GBN Dual

Wednesday, April 03, 2019
Glenbrook North H.S.

Meet Recap

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Team Scores

Junior Varsity

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Photographer: Sam Westfall

Junior Varsity Results

Jayson StammFr.11:47.0Glenbrook SouthMichael WestfallFr.11:57.0Glenbrook SouthJacob BaimFr.12:17.0Glenbrook SouthMatthew PenneFr.12:23.0Glenbrook SouthRobert HartsigFr.13:02.0Glenbrook SouthJack ClearyFr.13:30.0Glenbrook SouthAditya BhallaSr.13:52.0Glenbrook SouthMichael JervaFr.2:20.0Glenbrook SouthJustin WronaJr.2:34.0Glenbrook SouthGerry BermudezJr.2:37.0Glenbrook SouthRicky EgenSo.2:53.0Glenbrook SouthDerek LentzFr.5:37.0Glenbrook SouthEthan HernandezSo.5:37.0Glenbrook SouthCole BradySo.5:50.2Glenbrook SouthBrett WittensteinFr.6:01.0Glenbrook SouthJonathan JosephFr.6:39.0Glenbrook South