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CSL Conference Championship

Friday, May 12, 2017
Niles West High School

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This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.

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1New Trier41
2Maine South34
4Niles West23
5Glenbrook South18
6Niles North13


1New Trier49
2Glenbrook South36
3Niles North25
4Niles West15
5Maine South13

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Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Tommy BradySo.9:30.53Maine South
2Patrick NorrickJr.9:37.25New Trier
3Alec SanchezSr.9:46.63PRGlenbrook South
4Conor PerreaultJr.9:46.69Niles North
5Partick HolbrookJr.9:55.00Niles West
6Marco AlanisSr.9:55.11Niles West
7Jack WhetstoneSr.9:55.78PRGlenbrook South
8Matt BurkeSr.9:57.86New Trier
9Zach HarrisSr.10:08.93Niles North
10Gavin VorisJr.10:20.89Maine South
11Ethan HawkerJr.10:59.04Evanston
1Reese JordanSr.4:22.35Maine South
2Brandon ChristopherJr.4:29.94Maine South
3Warren BloodSr.4:30.39New Trier
4Matt JortbergJr.4:30.45PRGlenbrook South
5Charlie ForbesSo.4:31.08New Trier
6Joe EovaldiJr.4:32.55Evanston
7Chester BeckSr.4:35.62Niles West
8Jordan TheriaultJr.4:36.94SRGlenbrook South
9Sebastian VillegasSr.4:44.93Niles West
10Carlos AlemanJr.4:52.33Niles North
11Nelson FernandesJr.4:52.85Niles North
12Aaron HolzmuellerJr.6:33.60Evanston
1Logan SingerJr.1:56.58Evanston
2Cooper WoolfordSr.1:58.40New Trier
3Declan O'ReillySr.2:00.49New Trier
4Sam BergmanSr.2:00.61Evanston
5Frankie SantaSr.2:03.58Niles West
6Sirak TeclaiJr.2:05.60Niles North
7Darian DanciuJr.2:07.41Maine South
8Matt ThorsenJr.2:10.09Maine South
9Andrew JefferiesJr.2:11.21Niles North
10Steven KangSr.2:11.54SRGlenbrook South
11Nathan ParkJr.2:12.36Niles West
12Daniel ChoJr.2:13.11PRGlenbrook South
1Relay Team8:09.03Niles West
2Relay Team8:15.12New Trier
3Relay Team8:21.26Evanston
4Relay Team8:27.09Niles North
5Relay Team8:35.16Glenbrook South
Chris Lee2:04.6PRGlenbrook South
Brendan Fontillas2:08.4Glenbrook South
Matt Runtz2:12.1PRGlenbrook South
Justin Naal2:10.0PRGlenbrook South
6Relay Team9:02.32Maine South
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Frosh/Soph Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Aiden RaymondSo.10:01.86New Trier
2Will KellyFr.10:05.60SRGlenbrook South
3Joey PaulettoSo.10:05.69PRGlenbrook South
4Ben AkasonFr.10:08.36New Trier
5Max EbelingSo.10:11.31Evanston
6Charlie MontgomerySo.10:15.88Niles North
7Walter GlocknerFr.10:50.74Maine South
8Isaiah IversonFr.11:29.18Niles West
9Matt SchillingSo.11:35.27Maine South
1Graeme LaneSo.4:44.83New Trier
2Will HouserFr.4:46.40SRGlenbrook South
3JD ShellyFr.4:47.42New Trier
4Nate LandoltSo.4:48.84Evanston
5Ian SpearsSo.4:49.89Maine South
6Nicholas MarsdenFr.4:54.93Niles West
7David LopezSo.4:56.61Glenbrook South
8Charlie MontgomerySo.4:57.87Niles North
9Max EbelingSo.4:59.49Evanston
10Ian DempseySo.5:06.76Maine South
11Kadin CamburnFr.5:22.73Niles West
1Kian RizarriSo.2:04.65Niles North
2Charlie SchultzSo.2:04.75Glenbrook South
3Ben WeilerSo.2:04.80New Trier
4Khush PatelSo.2:07.58Niles North
5William GibbonsSo.2:08.04New Trier
6Ilan Elenbogen-SiegelSo.2:09.68Evanston
7Danilo DobrilovicSo.2:13.78Maine South
8Neo MarinSo.2:13.96Niles West
9Dylan AndersonSo.2:16.54Evanston
10James KurtzweilFr.2:18.46PRGlenbrook South
11Mohammed RasheedSo.2:18.84Maine South
12Andrew IovescuSo.2:19.88Niles West
1Relay Team8:35.91Niles West
2Relay Team8:36.47New Trier
3Relay Team8:51.07Niles North
4Relay Team9:08.16Maine South
5Relay Team9:27.76Glenbrook South
Joey Patronik2:13.9SRGlenbrook South
Justin Wrona2:25.1PRGlenbrook South
TJ Striblen2:25.6SRGlenbrook South
Aditya Bhalla2:23.1SRGlenbrook South
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