Titan Distance

Trevian Frosh-Soph

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
New Trier Winnetka

Great Conditions for our Frosh-Soph

The Titans ran very successful meets with the JV team competing at home against Loyola, Highland Park, and New Trier, and the Freshman and Sophomore teams competed at the Trevian Frosh-Soph Invitational. There were many PRs and races to be excited about!

James Scott (So) continues to dominate at the sophomore level. He just entered the sub-5 club running a 4:59.26!

Michael Jerva (Fr) ran a great race at the freshmen level finishing the 800m in 2:13.51.

The Titans compete next at Glenbrook North this Friday.

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


2New Trier112
3Glenbrook South109
4Loyola Academy76
5Maine South74
6Glenbrook North37
7Highland Park24


1New Trier103
3Glenbrook North84
4Maine South82
5Glenbrook South65
6Highland Park61
7Loyola Academy58

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


1New Trier46
3Glenbrook South28
4Loyola Academy26
5Glenbrook North10
6Maine South6
7Highland Park4


2Loyola Academy30
3New Trier26
4Glenbrook North26
5Maine South21
6Highland Park10
7Glenbrook South5

Map & Directions


Photographer(s): James Kurtzweil

Freshmen Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Seichi ShinozakiFr.2:08.58Loyola Academy
2George CahillFr.2:09.72New Trier
3Eric LakemakerFr.2:11.11Deerfield
4Ryan BernsteinFr.2:12.91Deerfield
5Michael JervaFr.2:13.51Glenbrook South64.069.0
6Jakub IwanskiFr.2:15.12Maine South
7Casey GibbonsFr.2:17.31Loyola Academy
8Michael WestfallFr.2:20.18Glenbrook South69.071.0
9Alejandro SiedenFr.2:20.84Highland Park
10RJ GuhlFr.2:23.47Highland Park
11Andrew QianFr.2:25.22Glenbrook North
12Kevin RogowskiFr.2:30.43Maine South
13Jack MoranFr.2:34.68New Trier
14Jack KlapmanFr.2:47.68Glenbrook North
1Blake DegerFr.4:43.93New Trier
2Cole BernsteinFr.4:46.75Deerfield
3Malcolm WaiteFr.4:49.55New Trier
4John PhillipsFr.4:56.31Loyola Academy
5Alex BrownFr.5:02.45Highland Park
6Aidan SimonFr.5:04.67Loyola Academy
7Elie NassifFr.5:06.91Glenbrook South71.
8Lucas HouserFr.5:07.88Glenbrook South71.
9Jonah SatyrFr.5:10.60Deerfield
10Hunter KellsFr.5:10.63Highland Park
11Patrick HerbstFr.5:16.57Glenbrook North
12Ross TrippiediFr.5:56.55Maine South
13Norbert WojtkowskiFr.6:26.27Glenbrook North
1Brian HiltebrandFr.10:13.04Glenbrook South2:302:352:372:31
2Nick FriedmanFr.10:48.92New Trier
3Tamar FrydmanFr.10:49.52New Trier
4Branden ChiFr.11:25.34Glenbrook North
5Sebastian ZimmerFr.11:27.40Glenbrook South2:452:553:002:47
6Robert GettyFr.11:36.64Deerfield
7Peter ScheidtFr.12:12.18Loyola Academy
8Brandon SteinFr.12:14.48Deerfield
9Matt SchmidtFr.12:33.49Glenbrook North
1Relay Team8:47.17Deerfield
2Relay Team10:02.82New Trier
3Relay Team10:16.11Glenbrook South
Jayson Stamm2:17.4Glenbrook South64.071.0
Brett Wittenstein2:24.7Glenbrook South71.073.0
Matthew Penne2:18.4Glenbrook South67.071.0
Derek Lentz2:17.3Glenbrook South70.077.0
4Relay Team10:18.99Glenbrook North
5Relay Team11:04.73Loyola Academy
6Relay Team11:24.43Maine South
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Sophomore Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Matt CullSo.2:06.73Maine South
2Liam BrennanSo.2:07.71Loyola Academy
3Graham PatersonSo.2:09.85Glenbrook North
4Jonah KaplanSo.2:10.83Deerfield
5Jack MichelSo.2:11.50New Trier
6Joshua HoltgreiveSo.2:13.77Loyola Academy
7Charlie MartinSo.2:13.84Glenbrook North
8Ben KeenanSo.2:14.55New Trier
9Joe HealySo.2:14.66Deerfield
10Tyson AnthonySo.2:15.29Glenbrook South65.070.0
11Dane BranstromSo.2:15.58Glenbrook South65.070.0
12Alec LivneySo.2:18.96Highland Park
13Tyler CarlsonSo.2:19.54Highland Park
14Michael DortSo.2:25.49Maine South
1Jason PolydorisSo.4:36.07Highland Park
2Ben ZamlerSo.4:36.89Deerfield
3Eamon BradySo.4:48.19Maine South
4Nick RedstoneSo.4:50.34Glenbrook North
5Cameron MatejkaSo.4:50.91Loyola Academy
6Charlie HartSo.4:54.36Deerfield
7Matt FlickSo.4:54.43New Trier
8Lincoln CroweSo.4:56.51New Trier
9James ScottSo.4:59.26Glenbrook South70.
10Preston DavidsonSo.5:03.43Glenbrook South70.
11Alex KrullSo.5:06.78Glenbrook North
12Jorge JiminezSo.5:11.01Maine South
13Daniel RiordanSo.5:13.58Loyola Academy
1Spencer WernerFr.9:39.72Loyola Academy
2Josh PuyearSo.9:42.60Deerfield
3Charlie SiebertSo.9:42.86New Trier
4Spencer DzyackySo.9:53.67Loyola Academy
5Patrick JamiesonFr.10:05.45New Trier
6Nick IhrkeSo.10:23.71Glenbrook North
7George EsteveSo.10:27.66New Trier
8Matt CoyleSo.10:31.06Maine South
9Michael SolmosSo.10:40.36Loyola Academy
10Erik AndersonSo.10:42.27Highland Park
11Andrew OsbornSo.10:58.44Deerfield
12Matthew FinkelSo.11:08.63Glenbrook South2:382:492:512:49
13Carter AdamsSo.11:10.62Glenbrook South2:382:492:512:51
14Leo StantonSo.11:23.00Loyola Academy
15Nathan HetzlerSo.11:31.85Glenbrook North
1Relay Team9:16.84Glenbrook North
2Relay Team9:25.13Deerfield
3Relay Team9:41.23New Trier
4Relay Team9:50.66Glenbrook South
Jacob Baim2:31.1Glenbrook South68.083.0
Jack Cleary2:37.4Glenbrook South73.084.0
Cole Brady2:33.4Glenbrook South72.081.0
Ricky Egen2:34.1Glenbrook South74.080.0
5Relay Team9:54.56Maine South
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