CSL Conference Championship

Friday, May 12, 2023
Niles West High School

CSL Conference Championship

Meet Information
  • Meet Name: CSL Conference Championship
  • Meet Date: Friday, May 12, 2023
  • Location: Niles West High School
  • Opponents: Evanston, Glenbrook North, Maine South, New Trier, Niles West
  • Levels: Varsity, Frosh/Soph
  • Results Status: Official Results (F.A.T.)

Meet Recap

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Individual Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)

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Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including sprints, hurdles, field, etc.


1New Trier136
2Glenbrook South125
4Maine South67
5Niles West63
6Glenbrook North48


1New Trier139
2Glenbrook North136
3Glenbrook South122
4Maine South77
5Niles West42

Distance Team Scores

Automated team scoring only for Distance Events (3200m,1600m,800m,4x800m) using IHSA State Series scoring.


1New Trier43
2Maine South34
4Glenbrook North14
5Glenbrook South11
6Niles West6


1New Trier64
3Glenbrook North18
4Maine South13
5Niles West8
6Glenbrook South2

Niles West High School

Previous GBS Appearances

Date Name Season
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10/1/22Niles West Pat Savage InviteCross Country 2022
5/2/22Niles West Freshmen InviteTrack 2022
10/2/21Niles West Pat Savage InviteCross Country 2021
5/4/21CSL Triangular @ NWCSLTrack 2021
10/5/19Niles West Pat Savage InviteCross Country 2019
5/16/19IHSA 3A SectionalIHSATrack 2019
9/29/18Niles West Pat Savage InviteCross Country 2018
9/30/17Niles West Pat Savage InviteCross Country 2017
9/12/17CSL Quad at Niles WestCSLCross Country 2017
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5/12/17CSL Conference ChampionshipCSLTrack 2017
10/29/16IHSA 3A SectionalIHSACross Country 2016
10/1/16Niles West Pat Savage InviteCross Country 2016
10/3/15Niles West Pat Savage InviteCross Country 2015
11/1/14IHSA 3A SectionalIHSACross Country 2014
3/21/14CSL Indoor Conference ChampionshipCSLTrack 2014
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10/3/09Niles West InviteCross Country 2009
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10/14/06CSL Conference ChampionshipCSLCross Country 2006
9/30/06Niles West InviteCross Country 2006
10/1/05Niles West InviteCross Country 2005
9/20/05CSL TriangularUCross Country 2005
10/1/98Unknown Niles West MeetUCross Country 1998

Meet Schedule

4:30 PMField Events
5:30 PM4 x 800m Relay
4 x 100m Relay
3200m Run
110m High Hurdles
100m Dash
800m Run
4 x 200m Relay
400m Dash
300m Intermediate Hurdles
1600m Run
200m Dash
4 x 400m Relay

Athlete Results