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CSL Conference Championship

Saturday, October 17, 2015
Glenbrook South High School

Meet Recap

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Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1New Trier39
2Highland Park81
3Maine South85
4Glenbrook South115
5Niles North137
7Glenbrook North170
8Niles West206
10Maine East272
12Maine West362

Junior Varsity

1New Trier15
2Maine South63
3Niles West75
4Glenbrook South97


1New Trier20
2Maine South58
3Niles West91
5Glenbrook South116


1New Trier40
2Maine South45
3Glenbrook South67
5Niles West123

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


Junior Varsity



Glenbrook South Cross Country Course

Our cross country course is run on nearly 100% grass around the athletic fields of Glenbrook South. Over the years, over fifteen-thousand runners have crossed the finish line of our course in meets ranging from Duals to IHSA Competitions.

Some Things to Know:

Bathrooms are available in our concessions stand building, located near the south endzone of John Davis Titan Stadium.
No Dogs
Per the Cook County Animal Control Ordinance, only service animals are allowed on school premises. If you bring a dog, you will be asked to leave the property.
Parking is available on-site in the "West Lot". Park nearest the stadium for the easiest access. Refer to the map below for more information.
Food and Drink
Concessions are available for select meets in our new concessions stand, located near the south endzone of John Davis Titan Stadium.

Course Map:

Getting Here:

Our cross country course is located on the campus of Glenbrook South High School, located between West Lake Avenue, Pfingsten Road, and Landwehr Road. Once you arrive at Glenbrook South, the most convient parking is in the West parking lots. Turn into the parking lot at the light of West Lake Avenue and Robin Lane and park nearest the stadium for easiest access.

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Course Records:

Time Name School Year
14:45 Reese Jordan Maine South 2016
14:46 Martin Baar Niles North 2015
14:47 Brett Davidson Highland Park 2015
14:50 Lenny Sitko Niles Notre Dame 1986
14:53 Warren Blood New Trier 2016
14:59 Scott Lidskin Glenbrook South 1991
15:00 Josh Derrick New Trier 2015
15:00 Joey Kasch Maine South 2019
15:06 Steve Miller Elk Grove 1984
15:09 Ralph Patajuntas Maine South 2015
15:10 Greg Harper Glenbrook South 1984
15:15 Ryan Cahill Glenbrook North 1985
15:16 Adam Christopher Maine South 2019
15:16 Jason Polydoris Highland Park 2019
15:17 Charlie Siebert New Trier 2019
15:17 Nick Falk New Trier 2019
15:18 Mike Coen Libertyville 1983
15:18 Max Peterson Evanston 2019
15:18 Torrain Haughton Maine East 2015
15:19 Brian Sedaro Maine South 2015
15:21 Tommy King New Trier 2009
15:22 Noah Graboys New Trier 2009
15:22 Will Kelly Glenbrook South 2019
15:23 Jack Litowitz New Trier 2015
15:24 Nate Whitfield Glenbrook North 2015
15:24 Matt Coyle Maine South 2020
15:26 Erik Sloan New Trier 2000
15:28 Michael Moore Maine South 2009
15:28 Connor Perreault Niles North 2015
15:29 George Artope Evanston 1996
15:29 Ted Oh New Trier 2015
15:29 Alex Burck New Trier 2015
15:30 Pete Delano Maine South 1985
15:30 Rick Newman Glenbrook South 1985
15:31 Jose Reyes Highland Park 2015
15:31 Tommy Brady Maine South 2016
15:31 Chris Langlois Glenbrook North 1983
15:33 Tom O'Rourke Loyola 1984
15:33 Pat Burnett Glenbrook North 1985
15:33 JD Shelly New Trier 2019
15:34 Patrick Norrick New Trier 2015
15:34 Jeff Gallagher Maine West 1984
15:34 Rocky Lee Niles West 1984
15:35 Patrick Wylie Deerfield 2009
15:36 Brian Shanahan Maine South 2015
15:36 Jason Golden Glenbrook North 2015
15:36 Charlie Skurie Highland Park 2015


Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Martin BarrSr.14:46.5Niles North
2Brett DavidsonSr.14:47.0Highland Park
3Josh DerrickSr.15:00.3New Trier
4Ralph PatejunasSr.15:09.3Maine South
5Warren BloodJr.15:15.2New Trier
6Torrain HaughtonSr.15:18.0Maine East
7Brian SodaroSr.15:19.3Maine South
8Jack LitowitzSr.15:23.5New Trier
9Nate WhitfieldSr.15:24.7Glenbrook North
10Conor PerreaultSo.15:28.2Niles North
11Ted OhSr.15:29.6New Trier
12Alex BurckSr.15:29.7New Trier
13Jose ReyesFr.15:31.5Highland Park
14Patrick NorrickSo.15:34.2New Trier
15Brian ShanahanJr.15:36.1Maine South
16Jason GoldenSr.15:36.3Glenbrook North
17Charlie SkurieJr.15:36.8Highland Park
18Jordan TheriaultSo.15:38.2Glenbrook South
19Alec SanchezJr.15:38.2Glenbrook South
20Will TaylorSr.15:41.5New Trier
21Alec GlazierSo.15:43.4Highland Park
22Matt GoldSo.15:44.5Deerfield
23David BickmoreSr.15:46.2Deerfield
24Matt JortbergSo.15:46.6Glenbrook South
25Charith WickremaSr.15:47.6Glenbrook South
26Marcos GarciaSo.15:48.9Waukegan
27Zack FishmanSr.15:51.0Maine South
28Jonathan RosenfeldJr.15:51.7Highland Park
29Jack WhetstoneJr.15:53.4Glenbrook South
30Nate AmsterSo.15:56.1Highland Park
31Andrew MareczkoSr.15:57.6Niles North
32Ray SutschekSr.15:58.7Maine South
33Fitz LaurieSo.16:04.4Highland Park
34Henry ShoreSo.16:10.9Deerfield
35Robert WinterJr.16:12.1Deerfield
36Francisco SantaJr.16:13.1Niles West
37Eric ScottSr.16:13.2Niles West
38Logan SingerSo.16:14.7Evanston
39Joe EovaldiSo.16:17.5Evanston
40Michael AkiSr.16:23.2Glenbrook South
41Marco AlanisJr.16:24.0Niles West
42Zach HarrisJr.16:24.9Niles North
43Sebastian VillegasJr.16:27.7Niles West
44Alex HanskatSr.16:30.3Glenbrook North
45Nick StanekSr.16:31.4Glenbrook South
46Alex OrtwigJr.16:35.3Maine South
47Brett SchneiderJr.16:35.4Deerfield
48Justin LewJr.16:37.1Deerfield
49Sam IversonSr.16:38.8Niles West
50Michael LeeSo.16:39.7Glenbrook North
51Michael OcasekSo.16:40.7Glenbrook North
52Atul KrishnaSr.16:42.7Niles West
53Russell ReyesSr.16:43.1Niles North
54Danny RosenSr.16:43.1Deerfield
55Dana SullivanFr.16:43.2Glenbrook North
56Spencer EanesSr.16:46.0Evanston
57James LiuSr.16:47.1Maine East
58Glen GarinoSr.16:48.9Maine South
59Emanuel RiveraJr.16:50.5Niles West
60Jeff Van SpankerenJr.16:51.3Glenbrook North
61Jay PatelJr.16:57.7Niles North
62Sam BergmanJr.17:01.1Evanston
63Kyle WynnSr.17:11.3Waukegan
64Felix BenitzSr.17:14.2Maine East
65Nate HolzmuellerSr.17:19.7Evanston
66Brandon NguyenJr.17:20.2Niles North
67Daniel MeyersJr.17:27.1Evanston
68David BurkhartSr.17:29.5Evanston
69Altamish KhanSr.17:29.8Maine East
70Cesar SoriaJr.17:30.1Maine West
71Charles EllsworthSr.17:31.1Maine West
72Angel MaldonadoSr.17:46.2Maine West
73Emmanuel RodriguezSo.17:53.9Waukegan
74Richard SevcicJr.18:15.1Maine West
75Mark WhiteSr.18:21.2Maine West
76Elly JdaidanySr.18:25.9Maine East
77Chad Van HornSr.18:44.8Waukegan
78Jigar PatelJr.19:18.2Maine East
79Samuel BelowJr.19:45.4Waukegan
80Samuel Torres-RodrigueSr.20:36.6Waukegan
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Junior Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Matthew BurkeJr.15:43.3New Trier
2Tommy EberleSr.15:56.3New Trier
3Jeremy GlickmanSr.15:56.5New Trier
4Zach SchreierSr.15:56.9New Trier
5Tristan JacobsSr.15:58.9New Trier
6Ben RakestrawSr.16:03.0New Trier
7Cooper WoolfordJr.16:13.9New Trier
8Matt RogeJr.16:15.4New Trier
9Jarod MeyerSr.16:16.3New Trier
10Mason BrachmannJr.16:22.6New Trier
11Sean GorneyJr.16:24.8New Trier
12Joe McCarrickSr.16:27.1Maine South
13Abdallah HashlamounJr.16:37.4Niles West
14James CrimminsSr.16:38.2New Trier
15David LeeJr.16:38.6New Trier
16Justin NaalJr.16:42.1PRGlenbrook South
17Anders CoxSr.16:45.9Maine South
18Jack GovertSr.16:46.2New Trier
19Muzammil MuztarJr.16:48.6Niles West
20Henry ClabbySr.16:49.8New Trier
21Joe GrigusSr.16:50.4Maine South
22Drew SuchslandSr.16:52.3New Trier
23Sam ConkleJr.16:59.4Niles West
24Vince LeonardSr.17:00.8Maine South
25Gavin MischlerSr.17:04.7New Trier
26Jake VowellJr.17:08.3Maine South
27Matt RuntzJr.17:09.2Glenbrook South
28Henry BeattySr.17:13.8New Trier
29Charles HinesJr.17:15.8New Trier
30Miles PluradJr.17:16.5Niles West
31Alec ChangSr.17:17.4New Trier
32Brendan AdkinsSr.17:18.3New Trier
33Nick KacenaSr.17:22.6New Trier
34Matt ZajdelaSr.17:24.6New Trier
35Mike VorwaldJr.17:26.1New Trier
36Justin GlynnSr.17:27.1New Trier
37Charlie MistrataSr.17:28.9Maine South
38Dylan JakobSr.17:30.8New Trier
39Joe CarpenterSr.17:32.0Maine South
40Eli JosephSr.17:35.7Glenbrook South
41Keith ValenzuelaSr.17:36.9Niles West
42Matthew CabreraSr.17:37.4Glenbrook South
43Chester BeckJr.17:41.9Niles West
44Tom GuidottiJr.17:43.6New Trier
45Mitchell EstbergSr.17:46.3Evanston
46Francis ThinnesSr.17:58.1New Trier
47Ivan SaltykovSr.17:58.6New Trier
48Francis BorysJr.17:59.2New Trier
49Chris LeeJr.18:01.3SRGlenbrook South
50Calvin PennisiJr.18:02.8Evanston
51Christian AlbrechtSr.18:03.7New Trier
52Ben SchonkenJr.18:04.8Glenbrook South
53Chris PappageorgeSr.18:06.1Maine South
54Sam WigdaleSr.18:09.7New Trier
55Nathaniel ParkJr.18:13.4Niles West
56Steven KangJr.18:13.7SRGlenbrook South
57Rishi BhingradiaSr.18:13.8Niles West
58Carl HixonSr.18:16.5New Trier
59Ethan StraightSr.18:19.4New Trier
60Niko DominguezJr.18:19.6Niles West
61Sergey SaltykovSr.18:19.9New Trier
62Jared LarsonJr.18:20.4Evanston
63Cole NelsonJr.18:20.9Maine South
64Sawhney BundevJr.18:27.7Evanston
65Sean O'ConnorSr.18:28.3New Trier
66David SahakianJr.18:31.2Niles West
67Jack LauerJr.18:32.8New Trier
68Ben DorfmanJr.18:33.5New Trier
69Mason MandellSr.18:35.2New Trier
70Ben ResnickJr.18:36.7New Trier
71Robert BulaiSr.18:36.7Niles West
72James TeuberJr.18:39.8New Trier
73Alistair ZienerSr.18:46.9New Trier
74Josh SirbuJr.18:49.3Niles West
75Alex VlahandreasJr.18:49.7New Trier
76Jared GershowitzJr.18:50.6Glenbrook South
77Sam CowheyJr.18:55.4Glenbrook South
78James RowlandJr.18:57.1New Trier
79Skyler SternJr.19:00.6New Trier
80Kevin HalloranSr.19:03.6Glenbrook South
81Jeremy UyJr.19:05.9Niles West
82Dylan EstradaJr.19:12.8Maine South
83Michael YimSr.19:12.9Niles West
84Daniel PuzanSr.19:13.9Niles West
85James WatsonSr.19:15.0New Trier
86Akash VincentSr.19:16.7Niles West
87Alex ColitteJr.19:32.0New Trier
88Tony XuJr.19:32.6New Trier
89Isaac MoldofskySr.19:33.6Niles West
90Clayton RittersonSr.19:39.1New Trier
91Paul BorthSr.19:47.1Glenbrook South
92Patrick StormSr.19:50.5New Trier
93Phil RapoportJr.19:51.3Niles West
94Harrison LaibleSr.19:57.1New Trier
95Conner SpeidelJr.20:08.8Evanston
96Griffin GourguechonSr.20:17.3New Trier
97Jiango FangSr.20:18.2New Trier
98Frenz Dela CruzJr.20:21.6Waukegan
99Jaeden LeeSr.20:30.8Niles West
100Paul LatrielleJr.20:39.4Glenbrook South
101Charles CostakisSr.20:39.8New Trier
102Christian QuirozFr.20:45.5Waukegan
103Joshua JiangSr.20:45.9New Trier
104Aaron LenzJr.21:05.9Waukegan
105Edward ThaiSr.21:06.7Niles West
106Ramon RamirezSr.21:21.0Waukegan
107Oscar MandujanoJr.21:31.5Waukegan
108Mitchell PritskerJr.21:55.5Glenbrook South
109Jack LewinSr.21:58.1New Trier
110Bryce HamamotoSr.22:05.2Niles West
111Harrison TeuberSr.22:06.1New Trier
112John MurphySr.22:13.9New Trier
113Jose AnayaSo.22:45.1Waukegan
114Barry RudermanSr.22:48.0Niles West
115Sumith LijuJr.22:58.2Niles West
116Mazan MasitiJr.22:58.7Niles West
117Alex RohnerJr.24:10.8Evanston
118Steve MathewJr.26:13.6Niles West
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Sophomore Results (3mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Brandon ChristopherSo.15:57.8Maine South
2Kiran BaakkonenSo.16:03.9New Trier
3Ryan StruckmanSo.16:17.1New Trier
4Ben ParkhillSo.16:22.9New Trier
5Miles PurcellSo.16:23.2New Trier
6Alex KogenSo.16:29.5New Trier
7John IzzoSo.16:32.9New Trier
8Owen EskandariSo.16:47.5New Trier
9Ethan HawkerSo.16:49.8Evanston
10Ethan JakobSo.16:50.4New Trier
11Sam AljupoorSo.16:59.2Niles West
12Matt ThorsenSo.17:02.5Maine South
13Daniel ChoSo.17:02.9PRGlenbrook South
14Eric SchmidtSo.17:05.8Glenbrook South
15Jordan MeyerSo.17:09.4New Trier
16Martin SornatSo.17:14.9Maine South
17Alex WagnerSo.17:19.5Maine South
18Patrick HolbrookSo.17:21.4Niles West
19Billy CrimminsSo.17:22.3New Trier
20Gavin VorisSo.17:22.8Maine South
21William KrupkinSo.17:25.3Evanston
22Joe SantoraSo.17:26.7Maine South
23Arjun ThakkarSo.17:27.8New Trier
24Jonas MoniesonSo.17:33.2New Trier
25Nauman KhanSo.17:35.2Niles West
26Robert MajcherSo.17:38.9Niles West
27Nick BaumannSo.17:39.0Evanston
28Lucas AlcantaraSo.17:39.6New Trier
29Kirk StewartSo.17:41.0New Trier
30Henry FinerSo.17:49.1Evanston
31Trevor RowlandSo.17:49.2New Trier
32Liam GuthrieSo.17:50.8New Trier
33Adam MajcherSo.18:02.5Niles West
34John MachongaSo.18:03.2Maine South
35Peter DicamilloSo.18:03.4New Trier
36Ben DieffenbacherSo.18:07.9New Trier
37Allen MoySo.18:11.9New Trier
38Grant ZirlinSo.18:13.6New Trier
39Luke AnaclerioSo.18:16.9New Trier
40Dominic ChavezSo.18:18.5SRGlenbrook South
41Zach CrispinoSo.18:18.7New Trier
42Will ConleySo.18:23.8New Trier
43Alex TokmakoffFr.18:27.6Evanston
44Francis OribelloSo.18:34.6Niles West
45Ben CitowSo.18:36.9New Trier
46Davis PattersonSo.18:41.9Evanston
47Daniel MaloneySo.18:43.7New Trier
48Hunter KingsburySo.18:46.2New Trier
49Ezra MillerSo.18:48.2Evanston
50Jacob GlassmanSo.18:49.4Evanston
51Steven ManosSo.18:56.9Maine South
52Andry NashSo.19:00.5New Trier
53Dan McCarrickSo.19:01.5Maine South
54Anthony MayaSo.19:02.4Niles West
55Andrew RichardsSo.19:04.7Glenbrook South
56Darian DanciuSo.19:05.7Maine South
57Jimmy PalmerSo.19:07.2PRGlenbrook South
58Brandon GoldsteinSo.19:09.5Glenbrook South
59Pat CoganSo.19:10.1Evanston
60Evan AlladaSo.19:15.1New Trier
61George WoodSo.19:24.3PRGlenbrook South
62Jaison JacobSo.19:24.7Niles West
63Milan KuttanSo.19:58.9Evanston
64Zach VolpeSo.20:01.0Evanston
65Jay MooreSo.20:03.2Evanston
66Michael FergusonSo.20:03.5New Trier
67Luke PaculbaSo.20:08.9Niles West
68Ian SalamonFr.20:11.5Evanston
69Milkiyas HmariamSo.20:13.1Niles West
70Zach SchiffmanSo.20:17.9SRGlenbrook South
71Ethan MoldofskySo.20:20.8Niles West
72Matt ZiminskiSo.20:25.7Maine South
73Gabe WinemanSo.20:33.9New Trier
74Timothy TrimasSo.20:37.8Niles West
75Luke LeeSo.20:47.7Glenbrook South
76Chris NonesSo.20:50.1Niles West
77Cullen KavanaughSo.20:55.8New Trier
78Winston WolfSo.20:57.2New Trier
79Aaron HolzmuellerSo.21:00.5Evanston
80Emmett AdamsSo.21:05.7Evanston
81Drew PattonSo.21:05.9New Trier
82Phillip ShawSo.21:11.5New Trier
83Nate KotowskiSo.21:12.5Maine South
84Max GerberSo.21:25.2PRGlenbrook South
85Leo HarrisSo.21:49.9New Trier
86Jack RudolphSo.22:12.4New Trier
87James WasielewskiSo.24:28.3New Trier
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Freshmen Results (2mi)

Official Results (F.A.T.)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Joey PaulettoFr.10:54.5SRGlenbrook South
2Liam O'CarrollFr.10:57.4Evanston
3Ian SpearsFr.10:57.6Maine South
4Luke WisnerFr.10:58.0New Trier
5Tommy BradyFr.11:03.7Maine South
6Ben WeilerFr.11:04.7New Trier
7Sean DempseyFr.11:10.6Maine South
8Charlie SchultzFr.11:13.9PRGlenbrook South
9Cameron ChangFr.11:15.3New Trier
10John KeenanFr.11:17.2New Trier
11Graeme LaneFr.11:18.3New Trier
12Charlie ForbesFr.11:19.0New Trier
13Austin TauberFr.11:21.3Maine South
14Julion MichelinFr.11:27.6Evanston
15Christopher HollyFr.11:29.7Niles West
16David PetersFr.11:29.8New Trier
17Aiden RaymondFr.11:30.6New Trier
18Leo PurcellFr.11:36.4New Trier
19Ian DempseyFr.11:44.8Maine South
20Brendan GarveyFr.11:52.4Glenbrook South
21Josh GarateFr.11:54.0Glenbrook South
22Sean SodaroFr.11:57.5Maine South
23Andrew KlineFr.11:58.5New Trier
24Ryan MeyersFr.12:05.1Glenbrook South
25Aidan HillFr.12:07.4New Trier
26Micheal KinnavyFr.12:09.0Maine South
27Michael TulskyFr.12:15.5Niles West
28John YurikFr.12:16.7Glenbrook South
29Thomas RudrudFr.12:19.5New Trier
30Lucas RochesterFr.12:25.4Niles West
31Sawyer MartiniFr.12:26.9New Trier
32Dan SiegelFr.12:28.1Evanston
33Danillo DobrilovicFr.12:29.2Maine South
34Nelson MayFr.12:31.0New Trier
35Joe MeyerFr.12:32.5Evanston
36Sam MatherFr.12:33.8New Trier
37Joey PatronikFr.12:34.3SRGlenbrook South
38Declan FontillasFr.12:34.4Glenbrook South
39Patrik KaufmanFr.12:38.1New Trier
40Gabe CohenFr.12:43.0Niles West
41Joseph MurnaneFr.12:47.2New Trier
42Mike SchroederFr.12:50.1Evanston
43William GibbonsFr.12:57.6New Trier
44Ali ChaudhryFr.12:58.8Niles West
45Finn BauerFr.13:00.9Maine South
46Sam GreenJr.13:04.2New Trier
47Cameron BergFr.13:07.8Evanston
48Adam HauserFr.13:11.2Maine South
49Ethan HarveyFr.13:11.9Evanston
50Trevin HernandezFr.13:15.2New Trier
51Jasper WolfFr.13:30.6New Trier
52Vito TorinFr.13:30.7Maine South
53Jack MillerFr.13:35.6New Trier
54Daniel LeeFr.13:35.8New Trier
55Haris MianFr.13:38.6Niles West
56Riley BrooksFr.13:45.0New Trier
57Colin GillespieFr.13:47.6Niles West
58Jaden SternFr.13:48.3New Trier
59Ethan RosenFr.13:54.6New Trier
60John LairdFr.13:55.1New Trier
61Patrick McCallFr.13:59.6Maine South
62Charley SmithFr.14:00.2Maine South
63Jack ReynoldsFr.14:01.9New Trier
64Nate LandoltFr.14:07.1Evanston
65Christian ParkerFr.14:08.7Glenbrook South
66Ryan HauserFr.14:17.0Maine South
67Moses NattawuttisitFr.14:22.0New Trier
68Omar MianFr.14:28.5Niles West
69Charles GeisFr.14:33.4New Trier
70Ryan CoeFr.14:48.0New Trier
71Ji EddyFr.14:51.5Glenbrook South
72Daniel BrazovanFr.14:58.4New Trier
73Jordan LynchFr.15:07.8SRGlenbrook South
74Sam PolyakovFr.15:44.3Glenbrook South
75Gage JaykoFr.15:45.8New Trier
76Hamill DanielFr.16:18.9Glenbrook South
77Charlie JanesFr.16:24.9Maine South
78Will KurzymskiFr.18:20.1Maine South
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