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Prospect Invite

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Prospect High School

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Team Scores

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Junior Varsity

3Glenbrook South88
4Maine West113


3Glenbrook South47
4Maine West113
5Rolling Meadows158
7Proviso West203

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Junior Varsity


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Junior Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Jason DolandSr.17:11St. Viator
2Jonathan KangJr.17:21Maine West
3Brett NeedelmanSr.17:23Deerfield
4Mac CooleyJr.17:24Deerfield
5Steven KalishJr.17:30Bartlett
6Alex LuoFr.17:32Deerfield
7Jordan LynchSr.17:36Glenbrook South
8Erik VinopalSr.17:38Rolling Meadows
9Patrick StephenSr.17:40Bartlett
10Jason DahlbergJr.17:42Deerfield
11Wade HerreraJr.17:46Glenbrook South
12Alexis MendezSr.17:55Proviso West
13Adrian AcostaJr.17:59Bartlett
14David LopezSr.17:59Glenbrook South
15Louie PaulSo.18:02Bartlett
16Aidan FruzynaSr.18:05Rolling Meadows
17Joe ArianoJr.18:08Deerfield
18Carter EidFr.18:11Bartlett
19Elai SpectorJr.18:12Deerfield
20Jay PatelSr.18:13Lakes
21Michael TrajkovichJr.18:16Bartlett
22Tim SmithJr.18:17Lakes
23Sean HumpaJr.18:21Lakes
24Jacob RiedlJr.18:24Maine West
25Joey PatronikSr.18:26Glenbrook South
26Bibin BijuJr.18:26Maine West
27Kane LeComteJr.18:27Prospect
28Ryan PolitzkiJr.18:28St. Viator
29Aidan GillespieSo.18:35Lakes
30Braydon BarthFr.18:46Bartlett
31Micah PlofskyJr.18:49Deerfield
32Jonathan ContrerasSr.18:53Harlem
33Mike FramkeJr.18:53Maine West
34Johnny PicchiottaJr.18:54Maine West
35Theo GikasJr.19:01Glenbrook South
36Evan LeeSo.19:06Conant
37Ian HuffJr.19:07Maine West
38Michael DarrJr.19:09Harlem
39Jeet PatelSr.19:14Bartlett
40Jeremy PlofskyJr.19:23Deerfield
55Charlie KuhnJr.19:49Glenbrook South
59Justin WronaJr.19:56Glenbrook South
98Aditya BhallaSr.21:56Glenbrook South
104Danny O'BrienJr.22:27Glenbrook South
115Brayden McNamaraSr.24:05Glenbrook South
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Sophomore Results (2.5mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
3Harrison WollneySo.14:21Glenbrook South
5Matthew FinkelSo.14:30Glenbrook South
7Dane BranstromSo.14:37Glenbrook South
12Tyson AnthonySo.14:49Glenbrook South
21James ScottSo.15:02Glenbrook South
33Mrugesh ThakorSo.15:35Glenbrook South
34Preston DavidsonSo.15:35Glenbrook South
48Carter AdamsSo.16:24Glenbrook South
53Cole BradySo.16:35Glenbrook South
74Gabriel ColeSo.17:27Glenbrook South
119Ricky EgenSo.21:42Glenbrook South
121Peter PawlowiczSo.21:53Glenbrook South
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