes Community88
4Warren Township114


1Lakes Community51
2Lane Tech55
3Crystal Lake Central92
4Glenbrook South94
5Aurora East118
6Warren Township177
8Round Lake South202

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Course Information & Directions

Top 5k Times by GBS Athletes


Photographer(s): Mr. Jortberg

Photographer(s): Inessa Kaufman & James Hiltebrand

Varsity Results (5k)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Karson HollanderJr.16:31Crystal Lake Central
2Daniel HamillSr.16:51Crystal Lake Central
3Brian HiltebrandSr.17:03Glenbrook South
4Lukasz IwanowskiSr.17:14Maine East
5Jackson HopkinsFr.17:17Crystal Lake Central
6Jayson StammSr.17:18PRGlenbrook South
7Armani DiazSr.17:21Grayslake North
8Will FosterSr.17:29Crystal Lake Central
9Gavin MurrieSr.17:31Lakes Community
10Fahim RafiJr.17:33Warren
11Elie NassifSr.17:42PRGlenbrook South
12Brendan TanakaSr.17:45PRGlenbrook South
13Rory QuinnSr.17:45Lane Tech
14James PerkinsSr.17:47Crystal Lake Central
15Ryan AlyassirSr.17:48Warren
16Emmet ChristiansenSr.17:50Lane Tech
17Owen DaviesJr.17:59Grayslake North
18Michael WestfallSr.18:02PRGlenbrook South
19Aiden ShulferSo.18:05Crystal Lake Central
20Colum McnallySr.18:14Lane Tech
21Anthony SementaJr.18:22Round Lake
22Eli FurgesonJr.18:23Lane Tech
23Jordan HornbuckleSr.18:27Lakes Community
24Charlie BealsJr.18:34Lane Tech
25Sam OsorioJr.18:47Lane Tech
26Lucas HouserSr.18:52PRGlenbrook South
27James HiltebrandJr.18:54PRGlenbrook South
28Nathan BjurstromJr.18:54Lane Tech
29Quin MaloneyJr.18:54Lakes Community
30Mark BermudezSr.19:20Round Lake
31Clay CottrellSr.19:38Warren
32Ryan RockeySr.19:41Wauconda
33Oscar CortesJr.19:44Round Lake
34Nicholas Von BriesenJr.19:58Grayslake North
35Daniel DurayJr.20:04Warren
36Zack WiggintonJr.20:05Lakes Community
37Connor LockwoodJr.20:13Warren
38Jack FostiakJr.20:48Wauconda
39Harry ColinJr.20:55Wauconda
40Allan BochenekJr.21:33Maine East
41Jared HughesSr.22:00Grayslake North
42Osualdo GomezSo.22:02Grayslake North
43Maxwell KriegerSr.22:39Grayslake North
44Ezequiel FigueroaSr.22:57Maine East
45Lazar SimicJr.23:12Maine East
46Owen DonohueSr.24:29Wauconda
47William SadlerJr.27:22Maine East
48Emir HadziahmetovicJr.30:06Maine East
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Open Results (5k)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Sully RichardsJr.19:04PRGlenbrook South
2Johari GalindoJr.19:04LATE
3Mathew BoemmelSr.19:05LATE
4Miguel AgcaoiliSr.19:05LATE
5Evan HartJr.19:10LATE
6John Paul PhilbrickSr.19:20PRGlenbrook South
7Matthew PenneSr.19:27PRGlenbrook South
8Ian Santos-merrittJr.19:30LATE
9Matthew KloneckiSr.19:31PRGlenbrook South
10Mateus AlkhasJr.19:34PRGlenbrook South
11Sanjeev GorlaJr.19:56PRGlenbrook South
12Sebastian ZimmerSr.19:56SRGlenbrook South
13Jack OlsonJr.19:59PRGlenbrook South
14John TirpakJr.20:00PRGlenbrook South
15Evan YoungJr.20:00CLC
16Abdiel MoralesSr.20:09EAST
17Jack CallaghanSr.20:14PRGlenbrook South
18Isaac AbrahamSr.20:20PRGlenbrook South
19Max JenkinsJr.20:20LATE
20Cole MillerJr.20:21LATE
21Jacob BaimSr.20:38PRGlenbrook South
22Dylan BradleyJr.20:52LATE
23Carson WaltersSr.20:57PRGlenbrook South
24Will DelucaJr.21:03LATE
25Caleb EckertSr.21:04LCHS
26Evan SteinJr.21:06LATE
27William DaviesSr.21:14CLC
28Sal LopezSr.21:23RLS
29Gio CanaliaJr.21:34PRGlenbrook South
30Mitchell CappelSr.21:38LCHS
31Elizar LovisJr.21:42LATE
32Ryan SundbergSr.21:52WTHS
33Ethan HernandezSr.21:55PRGlenbrook South
34Jackson SayreSr.21:57LCHS
35Ramon PerezSr.22:32LCHS
36Will SteenJr.22:39LCHS
37Elian PerezSr.22:41EAST
38Nicholas RaffoneSr.22:52LCHS
39Saul TorresSr.22:56RLS
40Ryan HansonJr.22:59GNHS
41Joell BelongaJr.23:05WTHS
42Eric LarsenSr.23:51CLC
43Anthony MorrisSr.23:55GNHS
44Aiden MaclennanSr.24:16GNHS
45David MigasSr.24:24LCHS
46Andrew YoonJr.24:24PRGlenbrook South
47Connor KozaneckiSr.24:58GNHS
48Eder RebolledoJr.25:21WAUC
49Elijah BallJr.25:33WTHS
50Joel PlamootiJr.26:34WTHS
51Colin GahaganSr.26:46LCHS
52Danny KloneckiJr.26:48PRGlenbrook South
53Avery PiktelJr.27:12WTHS
54Dylan BaylorSr.27:15WTHS
55Joan VazquesSo.27:27WAUC
56Logan EtheringtonSr.27:36RLS
57Patrick KorytkowskiSr.27:44WAUC
58Raul GarciaSr.30:22RLS
59Joey SchneckJr.24:05RICH
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Frosh/Soph Results (5k)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Payton WhiteheadSo.17:58Lakes Community
2Nate PeyerSo.18:29Crystal Lake Central
3Andy OrdwaySo.18:30PRGlenbrook South
4Anan BaumanSo.18:35Lane Tech
5Roman NevarezSo.18:43EAST
6Noe MartinezSo.18:51EAST
7Cullen KehoeSo.18:52Lane Tech
8Brady SterzikSo.19:01Crystal Lake Central
9Daniel CamposSo.19:17Round Lake
10Brady MockFr.19:21Lakes Community
11Brendan BradishSo.19:27Lane Tech
12Jackson SummyFr.19:28Lakes Community
13Blake SalbillaFr.19:30Lakes Community
14Nolan HollanderFr.19:33Crystal Lake Central
15Liam MakelaSo.19:40Lakes Community
16Paul NeelySo.19:45Lane Tech
17Sebastian Borras-ziemsSo.19:47Lane Tech
18Jack MccreerySo.19:48Lane Tech
19Cyrus CookeSo.19:58PRGlenbrook South
20Henry ElbertFr.19:58Lane Tech
21Oscar BonillaFr.20:00RICH
22Jack QualkenbushSo.20:03PRGlenbrook South
23Jesse KowalskiSo.20:04Warren
24Sam KnezevichSo.20:08PRGlenbrook South
25Bobby WeichmannFr.20:09Lakes Community
26Charles SturialeSo.20:15PRGlenbrook South
27Tristen MillerFr.20:17RICH
28Oscar RodriguezSo.20:24Round Lake
29Ewan McphilliamySo.20:25Lane Tech
30Juan CalzadaSo.20:26EAST
31Oliver GrusinFr.20:28Lane Tech
32Miles GrusinFr.20:36Lane Tech
33Connor HerringtonFr.20:40PRGlenbrook South
34Felix SantiagoSo.21:01Lane Tech
35Luis MendozaFr.21:02Maine East
36Luke ChavezSo.21:02PRGlenbrook South
37Emanuel JohnsonSo.21:03Lane Tech
38Luke GalikSo.21:03Lane Tech
39Sullivan MajznerFr.21:10Crystal Lake Central
40Domingo NorborgFr.21:11Lane Tech
41Joshua YoderFr.21:14Warren
42Rishab MuralidaranSo.21:24Warren
43Matthew PowleyFr.21:28Lakes Community
44Graham HansenSo.21:33Lane Tech
45Aidan HoganSo.21:40PRGlenbrook South
46Charlie AveranoSo.21:41Crystal Lake Central
47Diego GarciaSo.21:51EAST
48Nicolas GanekFr.21:55Wauconda
49Jakob BiondoSo.21:55Warren
50William FontanaFr.22:01PRGlenbrook South
51Adam KyrouacFr.22:02Crystal Lake Central
52Miguel RamosSo.22:08EAST
53Tony BatbayarFr.22:09PRGlenbrook South
54Kyle JenkinsFr.22:14Wauconda
55Jackson AllenSo.22:21Lakes Community
56Owen LilleyFr.22:26Lane Tech
57Angus McclellanSo.22:26RICH
58Ewan GerhardtSo.22:27Grayslake North
59Nathan GorgiusSo.22:29Wauconda
60Isaias MaravillaFr.22:29EAST
61Patrick ShannonFr.22:29Wauconda
62Jacob FarmerSo.22:31RICH
63Henry JohnsonSo.22:31Lane Tech
64Henry WittenwylerFr.22:33Lane Tech
65Lucas VegaFr.22:34Lane Tech
66Ivan Garcia-nietoFr.22:38Warren
67Broderick BendlerFr.22:38Wauconda
68Aditya ShahSo.22:40PRGlenbrook South
69Austin DroverSo.22:40Lakes Community
70Tom McDonaghSo.22:44PRGlenbrook South
71Jacob SchnoesFr.22:49Lane Tech
72John ColemanFr.22:50Lakes Community
73Alonzo PerezSo.22:53EAST
74Owen WeinfurtnerSo.22:55RICH
75Pertersen SethFr.23:00Crystal Lake Central
76Patrik DortchFr.23:05Lakes Community
77Jack AmbrosiaFr.23:11PRGlenbrook South
78Henry MorganFr.23:15Lakes Community
79Jovan GveroSo.23:17PRGlenbrook South
80Rahm SheinfeldFr.23:24PRGlenbrook South
81Kyle NewtonSo.23:34Warren
82Timothy TirpakFr.23:41PRGlenbrook South
83Aidan WrightSo.23:41Round Lake
84Lucas RodwayFr.23:47Lakes Community
85Brian ChoiSo.23:53PRGlenbrook South
86Seth WhiteFr.24:11Crystal Lake Central
87James DravenackFr.24:23PRGlenbrook South
88Andrew KimSo.24:23PRGlenbrook South
89Max GoodmanFr.24:26PRGlenbrook South
90Ryan SoleskySo.24:40PRGlenbrook South
91Donovan HouseSo.24:44Grayslake North
92Temuujin EnkhbayarFr.24:45Maine East
93Tommy TomaselloFr.24:47Crystal Lake Central
94Ethan SamwaysSo.24:57Round Lake
95Jonathan MontesSo.24:59Round Lake
96Lucas JablonskiFr.25:03Warren
97Aabh ContractorFr.25:13Maine East
98Jeremy PerezFr.25:13EAST
99Ike CheyFr.25:16PRGlenbrook South
100Jaxon SchrautSo.25:23Crystal Lake Central
101Jonathan HaucaFr.25:27Lakes Community
102Mason RyttingFr.25:46Warren
103Zach GoossenSo.25:52Lakes Community
104Boden WilliamsFr.26:07PRGlenbrook South
105Carlos VilchisFr.26:58Round Lake
106Maddox PostFr.27:09Lakes Community
107Justin AsmussenFr.27:27Warren
108James ColeFr.27:40PRGlenbrook South
109Diego MartinezSo.27:43Round Lake
110Mark FlisarskySo.27:46Maine East
111Marcos OlgiunFr.27:53EAST
112Shuja RainaFr.27:58PRGlenbrook South
113Dylan SchroetterFr.28:24Warren
114Joseph De StefanoFr.28:58PRGlenbrook South
115Braeden KendrickSo.29:40Lakes Community
116Yair LopezFr.30:15EAST
117Shaun TorsekarFr.30:52PRGlenbrook South
118Humzah ZehdanFr.31:49PRGlenbrook South
119Eric NardulliSo.32:26PRGlenbrook South
120Nathan StreicherSo.34:05Lakes Community
121Matthew ShoresFr.37:57Lakes Community
122Cristopher VelazquezFr.40:03Round Lake
123Hasan MafrajiFr.42:34PRGlenbrook South
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