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IHSA 3A Sectionals

Thursday, May 17, 2018
Loyola Academy

Meet Recap

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Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1Evanston (Twp.)110
2Winnetka (New Trier)59
3Mt. Prospect (Prospect)54.5
4Maine South48
7Skokie (Niles West)34.5
8Loyola Academy31
9Niles North28
10Glenview (Glenbrook South)25
11Glenbrook North24
12Maine East18
14Lake Forest11
15Niles (Notre Dame)8
16Highland Park7

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


1Evanston (Twp.)24
3Maine South22
4Glenview (Glenbrook South)18
5Winnetka (New Trier)18
7Mt. Prospect (Prospect)11
8Glenbrook North8
9Loyola Academy7
10Niles North6
11Skokie (Niles West)4
12Lake Forest1
14Highland Park0
15Maine East0
16Niles (Notre Dame)0

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Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Tommy BradyJr.9:09.98Maine South
2Josh MethnerSo.9:13.64Hersey
3Conor PerreaultSr.9:21.44Niles North
4Ryan TheisenSr.9:21.93Hersey
5Patrick HolbrookSr.9:23.88Skokie (Niles West)
6Patrick NorrickSr.9:25.25Winnetka (New Trier)
7Ian SpearsJr.9:29.22Maine South
8Nathan SchmittSo.9:30.51Lake Forest
9Matt GoldSr.9:34.88Deerfield
10Alec GlazierSr.9:41.94Highland Park
11Ford BakerJr.9:45.09Winnetka (New Trier)
12Will KellySo.9:54.19Glenview (Glenbrook South)
13Connor HoagSr.9:56.55Loyola Academy
14Spencer DzyackyFr.9:57.75Loyola Academy
15Thomas WalterSo.10:00.78Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
16Bradley BrodskyJr.10:01.89Deerfield
17Max EbelingJr.10:06.99Evanston (Twp.)
18Christopher HollyJr.10:14.49Skokie (Niles West)
19Nate AmsterSr.10:16.39Highland Park
20Aidan BrennanSr.10:21.65Niles (Notre Dame)
21Jackson GrossJr.10:28.43Wheeling
22Jack HemplemanSr.10:32.77Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
23Bryan MartinezFr.10:35.75Wheeling
24Jonah LevineJr.10:41.94Glenbrook North
25James KurtzweilSo.10:42.18SRGlenview (Glenbrook South)
26Patrick ReinhoferJr.10:45.91Niles (Notre Dame)
27Jacob RosenbergSr.10:58.70Glenbrook North
28Joshua LaneSo.11:18.33Lake Forest
29Abaan AnsariFr.11:36.49Maine East
30Jayesh PatelSo.11:45.07Maine East
31Aaron HolzmuellerSr.14:43.89Evanston (Twp.)
1Ryan StruckmanSr.4:20.14Winnetka (New Trier)
2Jordan TheriaultSr.4:20.53PRGlenview (Glenbrook South)
3Brandon ChristopherSr.4:22.67Maine South
4Nate CozineSr.4:23.32Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
5Tommy BradyJr.4:24.28Maine South
6Nate MayoSr.4:29.25Hersey
7Joe EovaldiSr.4:30.86Evanston (Twp.)
8Ryan BuchJr.4:32.43Hersey
9Matt JortbergSr.4:34.00SRGlenview (Glenbrook South)
10Ben RosaSo.4:34.31Lake Forest
11Tyler PolakJr.4:35.28Wheeling
12Jose ReyesJr.4:35.93Highland Park
13Jay MoranSo.4:36.78Evanston (Twp.)
14Jackson FlickSo.4:38.23Winnetka (New Trier)
15Matt GoldSr.4:39.60Deerfield
16Casey DaleidenSr.4:42.27Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
17Jason PolydorisFr.4:47.64Highland Park
18Trevor GlancySo.4:48.59Skokie (Niles West)
19Eli MillerJr.4:50.88Loyola Academy
20Ethan ButtimerSr.4:54.87Glenbrook North
21Andrew KaseSr.4:55.10Glenbrook North
22Nelson FernandesSr.4:58.54Niles North
23Cameron MatejkaFr.4:58.64Loyola Academy
24Jeremy ErmilioSr.4:58.84Niles (Notre Dame)
25Hector LopezJr.4:58.98Maine East
26Riley NewtonJr.4:59.03Niles (Notre Dame)
27Gabe CohenJr.4:59.26Skokie (Niles West)
28Ethan LaneSo.5:01.10Lake Forest
29Erik Osorio-CruzSo.5:02.81Maine East
30Josh PuyearFr.5:05.61Deerfield
1Jordan TeranSo.1:58.43Wheeling
2Logan SingerSr.1:58.75Evanston (Twp.)
3Luke PhillipsSr.1:59.17Loyola Academy
4Will HouserSo.2:00.54SRGlenview (Glenbrook South)
5Max PetersonSo.2:00.73Evanston (Twp.)
6Charlie SchultzJr.2:03.28SRGlenview (Glenbrook South)
7Colin SaffordSo.2:03.74Hersey
8Luke WisnerJr.2:04.33Winnetka (New Trier)
9John TierneyJr.2:04.40Niles (Notre Dame)
10Nick LohanSr.2:04.41Skokie (Niles West)
11Tyler AckermanSo.2:04.77Winnetka (New Trier)
12Jack DechoudensFr.2:04.95Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
13Jack TerrySr.2:05.29Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
14Kyle LevinSr.2:05.47Lake Forest
15Jordy MazzaJr.2:05.55Highland Park
16Caleb KimJr.2:05.67Glenbrook North
17Fitz LaurieSr.2:05.99Highland Park
18Josue ParraSo.2:06.44Maine East
19Aidan SullivanSr.2:06.64Loyola Academy
20Jeremy ErmilioSr.2:07.42Niles (Notre Dame)
21Noah BlausteinSr.2:07.64Deerfield
22Michael LeeSr.2:08.04Glenbrook North
23Henry ShoreSr.2:08.61Deerfield
24Patrick O'DwyerSr.2:09.12Skokie (Niles West)
25Gavin VorisSr.2:09.22Maine South
26Tim ChomaSo.2:10.26Hersey
27Darian DanciuSr.2:11.00Maine South
28Greg SevillaSo.2:11.38Wheeling
29Nathan MillerSo.2:17.38Maine East
11Elijah FietsamJr.DQLake Forest
1Relay Team7:56.09Evanston (Twp.)
2Relay Team7:59.56Glenbrook North
3Relay Team8:04.75Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
4Relay Team8:11.71Hersey
5Relay Team8:19.52Winnetka (New Trier)
6Relay Team8:42.21Wheeling
7Relay Team8:53.11Glenview (Glenbrook South)
8Relay Team8:54.30Loyola Academy
9Relay Team8:55.48Deerfield
10Relay Team8:55.84Niles (Notre Dame)
11Relay Team8:59.29Maine South
12Relay Team9:05.30Highland Park
Relay TeamDQNiles North
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