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IHSA 3A Regionals

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Niles West High School

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Team Scores


1New Trier27
2Loyola Academy41
3Glenbrook South98
4Niles North113
5Glenbrook North143
7Maine West195
8Niles West201
9Notre Dame259
10Maine East279

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Top 3mi Times by GBS Athletes

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Varsity Results (3mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Chase SilvermanSr.15:09New Trier
2David O'GaraSr.15:21Glenbrook South
3Jack CarrollJr.15:26Loyola Academy
4Tarek AfifiJr.15:28New Trier
5Christian SwensonJr.15:30Loyola Academy
6Om KanwarJr.15:31New Trier
7Connor TrappSr.15:35New Trier
8Teddy BrombachSr.15:37Loyola Academy
9Austin SantacruzJr.15:38New Trier
10Luke DurosJr.15:39New Trier
11Spencer KellyJr.15:40Loyola Academy
12Dhruvil PatelJr.15:41Niles North
13Alex ListonJr.15:41Maine West
14Matthew RandolphSr.15:42Loyola Academy
15Carl KlammJr.15:57Evanston
16Matthew SchererSr.15:58Loyola Academy
17Ben PopernikSr.15:59Niles North
18Josh RosenkranzJr.15:59New Trier
19Nate WhitfieldSo.16:00Glenbrook North
20Michael BanksJr.16:07Loyola Academy
21Casey HenricksonSr.16:08Glenbrook South
22Theo BeckJr.16:10Niles West
23Charlie CastelliSr.16:14Glenbrook South
24Henry DicksonJr.16:22SRGlenbrook South
25Michael El GhoulSr.16:24Niles North
26Nebil MohamedJr.16:30Niles North
27Jason GoldenSo.16:30Glenbrook North
28David CohnSr.16:32Glenbrook South
29Estaban EscobarJr.16:36Evanston
30Matt BondySr.16:38Glenbrook North
31Jay SilverJr.16:41Glenbrook North
32Eric PonzettiJr.16:41Maine East
33Anthony DiazJr.16:42Niles North
34Geoff RozoSr.16:43Maine West
35Matt ContrerasSo.16:46Notre Dame
36Scott ThomasSo.16:47Glenbrook North
38Ben ButlerSr.16:52Evanston
39Colin BurrowesJr.16:53Glenbrook South
41Alex HanskatSo.16:57Glenbrook North
42Michael AkiSo.16:57SRGlenbrook South
43Andreas OtilSr.16:59Niles North
44Martin BarrSo.17:04Niles North
45Itai EpsteinFr.17:07Glenbrook North
50Spencer EanesSo.17:12Evanston
52Conrad GordonJr.17:19Evanston
57John WylieSr.17:43Evanston
63Henry MagnusonSr.18:08Evanston
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