Meet Recap

Every year, we are able to host a special invite, the John R. Davis Titan Invitational. For the past 48 years, GBS has been hosting many schools in the area. Since 2001, we have named the invite after John Davis, head track coach and football coach for many years. Over the years, on his track we’ve celebrated some of our best moments. This year was no different. At this year’s Titan Invite, both the Varsity and Frosh/Soph teams finished in second place after New Trier (Frosh/Soph tied with Wheeling for second). At the distance level, our Varsity finished in third after New Trier and Loyola Academy.

Some Highlights

James Kurtzweil (Jr) set his personal record by 21-seconds in the 3200m run! James finished the 3200 in 10:14.84.

Matthew Finkel (So) is the newest member of the Sub-11 club in the 3200m run after finishing the race in 10:58.66.

Charlie Schultz (Sr) set his personal record in the 800m run, finishing in 2:02.22. This is a 1.06 second improvement in his personal record set last year at sectionals.

Joey Pauletto (Sr) had a 6 second PR in the 1600m run, running a 4:37.07!


The next week is a busy week. The CSL Freshman Invitational is Monday at Home. On Tuesday, the JV team will travel to Maine West for their last meet of the year. Finishing up, on Friday, the Varsity and Frosh/Soph teams will travel to Niles North for the Central Suburban League Conference Championship.

Team Scores


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


This is either an unscored meet, or team results are missing from our database. If you believe this is an error, please reach out.


Photographer: Many!

Varsity Results

1Will HouserJr.1:58.91Glenbrook South60.059.0
2Dana SullivanSr.1:59.46Glenbrook North
3Charles ClaryJr.2:01.02Beacon Academy
4Charlie SchultzSr.2:02.22Glenbrook South61.061.0
5Eli MillerSr.2:02.92Loyola Academy
6Billy DelaneyJr.2:02.99Loyola Academy
7Michael JohnsonJr.2:06.82Elk Grove
8Angel TorresJr.2:06.85Wheeling
9Caleb KimSr.2:07.84Glenbrook North
10Charlie SiebertSo.2:08.14New Trier
11Neo MarinSr.2:08.21Niles West
12Gabe CohenSr.2:08.40Niles West
13Amin SahidSr.2:10.76Niles North
14Mitch FisterJr.2:12.72Wheeling
15Sergio MendietaSo.2:13.41St. Patrick
16George JimenezJr.2:13.66St. Patrick
17Tyler NishimuraJr.2:13.99Hersey
18Ben WeilerSr.2:14.66New Trier
19Benjamin KvetonSr.2:19.33Elk Grove
20Antonios SklivagosJr.2:25.23Hersey
21Kevin PadillaJr.2:25.70Maine West
1Spencer WernerFr.4:27.45Loyola Academy
2Max SvientyJr.4:28.78Hersey
3Charlie ForbesSr.4:31.47New Trier
4JD ShellyJr.4:33.40New Trier
5Jay PatelSr.4:34.20Niles North
6Joey PaulettoSr.4:37.07Glenbrook South65.
7Alexander OwensJr.4:38.65Loyola Academy
8Josh HardenSr.4:42.72Hersey
9Brian HiltebrandFr.4:45.91Glenbrook South66.
10Nate KraemerSr.4:46.54Elk Grove
11Sebastian Vences-PerezSr.4:46.92Wheeling
12Ethan SuhSo.4:55.71Niles West
13Tim St. JohnJr.5:04.19Glenbrook North
14Nate AronsonSr.5:05.76Glenbrook North
15Sergio MendietaSo.5:06.36St. Patrick
16Matt SchauSr.5:11.66Elk Grove
17George JimenezJr.5:12.29St. Patrick
18Bibin BijuJr.5:24.36Maine West
1Quinn RudyJr.09:49.81Hersey
2Will KellyJr.09:52.50Glenbrook South2:262:282:302:28
3Felix BoeingJr.09:59.76New Trier
4Jack LynchSr.10:08.33Loyola Academy
5Zach SwansonSr.10:09.20Loyola Academy
6Ben AkasonJr.10:13.52New Trier
7Nick CarabaJr.10:14.06Hersey
8James KurtzweilJr.10:14.84Glenbrook South2:272:352:392:33
9Trevor GlancyJr.10:15.88Niles West
10Matthew CareySo.10:34.54Niles West
11Kasper GoralczykFr.10:35.02Niles North
12Jonah LevineSr.10:45.16Glenbrook North
13Jose SierraJr.10:50.80Wheeling
14Nahiyan ChowdhurySo.10:55.89Niles North
15Jonathan KangJr.10:56.36Maine West
16Dustin BirnbaumSr.11:00.54Glenbrook North
17Charles BellSr.13:00.57St. Patrick
1Relay Team8:19.04New Trier
2Relay Team8:21.80Niles North
3Relay Team8:25.30Niles West
4Relay Team8:32.93Loyola Academy
5Relay Team8:35.90Glenbrook North
6Relay Team8:40.30Wheeling
7Relay Team8:46.99Elk Grove
8Relay Team8:47.62Hersey
9Relay Team8:51.94Glenbrook South
Jason LesynskiSr.2:05.9Glenbrook South61.064.0
Joey PatronikSr.2:11.9Glenbrook South62.069.0
Tyson AnthonySo.2:15.6Glenbrook South63.073.0
Theo GikasJr.2:18.65Glenbrook South67.071.0
10Relay Team9:39.32Maine West
1Relay Team3:33.71New Trier
2Relay Team3:34.74Loyola Academy
3Relay Team3:36.64Glenbrook South
Jason LesynskiSr.54.5Glenbrook South
Joey PatronikSr.57.6Glenbrook South
Charlie SchultzSr.53.3Glenbrook South
Will HouserJr.51.24Glenbrook South
4Relay Team3:36.77Niles West
5Relay Team3:38.00Wheeling
6Relay Team3:40.10Glenbrook North
7Relay Team3:41.04Hersey
8Relay Team3:48.43St. Patrick
9Relay Team3:51.13Lake Forest Academy

Frosh/Soph Results

1Nick RedstoneSo.2:05.34Glenbrook North
2Patrick JamiesonFr.2:05.77New Trier
3Cameron MatejkaSo.2:08.64Loyola Academy
4Connor OilerFr.2:08.93Hersey
5George CahillFr.2:11.69New Trier
6Michael JervaFr.2:12.02Glenbrook South65.067.0
7Jack GarrigusSo.2:12.42Loyola Academy
8Charlie MartinSo.2:12.88Glenbrook North
9Aman ShahFr.2:15.15Wheeling
10Michael RennerFr.2:16.09Hersey
11Dane BranstromSo.2:18.65Glenbrook South68.070.0
12Dane NitoiFr.2:20.71Niles North
13Zachary CheukSo.2:21.19Niles West
14Bora CeliknalFr.2:26.57Niles West
15Bernard WatersFr.2:28.42Elk Grove
16Cody LettsFr.2:30.32Maine West
17Jorge GutierrezSo.2:31.41Wheeling
18Alex KovalchukJr.2:34.15Lake Forest Academy
19Nicholas CurioSo.2:45.82St. Patrick
20Ryan StachulaSo.2:50.85St. Patrick
1Nick FalkFr.4:39.95New Trier
2Blake DegerFr.4:44.59New Trier
3Nick IhrkeSo.4:44.96Glenbrook North
4Bryan MartinezSo.4:47.38Wheeling
5Quinn BornSo.4:47.94Hersey
6Adam GorcycaSo.4:48.16Maine West
7Michael SolmosSo.4:51.91Loyola Academy
8Remy JankuskySo.4:51.97Hersey
9Jesus VallejoSo.4:58.17Maine West
10Aby JamesSo.5:03.82Niles North
11Sebastian ZimmerFr.5:05.33Glenbrook South75.
12Haroon SalahuddinSo.5:05.59Niles North
13Alex KrullSo.5:09.64Glenbrook North
14Thomas MagdalenoFr.5:10.08Niles West
15Elie NassifFr.5:11.46Glenbrook South74.
16Arturo ValladaresSo.5:18.09Wheeling
17William (Liam) SaluskiSo.5:24.61Elk Grove
18Ben KellySo.5:32.65Niles West
19Joshua EsquilinSo.5:35.47St. Patrick
20Sebastian MartinezFr.5:53.78St. Patrick
1Spencer DzyackySo.10:01.15Loyola Academy
2Connor O'NeillSo.10:19.22New Trier
3Matt FlickSo.10:25.74New Trier
4Luke LinscottSo.10:30.25Hersey
5Kyle KenmotsuSo.10:48.25Niles North
6Japnam HothiSo.10:52.69Wheeling
7James ScottSo.10:56.96Glenbrook South2:342:492:492:45
8Anuj MehtaSo.10:57.25Hersey
9Matthew FinkelSo.10:58.66Glenbrook South2:362:482:492:45
10Nathan HetzlerSo.11:20.40Glenbrook North
11Branden ChiFr.11:23.70Glenbrook North
12Jacob DiazSo.11:29.65Maine West
13Juan CelioSo.11:43.45St. Patrick
14Anthony RacitiFr.11:52.21Niles West
15Jack WernekeFr.11:54.69Niles West
1Relay Team8:46.19New Trier
2Relay Team8:48.93Niles North
3Relay Team8:51.30Wheeling
4Relay Team8:55.55Hersey
5Relay Team9:05.39Loyola Academy
6Relay Team9:07.25Glenbrook North
7Relay Team9:17.03Glenbrook South
Lucas HouserFr.2:15.3Glenbrook South67.068.0
Matt PenneFr.2:19.3Glenbrook South65.073.0
Jayson StammFr.2:23.4Glenbrook South69.075.0
Derek LentzFr.2:19.03Glenbrook South64.072.0
8Relay Team9:18.01Maine West
9Relay Team9:27.48Niles West
1Relay Team3:43.29Glenbrook North
2Relay Team3:45.28Loyola Academy
3Relay Team3:48.78Hersey
4Relay Team3:49.86New Trier
5Relay Team3:51.52Niles North
6Relay Team3:55.11Niles West
7Relay Team3:56.24Glenbrook South
Michael Jerva58.3Glenbrook South
Dane Branstrom60.5Glenbrook South
8Relay Team3:59.37Wheeling
9Relay Team4:08.63Maine West
10Relay Team4:16.86St. Patrick
11Relay Team4:18.43Lake Forest Academy