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Schaumburg Mikias Tibebu Invite

Saturday, April 06, 2019
Schaumburg High School

Races that Take Longer than 60 Seconds

The Titans just got back from competing in Schaumburg High School’s Mikias Tibibu Invitational. The Titans opened up the Outdoor Invitational season finishing #4 for varsity and #2 for frosh/soph. On the distance side of things, Titan Distance tied for third at the varsity level and fourth at the frosh/soph level.

For the third time this season, Brian Hiltebrand (Fr) has set a freshmen record. Brian ran a 800m in 2:06.52. Brian now owns the 800m indoor and outdoor freshmen records as well as the 1600m indoor record.

Matthew Finkel (So) and Sebastain Zimmer (Fr) are getting closer to the magical five minute mark in the 1600m today, with them running Sebastain Zimmer 5:05.70 and 5:08.20 respectively.

We would also like to say “Thank You” to Sam Westfall (Jr), Luke Gregory (So), and Robert Hartsig (Fr) for coming to cheer us on even though they were not competing! This is what we like to see from all Titan Distance athletes!

Overall, it was a good meet and a great opportunity against some competitive teams. While we may not have achieved as many PRs as we would like, we still have five weeks until conference.

Team Scores

Team scores for all events, including short-distance, field, etc.


1Winnetka (New Trier)125
2Maine South101
3Neuqua Valley84.5
4Glenbrook South72.5
5Crystal Lake (South)70
6Niles (Notre Dame)49


1Neuqua Valley149
2Glenbrook South136
3Winnetka (New Trier)103
4Maine South86
6Crystal Lake (South)28
8Niles (Notre Dame)7

Distance Team Scores

Team scores only for Distance Events (ones featured on results tabs). This is an automated process, so results should be treated as-is.


1Neuqua Valley37
2New Trier35
3Maine South25
4Glenbrook South22
6Notre Dame10
7Crystal Lake South6


1Neuqua Valley46
2New Trier41
3Maine South22
4Glenbrook South21
5Notre Dame7
6Crystal Lake South6

Map & Directions


Photographer(s): Many!

Varsity Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Ian SpearsSr.9:37.77Maine South
2Ford BakerSr.9:40.30New Trier
3Charlie ForbesSr.9:43.11New Trier
4Will KellyJr.9:45.82Glenbrook South2:212:272:292:28
5Matt JettSr.9:53.56Neuqua Valley
6Quinn KennedyJr.10:10.41Neuqua Valley
7Matt CoathSr.10:37.32Notre Dame
8James KurtzweilJr.10:41.47Glenbrook South2:272:302:542:40
9Simon CooperJr.10:43.06Schaumburg
10Matt SchillingSr.10:48.37Maine South
11Tristan FitzgeraldSr.11:38.25Zion-Benton
12Michael CitranoSr.11:38.95Notre Dame
1Will HouserJr.1:59.73Glenbrook South58.061.0
2Jack TierneySr.2:04.31Notre Dame59.066.0
3Grant BonatzJr.2:04.61Schaumburg62.064.0
4Aiden RaymondSr.2:05.03New Trier68.074.0
5Charlie SchultzSr.2:05.53Glenbrook South59.066.0
5Brett StoroeSr.2:05.53Neuqua Valley
7Jack OrengoSr.2:06.24Neuqua Valley
8Mohammed RasheedSr.2:07.19Maine South
9Victor MaresSr.2:07.35Zion-Benton
10Clayton PfeiferSr.2:09.24Crystal Lake South
11JD ShellyJr.2:10.34New Trier
12Blake DroegeJr.2:12.14Schaumburg
13Christopher DavisJr.2:13.31Crystal Lake South
14Carlo KwonJr.2:14.53Maine South
15Owen KrappmanJr.2:26.48Notre Dame
16Alexis ArenasJr.2:38.04Zion-Benton
1Michael MadiolSr.4:21.55Neuqua Valley
2Joey KaschJr.4:22.18Maine South
3Grant BonatzJr.4:37.20Schaumburg
4Charlie ForbesSr.4:40.31New Trier
5Nicholas DrechslerSr.4:41.56Neuqua Valley
6Tyler AckermanJr.4:42.91New Trier
7Joey PaulettoSr.4:43.79Glenbrook South66.
8Alex PicchiSo.4:49.58Crystal Lake South
9Matt CoathSr.4:49.91Notre Dame
10Walter GlocknerJr.4:52.86Maine South
11Riley NewtonSr.4:58.17Notre Dame
12Jordan LynchSr.5:00.70Glenbrook South72.
13Avedis SarkisianSr.5:10.32Zion-Benton
14Miguel BalderasSr.5:10.41Zion-Benton
15Gabe WazSr.5:13.52Crystal Lake South
1Relay Team8:22.71Neuqua Valley
2Relay Team8:37.84New Trier
3Relay Team8:52.58Maine South
4Relay Team8:59.26Crystal Lake South
5Relay Team9:07.71Zion-Benton
6Relay Team9:17.51Glenbrook South
Joey PatronikSr.2:15.3Glenbrook South66.069.0
John BresnehanJr.2:23.6Glenbrook South68.075.0
Theo GikasJr.2:17.2Glenbrook South67.070.0
Wade HerreraJr.2:21.3Glenbrook South66.075.0
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Frosh/Soph Results

Official Results (F.A.T.)
1Charlie SiebertSo.9:52.92New Trier
2Vasant FongSo.9:53.86Neuqua Valley
3George EsteveSo.10:37.17New Trier
4Matt CoyleSo.10:45.15Maine South
5Garrett CzajkowskiSo.10:47.41Crystal Lake South
6Ryan McPhillipsFr.10:56.52Notre Dame
7Colin BemisFr.11:08.26Notre Dame
8Tyson AnthonySo.11:09.34PRGlenbrook South2:432:462:532:47
9Carter AdamsSo.11:10.54Glenbrook South2:432:472:512:49
10Nathaniel RiveraSo.11:40.22Zion-Benton
11Josh DiersenSr.11:41.41Crystal Lake South
12Erwin GutierrezFr.12:07.10Zion-Benton
1Brian HiltebrandFr.2:06.52Glenbrook South62.064.0
2Daniel GutierrezSo.2:10.76Neuqua Valley
3Luke MenneckeSo.2:11.32Neuqua Valley
4Blake DegerFr.2:16.19New Trier
5Jorge JiminezSo.2:17.01Maine South
6Marcos JaimesFr.2:18.23Schaumburg
7Josh RodriguezFr.2:18.94Notre Dame
8Jack MichelSo.2:20.76New Trier
9Jacob IwanskiFr.2:22.57Maine South
10Connor QuinnSo.2:23.06Notre Dame
11Alex AlemanSo.2:28.03Zion-Benton
12Dane BranstromSo.2:28.72Glenbrook South68.074.0
13Salvador Cortes OlemdoSo.2:41.07Zion-Benton
1Nicolas DovalovskySo.4:31.45Neuqua Valley
2Matt CullSo.4:31.47Maine South
3Leif AndersonSo.4:37.46Neuqua Valley
4Nick FalkFr.4:37.60New Trier
5Patrick JamiesonFr.4:40.84New Trier
6Matthew FinkelSo.5:05.70Glenbrook South73.
7Garrett CzajkowskiSo.5:07.93Crystal Lake South
8Sebastian ZimmerFr.5:08.20Glenbrook South73.
9Ryan McPhillipsFr.5:16.78Notre Dame
10Colin BemisFr.5:19.82Notre Dame
11Marcos JaimesFr.5:34.71Schaumburg
12Alex RequenaSo.5:34.77Zion-Benton
13Josh DiersenSr.5:42.78Crystal Lake South
14Danny MurgesSo.5:50.80Maine South
15Issac GarciaSo.5:54.99Zion-Benton
1Relay Team8:44.22New Trier
2Relay Team8:55.00Neuqua Valley
3Relay Team9:31.04Glenbrook South
James ScottSo.2:19.9Glenbrook South66.073.0
Lucas HouserFr.2:21.2Glenbrook South69.072.0
Preston DavidsonSo.2:22.8SRGlenbrook South70.073.0
Elie NassifFr.2:28.1Glenbrook South71.077.0
4Relay Team9:51.76Maine South
5Relay Team10:10.66Zion-Benton
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