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IHSA 3A Sectionals

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Loyola Academy

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Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


3Glenbrook South61
4Niles West57
6New Trier50
7Maine South43
8Niles North37
9Loyola Academy33
10Highland Park26.5
11Maine East22
12Maine West17
13Von Steuben10.5
14Notre Dame6

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


1Maine South26
2New Trier23
3Niles North21
4Loyola Academy19
6Niles West15
8Highland Park7
9Glenbrook South6
10Maine West4
13Glenbrook North0
14Maine East0
15Notre Dame0
16Von Steuben0

Map & Directions


Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Michal FilipczakSr.1:51.93Maine South
2Neal OmarSr.1:54.28Niles West
3Sam StanekSr.1:55.29PRGlenbrook South
4Makoto BoweringSr.1:56.79Deerfield
5Tristan NunezSr.1:57.17Deerfield
6Randall MortellJr.1:59.32Niles North
7Chip SchaffSr.2:00.01New Trier
8Marc-Daniel JulienSr.2:00.11Niles West
9Gabe CoreyJr.2:00.23Maine East
10Deivi TahirajSo.2:00.74Mather
11Andrew MurdochSr.2:01.03New Trier
12Koren FowlerJr.2:02.17Evanston
13Mike GibsonJr.2:02.41Notre Dame
14Brad RitzemaJr.2:03.00Maine West
15Matt SiemianowskiJr.2:03.16Notre Dame
16Aquib AboobakerJr.2:03.51Niles North
17Felipe GarciaSr.2:04.25Maine West
18Marc BrennerSr.2:04.32Highland Park
19Johnny CowheySo.2:04.70PRGlenbrook South
20Matt PopperJr.2:04.85Maine South
21Henry MagnusonSo.2:06.85Evanston
22Aayush ShahJr.2:08.11Maine East
23Daniel AmramJr.2:08.33Glenbrook North
24Ben ReeberJr.2:09.57Glenbrook North
25Ari FeldmanSr.2:13.80Highland Park
1Todd FordSr.4:14.89Loyola Academy
2Leland LaterSr.4:16.56New Trier
3Aron SebhatSr.4:18.78Niles North
4Robert TaylorJr.4:21.35Maine South
5Micah BellerSr.4:21.43Niles North
6Eric UnderwoodSr.4:23.33New Trier
7Max DaleidenSo.4:24.11Prospect
8Angel EstradaSo.4:26.71Highland Park
9Ethan KochSr.4:28.76Prospect
10Jack CarpenterSo.4:32.11Maine South
11Jonah HanigJr.4:33.21Highland Park
12David NealSr.4:33.69Glenbrook North
13Brad BergSr.4:34.07Glenbrook South
14Alex GascaJr.4:34.99Maine West
15George WebbJr.4:38.86Niles West
16David O'GaraSo.4:39.01PRGlenbrook South
17Saul LopezJr.4:41.27Maine East
18Jordan AboschJr.4:43.06Deerfield
19Blake HeltonSr.4:44.00Niles West
20Shwetang PatelJr.4:44.02Maine East
21Claudio FloresSo.4:44.83Mather
22Alex CintadoJr.4:48.64Glenbrook North
23Mike GibsonJr.4:54.16Notre Dame
24Matt SiemianowskiJr.4:54.17Notre Dame
25Nathan SchiavoneSr.5:00.82Maine West
26Zade KurdiehSo.5:04.55Mather
27William PawelkoFr.5:24.77Von Steuben
28Nicholas RodriguezSo.5:34.60Von Steuben
1Quentin ShafferJr.9:17.78Prospect
2William HagueSr.9:18.87Loyola Academy
3Jonah HanigJr.9:22.11Highland Park
4Zach EckhartSr.9:24.06Maine South
5Alex GoldJr.9:24.38Deerfield
6Jon VaccaroJr.9:29.01Maine South
7Abdurahim HajiSr.9:32.62Mather
8Shai FarhiJr.9:38.75Deerfield
9Jay HonnoldJr.9:47.50Evanston
10Connor TrappSo.9:47.84New Trier
11Ethan KaplanJr.9:57.76New Trier
12Luke NudelmanJr.10:00.40Highland Park
13Sean LambleSr.10:10.46Loyola Academy
14Daniel NoboaJr.10:19.23Niles North
15Emmett BarrJr.10:20.28Niles North
16Casey HenricksonSo.10:20.76PRGlenbrook South
17Estaban EscabarFr.10:21.60Evanston
18Peter WesterfieldJr.10:21.62PRGlenbrook South
19Thomas PaczkoJr.10:24.17Prospect
20David IversonSr.10:36.94Niles West
21Tyler AyresSr.10:51.46Glenbrook North
22Saxon KotowskiFr.10:53.62Notre Dame
23Anthony MisiakFr.10:54.91Maine East
24Tyler MulierFr.10:57.35Glenbrook North
25Doug OrtizJr.10:58.32Maine West
26Alex ListonFr.10:59.16Maine West
27Dan CurleyJr.11:10.88Notre Dame
28Jigar PatelSo.11:16.14Maine East
29Nathan SchappmannSr.11:25.53Niles West
1Relay Team7:44.30New Trier
2Relay Team7:44.54Niles North
3Relay Team7:47.90Niles West
4Relay Team7:49.50Prospect
5Relay Team7:51.68Maine West
6Relay Team7:54.96Maine South
7Relay Team7:57.27Evanston
8Relay Team7:57.65Loyola Academy
9Relay Team8:20.12Deerfield
10Relay Team8:22.48Mather
11Relay Team8:22.73Highland Park
12Relay Team8:43.82Glenbrook South
13Relay Team8:49.63Glenbrook North
14Relay Team8:55.19Maine East
15Relay Team8:59.76Notre Dame
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