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Titan Distance

Peoria High School Invitational

Saturday, October 01, 2016
Detweiller Park

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Team Scores


1Lyons Township65
2Prospect HS150
3Normal University175
4Neuqua Valley HS203
5York Community HS222
6Maine South237
7Sandburg HS276
8Mundelein HS289
9Naperville Central294
10Glenbrook South308
12Hinsdale Central329
13Huntley HS341
14Crystal Lake South350
15East Aurora HS402
17McHenry HS489
18Benet Academy497
19Hoffman Estates HS510
20Normal West520
21West Aurora HS645
22Rolling Meadows HS682
23Glenbrook North691
24Pekin Community HS692
25East Moline United721
26Granite City HS732
28Plainfield Central802
29Rockford East809
31Alton High821
32Normal Community HS845
33Belleville West851
34Joliet West HS893
35Belleville East918
36Homewood FLossmoor951
37Maine East HS1231

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Top 3mi Times by GBS Athletes

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Photographer(s): Mr. Jortberg

Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Charlie KernJr.14:21.5York Community HS
2Vince ZonaSr.14:22.7Lyons Township
3Danny KilreaJr.14:26.6Lyons Township
4Reese JordanSr.14:30.2Maine South
5Jack FranklinSr.14:31.1Normal University
6Dylan JacobsJr.14:41.4Sandburg HS
7Ben FlowersSr.14:45.5Jersey
8Jack BeckerJr.14:46.2Crystal Lake South
9Zach KinneSo.14:50.9Neuqua Valley HS
10Jared SchuckmanJr.14:52.0Normal University
11Sean MacGregorJr.14:55.4York Community HS
12Jon PrusSr.15:00.3Crystal Lake South
13Martin SkucasSr.15:02.0Sandburg HS
14Thomas ShilgalisSo.15:02.1Naperville Central
15Dan PalmerSr.15:04.1Lyons Township
16Alex RatkovichSr.15:06.1Cary-Grove
17Tommy BradySo.15:09.6Maine South
18Jack TerryJr.15:10.1Prospect HS
19Jackson BodeJr.15:12.5York Community HS
20Alex PallSr.15:12.5Lyons Township
21Ricardo Del ToroSr.15:12.5East Aurora HS
22Jack O'DonnellSr.15:13.0Prospect HS
23Jack WormanSr.15:13.6Hoffman Estates HS
24Jeremy HayhurstSr.15:14.2Neuqua Valley HS
25Colin CostelloSo.15:17.3Lyons Township
26Ben KraussSr.15:17.6Mundelein HS
27Brandon ChristopherJr.15:19.0Maine South
28Alex MakrounisSr.15:21.2Hoffman Estates HS
29Alex OrtwigSr.15:21.5Maine South
30Alex MarksSr.15:21.9Fenwick
31James RiordanSr.15:22.6Prospect HS
32Jack WhetstoneSr.15:23.1PRGlenbrook South
33Alec SanchezSr.15:23.2PRGlenbrook South
34Sean O'ConnellJr.15:23.6Hinsdale Central
35Graham KutchekSr.15:24.2Lyons Township
36Jordan VanBarrigerSr.15:24.8Rockford East
37Harris PorterJr.15:25.7Normal University
38Andrew ReimannSo.15:26.2Prospect HS
39Zach WolfordSo.15:26.4Normal University
40Joseph WermesSo.15:27.0Fenwick
41Jack HemplemanJr.15:28.4Prospect HS
42Jadon ConroySo.15:29.6Huntley HS
43Will O'KeefeSr.15:30.2Granite City HS
44Alan SalgadoSo.15:30.7Mundelein HS
45Andrew O'KeefeSo.15:32.1Granite City HS
46Thomas ChavezSr.15:32.8Naperville Central
47Neil CumberlandJr.15:33.8Hinsdale Central
48Ryan KennedyJr.15:33.8Neuqua Valley HS
49Sam SchiavittiJr.15:34.6Hinsdale Central
50Robert St. ClairSo.15:35.8Mundelein HS
51Kolton DunkelbargerJr.15:35.9Pekin Community HS
52Tyler BombacinoJr.15:36.6Neuqua Valley HS
53Tyler DunnJr.15:37.0Normal West
54Jack AdamsSr.15:37.3Cary-Grove
55Jacob DeWittSr.15:37.3McHenry HS
56Dalton MartinJr.15:38.1East Moline United
57Alex LynchSr.15:38.2Lyons Township
58Ryan FosterJr.15:38.2Crystal Lake South
59Sean SanaghanSr.15:39.3Prospect HS
60David CastilloSr.15:40.1West Aurora HS
61Jeff GirardotSr.15:40.3Benet Academy
62Jeremy RoeSo.15:41.4Huntley HS
63Kyle AdamsSr.15:43.4Cary-Grove
64Ian GeislerFr.15:43.6Huntley HS
65Matt JortbergJr.15:45.1Glenbrook South
66Cole OverbeySr.15:45.2McHenry HS
67Nick SerioSr.15:45.8Prospect HS
68Andrew PilatJr.15:46.2McHenry HS
69Ryan GreenwaltSr.15:47.8Hoffman Estates HS
70Rodrigo AlvarezFr.15:49.7Neuqua Valley HS
71Michael ParduhnSo.15:49.7Mundelein HS
72Will EngelsSo.15:50.1Benet Academy
73Adam BalutowskiJr.15:50.3Naperville Central
74Gio MoralesSr.15:51.3East Aurora HS
75Brian GichuruSr.15:51.7Belleville West
76Ethan KernFr.15:52.1York Community HS
77Nicolas CalderonSo.15:52.4Sandburg HS
78Michael MadiolSo.15:54.3Neuqua Valley HS
79Kenton NashSr.15:54.6Naperville Central
80Seth Klein-CollinsSo.15:54.9Naperville Central
81Will CornishSr.15:55.4Naperville Central
82Jack DarrowSr.15:56.8Fenwick
83Tanner GillamJr.15:57.1Normal University
84Gabe BushSo.15:57.8Normal West
85Eddie LennonSo.15:58.2Rolling Meadows HS
86Joey PaulettoSo.15:58.3SRGlenbrook South
87Miguel GonzalezJr.15:58.4East Aurora HS
88Sam RodriguezFr.15:59.0Sandburg HS
89David AlvarezSr.16:00.1Sandburg HS
90Jordan TheriaultJr.16:02.1SRGlenbrook South
91Robbie SieczkowskiJr.16:02.4Sandburg HS
92Derek WarrenSo.16:04.3Cary-Grove
93Noah FriskeSo.16:05.7Rockford East
94David LopezSo.16:06.2PRGlenbrook South
95Ian SmithSo.16:06.3Benet Academy
96Alec HillSo.16:07.8Hinsdale Central
97Dillon BlakeFr.16:08.3Mundelein HS
98Joey OzzautoJr.16:08.7Huntley HS
99Dario CarrilloSo.16:09.0Mundelein HS
100Alex SepecziSo.16:09.4Cary-Grove
101Matt KusakSo.16:09.4Hinsdale Central
102Joey MarcetSr.16:09.5Naperville Central
103Miles FoydlSr.16:10.0Crystal Lake South
104Matt ZachariasJr.16:10.7Normal University
105Jon JaurezSr.16:12.3East Aurora HS
106Keegan CaveneySo.16:12.5Hinsdale Central
107Michael OcasekJr.16:13.0Glenbrook North
108Dana SullivanSo.16:13.1Glenbrook North
109Colin YandelJr.16:13.3Hinsdale Central
110Chris SimekSo.16:13.9Huntley HS
111Abraham VegaJr.16:14.7East Aurora HS
112Arie MaciasSr.16:15.5Alton High
113Dominic CastanoliSr.16:15.5York Community HS
114Colin McQueenJr.16:15.6Normal West
115Connor O'KeefeSo.16:16.6Benet Academy
116Ben KarpSo.16:17.5Wheeling
117Tyler PolakSo.16:17.5Wheeling
118Reegan McCueSo.16:18.0West Aurora HS
119CJ MillerSo.16:19.2Rolling Meadows HS
120Maxum CaesarFr.16:21.1Cary-Grove
121Jared WermesSo.16:21.5Fenwick
122Liam HillSr.16:21.5York Community HS
123Matt RuntzSr.16:21.8PRGlenbrook South
124Charlie WetzelFr.16:22.9Normal West
125Riley McIntyreJr.16:23.5Plainfield Central
126Tom MarcheseSr.16:24.7Sandburg HS
127Sawyer SwearingenSr.16:25.4East Moline United
128Jeremy SikesSr.16:25.5Joliet West HS
129Kelvin CummingsJr.16:26.1Alton High
130Matt SchoesslingSo.16:26.4Rolling Meadows HS
131Eric LeJr.16:26.6Wheeling
132Mike LeeJr.16:27.2Glenbrook North
133Ben KenethSr.16:27.4Plainfield Central
134Jonathan GoetschSo.16:27.8Plainfield Central
135Tommy WilliamsSr.16:27.8Cary-Grove
136Edgar PerezJr.16:28.0East Aurora HS
137Vince D'AngeloJr.16:28.3McHenry HS
138Chase PaulSr.16:29.2Pekin Community HS
139Nathan ScherschelSr.16:29.4East Moline United
140Stewart KeeneJr.16:29.6Homewood FLossmoor
141Spencer AllsopJr.16:30.4Normal West
142Aidan AfonsoSo.16:32.1Mundelein HS
143Grayson WillSr.16:33.3Normal University
144Brennan LighthallJr.16:33.4Huntley HS
145Brendan CoppSr.16:35.3Fenwick
146Jackson HowellJr.16:35.9Belleville East
147Patrick ReillyJr.16:37.2West Aurora HS
148Brody BlackwellSo.16:38.8Pekin Community HS
149Zach PanekFr.16:39.9Belleville East
150Creighton WolffSr.16:40.5York Community HS
151James AustgenJr.16:41.7Benet Academy
152Christian CazierSo.16:43.7Jersey
153Jacob MyersSo.16:44.6Normal Community HS
154Zaine LoskJr.16:45.0Normal West
155Colin FitzgeraldFr.16:45.6Normal Community HS
156Griffin MorrillSr.16:46.1West Aurora HS
157Evan RathgebSr.16:46.3Alton High
158Dillion VaupelSr.16:47.8Belleville East
159Gavin VorisJr.16:48.9Maine South
160Will NicholasSo.16:48.9West Aurora HS
161Dylan JensenFr.16:50.5McHenry HS
162Jackson MorrillFr.16:51.4West Aurora HS
163Jack ZinskySr.16:52.5Benet Academy
164Jacob WrightFr.16:52.6Rolling Meadows HS
165Luke RobbenJr.16:53.5Belleville West
166Simon LumbySo.16:55.1Glenbrook North
167Clayton PfeiferSo.16:55.3Crystal Lake South
168Owen FilbinSo.16:55.3Fenwick
169Ian SpearsSo.16:55.4Maine South
170Elijah LeakeSr.16:55.8Homewood FLossmoor
171Nathan WitteJr.16:56.3Normal Community HS
172Arturo CruzJr.16:56.4Joliet West HS
173Jeffrey Van SpankerenSr.16:57.1Glenbrook North
174Dillon ButlerSr.16:57.7Normal Community HS
175Andrew WolfeSo.16:57.9Pekin Community HS
176Jarad PresleySr.16:58.0Pekin Community HS
177Glenn KinleySr.16:58.7Normal West
178Leo NikonowiczSr.16:58.9Granite City HS
179Royce PiscitelloSo.16:59.0Rolling Meadows HS
180Jake NewillSr.17:00.9Plainfield Central
181Eugene FelixSr.17:01.8Crystal Lake South
182Andrew LimacherJr.17:01.9Joliet West HS
183Matthew ShefnerJr.17:02.1McHenry HS
184Jackson GrossSo.17:02.2Wheeling
185Carlos MontielSr.17:02.2Wheeling
186James WrightFr.17:03.0East Moline United
187Xavier ScottSo.17:03.3Normal Community HS
188Sahil SharmaSr.17:03.4Wheeling
189Seth KasingerFr.17:04.0Pekin Community HS
190Anthony SainJr.17:04.3Joliet West HS
191Alec RebsamenSo.17:05.4Rolling Meadows HS
192Andrew DresslerSr.17:05.8Hoffman Estates HS
193Jimmy ReedJr.17:06.9Belleville West
194Sujith MolakalaJr.17:09.7Normal Community HS
195Dylan KingstonJr.17:10.3Benet Academy
196Nathan LimSr.17:12.3Hoffman Estates HS
197Jake MellemaJr.17:12.9Maine South
198Cole RussellSo.17:13.7Pekin Community HS
199Cassius HavisFr.17:13.7Alton High
200Oswaldo CaneteSr.17:14.3West Aurora HS
201Joe KovackSr.17:17.3Crystal Lake South
202Nate RobbenSr.17:20.7Belleville West
203Luis ReynosoJr.17:21.3East Aurora HS
204Tyler PrickettSo.17:21.7McHenry HS
205Joe HenrySr.17:23.1Homewood FLossmoor
206Andrew BrydenSr.17:24.6Jersey
207Matthew RowleyJr.17:24.6Normal Community HS
208Brad FugielJr.17:24.6Rolling Meadows HS
209Luis CortesSr.17:25.0East Moline United
210Ben RhodesFr.17:25.7East Moline United
211Ethan LamonsSr.17:28.0Belleville West
212Drew BertmanSo.17:28.7Jersey
213Justin KoderhandtJr.17:29.1Belleville West
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