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CSL Conference Championship

Friday, May 10, 2019
Niles North High School

A Conference for the Books!

On Friday, May 10th, 2019, the Titans competed at Niles North High School at the Central Suburban League South Division Conference Championship. Glenbrook South had NINE Individual Conference Champions out of the thirty-six events! That means that GBS won 25% of the events! While our Varsity Distance team placed fourth out of the six schools, this Conference will always hold a special place in our history books.

Will Houser (Jr) continues to set his personal record in the 800m, becoming a Conference Champion with his time of 1:57.29.

Charlie Schultz (Sr) is getting so-close to the magical 2 minute mark, finishing the 800m with his personal best time of 2:00.56.

Joey Pauletto (Sr) and Brian Hiltebrand (Fr) competed and finished together in the Varsity 1600m. Joey set his PR of 4:35.02 with Brian finishing right behind him at 4:35.31.

Michael Jerva (Fr) and Lucas Houser (Fr) continue to do amazing things in the 800m, with Michael running a 2:11.37 and Lucas right behind him at 2:13.07.

The Titans run next at the IHSA Sectional Meet at Niles West on Thursday. Details to come later.

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1Maine South158
2Evanston (Twp.)152
3Glenview (Glenbrook South)105
4Winnetka (New Trier)98
5Niles North31
6Skokie (Niles West)10


1Winnetka (New Trier)108
2Skokie (Niles West)104
3Glenview (Glenbrook South)102
4Maine South97
5Evanston (Twp.)90
6Niles North47

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


1Maine South43
3New Trier39
4Glenbrook South27
5Niles North19
6Niles West14


1New Trier63
2Niles West32
3Maine South28
4Niles North26
6Glenbrook South12

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Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Will HouserJr.1:57.29Glenbrook South57.060.0
2Max PetersonJr.1:58.08Evanston
3Julion MichelinSr.1:58.74Evanston
4Jay PatelSr.1:58.89Niles North
5Umar ChaudhryJr.1:59.21Niles West
6Charlie SchultzSr.2:00.56Glenbrook South58.062.0
7Ben WeilerSr.2:00.58New Trier
8Charlie ForbesSr.2:02.40New Trier
9Ali ChaudhrySr.2:09.28Niles West
10Brad AltmanJr.2:09.98Maine South
11Danilo DobrilovicSr.2:12.72Maine South
12Luke FerriJr.2:20.51Niles North
1Joey KaschJr.4:24.45Maine South
2Max PetersonJr.4:27.86Evanston
3Luke BurkumJr.4:33.14Maine South
4Joey PaulettoSr.4:35.02PRGlenbrook South1:041:091:111:08
5Brian HiltebrandFr.4:35.31Glenbrook South1:041:091:111:09
6Jackson FlickJr.4:38.10New Trier
7Christopher HollySr.4:39.41Niles West
8Charlie MontgomerySr.4:40.91Niles North
9JD ShellyJr.4:41.11New Trier
10Giacomo CondeJr.5:02.21Evanston
11Gabe CohenSr.5:13.81Niles West
12Max BattleSr.5:29.23Niles North
1Tommy BradySr.9:15.66Maine South
2Ford BakerSr.9:31.59New Trier
3Ian SpearsSr.9:37.02Maine South
4Charlie SiebertSo.9:39.16New Trier
5Will KellyJr.9:45.76Glenbrook South2:212:262:282:30
6Max EbelingSr.10:01.55Evanston
7Amin SahidSr.10:12.04Niles North
8James KurtzweilJr.10:24.18Glenbrook South2:212:342:482:41
9Trevor GlancyJr.10:26.16Niles West
10Kasper GoralczykFr.10:39.08Niles North
11Isaiah IversonJr.10:45.84Niles West
1Relay Team8:16.49New Trier
2Relay Team8:21.50Evanston
3Relay Team8:22.24Maine South
4Relay Team8:27.05Niles North
5Relay Team8:30.88Niles West
6Relay Team8:50.84Glenbrook South
Jason LesynskiSr.2:04.7Glenbrook South59.066.0
Joey PatronikSr.2:10.1Glenbrook South61.069.0
Theo GikasJr.2:15.4PRGlenbrook South65.070.0
Wade HerreraJr.2:20.4PRGlenbrook South66.074.0
1Relay Team3:25.72New Trier
2Relay Team3:26.47Evanston
3Relay Team3:33.08Niles North
4Relay Team3:33.51Maine South
5Relay Team3:38.46Niles West
6Relay Team3:39.04Glenbrook South
Charlie SchultzSr.53.0PRGlenbrook South
Will HouserJr.55.0Glenbrook South
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Frosh/Soph Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1George CahillFr.2:08.63New Trier
2Jack MichelSo.2:09.99New Trier
3John McGivernSo.2:10.91Niles West
4Michael JervaFr.2:11.37Glenbrook South65.066.0
5Owen BriggemanSo.2:12.26Evanston
6Lucas HouserFr.2:13.07SRGlenbrook South64.069.0
7Bora CeliknalFr.2:15.94Niles West
8Jack NelsonSo.2:20.95Evanston
1Matt CullSo.4:40.00Maine South
2Blake DegerFr.4:45.23New Trier
3Connor O'NeillSo.4:46.88New Trier
4Eamon BradySo.4:47.82Maine South
5Ellis AllenSo.4:52.80Evanston
6Matthew CareySo.4:57.22Niles West
7Nahiyan ChowdhurySo.4:58.23Niles North
8Dylan EylerFr.4:58.76Evanston
9James ScottSo.4:59.89Glenbrook South1:081:151:211:16
10Matthew FinkelSo.5:00.04PRGlenbrook South1:091:181:171:15
11Ethan SuhSo.5:00.66Niles West
12Kyle KenmotsuSo.5:02.45Niles North
1Nick FalkFr.9:46.00New Trier
2Sloan AbramsSo.10:02.54Niles North
3Matt CoyleSo.10:15.97Maine South
4Matt FlickSo.10:19.22New Trier
5Matthew CareySo.10:33.37Niles West
6Ethan SuhSo.10:33.61Niles West
7Solomon GreenFr.10:41.99Evanston
8Aby JamesSo.10:42.32Niles North
9Preston DavidsonSo.11:09.89Glenbrook South2:342:49
10Carter AdamsSo.11:09.95PRGlenbrook South2:342:49
1Relay Team8:47.01Niles North
2Relay Team8:49.00Niles West
3Relay Team8:56.45New Trier
4Relay Team9:11.72Evanston
5Relay Team9:47.15Maine South
6Relay TeamDQGlenbrook South
Derek Lentz2:15.2PRGlenbrook South64.071.0
Matthew Penne2:18.2SRGlenbrook South64.074.0
Tyson Anthony2:16.3Glenbrook South63.073.0
Dane Branstrom2:18.0Glenbrook South68.070.0
1Relay Team3:44.57New Trier
2Relay Team3:45.45Evanston
3Relay Team3:45.49Niles West
4Relay Team3:48.10Niles North
5Relay Team3:51.31Glenbrook South
Michael JervaSo.56.5SRGlenbrook South
Tyson AnthonySo.59.3PRGlenbrook South
6Relay Team3:57.10Maine South
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