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John Davis Titan Invite

Friday, May 05, 2017
John Davis Titan Stadium

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Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1New Trier106
2Niles West93
4Loyola Academy66
5Glenbrook South53.5
6Niles North49
7Glenbrook North38
9Lake Forest Academy30
10Maine West4
10Elk Grove4
12St. Patrick2.5


1New Trier176
2Glenbrook South133
4Glenbrook North36.5
6Elk Grove33
7St. Patrick28
8Maine West26
9Niles North21.25
10Niles West17
11Lake Forest Academy1

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


1New Trier37
2Loyola Academy29
4Niles West15
5Glenbrook South12
6Niles North10
8Glenbrook North7
9Lake Forest Academy5
10Maine West5
11Elk Grove0
12St. Patrick0


1New Trier44
2Glenbrook South33
4Loyola Academy29
5Elk Grove16
6Niles North11
7Niles West8
9Maine West4
10Glenbrook North2
11Lake Forest Academy0
12St. Patrick0

John Davis Titan Stadium

Glenbrook South's Outdoor Stadium

Our newly-repaved outdoor 400m-track is ready for competition! With 8-lanes and plenty of spectator seating, John Davis Titan Stadium is no stranger to hosting large competitions.

Some Things to Know:

Food & Drinks Available
Concessions are available in our new concessions stand, located near the south endzone.
Listen for Announcements
Pay attention to announcements from the clerk over the PA System. Typical events will have two calls followed by a final call. Please check-in with the clerk as soon as possible.
Bathrooms are available in our concessions stand building, located near the south endzone.
While most events have free entry, certain invites have nominal entrance fees to help cover timing costs. Thanks for your understanding!

Stadium Map:

Getting Here:

John Davis Titan Stadium is located on the campus of Glenbrook South High School, located between West Lake Avenue, Pfingsten Road, and Landwehr Road. Once you arrive at Glenbrook South, the most convient parking is in the West parking lots. Turn into the parking lot at the light of West Lake Avenue and Robin Lane and proceed to the stadium.

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Stadium Records:

Event Mark Name School Year
100m Dash 10.4 Colin Hepburn Glenbrook South 2009
10.4 Michael Bellamy Kenwood Academy 1985
200m Dash 21.2 Neil Melcher Glenbrook South 1991
400m Run 47.7 Neil Melcher Glenbrook South 1991
800m Run 1:54.0 Neal Omar Niles West 2012
1600m Run 4:09.8 Tom Robbins Loyola 2007
3200m Run 9:03.5 Nico Composto Loyola 2010
110m High Hurdles 13.8 Nat Page Evanston 1975
300m Int. Hurdles 37.8 John Strickland Glenbrook South 1990
4 x 100m Relay 42.08 Evanston 2015
4 x 200m Relay 1:28.5 Niles West 2010
4 x 400m Relay 3:18.3 Evanston 2004
4 x 800m Relay 7:55.4 Wheeling 1986
High Jump 2.13m (7-0 ft) Nat Page Evanston 1975
Pole Vault 2.74m (15-6 ft) Declan Ritzenthaler Loyola 2018
Long Jump 3.89m (23-10 ¼ ft) Steve Battle Gordon Tech 1989
Triple Jump 14.33m (48-1 ft) Smith Evanston 1985
Shot Put 17.60m (60-2 ¼ ft) Ira Dolin Glenbrook North 1979
Discus 49.68m (174-11 ft) Ron Eichaker Niles North 1974
Field events converted to metric, with actual distance measured listed.

John R. Davis Titan Invitational Meet Records:

Event Mark Name School Year
100m Dash 10.4* Colin Hepburn Glenbrook South 2009
10.4* Michael Bellamy Kenwood Academy 1985
200m Dash 21.2* Neil Melcher Glenbrook South 1991
400m Run 47.7* Neil Melcher Glenbrook South 1991
800m Run 1:54.0* Neal Omar Niles West 2012
1600m Run 4:09.8* Tom Robbins Loyola 2007
3200m Run 9:03.5* Nico Composto Loyola 2010
110m High Hurdles 14.0 John Strickland Glenbrook South 1990
300m Int. Hurdles 37.8* John Strickland Glenbrook South 1990
4 x 100m Relay 42.0 Niles North 2009
4 x 200m Relay 1:29.03 Glenbrook North 2016
4 x 400m Relay 3:23.9 New Trier 2007
4 x 800m Relay 7:55.4* Wheeling 1986
High Jump 2.10m (6-9 ft) Kemp Thornridge 1980
Pole Vault 2.74m (15-6 ft)* Declan Ritzenthaler Loyola 2018
Long Jump 3.89m (23-10 ¼ ft)* Steve Battle Gordon Tech 1989
Triple Jump 12.80m (47-5 ft) Gage Chicago King 1978
Shot Put 18.28m (60-0 ft) Mark Balmes Hersey 2012
Discus 49.68m (174-11 ft)* Ron Eichaker Niles North 1974
(*) Same as stadium record
Field events converted to metric, with actual distance measured listed.

John R. Davis Titan Invitational Team Champions:

Year Varsity Frosh/Soph
1971 Glenbrook North (1) Glenbrook North (1)
1972 Glenbrook North (2) Niles West (1)
1973 Glenbrook North (3) Glenbrook North (2)
1974 Maine West (1) Niles West (2)
1975 Maine West (2) Glenbrook South (1)
1976 Maine West (3) Maine West (1)
1977 Maine West (4) Chicago King (1)
1978 Chicago King (1) Maine West (2)
1979 Chicago King (2) New Trier West (1)
1980 Thornridge (1) Thornridge (1)
1981 Wheeling (1) Glenbrook South (2)
1982 Chicago Dunbar (1) Hersey (1)
1983 Maine West (5) New Trier (1)
1984 Chicago Kenwood (1) Hersey (2)
1985 Chicago Kenwood (2) New Trier (2)
1986 Wheeling (2) Wheeling (1)
1987 Wheeling (3) Wheeling (2)
1988 Wheeling (4) Wheeling (3)
1989 Wheeling (5) Glenbrook South (3)
1990 Glenbrook South (1) Glenbrook South (4)
1991 Glenbrook South (2) Glenbrook South (5)
1992 Glenbrook South (3) New Trier (3)
1993 Glenbrook South (4) New Trier (4)
1995 Hersey (1) Glenbrook South (6)
1996 New Trier (1) Hersey (3)
1997 Glenbrook South (5) Hersey (4)
1998 Hersey (2) Hersey (5)
1999 Hersey (3) New Trier (5)
2000 New Trier (2) Niles West (3)
2001 New Trier (3) New Trier (6)
2002 Niles West (1) Niles West (4)
2003 Niles West (2) Glenbrook South (7) & New Trier (7)
2004 Niles West (3) Glenbrook South (8)
2005 Niles North (1) Niles West (5)
2006 New Trier (4) Niles North (1)
2007 Glenbrook South (6) & Niles North (2) Glenbrook South (9)
2008 New Trier (5) Glenbrook South (10)
2009 Niles North (3) Niles North (2)
2010 Glenbrook South (7) New Trier (8)
2011 Glenbrook South (8) Glenbrook South (11)
2012 Glenbrook South (9) New Trier (9)
2013 Hersey (4) New Trier (10)
2014 Niles West (4) Glenbrook North (3)
2016 Glenbrook North (4) New Trier (11)
2017 New Trier (6) New Trier (12)
2018 Glenbrook South (10) New Trier (13)
2019 New Trier (7) New Trier (14)


Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Sam SvientySr.9:49.09Hersey
2Warren BloodSr.9:51.44New Trier
3Matt JortbergJr.9:52.89PRGlenbrook South
4Sebastian VillegasSr.9:59.56Niles West
5Connor HoagJr.10:01.05Loyola Academy
6Jordan TheriaultJr.10:08.09SRGlenbrook South
7Matt BurkeSr.10:08.97New Trier
8Quinn CunninghamJr.10:11.61Hersey
9Carlos AlemanJr.10:21.34Niles North
10Partick HolbrookJr.10:22.70Niles West
11Michael LeeJr.10:36.59Glenbrook North
12Derek PaceJr.10:38.27Maine West
13Jeff Van SpankerenSr.10:39.12Glenbrook North
14Jesse ResendezSr.10:52.35St. Patrick
15Nelson FernandesJr.10:57.11Niles North
16Pedro GodinezSr.11:06.23Wheeling
17Adrian FigueroaJr.11:22.25Wheeling
18Peter SakkosJr.11:31.08St. Patrick
1Andrew NiewiarowskiSr.2:00.20Loyola Academy
2Frankie SantaSr.2:02.58Niles West
3Michael OcasekJr.2:02.63Glenbrook North
4Dieter VillegasJr.2:02.70Lake Forest Academy
5Declan O'ReillySr.2:03.59New Trier
6Francis BorysSr.2:03.94New Trier
7Eric WagnerSr.2:04.47Hersey
8Ari BosseJr.2:04.79Glenbrook North
9Marc DalyJr.2:05.08Loyola Academy
10Carlos MontielSr.2:05.68Wheeling
11Chris LeeSr.2:06.04Glenbrook South
12Sean PatonJr.2:09.83Hersey
13Youel AndemichaelJr.2:11.36Niles North
14Sam AljupoorJr.2:12.64Niles West
15Matt RuntzSr.2:14.47Glenbrook South
16Andrew JefferiesJr.2:15.44Niles North
17Cesar SoriaSr.2:16.13Maine West
18Obaid AnsariSr.2:18.28Lake Forest Academy
19Vlad CastilloJr.2:18.46Wheeling
20Anthony ArreguinJr.2:21.18St. Patrick
21Cyrus MontanezSr.2:25.41St. Patrick
22Oscar GonzalezJr.2:30.51Elk Grove
1Paolo TiongsonSr.4:29.87Loyola Academy
2Cooper WoolfordSr.4:31.27New Trier
3Patrick NorrickJr.4:31.58New Trier
4Matt HoffmanSr.4:33.79Wheeling
5Ryan BuchSo.4:34.04Hersey
6Nate MayoJr.4:34.51Hersey
7Alec SanchezSr.4:34.66PRGlenbrook South
8Kevin LeonSr.4:42.42Maine West
9Oscar PatinoJr.4:44.71Elk Grove
10Chester BeckSr.4:47.12Niles West
11Zach HarrisSr.4:48.25Niles North
12Aidan SullivanJr.4:50.54Loyola Academy
13Marco AlanisSr.4:52.88Niles West
14Ethan ButtimerJr.4:53.39Glenbrook North
15Jacob RosenbergJr.5:00.05Glenbrook North
16Jacob ChagoyaSr.5:00.20Lake Forest Academy
17Donny JohnsonJr.5:07.86Maine West
18Jesse ResendezSr.5:09.35St. Patrick
19Dominic ChavezJr.5:10.31SRGlenbrook South
20Nic BaggetoJr.5:11.48Elk Grove
21Peter SakkosJr.5:19.69St. Patrick
1Relay Team8:29.81Niles North
2Relay Team8:29.83Hersey
3Relay Team8:35.31New Trier
4Relay Team8:42.39Loyola Academy
5Relay Team8:42.98Maine West
6Relay Team8:45.95Wheeling
7Relay Team8:52.02Niles West
8Relay Team8:59.35Glenbrook South
9Relay Team9:08.29Glenbrook North
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Frosh/Soph Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Max SvientyFr.10:00.92Hersey
2Joey PaulettoSo.10:17.15Glenbrook South
3Tom McCarthySo.10:17.66Hersey
4Will KellyFr.10:17.73Glenbrook South
5Graeme LaneSo.10:27.05New Trier
6JD ShellyFr.10:30.20New Trier
7Simon LumbySo.11:08.50Glenbrook North
8Jonathan KangFr.11:11.12Maine West
9Tim St. JohnFr.11:11.96Glenbrook North
10Eugene DomingoSo.11:36.34Niles North
11Isaiah IversonFr.11:39.45Niles West
12Abil KrishnaFr.12:07.73Niles North
13Leo SierraSr.12:21.55Wheeling
14Vincent AlunanSo.13:10.86St. Patrick
15Liam LarsenSo.13:12.06Lake Forest Academy
1Will HouserFr.2:06.96SRGlenbrook South
2Ben WeilerSo.2:07.66New Trier
3William GibbonsSo.2:07.96New Trier
4Jay PatelSr.2:08.33Niles North
5Josh MethnerFr.2:08.98Hersey
6Khush PatelSo.2:09.12Niles North
7Neo MarinSo.2:17.65Niles West
8Patryk SzczepaniakFr.2:18.03Hersey
9Michael KruseFr.2:18.79Glenbrook North
10Caleb KimSo.2:19.60Glenbrook North
11Jared FelittoFr.2:21.00Lake Forest Academy
12Marco Perez De la CruzFr.2:22.56Elk Grove
13Diego RiveraSo.2:23.07St. Patrick
14Aleks HromicFr.2:24.52Lake Forest Academy
15James KurtzweilFr.2:27.01Glenbrook South
16Gio MedinaSo.2:27.05Wheeling
17Angel TorresFr.2:27.86Wheeling
17Humberto MartinezSo.2:27.86St. Patrick
19Jason TenezacaFr.2:35.20Niles West
1Charlie ForbesSo.4:40.03New Trier
2Charlie SchultzSo.4:46.34SRGlenbrook South
3Michael JohnsonFr.4:49.06Elk Grove
4Nate KraemerSo.4:49.19Elk Grove
5Sebastian VencesSo.4:52.73Wheeling
6Ben AkasonFr.4:53.51New Trier
7Charlie MontgomerySo.4:56.56Niles North
8Quinn RudyFr.5:00.69Hersey
9David LopezSo.5:02.47Glenbrook South
10Nicholas MarsdenFr.5:04.88Niles West
11Amin SahidSo.5:11.07Niles North
12Tim ChomaFr.5:16.41Hersey
13Jonathan KangFr.5:18.10Maine West
14Jonah LevineSo.5:19.59Glenbrook North
15Fabian PenaFr.5:19.69Maine West
16Eli TraubFr.5:21.87Glenbrook North
17Mitch FisterFr.5:24.25Wheeling
18Kadin CamburnFr.5:25.91Niles West
19Aleks HromicFr.5:34.90Lake Forest Academy
20Humberto MartinezSo.5:36.20St. Patrick
1Relay Team8:47.73New Trier
2Relay Team8:56.09Hersey
3Relay Team9:08.40Niles West
4Relay Team9:17.94Elk Grove
5Relay Team9:20.79Wheeling
6Relay Team9:29.77Maine West
7Relay Team9:34.53Glenbrook South
8Relay Team9:36.70Niles North
9Relay Team9:36.71Glenbrook North
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