CSL Quad at Evanston

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Evanston Township High School

CSL Quad at Evanston

Meet Information
  • Meet Name: CSL Quad at Evanston
  • Meet Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021
  • Location: Evanston Township High School
  • Opponents: Evanston, New Trier, Niles West
  • Levels: Varsity, Sophomore, Freshmen
  • Results Status: Official Results (F.A.T.)

Starting off the CSL Schedule Strong

Following the great races on Saturday at Warren, the team traveled to Evanston Township High School on Tuesday, September 21st for the first CSL Quad against Evanston, New Trier, and Niles West. This was a great opportunity for racing on a good course against some of the best teams in the state.

The Freshmen were up first, finally switching back to 2-mile races. Without a full warmup due to the buses arriving later than planned, they all did a great job of hopping off the buses and getting to the line quickly to start their race. Even with these obstacles, 13 of the 19 racing freshmen set personal bests for 2 miles. Cole Branstrom led the way with a time of 12:54 for 13th place. A great pack came through soon after Cole of Max Goodman (12:57), Charles Finkel (13:03), Connor Herrington (13:03), and William Fontana (13:04). With dual meet scoring, the Freshmen went 1-2, beating Niles West (20-39) and losing to New Trier (21-34) and Evanston (15-50).

All Juniors and Seniors (and Sophomore Andy Ordway), lined up next for the start of the Varsity 3-mile race. Senior Brian Hiltebrand switched it up and took the first mile more controlled, allowing the other runners to control the pace. This strategy paid off immensely as he took 1st place in 15:46. Senior Jayson Stamm ran a great race in 16:08 for 7th place. Following him with a great pack, Seniors Michael Jerva and Elie Nassif (Congrats on the PR) stuck together and finished in 16:30 and 16:31 for 10th and 11th. Rounding out the top 5 was Senior Brendan Tanaka in 16:50 for 20th place. They clinched a 2-1 finish with a great win against Evanston (27-28) and Niles West (20-39) with a close loss to New Trier (27-30).

Closing out the day with the sun starting to set was the Sophomore 3-mile race. Cyrus Cooke, Sam Knezevich, and Charles Sturiale finished in 5th through 7th with some great times of 18:46, 18:46, and 18:49. Jack Qualkenbush came across the finish line next at 19:27 in 12th place. Luke Chavez was right behind him, closing out the top 5, at 19:30 in 14th with Jan Jedynak close behind at 19:33. This ended up being enough for the Sophomores to go 2-1, beating Niles West (27-32) and Evanston (17-45) with another close loss to New Trier (25-30).

It was a great opening to the CSL schedule as the boys head into the weekend without a race, trading in the singlets for suits and ties at Homecoming. The team is back next Tuesday, September 28th for another CSL Quad at New Trier's Duke Child's Field against New Trier, Maine South, and Glenbrook North. Rest up, and we will see you there!

Individual Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)

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Team Scores


1New Trier3-0
2Glenbrook South2-1
4Niles West0-3


1New Trier3-0
2Glenbrook South2-1
3Niles West1-2


2New Trier2-1
3Glenbrook South1-2
4Niles West0-3

This meet is a scored team meet, where each team is scored against each other. This is why you see a record instead of a score.

Evanston Township High School

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