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Thursday, March 05, 2020
David Pasquini Fieldhouse

What a Night!

On Thursday, GBS Hosted Glenbrook North, Highland Park, and Conant in the David Pasquini Fieldhouse. This was the first meet of the year to include the famous, 20 lap, 3200m run!

In the 3200m run, Mrugesh Thakor ran the #2 Indoor Meet time of 10:12.1! James Kurtzweil also ran the #7 Indoor Meet time of 10:25 at the meet. In all, 7 Athletes finished under the 11-minute mark.

In the 1600m run, Will Houser set the GBS Indoor Varsity Record in the 1600m, running a 4:26.1! He beat the previous record of 4:27.3 by over a second! Will also finished just 0.3 seconds short of the David Pasquini Fieldhouse record, set in 2015 by Richards of Mundelein at 4:25.8. In addition to Will, three athletes finished under the 5-minute mark, with both Westfall brothers (Michael and Sam) entering the Sub-5 Club for the first time.

Be sure to check out meet results, meet photos, and our roster page for top performances!

Follow along over the next two busy weeks for the Titan Distance teams the indoor season comes to a conclusion.

Team Scores


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Map & Directions


Photographer: Preston Davidson and James Kurtzweil

Open Results

Official Results (Hand Timed)
1Mrugesh ThakorJr.10:12.1Glenbrook South2:302:332:402:29
2Michael KruseSr.10:12.5Glenbrook North
3Nick IhrkeSr.10:14.3Glenbrook North
4James KurtzweilSr.10:25Glenbrook South2:312:332:412:40
5Michael JervaSo.10:51Glenbrook South2:325:23
Elie NassifSo.10:56Glenbrook South2:345:23
Matthew FinkelJr.10:57Glenbrook South2:322:522:432:50
Cody SlutzkyJr.10:58Glenbrook South2:332:49
Harrison WollneyJr.10:58Glenbrook South2:322:50
Wade HerreraSr.11:03Glenbrook South2:322:50
Sebastian ZimmerSo.11:03Glenbrook South
John BresnahanSr.11:08Glenbrook South2:322:51
Lucas HouserSo.11:19Glenbrook South
Matthew PenneSo.11:30Glenbrook South
Brett WittensteinSo.11:31Glenbrook South
Jack ClearySo.11:35Glenbrook South
Matthew KloneckiSo.11:47Glenbrook South
Carter AdamsJr.12:03Glenbrook South
Ethan HernandezSo.12:05Glenbrook South
Isaac AbrahamSo.12:06Glenbrook South
James HiltebrandFr.12:10Glenbrook South
Henry LatoFr.12:13Glenbrook South
John Paul PhilbrickSo.12:13Glenbrook South
Cole BradyJr.12:40Glenbrook South
Jonathan JosephSo.12:43Glenbrook South
Derek LentzSo.12:48Glenbrook South
Jayson YumFr.12:55Glenbrook South
Andy Carrillo-PereaFr.13:17Glenbrook South
Andrew YoonFr.13:21Glenbrook South
1Graham PatersonJr.2:10.4Glenbrook North
2Scott PhadnisSr.2:14.7Glenbrook North
3Daniel WeaverJr.2:15.6Glenbrook North
4Jason ThomasJr.2:17.1Conant
5Thomas HenriksonJr.2:18.1Glenbrook North
Theo GikasSr.2:22.8Glenbrook South69.073.0
Jacob BaimSo.2:33Glenbrook South74.079.0
Ricky EgenJr.2:40Glenbrook South75.080.0
Jack OlsonSo.2:42Glenbrook South75.087.0
Ossey PaulSo.2:56Glenbrook South80.096.0
Luke GregoryJr.2:57Glenbrook South83.094.0
Will PattonFr.2:58Glenbrook South83.095.0
1Will HouserSr.4:26.1Glenbrook South64.
2Brian HiltebrandSo.4:41.5Glenbrook South66.
3Michael WestfallSo.4:57.4Glenbrook South
4Sam WestfallSr.4:58.6Glenbrook South
5Erik AndersonJr.4:59.2Highland Park
Preston DavidsonJr.5:04Glenbrook South
Justin WronaSr.5:28Glenbrook South78.086.0
Jack CallahanSo.5:37Glenbrook South79.089.0
Sanjeev GorlaFr.5:57Glenbrook South81.094.0