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CSL South Boys Frosh Cross Country Championship

Monday, October 12, 2020
New Trier Northfield

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Team Scores


1New Trier44
3Glenbrook South58.5
4Glenbrook North102
5Niles West127
6Maine South137.5

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Top 3mi Times by GBS Athletes

Previous GBS Appearances

Date Name Season
2020-10-12CSL South Boys Frosh Cross Country Championship CSLCross Country 2020
2019-10-02CSL Quad at New Trier CSLCross Country 2019
2017-09-26CSL Quad at New Trier CSLCross Country 2017
2014-10-01Unknown New Trier MeetCross Country 2014
2013-10-01CSL Quad CSLCross Country 2013


Freshmen Results (2mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team1 MileFinish
1Kyle FixFr.10:48New Trier
3Atticus MillerFr.10:55New Trier
6Andy OrdwayFr.11:13SRGlenbrook South5:285:45
7Jameson RickFr.11:13New Trier
8Geoff MaddalozzoFr.11:20Glenbrook South5:295:51
9John IhrkeFr.11:22Glenbrook North
10Yianny CaparosFr.11:26Glenbrook North
11Kendall EversonFr.11:27Maine South
12Jack QualkenbushFr.11:30PRGlenbrook South5:435:47
13?Fr.11:30Niles West
14Jefferson WeiFr.11:32SRGlenbrook South5:375:55
16Felix HeksterFr.11:43New Trier
17James FlynnFr.11:44New Trier
18Matt BarneyFr.11:45PRGlenbrook South5:376:08
20Connor FoleyFr.11:47Maine South
21?Fr.11:58Niles West
22Matthew RubinFr.12:04Glenbrook North
24Benicio BeckaFr.12:09New Trier
25Nick GoebelFr.12:12New Trier
26?Fr.12:12Niles West
27Michael MoranFr.12:13New Trier
28Sam KnezevichFr.12:14PRGlenbrook South6:036:11
29Jan JedynakFr.12:17PRGlenbrook South6:036:14
30Domenico AuriemmaFr.12:20Glenbrook North
31Jonathan PiotrowskiFr.12:20New Trier
33Evan SauerFr.12:21Maine South
34Sam LappinFr.12:24Glenbrook North
35?Fr.12:25Niles West
36Matthew MoloneyFr.12:26New Trier
37Colin BrusoFr.12:31New Trier
38Alex O'BrienFr.12:31New Trier
39Colin MeyerFr.12:34New Trier
40Adam RosenthalFr.12:35Glenbrook North
41Advait VijayFr.12:36New Trier
42Ryan GershowitzFr.12:39PRGlenbrook South6:046:35
43Nalin KunduFr.12:41New Trier
44?Fr.12:42Niles West
45Patrick KuprewiczFr.12:50Glenbrook South6:136:37
46Robert SholtyFr.12:59Glenbrook North
47Will SwainFr.13:01New Trier
48Winston ChuFr.13:02Glenbrook South6:056:57
49Nathan MihmFr.13:03PRGlenbrook South6:326:31
50Graham AretaFr.13:05Maine South
51Jack ClarkFr.13:07Glenbrook South6:146:54
52?Fr.13:10Niles West
53Luke ChavezFr.13:17SRGlenbrook South6:326:45
54Sam CohenFr.13:22Maine South
55Julian ReyesFr.13:22New Trier
56?Fr.13:25Niles West
57Ethan FogelFr.13:27New Trier
58Tom McDonaghFr.13:29SRGlenbrook South6:336:56
59Matt WilliamsFr.13:30New Trier
60Nathan TrosmanFr.13:33PRGlenbrook South6:346:59
61Daniel GrossnerFr.13:44New Trier
62Joseph ConsidineFr.13:44Glenbrook North
65Alex MatsumotoFr.13:50Glenbrook North
66Jack RyanFr.13:52New Trier
67Jovan GveroFr.13:53PRGlenbrook South6:427:11
68Sebastian OtchkovFr.13:54New Trier
69Colin DavisFr.13:55Glenbrook North
70Miles SchaffnerFr.13:55New Trier
71Tyler ChungFr.13:59New Trier
72Max FriedmanFr.13:59New Trier
73?Fr.14:02Niles West
74Rin VizcondeFr.14:04New Trier
75Carter ZirlinFr.14:09Glenbrook North
76?Fr.14:12Niles West
77Julian SlaastadFr.14:16New Trier
78Aditya ShahFr.14:20PRGlenbrook South6:507:30
79Reed TroutmanFr.14:27Glenbrook North
80Logan DaneFr.14:32Glenbrook North
81Justin KangFr.14:32New Trier
83William ChoiFr.14:39New Trier
84Danny LaurencelleFr.14:41PRGlenbrook South7:057:36
85Connor FarrellFr.14:41Maine South
86Aayan AliFr.14:44PRGlenbrook South7:057:39
88?Fr.15:07Niles West
89Aidan HoganFr.15:08Glenbrook South6:588:10
91Adam WojciechowiczFr.15:10Glenbrook South7:058:05
92Ryan SoleskyFr.15:12SRGlenbrook South7:287:44
95Jeremy CohenFr.15:52Glenbrook North
96Gabe KlinepeterFr.16:25New Trier
97Jack EllisFr.17:02Glenbrook North
98Aidan NinniFr.17:20Maine South
99?Fr.17:26Niles West
100Zachary GreenbergFr.17:29New Trier
101Shayan TahmooressiFr.17:47Glenbrook North
102?Fr.18:03Niles West
103Eric NardulliFr.18:27Glenbrook South8:499:38
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