Titan Distance

CSL Conference Championship

Friday, June 04, 2021
Evanston Township High School

Conference Champions!

As the Titans arrived at Evanston Township High School on Friday, June 4th, they knew the conference title wouldn't come easily. The week's warm weather seemed to reach its peak that afternoon, with the temperature climbing to 91 degrees in the bright sun. Going into the meet, the Titans hadn't won a CSL Conference Championship since 1987 – a 34-year drought. Everyone knew it was time to change that.

At 2:00 pm, field events started strong, with captain Ryan Faut (SR) easily winning the shot put with a throw of 17.08m. A PR, this throw was nearly 4m ahead of the runner-up, and it earned him a number 2 spot on the Glenbrook South all-time shot put list. Behind him was Thomas McDonnell (SR), who threw a distance of 13.04m to take 3rd.

With a strong start from the throwers, the meet moved onto the long jump. It was a breakout day for Ryan Schaefer (SO), who jumped 6.61m to PR by an enormous margin. This jump crowned him conference champion, and it also broke the sophomore school record with a GBS #6 all-time performance. Behind him was Nathan Shapiro (JR), who, even with an injured ankle, managed to take 6th at 6.07m.

In the pole vault, our lone vaulter, Elie Nassif (JR), vaulted 3.40m to take 5th.

The high jump was exciting to watch as Noah Shapiro (JR) and Evanston's Matt Cless battled back and forth, slowly moving the bar up inch by inch. In the end, Cless prevailed at a height of 1.92m to Shapiro's 1.87m. Behind them, captain Artie Schleizer (SR) took 5th at 1.77m.

In the discus, Ryan Faut again dominated with a throw of 51.10m. This throw was over 11m ahead of the 2nd place finisher. In 3rd was Thomas McDonnell, with a throw of 37.45m. As the discus wrapped up, the Titans began the track events with a sizeable point lead.

The gun sounded for the 4x800m relay, and Lucas Houser (JR) led off, taking the team through at 2:14.5. He handed the baton off to Matthew Klonecki (JR), who split a 2:23.5. Next up was Matthew Penne (JR) at 2:13.9. Captain Harrison Wollney (SR) closed out the relay with a 2:08.8 split. Collectively, the team finished in 5th at 9:01.25.

In the 4x100m relay, the team of Ben Freidinger (SO), captain George Dornan (SR), Nathan Shapiro, and Noah Shapiro finished just behind Niles West to take 2nd. Their time of 43.75 was a quarter second behind Niles West's 43.50.

Next up was the 3200m run, where captain Cody Slutzky (SR) and Jayson Stamm (JR) represented the distance team. From the start of the race, New Trier's Charlie Siebert and Maine South's Matt Coyle dominated the race, finishing 1st and 2nd in 9:36 and 9:44 respectively. Behind them, Slutzky and Stamm stuck together as they battled it out with runners from New Trier and Evanston. In the end, the pair finished in 3rd and 5th respectively, running times of 10:21.72 and 10:28.93.

The 3200 was followed by the 110m High Hurdles. This race featured Evanston's Kalil Johnson, the state's top hurdler. Johnson's time of 14.30 was a full second and a half faster than the 2nd place finisher. In 5th was Glenbrook South's Tyler Hurst (SR), who ran a time of 16.73 seconds.

In the 100m dash, Noah Shapiro dominated with a time of 11.05 seconds. This massive PR puts him just .05 seconds over the IHSA state qualifying time. This was also a GBS #7 all-time performance.

The 800m was Brian Hiltebrand's (JR) show from the start, as he easily dominated the field at 2:00.91. In true Hiltebrand fashion, he negative split the race, running 62.0 and 58.9. Behind him was Michael Jerva (JR), who finished in 7th at 2:07.90.

Next was the 4x200m relay, consisting of Noah Collins, Artie Schleizer, Ben Freidinger, and Tyler Hurst. The team finished in 4th place, behind New Trier, Nile West, and Evanston.

Finishing much later than expected, the triple jump was a success for South's Stefan West, who jumped a PR of 13.27m to win the event. This was a GBS #4 all-time performance. Behind him was Ben Freidinger (SO), who finished in 7th with a jump of 12.20m.

In the 400m, George Dornan ran a stellar PR of 51.35 to finish in 3rd. Jaden Dias (JR) ran a 58.18, finishing in 11th.

The 300m hurdles were up next, and Ryan Schaefer ran phenomenally to finish in 2nd place with a time of 41.39 seconds. Tyler Hurst also ran a great race, finishing in 5th with a PR of 43.69.

Michael Westfall (JR) and James Hiltebrand (SO) competed well in the 1600m, racing hard. The pair finished in 8th and 9th, with Westfall running a 4:55.15 to Hiltebrand's 4:55.87.

The final individual event of the afternoon was the 200m dash, where Noah Shapiro took 3rd in 22.24. This PR was a #4 all-time performance for GBS, and it surpassed the IHSA state-qualifying standard.

With the individual events finished, Glenbrook South held only a two-point lead over Evanston going into the 4x400m relay; the conference title would come down to the final event. Ryan Schaefer led off the relay, holding the Titans in 3rd through the first leg as he split a 52.1. Schafer handed the baton off the Artie Schleizer. This was Artie's first 400m in over two years, but he stepped up to fill in for an injured teammate. Artie held onto the 3rd place spot, splitting a 56.0 before handing the baton to Brian Hiltebrand. With a widening gap forming behind Niles West and Evanston, Brian battled back, making up a huge amount of time and splitting a 52.1 before handing the baton to George Dornan. Still in 3rd, Dornan was nearly 3 seconds behind Evanston, who was in 1st. After passing Niles West with 250m to go, Dornan chased down Evanston's final runner, passing him in the final 100m. George's split of 50.4 solidified the win for the Titans. In the end, this race clinched the victory for the team. To watch the race, see here.

This past Friday was a great day to be a Titan. Despite the heat, the injuries, and all the pressure surrounding the meet, every single person who competed did what they needed to do to contribute to the team. Thank you to everyone who showed up to support us. Parents, alumni, and fans all helped push the team towards a victory. We can't wait to let this momentum carry us through to this Thursday's IHSA sectional at Glenbrook South.

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1Glenbrook South141
3New Trier105
4Maine South65
5Niles West60
6Glenbrook North50


1Maine South140

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


1New Trier57
2Glenbrook South37
4Maine South24
5Glenbrook North21
6Niles West19


1Maine South57
2New Trier47
3Glenbrook North30
5Glenbrook South10
6Niles West9

Map & Directions

Top 3mi Times by GBS Athletes

Time Athlete Year
16:00Kosta Dalageorgas1996
16:05Todd Burch1996
16:11Mike Quinones1998
16:21Brian Hiltebrand2020
16:21Max Palmer2003
16:22Ned Zerwic2006
16:22Billy Cowhey2006
16:28Scott Drucker2000
16:31James Schamber1996
16:31Mike Hill1994


Photographer(s): Brett Wittenstein

Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Brian HiltebrandJr.2:00.91Glenbrook South62.058.9
2Patrick JamiesonJr.2:02.04New Trier
3Essay TolosaJr.2:04.24Evanston
4Nick RedstoneSr.2:06.26Glenbrook North
5Blake DegerJr.2:06.66New Trier
6Dylan EylerJr.2:07.23Evanston
7Michael JervaJr.2:07.90Glenbrook South6364.9
8Sam RubiinsteinJr.2:10.23Glenbrook North
9Jorge JiminezSr.2:10.86Maine South
10Thomas MagdalenoJr.2:15.98Niles West
11Ali KaratasJr.2:21.85Niles West
1Nick FalkJr.4:25.01New Trier
2Matt CullSr.4:26.27Maine South
3George CahillJr.4:27.70New Trier
4Eamon BradySr.4:33.30Maine South
5Nick IhrkeSr.4:43.87Glenbrook North
6Bora CeliknalJr.4:50.89Niles West
7Ellis AllenSr.4:54.34Evanston
8Michael WestfallJr.4:55.15Glenbrook South68747973
9James HiltebrandSo.4:55.87Glenbrook South68757874
10Dean KousiounelosSr.4:56.56Glenbrook North
11Sam BennettJr.5:00.01Evanston
12Jack WerneckeJr.5:09.69Niles West
1Charlie SiebertSr.9:36.64New Trier
2Matt CoyleSr.9:44.01Maine South
3Cody SlutzkySr.10:21.72Glenbrook South7178788180817772
4Andrew FlynnSr.10:25.23New Trier
5Jayson StammJr.10:28.93Glenbrook South7178788180817977
6Ellis AllenSr.10:56.14Evanston
7Solomon GreeneJr.11:06.56Evanston
8Daniel WeaverSr.11:17.62Glenbrook North
9Branden ChiJr.11:21.31Glenbrook North
10Ethan SuhSr.11:35.21Niles West
11Anthony RacitiJr.12:37.94Niles West
1Relay Team8:32.43New Trier
2Relay Team8:43.78Niles West
3Relay Team8:48.29Evanston
4Relay Team8:59.48Glenbrook North
5Relay Team9:01.25Glenbrook South
Lucas HouserJr.2:14.5Glenbrook South66.568.0
Matthew KloneckiJr.2:23.5Glenbrook South69.873.7
Matthew PenneJr.2:13.9Glenbrook South62.871.1
Harrison WollneySr.2:08.8Glenbrook South60.868.0
6Relay Team10:13.67Maine South
1Relay Team3:33.00Glenbrook South
Ryan SchaeferSo.52.1PRGlenbrook South
Artie SchleizerSr.56.0Glenbrook South
Brian HiltebrandJr.52.1Glenbrook South
George DornanSr.50.4Glenbrook South
2Relay Team3:33.41Niles West
3Relay Team3:34.33Evanston
4Relay Team3:37.58Glenbrook North
5Relay Team3:42.80New Trier
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Frosh/Soph Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1John IhrkeFr.2:06.66Glenbrook North
2William HuddlestonSo.2:06.72Maine South
3Dominick ParrilloSo.2:14.56Maine South
4Jack KleinschmitFr.2:15.80Evanston
5Charlie BakosSo.2:16.75New Trier
6Warren EmersonSo.2:18.83Evanston
7Nick GoebelFr.2:22.12New Trier
8Tobias GalsonFr.2:22.54Niles West
9Vincent WuSo.2:22.72Niles West
10Jan JedynakFr.2:24.39Glenbrook South68.575.8
11Brandon MesirowSo.2:25.28Glenbrook North
1Atticus MillerFr.4:46.25New Trier
2Oscar Dueno-AldaSo.4:47.67New Trier
3Luca ArcuriSo.4:52.08Maine South
4Alex WilleSo.5:00.73Maine South
5Graham HetzlerSo.5:01.95Glenbrook North
6William LandeSo.5:05.16Niles West
7Henry O'MalleyFr.5:07.42Evanston
8Jefferson WeiFr.5:08.99Glenbrook South69768479
9Sam KnezevichFr.5:20.59PRGlenbrook South70788686
10Albert RuehlmanSo.5:32.49Niles West
11Michael BilousSo.6:11.02Glenbrook North
1Joseph KarleskySo.10:07.11Maine South
2Luke PravecekSo.10:08.47Maine South
3Henry O'MalleyFr.10:22.74Evanston
4Gabe NosekSo.10:26.72New Trier
5Andrew HepnerSo.10:44.65New Trier
6Andy OrdwayFr.11:12.22Glenbrook South7783838687908977
7Matthew RubinFr.11:47.89Glenbrook North
8Ryan GershowitzFr.12:00.55PRGlenbrook South7989919292969784
9Daniel ThannertFr.12:13.04Niles West
10Adam RosenthalFr.13:15.42Glenbrook North
1Relay Team9:07.42New Trier
2Relay Team9:30.11Glenbrook North
3Relay Team9:41.52Maine South
4Relay Team10:16.76Glenbrook South
Jack OlsonSo.2:34.6Glenbrook South70.184.5
Luke ChavezFr.2:33.1PRGlenbrook South77.485.7
Andy Carrillo-PereaSo.2:31.9Glenbrook South71.982.0
Sanjeev GorlaSo.2:25.2PRGlenbrook South69.076.2
1Relay Team3:47.42Evanston
2Relay Team3:49.03Maine South
3Relay Team3:50.40Glenbrook North
4Relay Team3:53.62Niles West
5Relay Team4:01.44New Trier
6Relay Team4:02.25Glenbrook South
Brady ClarkFr.58.9Glenbrook South
Brandon IsaacsFr.59.3Glenbrook South
Jefferson WeiFr.1:00.1PRGlenbrook South
Andy OrdwayFr.1:01.3Glenbrook South
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