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Titan Distance

GBS-GBN Season-Opening Dual

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Glenbrook North H.S.

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Junior Varsity

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Junior Varsity Results (2mi)

Official Results (Hand Timed)
PlaceName Grade Time Team
1Brendan FontillasSr.11:52Glenbrook South
2Will HouserFr.11:53Glenbrook South
3Will KellyFr.11:53Glenbrook South
4Dominic ChavezJr.11:56Glenbrook South
5Steven KangSr.12:20Glenbrook South
6Timothy St. John12:30Glenbrook North
7Jared GershowitzSr.12:36PRGlenbrook South
8Michael Spero13:00Glenbrook North
9Justin NaalSr.12:39PRGlenbrook South
11Joey PatronikSo.12:46Glenbrook South
12Matt Kim12:40Glenbrook North
13James KurtzweilFr.12:49Glenbrook South
14Gaby Murashev12:47Glenbrook North
15Matt Jump12:50Glenbrook North
16Quin Cassell12:53Glenbrook North
17Sejin Seo13:05Glenbrook North
17Frank JangFr.13:06Glenbrook South
18Eun Tak Jang13:06Glenbrook North
18Paul LatreilleSr.13:08Glenbrook South
20Eli Traub13:09Glenbrook North
20Ben SchonkenSr.13:13Glenbrook South
21Brendan GarveySo.13:14Glenbrook South
22Aditya BhallaSo.13:18SRGlenbrook South
23Zander Johnson13:19Glenbrook North
24Zach SchiffmanJr.13:20Glenbrook South
25Coleman Larson13:26Glenbrook North
26Josh GarateSo.13:30Glenbrook South
27Nathan Fong13:37Glenbrook North
28Sean LynchSo.13:38Glenbrook South
29Michael Kruse13:42Glenbrook North
30Ryan McKewFr.13:47Glenbrook South
32Jimmy PalmerJr.13:55Glenbrook South
33Jonah Levine13:56Glenbrook North
34Sam Erens13:56Glenbrook North
35Addy OtgontserenFr.13:57Glenbrook South
36Max GerberJr.14:08Glenbrook South
37Ben Zhao14:10Glenbrook North
38Ty Kenzer14:11Glenbrook North
39Justin WronaFr.14:12Glenbrook South
40Luke LeeJr.14:13Glenbrook South
41Ryan Veith14:16Glenbrook North
42Sam WestfallFr.14:20Glenbrook South
43Justin Ji14:24Glenbrook North
44Ethan Schwartz14:26Glenbrook North
45Erick Vandergaw14:30Glenbrook North
46Janggun Lee14:37Glenbrook North
47John BresnahanFr.14:42Glenbrook South
48Declan FontillasSo.14:45Glenbrook South
49Ryan Silver14:49Glenbrook North
50Will Congbalay15:02Glenbrook North
51Marcus HutchinsJr.15:10Glenbrook South
52Kalen OtwellFr.15:10Glenbrook South
53Charlie Guggemos15:11Glenbrook North
55Matt Um15:14Glenbrook North
56Danny O'BrienFr.15:16Glenbrook South
57Jack Stewart15:17Glenbrook North
58Su Min ChoFr.15:20Glenbrook South
59Michael Siboni15:21Glenbrook North
60Theo GikasFr.15:25Glenbrook South
61Lucas MortensonFr.15:28Glenbrook South
62Niv Ostroff15:32Glenbrook North
63Brayden McNamaraSo.15:34Glenbrook South
64Wade HerreraFr.15:35Glenbrook South
65George Grunditz15:42Glenbrook North
66Nicholas Pleszkun15:43Glenbrook North
67Aidan Bergstein15:56Glenbrook North
68Zach Garti15:58Glenbrook North
69Mitchell PritskerSr.15:59Glenbrook South
70Timothy Goetz16:03Glenbrook North
71Daniel Jang16:05Glenbrook North
72Joshua Spaeth16:37Glenbrook North
73Joey Gertz16:38Glenbrook North
74Micah Weis16:40Glenbrook North
75Thomas KeslingFr.16:56Glenbrook South
76Ethan Levy17:09Glenbrook North
77Sam PolyakovSo.17:15Glenbrook South
78Jordan FreseFr.18:11Glenbrook South
79Nathan Han18:23Glenbrook North
80Paul Kim18:26Glenbrook North
81Philip Ebhomielen18:39Glenbrook North
82David Zelkowitz18:51Glenbrook North
83Phil NortonFr.19:46Glenbrook South
84Scott Goldin19:52Glenbrook North
85Sean KellyFr.20:24Glenbrook South
86Joseph ShinFr.20:25Glenbrook South
87Gerry BermudezFr.22:13Glenbrook South
88Steven Zelkowitz23:09Glenbrook North
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