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Friday, April 26, 2019
Glenbrook North High School

Exchanges in the Wind

Despite the windy conditions, Titan Distance ran many amazing races at the GBN Spartan Relays on Friday.

Our 4x800m team (Charlie Schultz, Brian Hiltebrand, Jason Lesynski, and Will Houser) finished in first place by 11 seconds against great competition!

The John Davis Titan Invitational is less than a week away! We can’t wait to see the support of the South community!

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


2Glenview (Glenbrook South)86
3Lake Zurich83
4Lincolnshire (Stevenson)69
5Lake Forest65
6Glenbrook North56.99
7Winnetka (New Trier)32
8Loyola Academy31

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


2Glenbrook South20
3Lake Forest20
5Glenbrook North19
6New Trier18
7Loyola Academy17
8Lake Zurich14

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Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)

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1Relay Team8:22.22Glenbrook South
Charlie SchultzSr.2:04.2Glenbrook South
Brian HiltebrandFr.2:05.4Glenbrook South
Jason LeszynskiSr.2:11.8Glenbrook South
Will HouserJr.2:00.5Glenbrook South
2Relay Team8:31.83Glenbrook North
3Relay Team8:41.78New Trier
4Relay Team8:49.31Deerfield
5Relay Team8:58.10Loyola Academy
6Relay Team9:02.01Stevenson
7Relay Team9:10.33Northside
8Relay Team9:35.21Lake Zurich
Joey PatronikSr.2:13.0Glenbrook South
1Relay Team11:03.72Lake Forest
2Relay Team11:10.14Deerfield
3Relay Team11:13.30Lake Zurich
4Relay Team11:23.27New Trier
5Relay Team11:30.49Glenbrook North
6Relay Team11:35.95Stevenson
7Relay Team11:36.84Loyola Academy
8Relay Team11:54.43Glenbrook South
John BresnahanJr.5:04.0Glenbrook South
1Relay Team18:58.94Deerfield
2Relay Team19:09.60Loyola Academy
3Relay Team19:10.20New Trier
4Relay Team19:27.22Glenbrook South
Will KellyJr.4:41.0Glenbrook South
Joey PaulettoSr.4:43.0Glenbrook South
James KurtzweilJr.4:53.0SRGlenbrook South
Jordan LynchSr.5:02.0Glenbrook South
5Relay Team19:33.09Stevenson
6Relay Team20:18.22Lake Zurich
7Relay Team20:32.81Lake Forest
8Relay Team20:56.63Glenbrook North
1Relay Team3:33.12Stevenson
2Relay Team3:33.81Lake Forest
3Relay Team3:34.47Glenbrook North
4Relay Team3:37.03Glenbrook South
Charlie Schultz54.1Glenbrook South
Brian Hiltebrand54.1SRGlenbrook South
Jason Lesynski55.9Glenbrook South
Will Houser52.8Glenbrook South
5Relay Team3:41.30Lake Zurich
6Relay Team3:42.84Loyola Academy
7Relay Team3:43.35Deerfield
8Relay Team4:02.77New Trier
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