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IHSA Meeting Brings Good News for Track Season

For the first time in a while, we have some concrete news to share about the upcoming track season! Here's a quick note from Coach Hasenstein outlining the information released in the latest IHSA meeting.

IHSA update!

Glad to share with all of you that the IHSA has released the sports calendar for the rest of the school year. Track and Field will begin on April 5th and end on June 19th if a state meet is allowed. I will be the first to tell you that I am ecstatic that we get a chance to have our season and that me and the other coaches are very much looking forward to working with all of the athletes!

The IHSA had to take hundreds of variables into consideration and tried to make sure that all sports had a chance to compete this school year. A big thanks should go to all of the administrators across the state, especially those in the IHSA office to make this work. There will definitely be some overlap with seasons and struggles with demands on facilities but just like we found out this fall during cross country...we'll make it work!

Here is the schedule if you didn't see it yet.... LINK

The updated conditioning/open gym schedule will be sent out soon. With all sports getting the green light there will be some changes with available gym space. Please be patient as all the coaches work together to create a schedule.

Not too many weeks ago I sent a message about staying in the Batter's Box and to be ready to swing away when your turn came up....We are on deck and will be starting soon. Please continue to work hard on your own and do some type of physical activity each day to prepare your body for the upcoming season. If you are coming into the building for classes please stop by the PE Office to say hi and discuss training if you need to.

Have a great night and thanks again to everyone for their patience!

Coach Hasenstein