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Titan Distance

Wildcat Invitational

Saturday, October 10, 2020
Heritage Park

Titans Dominate the Wildcat Invitational

This Saturday, the Titan Top 14 ran in their first (and last) invitational of the season. The Wildcat Invitational, hosted by the Wheeling cross country team, took place at Heritage Park in Wheeling. The hilly course was a tough one, but the boys took it in stride, dominating the meet at the Varsity and Junior Varsity level.

Brian Hiltebrand (JR) and Mrugesh Thakor (SR) led the Varsity team, finishing in 2nd and 3rd with times of 16:08 and 16:12. Behind them, Cody Slutzky (SR) finished in 8th at 17:02. Matthew Finkel (SR) came through the line at 17:10 in 10th place. Preston Davidson (SR), Michael Westfall (JR), and Michael Jerva (JR) rounded out the Top 7 in 15th, 25th, and 27th. Michael Westfall really stepped up in this race, moving up from JV to take Jayson Stamm’s spot. In the end, the Titans captured a win with 38 points, far ahead of Conant’s 77.

The real stars of the show today were our JV runners. Because Jayson wasn’t running today, Michael Westfall moved up to take his spot. Brett Wittenstein also did not compete, so the JV boys were running as a team of 5. Harrison Wollney (SR) took an early lead, and he kept it going for the entire race. In the end, he finished 1st with a time of 18:01, a full 20 seconds ahead of the rest of the field. Behind him, Elie Nassif (JR, 18:20) and Sebastian Zimmer (JR, 18:22) finished together in 2nd and 3rd. JP Philbrick (JR, 18:36) was the 4th GBS runner through the line in 4th place. Matthew Klonecki (JR, 18:51) rounded out the Titans’ Top 5 with a 6th place finish. In all, the team finished with a near-perfect score of 16 points, way ahead of Conant’s 54.

The Top 14 will run again next Saturday at the CSL Conference Championship meet. After this weekend’s fantastic showing, we’re excited to see what the Titans can do.


Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1Glenbrook South38
3Maine West78
5Northridge Prep92

Junior Varsity

1Glenbrook South16

Distance Team Scores

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Junior Varsity

Course Map & Directions


Photographer(s): Jayson Stamm, Brett Wittenstein

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Jesus VallejoSr.16:04.2Maine West
2Brian HiltebrandJr.16:08.8Glenbrook South5:125:345:22
3Mrugesh ThakorSr.16:12.9Glenbrook South5:125:345:26
4Andrew Brockmeier16:16.7Northridge Prep
5Jason Thomas16:41.1Conant
6Adam Gorcyca16:44.2Maine West
7Bryan Martinez17:02.3Wheeling
8Cody SlutzkySr.17:02.4Glenbrook South5:205:555:47
9Mukal Verma17:09.5Palatine
10Matthew FinkelSr.17:10.7Glenbrook South5:205:575:53
11Michael Woodward17:12.4Palatine
12Max Elder17:15.7Northridge Prep
13Nick Frank17:23.3Conant
14Andy Davidson17:29.4Conant
15Preston DavidsonSr.17:31.3Glenbrook South5:206:106:01
16Matt Schmitt17:39.7Conant
17Lucas DaSilva17:41.6Maine West
18Andrew Johns17:44.9Palatine
19Miquel Granados17:46.3Wheeling
20Japnam Hothi17:48.1Wheeling
21Darwin Maco17:49.6Palatine
22Mark Masaka17:51.9Northridge Prep
23Andrew Stutheit17:55.6Maine West
24Angel Adaya18:01.3Palatine
25Michael WestfallJr.18:03.9Glenbrook South5:366:246:03
26Sam Schuler18:06.0Northridge Prep
27Michael JervaJr.18:12.2Glenbrook South5:206:236:29
28Anthony Vazquez18:14.5Northridge Prep
29Vijay Krishnamoorthi18:16.7Conant
30Evan Lee18:24.5Conant
31Jacob Diaz18:26.1Maine West
32Thomas Yoo18:31.2Conant
33Ray Petzold18:41.3Wheeling
34John Pins18:47.3Northridge Prep
35Isidro Bahena18:57.6Wheeling
36Conor Hielm19:11.1Palatine
37Jorge Gutierrez19:35.6Wheeling
38Arturo Valladaras19:52.2Wheeling
39Ethan Leigh19:59.3Palatine
40Joe Thalackan20:55.4Maine West
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Junior Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 Mile2 Mile Finish
1Harrison WollneySr.18:01.0Glenbrook South5:356:156:11
2Elie NassifJr.18:20.9Glenbrook South5:456:306:05
3Sebastian ZimmerJr.18:22.4Glenbrook South5:456:296:08
4John Paul PhilbrickJr.18:36.4Glenbrook South5:456:326:21
5Doug Hall18:44.7Palatine
6Matthew KloneckiJr.18:51.4Glenbrook South6:006:316:20
7Yordan Neykov19:05.6Conant
8Luke Henderson19:25.4Conant
9Soham Patel19:32.0Conant
10Joseph Harris19:33.4Palatine
11Peter Montegrande19:35.1Wheeling
12Ali Wahbeh19:40.5Conant
13Jacob Watson19:45.7Palatine
14Ernesto Lagunes19:54.9Wheeling
15Tim Micula19:58.3Wheeling
16Eric Miranda20:07.6Wheeling
17Alex Huila20:08.5Palatine
18Emmett Madigan20:10.7Conant
19Hassan Iqubal20:13.9Conant
20Kyle Rady20:31.5Palatine
21Matthew Sloan20:32.1Palatine
22Jacob Tallian20:36.1Palatine
23Gilbert Baladaras20:37.2Wheeling
24Max Yang20:39.8Conant
25Leo Monaxios21:03.2Wheeling
26Nate Alfajora21:12.2Conant
27Angel Dominguez21:25.9Maine West
28Gave Sevilla22:06.2Wheeling
29Ramses Bucio22:54.9Wheeling
30Cody Letts23:05.1Maine West
31Angel Macias23:43.8Wheeling
32Chase Hura24:09.1Conant
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