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Glenview (Glenbrook South) Regional

Saturday, October 23, 2021
Glenbrook South High School

Onto Sectionals!

This past Saturday, October 23rd, the Titans hosted and competed in the IHSA Regional with absolutely perfect weather. The boys ran hard and capitalized by taking 4th place out of 11 teams overall behind three ranked teams: New Trier, Hersey, and Loyola. Their finish qualifies the team to advance to Sectionals next weekend for the IHSA Sectional, extending this streak to 7 straight years.

The race went out fast, and Senior Brian Hiltebrand stuck with the front pack to finish his first mile in under 5-minutes. He crossed the line at 3 miles in 16:08 in 13th place. Senior Jayson Stamm ran at a pretty consistent pace to finish just after Hiltebrand with a time of 16:18 in 16th. First-year Varsity runner, Senior Brendan Tanaka improved his personal best once again with a great race in 16:30 for 21st. Senior Sebastian Zimmer spent the majority of his season injured and has rapidly been making his way back. He was moved up to Varsity for this race and certainly took advantage by setting a massive personal record of 16:51 for 37th place. Rounding out the top 5 was Senior Michael Westfall with a time of 17:02 for 43rd. After not meeting his own expectations as of late, Senior Michael Jerva worked with the coaches and collectively decided to employ a new strategy heading into the postseason. As the gun was fired and everyone took off, Jerva remained at the line for about 2 seconds to allow him to go out a bit more controlled and work throughout the race to pass people. This paid off as he was able to get his time back down to 17:12 in 53rd. Finally, Senior Elie Nassif gutted out the rest of the race after reaggravating his achilles injury. Fighting through the pain, Nassif finished just after Jerva in 17:20 in 56th. In total the team had a total of 130 points for 4th place.

It was a great day to host the IHSA Regional on our home course with great competition all around. The team made some huge strides at this race, and they are all very excited as they look forward to running at Busse Woods next Saturday for the IHSA Sectional. The boys will spend the next week tapering and resting up, and we will see all of you on Saturday!

Team Scores


1New Trier22
3Loyola Academy100
4Glenbrook South130
5Glenbrook North138
7Niles West166
8Niles North214
10Maine East273
11Maine West287

Distance Team Scores

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Glenbrook South Cross Country Course

Our cross country course is run on nearly 100% grass around the athletic fields of Glenbrook South. Over the years, tens of thousands of runners have crossed the finish line of our course in meets ranging from Duals to IHSA Competitions. The course is mostly-flat, and cut short for most meets.

Some Things to Know:

Bathrooms are available in our concessions stand building, located near the south endzone of John Davis Titan Stadium.
No Dogs
Per the Cook County Animal Control Ordinance, only service animals are allowed on school premises. If you bring a dog, you will be asked to leave the property.
Parking is available on-site in the "West Lot". Park nearest the stadium for the easiest access. Refer to the map below for more information.
Food and Drink
Concessions are available for select meets in our new concessions stand, located near the south endzone of John Davis Titan Stadium.

Course Map:

Getting Here:

Our cross country course is located on the campus of Glenbrook South High School, located between West Lake Avenue, Pfingsten Road, and Landwehr Road. Once you arrive at Glenbrook South, the most convient parking is in the West parking lots. Turn into the parking lot at the light of West Lake Avenue and Robin Lane and park nearest the stadium for easiest access.

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Course Records:

Time Name School Year
14:45 Reese Jordan Maine South 2016
14:46 Martin Baar Niles North 2015
14:47 Brett Davidson Highland Park 2015
14:50 Lenny Sitko Niles Notre Dame 1986
14:53 Warren Blood New Trier 2016
14:59 Scott Lidskin Glenbrook South 1991
15:00 Josh Derrick New Trier 2015
15:00 Joey Kasch Maine South 2019
15:04 Nick Falk New Trier 2021
15:06 Steve Miller Elk Grove 1984
15:09 Ralph Patajuntas Maine South 2015
15:10 Greg Harper Glenbrook South 1984
15:15 Ryan Cahill Glenbrook North 1985
15:16 Adam Christopher Maine South 2019
15:16 Jason Polydoris Highland Park 2019
15:17 Charlie Siebert New Trier 2019
15:18 Mike Coen Libertyville 1983
15:18 Max Peterson Evanston 2019
15:18 Torrain Haughton Maine East 2015
15:19 Brian Sedaro Maine South 2015
15:21 Tommy King New Trier 2009
15:22 Noah Graboys New Trier 2009
15:22 Will Kelly Glenbrook South 2019
15:23 Jack Litowitz New Trier 2015
15:24 Nate Whitfield Glenbrook North 2015
15:24 Matt Coyle Maine South 2020
15:25 Spencer Werner Loyola Academy 2021
15:26 Erik Sloan New Trier 2000
15:28 Michael Moore Maine South 2009
15:28 Connor Perreault Niles North 2015
15:29 George Artope Evanston 1996
15:29 Ted Oh New Trier 2015
15:29 Alex Burck New Trier 2015
15:30 Pete Delano Maine South 1985
15:30 Rick Newman Glenbrook South 1985
15:31 Jose Reyes Highland Park 2015
15:31 Tommy Brady Maine South 2016
15:31 Chris Langlois Glenbrook North 1983
15:32 George Cahill New Trier 2021
15:33 Tom O'Rourke Loyola 1984
15:33 Pat Burnett Glenbrook North 1985
15:33 JD Shelly New Trier 2019
15:34 Patrick Norrick New Trier 2015
15:34 Jeff Gallagher Maine West 1984
15:34 Rocky Lee Niles West 1984


Photographer(s): James Hiltebrand

Photographer(s): Mr. Jortberg

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Nick FalkSr.15:04.31TQNew Trier
2Spencer WernerSr.15:25.17TQLoyola Academy
3George CahillSr.15:32.34TQNew Trier
4Patrick JamiesonSr.15:41.31TQNew Trier
5Connor OilerSr.15:41.56TQHersey
6Oscar Dueno-AldaJr.15:52.31TQNew Trier
7Bora CeliknalSr.15:54.18IQNiles West
8Blake DegerSr.15:55.09TQNew Trier
9Lukasz IwanowskiSr.15:56.33IQMaine East
10Essay TolosaSr.15:57.05TQEvanston
11Jack MoranSr.15:57.25TQNew Trier
12Atticus MillerSo.15:58.91TQNew Trier
13Brian HiltebrandSr.16:08.16TQGlenbrook South
14Aidan NishimuraJr.16:08.38TQHersey
15Casey GibbonsSr.16:08.62TQLoyola Academy
16Jayson StammSr.16:18.62TQGlenbrook South
17Zach FrayderSo.16:23.21TQHersey
18Gabe JohnsonJr.16:25.84TQGlenbrook North
19John IhrkeSo.16:27.86TQGlenbrook North
20Liam NaughtonSo.16:27.98TQHersey
21Brendan TanakaSr.16:30.74PRTQGlenbrook South
22Harry Wood PrinceSr.16:32.84TQLoyola Academy
23Cameron DonnerSo.16:32.99TQHersey
24Porter ShawverSr.16:33.59IQNiles North
25Dylan EylerSr.16:35.11TQEvanston
26Andrew StutheitSr.16:36.65IQMaine West
27Thomas WhelanSr.16:38.73TQLoyola Academy
28Jack WerneckeSr.16:40.81IQNiles West
29Jake NingSo.16:42.10Wheeling
30Henry O'MalleySo.16:42.78TQEvanston
31Alan SungJr.16:43.10TQGlenbrook North
32Hayato MajorosFr.16:43.64TQGlenbrook North
33Samuel FroumFr.16:45.89TQEvanston
34James LombardoJr.16:47.70TQLoyola Academy
35Miguel GranadosSr.16:48.27Wheeling
36Luke AltmeyerSr.16:49.57TQHersey
37Sebastian ZimmerSr.16:51.85PRTQGlenbrook South
38Branden ChiSr.16:57.01TQGlenbrook North
39Ali KaratasSr.16:57.09Niles West
40Paul GarciaSr.16:57.65TQEvanston
41Lukas TichotaSr.17:00.06Niles North
42Daniel ThannertSo.17:02.42Niles West
43Michael WestfallSr.17:02.84TQGlenbrook South
44Dane NitoiSr.17:03.41Niles North
45Patrick HerbstSr.17:04.56TQGlenbrook North
46Adam MrozekJr.17:06.18Maine East
47Omar GonzalezJr.17:06.71Niles North
48Kevin Roman-ArellanoSr.17:06.82Wheeling
49Seichi ShinozakiSr.17:07.91TQLoyola Academy
50Jacob CastroFr.17:07.92Niles West
51Samuel BennettSr.17:08.99TQEvanston
52Sam RubinsteinSr.17:10.76TQGlenbrook North
53Michael JervaSr.17:12.00TQGlenbrook South
54Will LandeJr.17:15.10Niles West
55Ryan HauptmanSo.17:17.01Maine West
56Elie NassifSr.17:20.26TQGlenbrook South
57Jack KleinschmitSo.17:23.21TQEvanston
58Matthew AbrahamJr.17:28.65Niles North
59Jake SchreinerSo.17:29.63Wheeling
60John RamirezJr.17:29.85Wheeling
61Anthony RacitiSr.17:30.14Niles West
62Dan ReynosoJr.17:30.33Wheeling
63AJ SvientySo.17:32.64TQHersey
64Matthew HjorthSr.17:36.81TQLoyola Academy
65Samir PatelJr.17:42.23Wheeling
66Grant OlsenJr.18:13.99Niles North
67Ben HukSo.18:33.64Maine West
68Joey BrunoFr.18:39.26Maine West
69Ari ElmayanSo.18:51.88Niles North
70Luis MendozaFr.18:56.59Maine East
71Frank FerraioloFr.19:00.92Maine West
72Jesse MartinFr.19:06.32Maine West
73Allan BochenekJr.19:10.49Maine East
74Joseph ThalackanSr.19:10.82Maine West
75Charlie DiazSo.19:30.78Maine East
76Ezequiel FigueroaSr.20:03.29Maine East
77Ryan OlijnykSo.20:57.33Maine East
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